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"Ugh, please turn that garbage off, Imogen." Fiona growled under her breath as she flipped through a magazine on Imogen's cushy bed. Imogen sighed as she turned to her sister and placed her small hands on her bony hips, raising an eyebrow at Fiona's growl.

"You call Bon Iver garbage when I have to hear Carly Rae Jepsen all day? Even worse! That horrid One Direction music!" Imogen gasped as she rolled her eyes. Fiona's taste in music has changed grotesquely over the years, it was far worse in the 90's when they dealt with Fiona's obsession with the Spice Girls. Everyone in this household knew the words to Wannabe forward and backwards after Fiona playing it continuously years ago. But now Fiona had began to like the new artist Carly Rae Jepsen whose song Call Me Maybe who Fiona had played for a solid hour straight until Imogen changed it to her soothing Bon Iver music.

"Carly Rae Jepsen is a legend." Fiona sneered as she glared at Imogen, the younger girl simply sighed and turned around to shut her iPod off. Perhaps if there was no music playing whatsoever than she and Fiona would stop the bickering which she was sure was giving everyone a huge headache. She retreated to a chair in the corner of her room, pulling a John Green novel off her desk and began to read where she left off before Fiona's rude comments shone through.

Several minutes passed by in utter silence of Imogen's room until Fiona rose her head from her teenage magazine, her nostrils flared as she smelled a fairly delicious and very known scent waver before her face. She licked her lips hungrily as she realize she had not drank as much blood as she hoped to drink this evening, reason for the sudden urge to allow her incisors to rip through her gums and search for the victim full of blood. Her human and hunter were fighting inside her mind as she managed to grit out,

"I.. smell.. blood."

Imogen immediately rose her head from her book as she too realized the scent Fiona was smelling, the sweet and delicious scent Imogen has become somewhat use to know that she crossed that scent on a daily basis. But the urge to drink the blood was not on her mind as it was on her sister's mind, Fiona had not drunk any blood this evening. Hurriedly, Imogen flung her book on the desk as she grabbed her warm cup of blood and rushed it to her sister's hungry lips. Fiona gladly accepted the blood as it dribbled down her lips and neck, the blood feeding her hunter inside of her happily.

Imogen kept a hand on her sister's shoulder as she flared her nostrils and picked up the scent again. She was here. Fiona was too blood struck to realize who was exactly carrying the blood in their system, but Imogen immediately realized it was girl who was beginning to weasel herself into the coven without even realizing it.

Imogen glanced at Fiona to see that she was now suckling on the blood as if it was her life preserver. Imogen took this as a sign to leave her sister be and to see if truly Clare Edwards was outside the house. She lifted herself off the bed and to the window, drawing the curtain back a bit to see that the young sixteen year old girl standing before their house. Out of sheer curiosity, Imogen bit her lip and looked into the mundanes' mind to see her real reason for showing up at their home at such a late hour for humans.

"Just.. just ring the doorbell, Clare. Just ring it. It's no big deal. He's probably asleep and won't answer anyway."

"But.. But oh my God, what if his parents answer? Or even worse - his sisters! Jesus Christ, I shouldn't have came here. Not when this would happen. I should just leave. Walk home and leave."

"But my mother would be home by now.. or my father. I never know anymore. Oh God, this was just one huge mistake. One huge, colossal mistake."

Imogen was soon pulled from Clare's thoughts as she immediately noticed her brother behind Clare. Something Clare didn't notice as she was still going over thoughts in her mind, not realizing that Eli was behind her silently. Imogen looked from Clare to Eli and she noticed the look her brother gave her as he quickly gave her a quick message.

"Stay with Fiona. Make sure she doesn't leave the house. I'm going with Clare. Just stay with Fiona."

The message was calm, but had the demanding alpha tone that Eli rarely ever use. Eli was the born leader of our coven once it came time for him to take order and for Bullfrog to step down. But Eli.. he never liked to addressed the fact that he is the leader of the coven, he claimed it made him feel unreal. But the authority in his tone put Imogen on edge as she realized she was being ordered by the alpha of her coven, her brother of her family. She nodded quickly as she she drew the curtains to a close and returned to Fiona's aide. She quickly noticed that Fiona had finished the last of the blood and had resulted to slurping up the remains on the side of the cup.

The sight caused a slight smile to overcome Imogen's lips as she saw Fiona hold out her cup, her eyes pleading for more blood to feed her hungry thirst for the hunter within her. Imogen nodded and grabbed the cup from Fiona, and began to head for the door leading to the hallway.

Halfway to the kitchen, Imogen suddenly dropped the empty cup to the floor as it clanked with the floor. She stood slack as she softly gasped, finally realizing the reason to Eli's authoritative voice of reason. The reason for his sudden protectiveness over the mundane. The reason for his recently locked off thoughts. Imogen has thought of this possibility before, but had dismissed it due to the fact that it couldn't happen to her brother - that she was overthinking it all. But she wasn't overthinking it, she was thinking the harsh reality of her brother's sudden change for a mundane.

He truly was her Savior.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, a girlish scream left the lips of the mundane girl outside the house.


A terrifying scream scream left Clare's lips as she felt a hand on her shoulder, which quickly clamped over her mouth. Her blood ran cold and she wanted nothing more than to be back home in her bed. She'd rather be sitting on her living room couch as her parents lectured her on how she dressed. The cold hand that was pressed to her mouth clamped down harder as she tried to scream louder, she began to think that this was the end for her. To be kidnapped by a man in the dark, but then the cold man behind her whispered in her ear.

"Cut the high voltage there. I have neighbors you know."

Eli. It was Eli's voice and immediately Clare relaxed as his hand fall from her mouth. She turned around and came face to face with his blank face. His green eyes were searching her face, for reasons that were unknown to Clare. After a few short moments, Eli licked his dry lips and sighed loudly as he looked at the mundane girl in front of him, looking frazzled and cold.

"Want me to take you home?" Eli asked gently as he looked down at Clare. He expected her to nod yes, to not say an entire word as he would drive her home. But instead she shook her head at Eli which caused Eli's eyebrows to knit together as Clare nodded in the direction of a park that was further down the street. Her long auburn hair cascading against her face as it did so. Eli strangely found himself having trouble listening to Clare's words as he kept his eyes locked on her face the entire time.

Quickly as she turned her attention back to him, he nodded at Clare's gesture to head to the park. He wished at the moment he could find the words to roll off his tongue and ask Clare why she was here and why she wished to go to the park so late at night. The night was pitch black, the only source of light being the street lamps and even that wasn't sufficient enough for them as they continued to walk down the deserted sidewalk alone.

The walk itself was short and brisk as the two of them soon entered the deserted park. Clare immediately took lead as she headed for a spot underneath a tree, a small pond nearby. She sat down on the dewy lawn and began to stare at the pond, Eli repeated her actions, but keeping a reasonable distance between himself and Clare as well. Already there seemed to be something plaguing her mind and he could easily enter her mind, seeing the problem for his own eyes. But something about that seemed too personal for his taste at the moment, so instead he began to absentmindedly play with the tufts of grass as he awaited for Clare to begin speaking.

"You're killing the grass." Clare muttered as she glanced down at Eli's pale hands pulling softly at the green grass that sat between his jean clad legs. Eli scoffed and held three pieces of grass tufts between his index and middle finger before blowing the pieces away with a small smile on his face. Clare's eyes followed the direction of the grass tufts as they flowed into the small pond, gliding on peacefully. She sighed and looked over at Eli to see that he was now messing about with his lanky fingers instead of the grass.

There was something about Eli that intrigued Clare. It could be his lack of social skills, the only people Clare has ever seen him communicate with would be Fiona and Imogen and herself. Other than that, he usually kept his lips closed and eyes down. Eli was now turning his attention on a small bird that began hopping along the edge of the pond in search of some food. At the angle that Eli was facing, Clare could easily see the side of his face and she wouldn't deny the fact that his face was.. gorgeous. Pale and smooth, his jaw was angular and his lips were parted slightly that Clare found herself gazing at the boy with awe. He surely was something. Even if Clare wasn't sure what that certain "something" was, she was sure that one day she'd find out what exactly this boy was.

"Take a picture - it'll last longer." Eli mumbled as he averted his attention from the small bird to Clare who was now donning flushed cheeks. The look of her blushing was such a human action that completely changed Eli's demeanor. She was a human. An eating, sleeping, breathing, talking, living human. Clare wasn't one of him, she'd never be one of him. She had the purest and sweetest blood he has ever smelled and she had a quick heartbeat. She had a beating heart. Something he never had. That was always a factor that ruled Eli as the black sheep of his coven, he had never felt a beating heart inside of himself. He has always lived with a silent and dormant heart. His parents had lived with a beating heart for nearly thirty years before being turned. Fiona and Imogen had spent quite some years with a beating heart before being turned as well. But Eli? He had never experienced the quickening of a heart. As a child, he'd press his stone cold hand to his chest in hopes of feeling some movement with his heart.

But he felt nothing, but the skin beneath his palm.

"Sorry... I um.. I just." Clare's stammering had pulled Eli from his mind as he soon shook his head, his eyes still locked on Clare's face. Her nervousness was another factor in her humanity that shook Eli's core. Never before had he talked to a mundane as much as he has spoken to Clare. Something about Clare intrigued him. Whenever he was around her, he felt the need to protect her from any harm. He felt the need to be there for her at all times.

"No, I should apologize. I was being erm.. a dick." Eli said, using popular teenage slang, but that only earned an eyebrow raise from Clare and himself feeling uncomfortable for saying a phrase so unlike himself.

"You weren't being a dick just.." Clare sighed heavily and waved her hand as a dismissal to the argument. Eli pursed his lips and rolled up his sleeve to take a glance at his watch to see the time was 10: 57 pm. Usually mundanes would be home by now, sleeping or staying up watching talk shows on their televisions. But instead he was sitting in a deserted park with a mundane who should be home sleeping. He was still clueless to her reason for dragging him to the park, but nonetheless - he was here with her. He wasn't planning to leave anytime soon.

He had all the time in the world.

"Neat tattoo." Clare murmured softly as she glanced down at Eli's pale, exposed arm. Eli glanced down to see that Clare was indeed looking at his chinese tattoo that had been etched onto his skin for many years. His coven had matching ones as well. Eli had been asked many times from speculating teenagers why he and his siblings had matching tattoos and he always answered in the same dull and uninteresting tone,

"Because it's a family thing."

He'd received awes from numerous girls and head nods from guys. But none of the speculators ever found out the real reason for the tattoos, they never understood that the tattoos were used for the coven's utter protection under the deadly, glaring sun. The tattoos had originated when they migrated to Romania and made a deal with the coven of witches who called home there to place a spell onto a tattoo so they could walk among the sun. The witches asked in return was for pints of their blood for their brews. The trade was easily done and soon the coven was blessed with the ability to walk amongst the mundanes.

"Thanks." Eli murmured as he lightly touched the faded black tattoo, the chinese symbol meant immortality. He had always been surprised that none of the students he had gone to school with had ever bothered to look up what the sign meant, perhaps they had lost interest in him and his sisters after a good week of being in a new area. But the tattoo's meaning meant a great deal to Eli, without this tattoo's protection, he'd surely be burnt by the sun or by his own self loathing.

"What does it mean?" Clare asked and Eli immediately wished that she wouldn't have. Clare wasn't an idiot, that much Eli already knew. She was observant and fairly certain of her surroundings for only being fifteen. Lying to Clare and telling her it meant something the complete opposite than it already is would cause a bundle of problems between himself and Clare. So Eli decided it was be a whole lot better for himself and Clare, if he told her an ounce of the truth. The mere surface of the truth - he could manage to keep himself and his family safe.

"It means immortality." Eli said lowly as he traced his fingers over the symbol. He looked up at Clare and caught her raised eyebrow and confused demeanor. He merely chuckled and stopped tracing the symbol on his forearm. "Its a bit morbid, I know. But.. it's just a family thing. Fiona has one on her shoulder blade and Imogen has one-" Eli was about to finish until Clare surprisingly finished the sentence for him in a hushed whisper.

"On her foot. I've seen the tattoos before." Eli looked up at her once more, this time with the raised eyebrow. The feeling of nervousness washed over him as he realized how observant Clare truly is. If she already noticed the tattoos, and has already had the power of compulsion used on her... it would only be a matter of time before she'd discover more... only a matter of time before the blame of getting too close to a mundane would be on his shoulders.

"Oh." Eli murmured as he broke his gaze from Clare and begin to play with the grass once more to busy his hands. Too many thoughts were racing in his mind, this wasn't suppose to happen. Becoming close to a mundane was the last thing on his mind when he moved here with his coven. The only thing on his mind was completing the next two years at Degrassi before booking it out of Canada and heading to a home for the following four years.

A long bout of silence sat between Eli and Clare, neither knew what was appropriate to say next after Clare's admitting to have seeing the strange tattoo's the siblings wear. Clare herself was embarrassed at having Eli know how intently she must watch them to know about their tattoos that intrigued her badly. But she couldn't help it - they were odd and not normal students that attended Degrassi. Something about the trio intrigued her badly, she just couldn't understand the root of the issue.

"It's getting late, Clare. I should get you home." Eli said softly as he soon began to rise, but Clare immediately latched onto his arm, pulling him back down onto the ground as she realized the reason for bringing him out here - he was the open ear she could speak to.

"Are you alright, Clare?" Eli asked, his eyes laced with sheer worry as he began to inspect Clare's features with his deep green eyes. But Clare merely shook her head as she sighed deeply, feeling a blush creep onto her cheeks as she realized her hand was still latched onto Eli's arm. She soon moved her hand, placing her palms into her lap as she glanced down at her boots.

"Remember how you told me you'd always listen to what I have to say?" Clare asked, looking up to Eli to see if he truly remembered the day he handed her the note with his address scrawled about on it - saying he was always open to listen to her issues if she wished to consult him about them. Eli immediately nodded as he remembered the day as well as Clare could, his memory never ceased with time. Eli Goldsworthy always seemed to remember every detail of his far too long life. But he wasn't sure why Clare was bringing up that moment, he was for certain that Clare had thrown that piece of paper away.

"Well.. I got into a fight with Alli and Jenna. Then I got into another fight with Bianca" Clare murmured as she brought her knees up to her neck as she tucked the knobby knees under her chin. Eli soon realized that was the real reason Clare had approached him at home - he was here to listen to her problem with her best friends. He wasn't prepared for this, but if Clare needed someone to listen to her problems - then he'll do his best to be that person.

"What happened?" Eli asked as he leaned back onto his hands, looking up at the pitch black sky that was laced with small stars and a large, looming white moon ahead.

"The fight with Alli and Jenna was dumb. Same with the fight with Bianca. Both were very dumb and very immature on both of our parts to be honest. It all had to do with how I dress." Clare said lowly and she did not miss the way Eli took a quick side glance at her, his breathing had stopped as he swallowed deeply and returned looking at the ground. Clare took this as a sign to continue speaking, despite Eli's frigid frame. "I.. I realize that I dress in a way that is not appropriate. I get.. looks from guys and sometimes I like it. I like having guys stare at me and wonder what it's like to have me. It makes me feel.. important and I never feel important enough. So.. to wear tight shirts and short skirts is worth it because.. I receive the attention in the end." Clare finished quietly, suddenly feeling upset with herself and how she dresses. Perhaps Bianca was right, this wasn't her.

"I understand." Eli said under his breath, which shocked Clare. She was half expecting Eli to give her a lecture on respecting herself and others. But instead he was saying the words she wanted to hear. I understand. "You want to be seen and noticed. A lot of people do. Take.. Imogen for example. You've seen how my sister dresses correct?" Eli asked Clare who quickly nodded as a image of Imogen flashed before her mind. Imogen was very.. eccentric to say at the least. She wore bright colors and frilly tutu's. Her hair was always in a wacky fashion and her makeup was all the colors in the rainbow. Imogen Moreno was surely a special snowflake. "Well, she mostly dresses that way for attention. She wants people to know who she is. We've tried to tell her numerous times that she gets plenty of attention at home, that it isn't needed at school or in public. She never listens though. Imogen never seems to listen." Eli sighed as he reflected on his sister's personality, she surely was one of a kind in the coven.

"But I don't get attention at home." Clare murmured softly, almost inaudibly. But of course, Eli caught her words as he quickly looked over at her. Her shoulders were hunched over and she seemed to have buried her face in her knobby knees by now. Eli could sense she felt the need to cry, he wouldn't blame her either. If he never got an ounce of attention with the coven - he'd be in tears too. But Eli did get attention, too much attention it seemed since he was so quiet, the coven worried for him when it wasn't needed. So Eli decided to be bold.. to say the words Clare needed to hear at the moment.

"You get attention from me." Eli whispered as he inched closer to Clare - closer than he should be to a girl who was in a relationship with a boy who definitely did not like Eli. "I'll give you attention. I.. I'll talk to you at school and eat with you at lunch - if you want me to. I'll hang out with you and I'll even learn how to text so I could talk to you. Because you deserve attention - everyone deserves attention, Clare." Eli murmured softly, he contemplated moving his arm around her back and giving her a reassuring squeeze, but already Clare had planted herself face first into Eli's chest - tears breaking through onto the front of shirt.

At first, he wasn't sure what to do, a mundane girl was crying on the front of his shirt. Her face pressed into his chest tightly as she cried wildly. He's never experienced this, he wasn't one for comforting. That was usually Imogen or his mother's place in the coven. Eli was just.. the quiet leader.

Despite being inexperienced, Eli still tried his best to comfort her as she cried, he placed a hesitating arm around her small back and held her as she sobbed. Clare's body seemed to have mellowed out some by his comforting arm. Feeling as if he was doing something right, Eli then pulled a bold move and ran his fingers through her straight hair which seemed to be calming her down immensely.

Her sobs quieted down, but she never once lifted her face from his chest. She kept it buried there as she clung onto the back of his shirt tightly. He was her life preserver at the moment, if she let go.. she'd surely drown into the black abyss.

Moments passed and Clare still clung onto Eli, she felt utterly pathetic crying into his cold chest. The coldness felt nice against her red and irritated face, but still she felt embarrassed to pull out of Eli's embrace and make eye contact with him. She barely knew him - barely , but she still she felt incredibly comfortable around him. Admitting her problems, admitting the reason why she dresses so provocatively felt as if she had a ton of bricks lifted off her shoulders. He had listened, he had listened and had understood her problems. Clare was sure that if she told her friends or her own parents her problems, they wouldn't listen or understand.

But Eli did and that was enough for Clare to know.

Slowly, Clare found the courage to pull herself from Eli's chest. His arm that was wound around her back loosened as she sat back and began to swipe fervently at her eyes. She knew she had black streaks lining down her face and it'd be even more humiliating for Eli to see them. But soon she felt a cold hand pull her arm down from her face, she shyly looked up to see it was Eli who had a clean tissue in his hand as he gestured to her face nervously.

"May I?" Eli asked, his voice laced with hesitation as he inched closer to her face. Clare gulped and nodded and soon she felt the cold tissue swipe across her face, catching all the black streaks and what remains of her tears lacing her face. Eli continued to swipe delicately at her face and Clare kept her gaze on his face. She began to feel uneasiness sit in the pit of her stomach. He surely was something.. different. Clare wouldn't deny either that was he attractive, he was scrawny and pale - nothing of the tan and muscular boys she walks the halls with at school. He stood out more than his sisters did. She couldn't help, but think about how beautiful he truly was. Inside and out. He was wiping at her face when he barely knew her, he was treating her so kindly.. so nicely when she obviously didn't deserve it.

"Finished." Eli said quietly as he stuffed the used tissue back inside his pocket and sighed heavily. What he had done was extremely and difficulty hard for him. To be so close to Clare, to be so close to a mundane who was beginning to mean so much to him was the hardest thing he's ever done. He had felt an urge he hadn't felt in years and that was the urge to.. kiss her. To kiss a mundane was baffling to himself, but it was still just so appealing to have plump, warm lips clashing with his cold ones. To feel a part of the mundane connect with him was a feeling he was beginning to long for. But he had to push it from his mind, because.. Clare she was with Jake. Jake, the half blood. Eli wasn't the most experienced in love, but he knew that it was incredibly wrong to feel for a person who was already with another.

"Thank you." Clare murmured softly as she absent mindedly brushed some green grass off her pale leg. Eli cleared his throat and soon stood up, feeling that now was the appropriate time to return Clare home. There was school tomorrow and she'd need her sleep if she planned to show up on time.

"It's about time I walk you home." Eli said gruffly as he reached down and offered a hand to Clare who was still sitting on the dewy grass. She gulped and nodded, taking his hand and feeling the coldness surge through her being abruptly. As soon as she stood up, Eli immediately let go of her hand and gestured for her to take the lead to her home considering he didn't know where she lived. Clare merely nodded and began walking in the direction that would take her home the fastest.

During the walk home, it would feel like Clare was walking alone, but whenever she'd look behind herself she'd see Eli walking silently, keeping an eye out for whoever might be prowling the night. A swift motion of calm would wash over her as she realized she was safe with Eli, he'd get her home safely. That was all the girl needed.

Within minutes both teenagers arrived at Clare's home, the lights were off inside the house which relieved Clare to see that it'd be quick and easy for her to tip toe up to her room and soon fall asleep. As soon as Clare stepped onto her porch, she turned around to see that Eli was still behind her, hesitation was filling his face as he looked down at the ground nervously. Clare cleared her throat and allowed a smile to appear on her lips, a weak one, but still a smile.

"Thank you, Eli.. for everything. Just.. thank you." Clare thanked him profusely and gratefully. Eli had done her a favor she'd soon repay if there is a way she could repay such a deed he had done for her. Eli didn't reply, he simply grunted in a response that Clare took as an "you're welcome." Her smile faltered and she gave off a measly wave before she turned to her house, pulling out her house key to open up the front door.
But then an event happened that neither Eli or Clare could clearly remember happening.

Eli did something he never expected to do, especially to a mundane - especially to Clare Edwards. But his feelings had begun to bubble over the walk to her house, he couldn't describe his sheer reason for doing his next action, no words could describe how he grabbed Clare by her arm and spun her around to face him as he soon crushed his lips against hers. Clare soon dropped her key on the front steps as she felt Eli's cold, moving lips collide into a bone crushing kiss with her own. Her eyes soon shut at the desirable feeling against his lips, she couldn't describe the steaming sensation she received from the kiss. Neither could she find a solid reason for not pushing him off her, she had a boyfriend - "Oh God." Clare thought with a groan. "I'm with Jake. I'm with Jake and I'm kissing Eli. Oh God." Her thoughts soon left her brain as she slowly pulled herself away from Eli's cold, wet lips. She opened her eyes to see him looking down at her with blank eyes. She couldn't decipher what he was feeling at the moment.

Clare herself couldn't decipher her own feelings. Everything had happened so quickly, that no single thought could form in her brain. She merely gulped and shook her head as she saw Eli raise an eyebrow at her.

"Sorry.. I-I just.. I need to go to bed. Bye Eli." Clare whispered softly as she quickly picked up her key with nervous fingers, inserted the key into the keyhole and disappeared into the plain home.

Within moments Clare had retreated to her upstairs bedroom and softly closed the door, her feelings still unreadable and her heart beating a mile a minute. She wasted no time kicking her shoes off and shrugging out of her jacket before she raced to her window. She pulled the curtain back and looked down at the porch to see if Eli was still standing there after their.. moment.

But as Clare looked down, her heart dropped and she felt disappointed as she saw that there was no one standing on her porch.

It was like no had even been there.

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