When the three traitors revealed themselves and rose into the sky, they were piteously few in number. There were plenty who would have gone with them, if given the chance. The mass of Gin's lover's alone would have given them a fairly sizable army. But, despite appearances, Gin was too kindhearted to put any of them on the wrong side of a war, and when the time came, it was far too late for anyone to make a change of plans.

But there was one person who, under different circumstances, truly would have gone with them. He wonders sometimes if there wouldn't have been a way. He knew his lover had been acting weird for almost a year, when it happened. He knew that something was different, that something very big was going on. He didn't comment. He didn't need to. He would wait, and ride it out, and he knew that he would find out when the time was right. Tonight, it was time.

When Sousuke left in the middle of the night without a word, supposedly cloaked in stealth, Kisuke gave him just enough of a head start before following him. By the time he got to the scene, it was too late. They were all there, the entire team that had been sent out in the Disappearing Souls case, and they were all dying, lying in pools of their own blood wearing Hollow masks.

Kisuke sighed. He really should have seen this coming. He knew where it would go. He had heard Sousuke rant enough times about the state of Soul Society to know that he was planning something. He just hadn't realized that it would be something this grand. Sousuke had always planned too high, had always thought too far above his own head. It was like he truly thought he would get away with this. It was still a hundred years too early for that.

Kisuke hung his head. He would have gone, if Sousuke had asked him too. But now, it was too late, and he would do an even bigger favor for his lover, something that Sousuke would never have asked because he would never have envisioned needing it. Kisuke picked out each stray strand of Sousuke's reiatsu still clinging to the scene, and made sure to carefully eclipse it with his own. His very essence sat all over these doomed men. There was no trace of Sousuke ever having been here.

And in the morning, when the guards came, he admitted to everything. How could he argue, after all, when his reiatsu was all over the scene? He was exiled, sent away from this world and everyone in it, everyone that he held dear. He wondered if Sousuke would even realize what he had done. He was sure he would. He was a very smart man. Kisuke could only hope that he would appreciate this one last gesture. Because really, he would have gone with him, if he asked. But instead, he silently paved the path.