AN: So this was written a while ago and I'm just now getting around to posting it here on . Hopefully you all like it. Also, hopefully this makes up for a lack of update on "The Nature of the Thing" which is giving me attitude with the latest chapter I've been working on.

Written for this prompt on the kinkmeme: "John and Sherlock knew each other before the series began. Quite well, actually. In fact, they're currently dating/married/epic, epic bros. When Scotland Yard hears about this, they're either horrified or completely disbelieving ('The Freak's married? a human?')

Theories about this mysterious partner abound: he's a saint. He's a serial killer. He's a cyborg, an alien, a rent boy, severely misguided, God.

And then John shows up, and he is so, so very normal. A two-legged, two-armed, ten-fingered-and-toed army doctor who looks at Sherlock with affection and warmth and is rewarded with the same."

It's written as a series of short character-focused pieces. Short mostly because of character limits on LJ, but also because I've not got a very good handle on them as characters yet. Working on that though!

As always, reviews are much appreciated!


Sherlock hadn't been happy about it, of course. John – his John – off in the wide, wide, world alone? Without him? At war? He didn't like it at all. But John had given him that look and of course he'd sulked but in the end John Watson went to war without Sherlock Holmes.

"Just one more month," John says over the webcam link he's been allowed. He's dressed in his uniform and there's a bit of shaving cream near his ear and he looks so familiar it hurts. "Come on Sherlock, you can wait that long, yeah?"

"No." He's sulking. He wants to be able to brush that bit of cream away but he won't mention it because then John will just look amused and affectionate at his attention to detail and then Sherlock won't be able to keep his sulk up properly. "I'm going to start smoking."

"You won't," John says and laughs just a little. The screen turns all pixelated for a moment and ruins Sherlock's brief flare of happiness at hearing his partner's laughter. "I've got to go now, alright? I'll be home soon."

"I'll take up heroin!" he declares loudly when John starts to leave but John just shakes his head and mouths 'I love you too' and completely ignores his very serious (not at all serious) declaration.

When Lestrade calls him with a case the next day, he's disturbed to note that he's less cutting than normal. He agrees without calling the DI any names and only sneers once at Sally Donovan calling him "Freak."

It's all John's fault. If John wasn't gone he wouldn't be so ridiculously pleased after a mere ten minute, low-quality video conversation. He makes sure to be excruciatingly cutting when he delivers his findings the next day (the father did it, he's meticulous about his ties and the stepson was strangled with a very precise knot). Lestrade looks like he's disappointed but resigned which is the way Sherlock prefers him and he departs to his lonely flat with the neighbours next door who have screaming matches every night at two in the morning.

He cannot wait to move into the flat he'd picked out on Baker Street the moment John returns. He's thankful that Mrs. Hudson is willing to hold it empty for them.