Welcome again! I know some of you got confused and thought that the setting was on the medieval times…..but,no it's happening on the modern times like right now….and also why are they making a music video…well,it's because instead of fiore being a magical kingdom..i changed it into a modern city or country that loves music and entertainment and the king and queen they'll be picking will well be…I'm giving out to much information…..

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It was already 12:30 pm and still no one decided to start on their music video...2 hours ago Makarov just anounced on what they'll be doing for the 1st 3 days on the boarding school...Wendy was lucky not to be competing cause now she was at the mall spending the money deposited on her credit card. She was lucky not to be acting but bad for her she can't be seen on the number 1 music channel in Fiore. All the music videos will be aired on the 3rd day and the citizens including the past royals of Fiorewill be judging on who will win the 1st competition on choosing the king and queen of the country of music and entertainment.

The lobby was full of teenagers chatting and singing, the others showing of their moves on which were Loke showing of his tecno and robotic moves, Lyon with his hip hop, Siegfried showing of how good he can shuffle and jerk. And also, Lissana,Natsu,Gray, and Lucy were practicing their singing, and well, Erza was eating a box of strawberry shortcake. Freed and Mira, well, they're showing off their gadgets (even though all of them have equal number of gadgets, except for Juvia who was a gadget addict...teehee!).And ofcourse Juvia was playing with her i phone 4s.

Suddenly juvia was shouting "Yey! Juvia won! Juvia is the master of Angry birds!" then suddenly everyone stared at her, and also freed raised his brow. " Juvia is sorry for disturbing everyone!" Juvia said while waving her hand.

"Hey! why don't you teenagers go and start making your music videos?..." makarov said while holding a baseball bat. Everyone looked at him and ran. Now the lobby was empty and quiet. Makarov let out a smirk. He was happy to teach these teenagers.

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