Sleep Talk

Rating: T for swearing and a very long erotic build-up.

Summary: Momoshiro talks in his sleep. He doesn't know this, but Kaidoh does.

A/N: It was intended as a little 1k one-shot, but grew, and it kept on growing, and I realize I suck at making short stories because I always want to flesh them out.

This was written as a practice piece for my present tense writing. And also because I want to improve my descriptions of action and feelings.

It's uncomfortable, really uncomfortable. It's the first time Momoshiro stays over at Kaidoh's place, not that he wants him to, in fact he'd much rather kick his ass out of his room since he was infecting it with his stinky breath, but his mom was so kind to let him 'sleep over' and 'be boys'. He vaguely remembers how Momoshiro basically invited himself in as he found out what Kaidoh was going to have for dinner. No way was that idiot going to pass up on anything food related.

That didn't quite explain why he let him sleep in a futon on his floor. Momoshiro's limbs are all sprawled apart like an idiot, his shirt riding up his chest, and his hand on top of his stomach, breathing loudly.

What an idiot.

Kaidoh turns his face away, he can't sleep with that idiot breathing so loudly and hogging up his private space.

"No ..."

The sudden noise makes Kaidoh turn around again, his eyes growing large to check if Momoshiro is actually awake. "Hey, dumbass, you awake?" he asks in a low voice, leaning over the edge of the bed. When there's no response, he decides to just turn around again and chalk it up to a hallucination, until he hears it again.

"No ...!"

It's definitely Momoshiro's idiotic voice. Kaidoh leans over again, this time glaring at the motionless boy on the ground.

"Oi, are you messing with me ..."

A large and idiotic grin appears on Momoshiro's lips, then he hugs the pillow close to his body. "Don't take my rainbow," he mutters.

Kaidoh then realizes Momoshiro wasn't messing with him, he was genuinely talking in his sleep, like an idiot. He grabs a second pillow form his bed and flings it at the sleeping moron. He doesn't move, instead he grins some more, as if it felt good or something, which makes Kaidoh shiver in disgust. He doesn't want to know what Momoshiro is dreaming about.

"Stop talking in your sleep, dumbass," he hisses at Momoshiro.

"But I need the rainbow ..." whines Momoshiro in response, as if he was holding a conversation with Kaidoh.

To humour him, for just a little bit, Kaidoh shrugs in the darkness of the room. "Why'd you need a rainbow for, stupid."

He hears a giggle – yes a girly giggle – emerge from Momoshiro's side. Kaidoh starts to think that maybe it would be a good idea to have a video camera with him, so he can record the moron talking in his sleep about rainbows. Then he could use it as blackmail or something. For what, he doesn't really know, but anything to hold over Momoshiro was a good thing in his opinion.

"Because I want to buy a pony," says Momoshiro with another girly giggle.

What the fuck, is what Kaidoh really wants to say. But he's too amused now, and now slightly interested in what kind of dream the moron was having. Probably about a land filled with rainbows pooping out of ponies, and trees filled with hamburgers. Suddenly he's not that interested in it anymore.

"I need my rainbow so I can buy a pony. Yeah, I want a big pony. With a leopard print. In blue, or perhaps rainbow coloured too, I don't know, what do you think?"

Kaidoh is thinking that Momoshiro is really just doing this for shits and giggles, and is seriously messing with him. That idiot wasn't sleeping at all, he couldn't possibly be. Right? Kaidoh flips his legs over the bed, so that his feet touch the ground, the slight chill of his floor makes him wince a little. Then he's about to get up and deliver a swift kick into Momoshiro's side, when Momoshiro turns towards Kaidoh and snuggles up to his feet.

His hands inch closer to his feet, and his nose is almost touching his toes. "Smells like hamburgers," he mumbles.

For a few seconds, Kaidoh doesn't know what to do, and sucks in a breath. Momoshiro stirs, and Kaidoh exhales into a low hiss like usual, then lets his arms hang over his knees as his eyes locks onto Momoshiro's drooling face, then at his own feet where Momoshiro's hands were. His fingers are softly pressing against the heel of Kaidoh's foot, and they move ever so slightly with each breath he takes.

"Oi, did you just say my feet smell like hamburgers?" he then finally decides to ask with another hiss.

He doesn't know what else to do, this is weird, was Momoshiro always like this in his sleep? Or was he really messing with him? The slight contact of Momoshiro's fingers on his heel feels strange, but not uncomfortably strange – which is even weirder, and it's sort of freaking him out.

"Ugh, too much cheese," says Momoshiro as his eyebrows knit together in a frown. He then scrunches up his face. "It stinks."

Veins start popping up on Kaidoh's forehead, and he lowers his body more to the ground, until his face is practically hovering over Momoshiro's, his lips dangerously close to the moron's ear.

"Say that again," he threatens him, daring him – begging him to say it so that he would have an excuse to kick him in his sleep.

Momoshiro simply laughs. It was that idiotic laugh he does every day, always when he hangs out with friends and when he plays tennis. Kaidoh found it annoying then, but when he sees Momoshiro's fingers stretch out to brush against his feet, with a stupid grin on his face, he sort of thinks that it didn't sound out of place in his bedroom. Those thoughts are thrown out the window when Momoshiro decides to stick out his tongue and slobber it over Kaidoh's toes.

Shivers run down his spine and the hair on his arm stands up straight. Kaidoh immediately retaliates and kicks Momoshiro in the face, giving him one hell of a wake-up call.

"Idiot!" he yells out at him. "Disgusting!"

"Whaa, what!" says Momoshiro all of the sudden, now sitting up straight and clutching his face.

"Get out!" hollers Kaidoh, then uses his legs to push Momoshiro even further away from him.

"Huh, what's wrong? What happened? Did you kick me in the face!" Momoshiro doesn't know what's going on, but he ends up sleeping on the bathroom floor for the rest of the night.

Kaidoh never talks about that incident again, even when Momoshiro bothers him with questions every day, wondering why he got so angry at him. He simply calls him a moron and walks away, just in time so that Momoshiro can't spot the growing pink hue on his cheeks. He'd never let Momoshiro have the pleasure of seeing him like that, never. He hopes he'll never have to sleep in the same room with that idiot again, having gotten nightmares about Momoshiro's tongue licking him all over, and it makes him feel icky, sticky and disgusting, and he tries hard to forget.

Kaidoh ends up walking home with Momoshiro several days later. Probably the idiot thinks he's gonna get another free meal again, which is why he was tailing Kaidoh as he animatedly talks about how awesome he was at practice today. Kaidoh keeps quiet, he's definitely not going to let that dumbass in his house – and he's definitely not going to let him sleep in his room again. Hell no, over his dead body.

Then why was he listening to the soft hums of Momoshiro's breath as he slept? Kaidoh buries his face into his pillow, wanting to punish himself for being so easy going, and wanting to tell his mom to stop inviting Momoshiro over to stay for dinner – and for the night! He couldn't sleep again, not with the moron right next to him, breathing loudly. All he could think about was what happened last time, when Momoshiro uncharacteristically snuggled up to him and then had the guts to lick his toes. It was nasty, and Kaidoh felt sick to his stomach, hissing softly into his pillow to drain Momoshiro's snores out.

"Mamushi." He hears.

Kaidoh's face springs up from the pillow, and he tilts it sideways to glance over the edge of the bed. "The fuck did you say," he sneers at the boy. Even in his sleep did he call him Mamushi? He was just asking for a beating, wasn't he?

"Your face is looking awfully green today," Momoshiro murmurs in one big breath.

Sleep talking it seems, Momoshiro was prone to it, and now he was dreaming about Kaidoh as well. And Kaidoh didn't like that, especially when he was insulting him even when he was asleep. Is that what the idiot did all day long? Think about coming up with insults so much that he even dreamt about it?

"I don't have a green face, idiot," defends Kaidoh. He then feels stupid for talking back to someone who was merely sleep talking, but he felt a little bit better calling him an idiot.

"That won't do, that won't do. It needs to be pink. It suits you more, because you're a girl."

Kaidoh can't hold himself back as he angrily throws his pillow at Momoshiro's face. The idiot simply snuggles close to the pillow and grunts into it. It's creeping Kaidoh out, because that's his favourite pillow, the one he uses every night to sleep on. Now Momoshiro has violated that pillow. Then Kaidoh remembers that Momoshiro called him a girl, and he gets all prissy again.

"I'm not a girl!" he hisses. When there was no further response, Kaidoh was starting to feel really stupid for engaging into a fight with a sleeping Momoshiro. That sort of made him feel like an idiot, and he was sure Momoshiro would call him so if he ever found out about his late night talk. He'll just have to keep his mouth shut about it.

"Ahh, your skin is so soft ..." says Momoshiro and then he moans right after it, burying his face into Kaidoh's pillow.

Gross, nasty, eww, is what Kaidoh thinks. But nonetheless, heat flashes onto Kaidoh's cheeks and he hisses while gritting his teeth, ready to kick the shit out of Momoshiro for having weird dreams, and saying weird things while he was in his room. He thinks about burning his pillow to ashes, he could no longer use it the way he did before, not after being contaminated with Momoshiro's impure thoughts.

Momoshiro then chuckles against the pillow. "Okay, I'll buy you a pony."

Kaidoh calms down a little bit; Momoshiro's dreams were simply that, dreams. Crazy, ADD on crack dreams, but nonetheless, dreams. He didn't have to get all worked up over it. Yeah, getting angry at Momoshiro calling him names in his dream was stupid, really stupid. He's calm now, and he wants his pillow back, so he reaches over so he can grab it back, but Momoshiro suddenly wraps his arms around it, pressing it hard into his face. Kaidoh is seriously considering burning it.

"No, this is my pony. I'll buy you a different one," he says in a child-like voice.

Kaidoh frowns and tightens his grip on the pillow, prying it out of Momoshiro's hands. Except he still wasn't letting go, in fact, Kaidoh seemed to be dragging the boy along as he tried to get his pillow back, which causes Momoshiro's cheek to scrape along the floor as he gets pulled off of the futon.

"Moron, let go!"

"My pony!" yells Momoshiro in response.

"Fuck your pony, let it go!"

And then Momoshiro lets go, and Kaidoh – having used a lot of strength trying to pull – flings back against his wall with a loud thud. He lets out a string of curses, making sure to hit Momoshiro as soon as he could, and then he's face to face with Momoshiro, whose head was resting on his bed. His violet eyes are staring at him, blinking, as if he has no idea what was going on.

"What are you doing, Mamushi?" he asks simply.

Kaidoh groans out loud, then whacks his pillow against Momoshiro's face, hard. He goes down as if a bulldozer hit him in the face, he certainly wasn't expecting that. Kaidoh whacks him again, for good measure.

"Oi, what the hell!" he yells out while scrambling to get up.

"Serves you right, dumbass," says Kaidoh simply with a hiss. He props his pillow back on his bed, all neat and perfect, and hesitantly places his head on top of it, getting ready to go to sleep for real. He'll buy a new pillow tomorrow.

Kaidoh was going to let this one go, to leave Momoshiro alone, except he got hit in the face by Momoshiro's pillow. And then both of them were engaged into a pillow fight, each taking a huge amount of strength in whacking the other person as much as they could, preferably in the face. Or in the balls, that was fine too. After half an hour, both of them are exhausted and leaning against the wall opposite of each other, panting loudly and clutching their pillow defensively in their hands.

"What'd you do that for, Mamushi," demands Momoshiro after he takes a deep breath and wipes off some sweat from his forehead.

Kaidoh grunts and slides down the wall to fall to his knees on his bed. "You wouldn't give me back my pillow."

"Hah?" he exclaims dumbly, his eyebrows knitted together in a frown. "Why would I have your stupid pillow?"

"Because I hit you with it."

"Why you ..." Momoshiro lungs forward until his foot gets stuck in his futon and he trips, falling down flat on his face. Kaidoh pulls his face into a scowl, but what he really wants to do is laugh at the moron for falling down.

"Don't make so much noise, dumbass," he says instead, folding his arms and glaring at the idiot.

"That's not fair, Mamushi. Hitting me while I'm sleeping," says Momoshiro as he got up from his futon, rubbing his nose.

"Well, you wouldn't shut up. And don't call me Mamushi."

"Huh?" was Momoshiro's intelligent response.

Kaidoh then finally drops his body on his bed, wanting to sleep already. "Go to sleep, moron."

The last thing he hears Momoshiro say was 'Mamushi' along with a pillow to his face. He kept the pillow though, the dumbass could sleep without one, which he eventually was forced to do so.

Kaidoh contemplates buying a new pillow afterwards, but as he stares at his old pillow, he can't help but remember what a very nice pillow it was. He also can't help but remember how Momoshiro dug his ugly face in it and moaned out some creepy words. He decides to put it on the corner of his bed, and use his second pillow to sleep on from now on. At night he catches himself sneaking glances at his old pillow, which was sitting peacefully in the corner still. He vaguely wonders if Momoshiro has some sort of fetish for ponies. Then he remembers that he moaned into his pillow. He flares up his nostrils, hisses, and goes back to sleep, pushing any thoughts of Momoshiro out of his mind.

If it were up to Kaidoh, he would have never let Momoshiro walk home with him in the first place, to prevent him from ever sleeping over, but reality was different. For some reason, the idiot is becoming more friendly with him, hanging all over him during practice, riling him up more, and yelling out even more insults than usual. He tags along with Kaidoh as he goes home after practice, and Kaidoh manages to ditch him a few times, until his mom spots him one time and invites him in for dinner.

And to sleep over, of course.

Did Momoshiro have a death wish? Why was he grinning so widely knowing he was going to sleep in his bedroom again? Kaidoh considers dragging Momoshiro out at night and throwing him in the dumpster, that'll teach him. But he doesn't, of course, because Kaidoh isn't that cruel. Instead he stays awake for the night because the moron's snoring is keeping him up, it's sending vibrations all over the place and it rumbles in his stomach. He feels agitated, stupid, and naïve for thinking he could avoid ever letting Momoshiro sleep over again. He considers buying a leash and tying him up to a pole, like a puppy, and then leave him behind in the middle of nowhere. But Kaidoh likes puppies, so he scratches that thought.

Momoshiro of course, is laying down on the futon which he has used a few times by now, his hand on his bare stomach, and his mouth opening and closing with each loud snore.

Kaidoh has enough. He stands from his bed, and almost trips over Momoshiro's leg in the process, but steadies himself in time before he could crush the boy beneath him. He briefly thinks that wouldn't have been so bad, to crush Momoshiro. With his feet on either side of Momoshiro's body, Kaidoh simply glares down at the boy, who was blissfully unaware of the monster who stood above him. Kaidoh presses his foot into Momoshiro's side, and he instantly laughs out loud. The snoring stops, and Kaidoh is satisfied, until Momoshiro speaks.

"Not there ..."

Kaidoh doesn't want to know where 'not there' really was, so he scrambles around to try and get back to his bed, but somehow Momoshiro latches himself onto his right leg. And suddenly he's stuck with a sleeping boy attached to his leg, while his other is halfway on his bed. Kaidoh's neck twists around and he glares at the devil's hands. He tries to shake him off, which merely results in Momoshiro giggling like a little schoolgirl, but nothing to loosen his grip on his leg.

"Dumbass, let go," he says with a low hiss. He reaches his hands down to his leg, attempting to pry his fingers off of his calf.

"Never!" says Momoshiro triumphantly.

Kaidoh wonders if Momoshiro is awake, with the way he's replying to him. He stares at the moron's face, but it's relaxed and pulled into a stupid grin. There's drool sliding off of the corner of his mouth, and Kaidoh knows; he's asleep. But he wants to make sure anyway.

"Momoshiro?" he calls out to him, looking for any sign he was pretending to be asleep.

"Hmm?" replies the black haired boy. He then snuggles closer to Kaidoh's leg.

"Are you awake?" Kaidoh asks dumbly, and he sort of feels dumb for asking it too, because Momoshiro is responding like any normal person would as if they were awake. But this was Momoshiro, and he's an idiot, he's not a normal person, and Kaidoh feels confused.

Momoshiro laughs. "Duh."

Kaidoh leans down a bit and studies Momoshiro's face. His eyes are still closed, and it still has that doopy grin. Momoshiro is clearly delirious and still latched onto Kaidoh's leg, so he concludes that sleep-talking Momoshiro thought he was awake, but clearly he wasn't, but apparently he could still respond to questions. Kaidoh scoffs with a smirk, only an idiot like him would do something like that. So he decides to take a little advantage of it. Serves him right for barging into his place like he owns it every single time.

"Do you know who I am?" he starts to ask. He wonders how much Momoshiro was able to answer him before he really woke up. He forgets that Momoshiro is still holding onto his calf, and instead is focused on the boy's reply.

"Mamushi," he replies.

Kaidoh feels the urge to kick him in the face again, but he resists. With a lot of effort.

"So why are you holding onto me?"

Momoshiro's lips are pulled into a wider smile. "Why not?" he asks in return.

Kaidoh doesn't really know how to answer that one, so he keeps quiet.

"Come," says Momoshiro, tugging Kaidoh's leg closer to him.

For lack of having anything else to say, Kaidoh lets himself get dragged closer to Momoshiro, finally lifting his other leg from his bed so he stands next to Momoshiro's face.

"Are you going to let me go?"

"If you lay down with me," says Momoshiro with a laugh. There was that friendly laugh again, the 'I am everyone's friendly friend!' laugh.

Kaidoh then bends to his knees and he crouches down on top of Momoshiro's futon. "Why?" he asks, because he doesn't know. Why does Momoshiro want to lay down with him? Or was it simply because he has no idea what he's saying? A brief period of insanity? Though with Momoshiro, it wasn't exactly 'brief', he was insane all the time.

"Because," says Momoshiro with a pout, just like a child. His hands then finally start to slide away from Kaidoh, his bony fingers scraping against the hairs on his leg. Kaidoh scratches his head, not quite sure on what to do now. So he stares at Momoshiro who has finally gotten quiet and stopped talking, his hands near his face, and his facial features now relaxed, with his lips slightly open.

Kaidoh stares at him.

Only an idiot like him would sleep talk, and be able to respond to questions at the same time.

He continues to stare, and notices the dried up drool in the corner of his mouth again. He really wants to clean it.

Only an idiot has dreams about rainbows and ponies and hamburgers, and about him being a girl – where'd that come from anyway?

Momoshiro's lip twitches slightly, he then rubs his nose and sighs in his sleep. Kaidoh really wants to rub away the drool, but he resists the urge to reach out his hand. So instead he continues to stare at his teammate. He really had a face like a monkey, though he looked a bit better when his hair didn't stick up straight like it usually did. Seconds turn into minutes, and Kaidoh doesn't know how long he's been sitting across Momoshiro, simply staring at him. He's been quiet so far, which is why Kaidoh is probably not angry anymore, because he hates hearing his voice – even in his sleep.

Finally he gets up and returns to his own bed, hoping that the idiot wouldn't start sleep talking or snoring anymore. When there's only silence in the air, Kaidoh softly sighs in relief and closes his eyes.

It's not that bad waking up this time, though he's still angry at Momoshiro for even breathing the same air as him, much less sleep in his room, there's not much tension as he wakes up. Momoshiro is an idiot like always, and there's no sign of him ever remembering having said anything to Kaidoh last night. So Kaidoh keeps quiet too, it'll be his little secret, only he knows that Momoshiro talks in his sleep. Not like that makes him happy or anything – or, well, it sort of does, because he could use it as blackmail. Yeah, he should start asking Momoshiro embarrassing questions next time, that'll show him. When Kaidoh notices he's grinning to himself, he wants to punch himself in the face for having such gross thoughts.

Next time? There wasn't going to be a next time! Definitely not!

Kaidoh sleeps alone in his room the next day, and he glares at the pillow stuffed in the corner. He's definitely not going to allow Momoshiro to sleep in his bedroom again. Definitely not.

Momoshiro walks next to his side after tennis practice is over. Kaidoh swings his bag over his shoulder and makes a straight line to home. He's not going to stay over. Definitely not.

Momoshiro greets his mother with that stupid grin of his as he takes off his shoes at the door. He won't be sleeping in that futon again. Definitely not.

Momoshiro burps out loud, after eating himself full of his mother's food. He pats his stomach like the idiot he is and gives Kaidoh a thumbs up. He's not staying over. Over his dead body.

Momoshiro excitedly starts rummaging through Kaidoh's closet, looking for his futon. Then he digs through his own bag, and what the hell he brought sleepwear over! The bastard was planning on it!

Kaidoh hits the stupid face belonging to Momoshiro with a towel. "Go take a shower, you idiot," he hisses when he realizes it's futile, and Momoshiro is staying over. "I don't want your stinkin' stench hanging all over my room."

"For the record, my stench is manly – and it doesn't stink! You stink much more than me!" he complains back.

"Fsshuuuu, I took a shower after practice," says Kaidoh off handedly.

Momoshiro raises his eyebrows as he bends down to pick up the towel that dropped. "You did? Wow, you're fast. You must take cold showers like they do in the military. Freak."

"Shut up, take a shower." And Momoshiro does.

Kaidoh is lying down on his bed when Momoshiro returns from his shower. He's already dressed in his blue shorts and black t-shirt, and Kaidoh wants to growl at him for planning this ahead. Momoshiro's hair is still wet, and it clings to his forehead. He looks strange, different, a little less idiotic when it wasn't sticking up straight. Then Momoshiro opens his mouth to prove that an idiot is still an idiot, no matter what kind of hairstyle they have. They fight a bit, like they always do, throwing insults back and forth, until they tire out, and Momoshiro is already fast asleep, half lying on the futon, and half lying on the floor. Only an idiot could sleep like that.

Kaidoh is still awake, he doesn't quite know why he's awake, because he knows that he could sleep right now if he wanted to. But he stays up, until he finally hears Momoshiro start to snore. He groans out loud, not wanting to hear the idiot snore. Immediately he lifts his head up from his pillow, nudges over to the end of his bed, and lazily leans on the edge of it.

"Oi, Momoshiro, if you don't stop snoring now, I'll punch your nose so hard it'll break."

No response, except a loud snore with added drool. Kaidoh winces in disgust. He raises his chest a little bit more off of his bed, so it's half hanging off, and he reaches for the idiot's head with his free arm, then flicks him hard on the forehead. He stirs, then momentarily stops snoring as he scratches his belly, then yawns and starts snoring again.

"Momoshiro ..." says Kaidoh in a low growl, running out of patience.

The black haired boy simply tugs his lips into a wide smile, his eyebrows raising in tune. "Hmm?"

Kaidoh wonders if he's awake or sleep talking, so for lack of knowing what else to do, he asks.

"Are you awake?"

Momoshiro's eyebrows lowers. "No," he says, then scratches his stomach once more.

Well, that's certainly an honest answer. He's sleep talking again, and he even admits to not being awake for real. What a weirdo. Kaidoh remembers last time he wanted to ask him embarrassing questions so he could blackmail him. Now seems like a good time. The snake fumbles around trying to come up with a good question to ask, and then he finally says:

"What's the pin number of your bank account?"

He feels stupid for asking, because there were loads more questions he could have asked instead, and that one wasn't even remotely embarrassing. Something like; "When's the last time you peed in your bed?" or "Where do you hide your secret stash of gay porn?" something along those lines ... not his damn pin number!

Momoshiro's face transforms into a frown, and it stays like that for a very long time. So long that Kaidoh is starting to think Momoshiro simply went back to not sleep talking. Until he bursts out into a loud laugh.

"I forgot!"

The corner of Kaidoh's lips twitch into a half smile and half smirk. "Fucking idiot, who forgets his pin number?" he says with mocking tone, but he really wants to laugh. Typical Momoshiro, not even he could remember his own damn pin number.

"Hey mom, can I sleep over at Kaidoh's place today?" asks Momoshiro out of the blue.

Kaidoh's ears perk up and his eyes are suddenly wide. What the hell was he dreaming, or talking about now? Kaidoh doesn't quite get how sleep talking works with Momoshiro, and he wonders why he would ask his mother if he could stay over. But more than that, he wonders why he didn't call him Mamushi like he always did. It's strange hearing his name coming from that moron's lips.

"I'm not your mother," he grunts.

"Oh there you are. Can I stay over? I need to hunt for some gold, and I know you have pickaxes at your home."

Kaidoh's mouth pops open. It simply amazes him at the amount of insanity that pours out of that moron's mouth, there was literally no end to it. It was like watching a trainwreck upon trainwreck and you couldn't tear your eyes away from it.

"Why do you need gold?" he asks, simply to keep the conversation going. It doesn't matter it's insane, or doesn't make sense, but Kaidoh is slightly amused, and that's all that really matters. Then he adds: "Do you want to buy a pony?"

Momoshiro scrunches up his face. "No way, I hate ponies."

Kaidoh wants to laugh, but he doesn't, and buries his face into the sheet of his bed instead, breathing harshly into it. It clings to his lips as it gets a little damp from his breath.

"The gold is for the rings," he says with a huff. "You know that."

"No, no I don't. What rings?" Kaidoh starts to push thoughts such as; 'What kind of idiot holds a conversation with a sleep talking idiot?' to the back of his mind, because he's awake, and Momoshiro is talking to him without insulting him. While the stuff he says is crazy, it's sort of amusing to see the trainwreck.

"The rings for our wah the uhm."

He doesn't quite catch what Momoshiro is trying to say, he guesses sometimes sleep talking can't all be comprehendible. Not to mention it's Momoshiro, who half the time just splutters out nonsense anyway.

"Maybe I should buy a pony."

And Kaidoh wants to laugh again, his body sending him jolts of shivers as he tries to keep his cool. He bites into the bed sheet instead.

"What do you think, Kaidoh?"

Kaidoh thinks that Momoshiro isn't that bad when he isn't calling him Mamushi, or other ugly names. And then he realizes what he's doing, and who he's talking with, and promptly turns around, embarrassed he let the conversation go on for that long. Not only that, he was enjoying himself a bit, which was weird, and confusing, and he sort of wishes that Momoshiro wouldn't shut up this time. That's where he gets really confused.

"I think I'm going crazy," says Kaidoh, his back still turned towards the other boy.

"Well, I knew that already," laughs Momoshiro.

It was that laugh again, and it was twisting and turning around having a field trip in his stomach. Kaidoh snuggles closer to the wall, and further away from Momoshiro, feeling weird and strange and all sorts of craziness. His wide eyes then fall onto the pillow which was sitting in the corner, and he softly curses it for being there, as if it was mocking him now. He really should throw it away.

"Kai ... doh," whispers Momoshiro, his focus slipping away.

He keeps still, his body not moving, but on the inside he feels as if snakes are circulating through his blood, wiggling and twisting and causing chaos everywhere they go. He wants to turn around, but then he doesn't. He wants him to shut up, but then he wants to hear him talk. He wants to punch him in the face, but then he ... doesn't. Kaidoh keeps himself as still as a mouse, afraid.

"No, haha. Of course not."

Momoshiro is having a conversation with himself, and Kaidoh keeps still.

"Only an idiot would do that."

Kaidoh feels sentimental, and he sort of feels cheated that it was Momoshiro that says something that he's been thinking about for a while now. He's the idiot, not him. He's the one who's sleep talking, not him. He's the one having random conversations about rainbows, ponies and gold, not him. He's the one laughing like he's having a good time, not him. He's the one calling out his name and not him.

Then again, he did call out his name a few times, didn't he? Fuck. He wants to hit himself, and he wants to hit Momoshiro for playing mind games on him. Fuck.

"I hate you," says Kaidoh loud enough for the idiot to hear.

Momoshiro chuckles. It sends shocks down Kaidoh's spine and he squeezes his eye shut. "Weird, because I love you."

Kaidoh's breath gets stuck in his throat, and suddenly it feels as if the world stops spinning and he's about to fall off. There's a heavy weight crushing down on him, and he forgets how to move, how to breathe, how to blink – but not how to listen.

"And I know you do too."

His toes curl up and he sees how the hair on his arms and legs raise up, making bumps appear everywhere on his skin. He still hasn't learned how to breathe, and he's slowly getting dizzier. He finally exhales into a long and jittery hiss, and quickly breathes back in. He feels his heart thump faster to gain back oxygen, or perhaps it's because he just heard something he never should have heard, he doesn't know. Kaidoh doesn't know what's going on anymore.

Momoshiro doesn't talk anymore after this, and he's quiet for the rest of the night.

Kaidoh refuses to move an inch from his spot on the bed, and never closes his eyes.

When Momoshiro wakes up in the morning, Kaidoh doesn't say a word to him. He doesn't even look at him, much less acknowledge him. It makes Momoshiro angry and annoyed of course, but Kaidoh simply looks past him, and after numerous failed attempts at getting Kaidoh to say anything – anything at all – he's finally out of his house.

Kaidoh learns how to breathe again and he leans against the doorway, his head in his arm and his eyes closed.

"Fuck," he mutters.

He burns his favourite pillow. It doesn't make him feel better.