Sleep Talk II

Rating: T for swearing and a very long erotic build-up.

Summary: Momoshiro talks in his sleep. He doesn't know this, but Kaidoh does.

A/N: Follow up of the supposedly one-shot, in Momo's pov. Last part.

Momoshiro is not quite sure why Kaidoh has been avoiding him ever since that time he stayed over. He knew the snake hated it when he stays over – which is exactly why he wants to stay over, but it was a bit different this time. It seems as if he really stepped over some invisible boundary that Kaidoh had set for him, and he broke it. Which is why Kaidoh is ignoring Momoshiro's teasing, name calling, fighting, he even manages to hit his head with his racket, but he doesn't do anything in return at all.

Momoshiro has no idea what happened that day, and frankly, he doesn't really care, because he's more concerned with Kaidoh ignoring him.

It's creeping Momoshiro out. He doesn't like it when Kaidoh doesn't respond to him, he really doesn't. It feels abnormal, plain out wrong, and he's left wanting more and more to hear the idiot call him an idiot. He starts to think that maybe he might be a masochist or something, because he's desperately trying to get the snake to fight with him, just to get any sort of reaction out of the stoic man.

He follows Kaidoh after practice like a hawk, but he's getting better at losing him now, and Momoshiro once more loses track of him. After the 5th time of losing sight of the snake, Momoshiro is determined to stay over again. Because he wants things to go back to normal. To fight with him again, to exchange names and blows, because he likes doing that. He doesn't like Kaidoh ignoring him.

Momoshiro packs his bag in the morning, and stuffs his sleeping shorts and shirt in it like he's been doing every single day now – but today he's determined to sleep over. The entire day at school Momoshiro tries to piss off Kaidoh. He steals his lunch, he throws his books on the floor, he slams into him when he walks past him, he rips apart his homework – but still none of it works. Kaidoh treats him as if he's a ghost, invisible, and not even occupying the same space as him. It really does something to Momoshiro, to be ignored like that, it brings down his spirit and he's actually sort of getting depressed about it. Perhaps it was Kaidoh's new way of bullying by not doing a damn thing – and fuck, it was working. It was working really well!

But he can't give up. Not even after fucking up his practice because he's decided to try and hit the snake as much as possible with the tennis ball, so he's not focused on scoring points. He pretends Kaidoh's face is a target, with his forehead giving him 20 points, his lips 50, and his nose 100. Surprisingly, he manages to hit him in the face twice, scoring a total of 70 points, and his other team mates are starting to see what Momoshiro is doing, and demand he stops terrorizing Kaidoh. Momoshiro wants to yell at them, saying that it was Kaidoh that was making him do it, it wasn't his fault! It's that Mamushi's fault for ignoring him and enticing him! He was begging Momoshiro to bully him!

Stupid idiot.

Momoshiro's eyes are glued onto Kaidoh's back for the rest of the day.

Practice is over, and Kaidoh swiftly packs everything up and heads home. Momoshiro is already tailing him when he steps foot outside of the court. He thinks that even if he'll lose track of Kaidoh (which he has, by now), he's going straight to his house and wait for him there. He's going to invite himself in and sleep over. He's going to force Kaidoh to acknowledge him, damn right.

When he reaches Kaidoh's home, he rings the doorbell. His mother opens up the door and greets him, saying that Kaidoh isn't home. Momoshiro makes up a lie on the spot, and says that Kaidoh promised him he could stay the night today, and the sweet woman lets him inside. He feels sort of bad for lying, but he's sure the lie will turn into the truth soon enough. The scent of her cooking is familiar and it fills up his nose, he suddenly feels nostalgic and slightly happy. He also feels victorious, because he's inside of his house now. He can't kick him out, that snake would have to kill him before that happens.

Momoshiro waits inside of Kaidoh's room, on his bed. He sits there with his arms and legs crossed as he stares at the door. He's like a predator waiting for his prey to come and fall into his trap, and Momoshiro lets out an evil chuckle.

After two long agonizing hours, Momoshiro has already fallen asleep on Kaidoh's bed. He's awoken with a blow to his stomach. Momoshiro gasps out loud, his eyes flying open as he wildly looks around and clutching his stomach. He sees a very angry Mamushi staring down at him, his fingers curled up in a fist. He wants to groan because his stomach hurts, but he's happy, sort of, that Kaidoh hit him. He must really be a masochist. Then he looks at Kaidoh, who's still wearing his training gear, as well as his stupid banana, his ugly lips pulled into a snarl.

"What took you so long, Mamushi," says Momoshiro, his voice sort of strained because it hurts to talk.

"Fshuuu ... Get out of my house," threatens the snake.

Momoshiro can't help but smile at the familiar hiss that he's hasn't heard the entire week. Who knew he could end up missing that horrendous weird hiss?

"Why? I'm staying over."

"No you're not!"

Momoshiro notices Kaidoh's anger is starting to rise again, and that's just the way he likes it; an angry Kaidoh. Bring it on, he thinks.

Then he baits him. "Make me!" and that's all Momoshiro needs to say before Kaidoh launches at him.

His shirt is grabbed at by the collar, and Kaidoh gives him one insane headbutt to his forehead, which leaves him seeing stars for a few seconds. Momoshiro is not going down without a fight though, so he grabs Kaidoh's shoulders, pushes down on him, and brings up his knee to the boy's stomach. He doubles over in pain, now lying down defenselessly on his bed. Adrenaline is pumping through his veins, and Momoshiro is feeling good, despite being in physical pain. But it doesn't matter, what matters is that Mamushi is finally hitting back again. He gets that rush, like he always does, when they're throwing punches at each other. It makes him feel good.

"Fshuuu, you dumbass!" Kaidoh yells out, then throws a punch at Momoshiro's unguarded cheek.

Momoshiro didn't expect that one, and goes flying against the wall, his head banging the side of it. He feels dizzy, and has one major headache now – but it doesn't matter. He's still happy, he's still on that rush that's coursing through his body, reaching till his fingertips and it makes him all tingly. Though that might just be because his head got smashed against the wall. Momoshiro can't help but grin as he lifts his head away from the wall, and looks over at Kaidoh whose eyes are now wide – he looks sort of concerned? Well, he did hit his head against the wall pretty hard there ... so Momoshiro tries to play the pity card.

"Whoa Mamushi, I feel a bit dizzy now." That wasn't really a lie. He does feel dizzy, but it has more to do with Kaidoh staring intently at him, than it has to do with his head hurting.

Kaidoh backs off with a hiss, and leaves him alone on the bed. So perhaps he really was a bit worried, that makes the rush in his veins flow faster. He bites his lips to prevent himself from smiling any wider.

"Idiot, you asked for it," Kaidoh says after a while of silence.

Momoshiro was fine, but he fake moans in pain, clutching the side of his head. "Ahh, headache!"

"Fshuuu, I didn't hit you that hard."

"I think I'll feel better if you say sorry."

"Like hell I will!"

"Okay. You don't have to say it. There's other ways of showing you're sorry."


"Like a kiss on the cheek. Yup," he prods his finger in the cheek that Kaidoh hit just moments ago, and leans a bit closer to the viper, "right here."

As expected, he got hit in the face instead, and it was totally worth it, because Momoshiro manages to catch a glance of Kaidoh's surprised and embarrassed face before he falls down onto his bed, knocked out. When he wakes up again, he's on the futon, and it's dark and he's still in Kaidoh's room. Momoshiro lifts himself up, his head hurting a bit, and looks over to Kaidoh, who's sleeping soundly, his arm half way hanging off of his bed. He smiles to himself; they went back to normal. He'll forgive the viper for knocking him out, but only this once. So Momoshiro lays back down and falls back asleep.

That night, he dreams of ponies trampling his body in an angry stampede.

Momoshiro is feeling happy again. He's doing well at practice, he's eating loads of burgers with Echizen, and he gets in about three fights a day with Kaidoh. Yup, life is wonderful he thinks.

He still can't get rid of the habit of following Kaidoh after practice. He chalks it up to Kaidoh-san's food, which is honestly really delicious, but both teenagers know that that's not the only reason. Kaidoh is probably under the impression that Momoshiro stays over because he enjoys bugging the hell out of him, and yeah, he's sort of right. But he enjoys spending time over there. He gets a good night sleep, and as bonus points he gets to annoy Kaidoh – he likes it. So why wouldn't he do it again?

Momoshiro is the first one to wake up. He's half surprised, and half confused when he wakes up and realizes he's staring straight at Kaidoh's stoic sleeping face. Not only that, his legs are tangled with the snake's legs, and the back of their hands are awkwardly touching each other, both propped up in between their faces. He doesn't know why Kaidoh was sleeping next to him, perhaps the dumbass rolled out of bed and fell down? But wasn't he a little bit too close to Momoshiro for that to be plausible?

It's quiet, and there's only the sound of Kaidoh slowly breathing in and out, apparently blissfully unaware of where he was sleeping. During this time, Momoshiro is studying Kaidoh's face, which is very angular, and kinda masculine, not at all like a girl. A straight long nose, a finely shaped jaw, and those weird but full lips ... Momoshiro doesn't really know what to do, and when he sees Kaidoh's shoulders jerk, he panics and immediately closes his eyes and pretends to be asleep. He'd rather have Kaidoh carry the burden of waking up next to your rival instead of him – he could just pretend it never happened in the first place. Yeah, that's exactly what he'll do. Stupid Mamushi.

Momoshiro feels Kaidoh's warm breath against his hands, and it's starting to make him feel a little weird and tingly. He wonders if Kaidoh is really awake, but his question is answered when he feels Kaidoh's leg slipping away from his own. The warmth of his legs now leave him cold, but he continues to pretend to be completely and utterly asleep.

"Momoshiro?" he hears Kaidoh call out to him.

He wasn't going to fall for that, he wasn't going to answer him, because that would mean he'd been awake and he'd known about Kaidoh's strong legs being tangled with his, and knowing that the back of their hands were touching, and that he'd been staring at his teammate's face. So he doesn't answer, he keeps himself rock still. He was half expecting Kaidoh to punch him in the face for finding out he slept next to him, but surprisingly, Kaidoh does nothing. Instead, he feels the warmth of his body coming closer, and his breath is hitting his hand again. It's quiet after that, and Momoshiro feels nervous, and wonders why Kaidoh wasn't moving away or cursing his head off. He slowly cracks one eye open and peers through the tiny slit, and sees that Kaidoh had put his head down next to him again, eyes closed, but was much closer this time, too close for comfort and sweat starts to break out on his forehead.

He can't move now, not when Kaidoh thinks he's asleep. Why'd the snake do that anyway? Why didn't he get up, and pretend he never woke up next to Momoshiro? Pretend he fell out of bed and never speak of it again? The boy can't stop thinking about this, nor can he stop thinking about Kaidoh's breath, caressing his skin, or how he slowly feels Kaidoh's leg running up against him again. It's making him feel dizzy and hot at the same time, and he knows that there's a frown on his face. He hopes Kaidoh has his eyes closed so he can't see it, because that sure would be embarrassing if he found out. Embarrassing because he doesn't know he's actually awake, and super aware of all the little things that Kaidoh was doing.

Momoshiro becomes more and more aware of Kaidoh's presence, and he's feeling confused but filled with a gnawing urge in his stomach. Then Kaidoh softly bumps the back of his hand against Momoshiro's knuckles, and it sends that familiar rush coursing through his veins again, all the way to his toes. His breathing is starting to go faster now, and he feels his cheeks heating up. How much longer does he have to pretend to be asleep and ... and ... have Kaidoh make him feel weird things? Momoshiro thinks he might jerk away in response when he starts to feel Kaidoh's pinky finger slowly rub up and down his, but instead his breath hitches in his throat. It's light and soft and it's sort of warm, and it's making his stomach twist into knots. He keeps still, and hopes to god Kaidoh won't notice he's awake. It feels ... awkward, but for some reason, Momoshiro doesn't quite want Kaidoh to stop either. He's more afraid of his own weird hormones than he is of Kaidoh's pinky.

When Kaidoh finally stops, Momoshiro resists the urge to grab his hand and make him stroke his fingers again. The snake finally gets up, taking all his body warmth with him and suddenly Momoshiro feels alone and cold, and he wants him to get back down so he could bask in his body warmth again. But Momoshiro does nothing.

Instead, he's screaming inside of his head.

An hour later, and Kaidoh finally gets out of bed to wake him up for real. He doesn't act any different, he still hisses and picks fights with him, and so does Momoshiro. Nothing seems different between them, and nothing really is, except, Momoshiro feels something inside of him whenever he accidentally brushes against Kaidoh's skin. He's more hesitant to get into physical fights, because he's afraid of what might happen. He doesn't know his own body anymore, and whenever it responds to that damn Mamushi, Momoshiro screams in his head again.

That doesn't deter his feet from following Kaidoh home once more. He brags about his tennis, and says his dunk smash was awesome today. Kaidoh simply hisses. He picks a fight with him, and they hustle and tussle, until Momoshiro becomes too aware and he stops. Right on time, because they're in front of Kaidoh's house.

As Momoshiro lays down on the futon he's gotten so familiar with, his eyes glance over towards Kaidoh, and he thinks: 'Will I wake up next to him again?'.

"Stupid Mamushi," he mumbles and swiftly turns his head away.

Kaidoh hisses in return. "Dumbass," he responds back.

Momoshiro snuggles closer to his pillow, it smells like Kaidoh's room. He closes his eyes, and pretends he doesn't feel that anticipation growing bigger in the pit of his stomach.

When he wakes up, it takes a while for him to realize that he wasn't dreaming. It's dark in the room, and he can barely see, but he can still make out the outline of Kaidoh's body that was lying right next to him. So close that there was only 5 inches of space between their chests. His head was resting next to his pillow – thank god not on the pillow – and that's when Momoshiro realizes where Kaidoh's hand was.

It was under his head, his fingers tangled in Momoshiro's hair that wasn't spiked up anymore. Half his cheek lay in the palm of Kaidoh's warm and strong hand, and his thumb was slowly brushing against his cheekbone. The rest of his fingers were grazing against his scalp in an endless repeating motion, as if he were petting a cat.

Momoshiro can feel his breath escape from his throat, but he was fighting hard to keep it in. A warm liquid flows through him, coming from the areas where Kaidoh was touching him. It fills him up with sunshine and it makes him shiver despite it feeling warm, like a fever. He's screaming in his head again, loud and hard, because that's all he knows what to do now. His heart beats in tune with each stroke Kaidoh makes over his cheek, and he's damn sure that they're on fire now, as red as cherries probably.

The nails of Kaidoh's fingers scrape down on his scalp, and the muscles in his neck tense up. It feels good, it feels comforting, like bathing in sunlight while listening to the ocean waves, or when he scores a point in tennis, or eats a really good burger – all of those things combined and better. The feeling is spread across his body, hyper sensitive to Kaidoh's touch, and it reacts to him like he's his drug, like he can't get enough of it.

And Momoshiro really can't get enough of it, because he's not moving away, he's not beating the living shit out of his rival for waking up and finding him touching him in weird places. He's not, because he pushes his cheek deeper against Kaidoh's palm, he can't help but feel like he needs to press it even closer, to steal all that warmth, to feel his calluses, to wrap himself in his scent. He does it without thinking, really, because he's riding the waves of the storm going through his body, and his head is full of hamburgers. Momoshiro tilts his head, his cheek sliding across Kaidoh's palm, until his head is at such an angle that Momoshiro's lips are now where his cheek was before. The waves won't stop, and he presses further, planting a kiss on the inside of Kaidoh's hand.

Kaidoh's stroking stops and he hisses, but it sounds more like a deep groan.

Then Momoshiro remembers that this was reality, and not a dream, and that he was supposed to be asleep.

The sunshine drains from his blood, and it's left with darkness, because anxiety spreads across his face. Fuck, why'd he do that for? Now Kaidoh was going to find out that he was awake, and really enjoyed it. Fuck that Mamushi.

Except Kaidoh's fingers drag through his hair again.

Momoshiro lets out the breath he's been holding, and he's brimming with that sunshine again. His lips are full of blood and he feels his pulse riding through them, which causes it to slightly graze against Kaidoh's hand again. Is Kaidoh pretending he didn't notice? Or is he going to keep quiet, knowing that Momoshiro is awake, and fully aware of the things he was doing?

Or does he really think he's still asleep?

Momoshiro's thoughts run dry when Kaidoh himself presses his palm against his lips, and there's a moan waiting to burst out of his throat, but it's muffled against the viper's hand – he's thankful for that. Nothing matters anymore, because Momoshiro is surfing in the ocean with the sunshine on his back, and a big hamburger in his hand. This is his magic hour.

Kaidoh leaves, just like last time, and takes all the sunshine with him. He feels lonely, angry and annoyed that he left. Momoshiro peeks through his eyelids, and he's positive that Kaidoh is shining like the sun, blinding him. No wait, that's just the sunlight streaming in from the window behind him. Well, whatever, it might as well have been him. The snake returns to his own bed, like nothing ever happened.

Like he didn't run his fingers through his hair, like Momoshiro didn't kiss the palm of his hand.

And Momoshiro is screaming in his head again, but this time for a different reason.

They act like nothing happened, but Momoshiro knows, Momoshiro remembers all too well. Yet Kaidoh acts normal, as if it never happened. Perhaps he really does think that Momoshiro was asleep at that time, and well, if that's the case, then so be it. He'll pretend to not know too then, and he'll continue to pretend to be asleep – because he's hooked now. He's hooked on Kaidoh's sunshine, and he wants it back. So he follows Kaidoh home like a lost puppy, and he hopes and prays that he'll wake up next to him again, because he doesn't know what he'll do if that wouldn't be true.

Probably he'd crawl right into Kaidoh's bed instead.

But it doesn't get to that point, because Momoshiro wakes up with his hand curled up inside of Kaidoh's as it rests in between their chests, and their faces are ridiculously close. So close that Momoshiro's hair is resting against Kaidoh's forehead, and his nose is barely touching his.

The magic is back, and he's riding with the wind in his back on his bike downhill, and he can't breathe anymore because he's too busy screaming out loud.

Momoshiro slides his fingers in between Kaidoh's and he squeezes it, because he's shaky and happy, and the feelings won't stop pouring out of him.


Instinctively, he responds with a; "Hmm?" and suddenly he feels a bar of iron drop down in his stomach, and his fingers freeze inside of Kaidoh's hand.

Fuck, he was supposed to be sleeping, he wasn't supposed to answer Mamushi. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Now he knew that he was awake! Shit! Sweat starts to break out on Momoshiro's forehead, and he doesn't know what to do anymore, he's completely discovered now. He hopes that by shutting his eyes shut tight the problem will go away, but he knows, and Kaidoh knows, that he answered to his name while he was voluntarily grabbing hold of Kaidoh's hand.

"Are you asleep?" he hears Kaidoh ask.

Momoshiro wants to laugh and call him an idiot; what do you think? But instead he's riddled with nerves, as if it's the first day of nationals, and his match is about to come up. He doesn't know what to do, what to say, is Kaidoh just fucking with him and jerking him around? Nobody just responds to their name being called when they're asleep, the idiot! And nobody just grabs someone's hand in their sleep!

But Momoshiro, being the biggest idiot in the room, simply denies any such accusation with a very mumbly; "No," like a child denying he ate the last cookie.

He doesn't know why he says it, because it sure as hell won't fool Kaidoh. It's because he doesn't know what else to say, his thoughts are in scrambles and the iron in his stomach is getting heavier. The impending doom of his life being completely ruined and torn away from him starts to tick off inside of him like a bomb. He was a goner for sure. He was never going to have this magic hour again, because the clock hit 12 and he's been found out, and the magic is gone.

Which is why he's so surprised and shocked when he hears Kaidoh say: "Good, you're sleep talking again."

Wait, hold up a second there, sleep talking? Kaidoh thinks he's sleep talking? And what was with that 'again' he mentioned there at the end? Did Momoshiro sleep talk? He doesn't know, because he's never slept with anyone before who would have told him that he did. He briefly thinks that Kaidoh is just making shit up, and he's yanking his chains and being a complete devil because he knows Momoshiro is awake, until he hears a soft and warm noise emerge from Kaidoh's throat. It's a small chuckle, but big enough to lift the iron in his stomach and fling it away.

He's stunned, paralyzed, shocked, surprised – did Kaidoh really just laugh?

Kaidoh continues brushing his fingers up and down his hand, and Momoshiro now knows for sure; that Kaidoh really thinks he's sleep talking.

That doesn't stop the growing blush on his cheeks from spreading to his neck though. He hopes to dear life that he can hold up this façade, and that Kaidoh doesn't decide to open up his eyes to see how completely red he is. The amount of electricity running through his body right now was simply terrifying. But not as terrifying as Kaidoh finding out he really is awake. Because then the magical moment would be broken for real, and they would be back in reality. Where they really are just Momoshiro and Kaidoh, two idiots who are doing weird stuff to each other. He doesn't want Kaidoh to find out, he really doesn't, because he loves the sunshine and the magic.


Fuck, hearing his name coming from that snake is sending jitters down his chest. Momoshiro wills his heart to stop beating so fast already, but of course it doesn't listen, only an idiot would think it would help. And he really is an idiot. He's so much of an idiot, he doesn't even know how to respond anymore. So he says the first thing that comes to mind:

"Nice weather, isn't it?" His voice is full of odd pitches, because he's shaking as he says it. He hopes Kaidoh doesn't notice it, and he hopes that this is how he sleeps talk. Do people really sleep talk? Does he?

Another laugh fills his ears, and Momoshiro feels like he's floating, flying, rolling around in fluffy clouds. Perhaps he's lost his mind, he doesn't know, but he knows that Kaidoh's laugh is something he could get really get used to. He wants to hear it again.

"Dreaming about pony land again?" he asks in a tone which couldn't be described as anything other than 'happy' or perhaps 'content'.

Kaidoh rubs his thumb over his wrist, working his magic, and Momoshiro is feeling pretty damn happy himself. And then he thinks about what Kaidoh actually says. Pony land? Does he dream about ponies? Judging by the way Kaidoh seems to be acting right now, it seems Momoshiro really did sleep talk. And apparently, he did it a lot, because Kaidoh seems used to it, and even seems to remember what he dreamt about. That sort of creeps him out but entices him at the same time.

Is this the reason why he finds himself waking up next to the snake in the first place? Because he's been having conversations with him in his sleep? Suddenly Momoshiro is starting to feel very nervous.

"Uhhh," he drawls out, because he doesn't know how to respond to Kaidoh while pretending to sleep talk.

Since Kaidoh doesn't seem to be stopping his magic anytime soon, Momoshiro figures he's still in the green.


It sort of wormed its way out of his mouth, he didn't want to say his name, he didn't even really have a question in mind, but he said it anyway. Because he likes the way it roll off of his tongue, and he likes how it makes Kaidoh freeze up for a second, and he can feel his fingers shake against his arm.

"What," he says. "I'm not buying you a fucking pony."

Momoshiro really wants to say what the fuck, and he really wants to laugh, but he keeps all of it locked away. He's supposed to be sleeping here, or sleep talking, or whatever. He's supposed to not let Kaidoh find out he knows what he's been doing to him, and that's all that matters when it comes to this stupid façade.

So instead, he asks the question that has been burning in his mind ever since that sunshine first filled it in. "Why are you touching me?"

Kaidoh's movement stops, and Momoshiro curses to himself for asking that question – but he couldn't help himself! Kaidoh was making him do weird impulsive things! Damn that wizard!

"Dumbass, you asked me to."

He did? "I don't remember that," he says as he's cracking through his mind trying to remember when he had said something like that. But he really doesn't remember, and he wonders if Kaidoh is making shit up. Then he wonders if he had said it in his sleep.

"You never do," he says with a sigh, and then Kaidoh's face gets even closer, their noses now sliding and their cheeks bumping into each other. "But it's okay," his breath is hitting his face like a heat wave. "You'll ask me again next time anyway. Idiot."

Momoshiro's internal processor has been overloaded, and for a long time he doesn't move, doesn't breath, and doesn't think. Until Kaidoh grabs his hand once more and keeps it in between them while resting his head against Momoshiro's. That Kaidoh was sprinkling magic on him again, his skin growing hot wherever they touched, and his toes curling up against his will, and the blush on his cheek, neck and ears now a dark red. But he's loving every second of it, because it feels awesome. In fact, he's feeling so under the influence of his hormones, so happy with the way Kaidoh is pressing up against him, that he twists his face around until he's facing Kaidoh, his eyes now wide open, and asks him one last question:

"Can you kiss me?" His voice is husky and filled with desire.

Momoshiro doesn't even wait for Kaidoh's answer, and he leans his head down, and his lips meet Kaidoh's halfway, because apparently, he was going to say yes.

Kaidoh's lips are dry and a bit chapped, but he angrily sucks Momoshiro's lips anyway. Little fireworks are dancing on his skin, exploding one by one as he feels his lips slide across Kaidoh's. Their mouths open, and saliva is exchanged, their lips now moist and hot and sucking and sliding and moving. They don't know what they're doing, but they're doing it anyways, as hard as they could, and fuck anything else.

Kaidoh's hand is now running across his chest, and Momoshiro's hand is on Kaidoh's shoulder, pressing down on it because it helps make him feel better. Strange sounds are coming out of Momoshiro's mouth, and he half acknowledges them, because he's focused on Kaidoh's strong and full lips sucking his face. He's flying downhill again, he's surfing those waves again, he's twirling around in fucking pixie dust. He's a damn fairy alright.

Kaidoh pulls away. "You ... you're awake," he says completely out of breath, into Momoshiro's ears.

Momoshiro tilts his head back and pulls Kaidoh's lips with his teeth and it causes the boy to groan and squeeze his eyes shut.

"No shit," he says in return and his mouth is on top of Kaidoh's again.

Momoshiro grunts and buckles his hips into Kaidoh's, who briefly parts away from his lips to groan out loud. It's sexy, it's endearing, and Momoshiro sticks his tongue inside of Kaidoh's open mouth, and he's exploring and licking and twirling around Kaidoh's tongue. It's like nothing he's ever felt before, it makes him shiver, and the rush of feelings are all gathering around his crotch area. Their legs begin to move on their own, and they're rubbing against each other, pressing down on each other, scratching, sucking, licking, and Kaidoh bites down on Momoshiro's lips. He yelps out loud, but then decides that felt pretty damn good, and bites Kaidoh's lip in return.

"Fshhuuuu," hisses Kaidoh. Momoshiro doesn't know whether it's from pain or from pleasure, or perhaps both, but he doesn't care, because it sounds like music in his ears and he wishes Kaidoh would do it again.

So he nips the nape of the viper's neck and hopes he'll hiss again. Kaidoh's hand scratches his chest, leaving trails of red marks, and he hisses out loud, and Momoshiro's feels frogs leaping out of his stomach. He loves how he's the one spreading the magic around now, it's not just him that feels like this, because Kaidoh is writhing and squirming beneath him as Momoshiro traps him on the futon.

They're back to kissing each other again, hungry, angrily, sucking and licking and moaning into each other's mouths. Kaidoh's arms are on Momoshiro's back, and his hands in his hair, pulling it, yanking it – and it makes his stomach do flips. Momoshiro returns the favour as his tongue swipes across Kaidoh's lips, he yanks on his hair, so that Kaidoh's face is pulled up, giving him a perfect chance to suck on his neck. And Kaidoh is writhing again and letting out small hisses like a snake. Momoshiro is smiling against his neck, he's on a rush, he's high on Kaidoh's drug, and he keeps wanting more and more. He sinks his teeth into Kaidoh's neck.

And then one yank of his hair went wrong, causing Momoshiro to fling backwards in pain, and he hits his head against the wardrobe behind him. His vision darkens a bit, then he shakes his head and rubs the throbbing spot.

"Why'd you do that for, idiot," he growls at Kaidoh, who is lying on the futon still.

Kaidoh raises his body, and he looks so disheveled, so molested, his cheeks are red – in fact his entire face is red, including his ears, and his lips are moist and partly open. Just seeing Kaidoh like this makes Momoshiro's stomach twist and turn and he's bedazzled with sunshine again.

Kaidoh rubs the side of his neck. "You were the one that bit me, fshuuuu."

Momoshiro shrugs, the rush still flowing through his blood, the sunshine still filling him up. "So, you liked it."

"Fshuuu, I did not!"

Momoshiro stands on his knees, so that his chest is in Kaidoh's face. He brings his hands up to the viper's face, and cups his cheeks, tilting them so that he looks him in the eye.

"Next time, just fucking wake me up already."