AryaxGendry: A tale of love and romance: pancakes

Arya was aged up and shit. She is fifteen now. Let's say Gendry is nineteen. Awesome. Arya was going to a place. It was a place that contained a Gendry count of positive one. It was probably that inn that he is in now but a reader that hasn't read all five books doesn't know that. Spoilers. Everything happens there. It has its own Wiki even. Impressive shit.

Arya was like, "Hey gendry. You have muscles and stuff." and Gendry was like, "Hey. Where have you been for five years and stuff? Book plot? What's goin' on? I heard that some badass dude with a burned face kidnapped you! Berric Dondarrion was looking for you, but then he like, brought some stupid bi~itch back as a zombie because he is a DUMB pirate." Arya was like, "I know! I hate my mom! Her face is ugly." and Gendry was like "You have no idea."

"So," Arya said. "Um you're kinda an asshole you should be my better friender." and he was like "I'm sorry for like kinda sorta unjoining you and stuff. But Hot Pie is stupider. He was killed last week probably." Arya was like "Did you eat him?" Gendry laughed for two and a half minutes exactly and then said with a face of ninja, "of course not."

Arya thought it was cool that Gendry would kinda vaguely imply that he did eat Hot Pie, which is ironic because his name is Hot Pie, and out of context, ya know, eating Hot Pie is okay. "Well, I missed you. I was in Braavos learning to be a ninja wizard." Gendry laughed for two and a half minutes again. Arya worried that he was high or that her comment had reminded him of cannibalism again... or cannabis? "Why did you come back here? Everybody's killing each other and stuff. And Braavos is like, Venice, but with more prostitutes. Why leave there?"

Arya gazed at Gendry with her glistening hope rocks. They glistened like a baby's tears in the oven. Beauteous and glistening and stuff. "Well Gendry, Braavos is cool and full of cool prostitutes and stuff, but what I really want, Gendry, is a gentle yet muscular set of arms to hold me and smell like sweat and like iron and smithy things and stuff."

Gendry blinked a bunch 'cause, let's face it, he's a bit slow. "Are you saying you like dinosaurs or should I be hugging you in a nonsexual but really long way?" Arya blinked back tears of rapture as Gendry enclosed her into a fun nice hug that people do when penises are not on their minds.