Title: Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy
Author: lovesmymovement on lj/wanderlustlights on tumblr
Rating: NC-17 (eventually)
Word Count: 660/3082 (so far)
Pairing(s): Dave/Kurt {Kurtofsky}
Spoilers: Anything up through episode 2.06 Never Been Kissed, I guess, although this is an AU so instead of Dave being the bully it's a different character, Scott Cooper, instead.
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Tis Ryan Murphy's brain child and I taken ownership of nothing there.
Summary: Kurt has been bullied for as long as he could remember. Finding solace in a place like Dalton Academy and with a roommate like David Karofsky is not exactly how he expected his life to go.
A/N:So I started this fic a few months ago as a fill for a prompt on the glee_kink_meme. It's sort of slow going so far but I'm hoping to finish it sometime soon, haha. Also, the title comes from The Beatles' "Across the Universe." Hope you enjoy, dear readers!

"Sorry about yesterday," said Dave the next day after almost a whole hour of complete silence after classes. "I didn't mean for it to sound so… harsh or whatever."

"It's fine," Kurt replied, voice high and tight, icy. "You were just speaking your mind, is all."

He didn't mean it, of course he didn't mean it, Dave could tell. "Dude, just – would you listen to me for a second here?"

Kurt put down his textbook, looking over at Dave expectantly. "Fine. What exactly would you like to say? That I was being an idiot and should just let it go? That I should move on from Blaine because clearly he doesn't want me? Did you want to say that I'll meet someone else? Because believe me, David, that's probably the last thing I need to hear right now, especially coming from you." That said, Kurt picked up his book again, searching for a highlighter on his desk, when Dave finally spoke again.

"Well if Blaine doesn't want you? Then fuck him, he's obviously a moron. You're like the awesomeest guy out there and anyone would be a lucky fucking bastard to say they'd had you."

Kurt stopped in mid-reach for the highlighter he'd finally found, and turned back around to stare at the other boy. Dave was busying himself highlighting his book and making the occasional notes in the margin, mouth set in a frown and a crease between his eyebrows. Kurt felt his gaze soften at the sight as he continued watching him. Dave was smart; probably smarter than Kurt even realized. But Kurt wondered what, exactly, he was struggling with. By the look on his face it couldn't be just their talk that was frustrating him.

"Do you need some help?" he asked softly.

Dave glanced over at him, grunted, and gave Kurt a small nod.

"What are you having trouble with?" asked Kurt, dragging his chair over to Dave's side of the room to sit beside him.

"English. I've never really been that great at it, I'm more of a math and science kind of guy."

"Oh. Well what are you working on right now?"

Dave sighed, resisting the urge to groan. "Poe."

"Ah, Poe. A personal favorite. And you're reading…" Kurt glanced down at the open book, giving a hum of approval, "'The Cask of Amontillado.' Great story."

Dave let out a quiet laugh. "Yeah, maybe to some people, to me it just makes me wanna throw the book across the room."

Kurt frowned. "Poe's classic. The language, the metaphors, the images… he's amazing, really."

Dave looked at him, giving him a pointed look. "Like I said: maybe to some people," he said, and Kurt rolled his eyes with a sigh.

"Fine, okay, just… what do you think he's saying here?"

They spent the next almost forty five minutes talking about the story, and by the end of it, Dave actually understood it, for the most part.

"Hey, do you-" Kurt started, and shook his head. "Nevermind."

"No, wait, what were you gonna say?"

"Nothing, nothing, it's just… do you really think that? What you said before, I mean? That…"

"What?" Dave asked and Kurt sighed.

"That anyone would be lucky to have me," Kurt finished quietly. "Or were you just saying that to shut me up."

Dave swallowed. "No, I – I really mean it."

Kurt stared at him for a second before giving him a timid smile, watching as Dave nodded. Kurt went back to his side of the room, muttering a quiet "thanks" after a long moment of silence.

Dave smiled at him, feeling his heart tighten in his chest at the mere thought of it being him who was the lucky fucking bastard.

Later, as he lay in bed listening to Kurt's steady breathing and trying to fall asleep himself, that's when he realized something. This was the first time they'd really talked without shouting or ending in one of them storming out.