Pain, It's such a small word. But, it comes to no surprise; I saw the guns the Germans had somehow hidden amongst the trees. Though I'm not sure what hurt more being shot and lying in a pool of my own blood, or falling off Joey.


I hope the horse is alright. I can't see anything but the blood stained ground in which I've fallen. I've grown quite attached to the animal, but I must remember that he was never meant to be mine. No, that fine horse belongs to Albert.


I promised him that I would return Joey to him. Though looking at how things are, I can't see myself fulfilling that promise any time soon. I can't move. It hurts to breath. Forcing me to take small shallow breathes.

I groan and reached with a battered, bloody hand to my wounds. A whole the size of a marble is gushing blood from my side, and another one in my leg. I remember four shots being fired, but I guess only two hit me. It hurts, I don't know how much more time I have. I hear footsteps and start to panic. They are speaking German, and coming closer.

To check the English bodies perhaps? To see if there is anyone still alive.

I lay as still as I can, which isn't very hard to do in my case. I wait for what seems like eternity, until I feel something cold press against my wounded side. I couldn't help but cry out and flinch, looking up at my German enemy, thinking that I would see an angry man standing above me. But, what I saw instead was not what I expected.

A boy, probably no older the Albert, stared at me with surprise and fear in his eyes. His gun quivered in his hands, and the barrel only inches from my face. I wondered for a moment if he would shot me point blank.
But a loud booming voice called out from behind him. Making his flinch and swing his head around to answer a fearful. "Ja, Herr!"

He then looked back at me sadly, and pointed his rifle at me head once more. I returned his gaze. I was wrong to hope that a German soldier, boy or not, would show any pity to an Englishman. He aimed for my forehead and slowly started to pull the trigger.

I closed my eyes and saw my life flash before them; my parents, my family, friends, but most of all Joey and Albert. When I thought of them I couldn't stop the tears from flowing out of my eyes and down my dirty cheeks.

I shouldn't have never brought that horse, that way I wouldn't have any regrets dying. But, now I do.

I'm not ready to die! I feel so unfulfilled. I've always prided myself as a man of my word. But, now I will never be able to see Joey safely back to Albert.


I expected pain or darkness. But, that's not what I got. Instead I got a lung full of smoke and a ringing in my ears. I opened my eyes and looked up at my executioner. His head was turned to look over his quivering shoulders and his eyes where so tightly shut, wrinkles filled his face.

He missed!

But was it on purpose or accident? I soon heard laughter to the far right, out of my line of sight. It sounded teasing, and the boy looked horrified. He slowly looked in my direction.

And gave me a small smileā€¦

He knew I was still alive. But, is that better or worse for me?