Journey through time

A Tangled Story

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Disney worker: sure here you go!

Me: AHA! You FOOL I know own tangled MUAHAHAHAHAH

Disney worker: I DON'T THINK SO! (Shoots t-shirt from cannon at me and knocks me out)

Me: Well this sucks

Chapter 1

"Nice day, huh Blondie?" Eugene- excuse me- Prince Eugene said to Rapunzel as they walked through the castle gardens. "It is" she replied "and I've told you before you don't have to call me Blondie anymore!" "Well I don't want to call you brunettie all the time. Do you?" Eugene replied. It had been two years since they got married and things had died down, way down in fact things were pretty much normal around the castle. "Hey Blondie how about a trip down memory lane?" Eugene said. Rapunzel looked confused "What?" "Well it's when we revisit the places we went to on our way to the lanterns."
"Oh, well that sounds fun!" Rapunzel replied "I have to tell the king and queen before we go, okay?" "Sure, hurry back though!" Eugene said as he watched her skip happily into the palace. Later on as they were walking through the woods Rapunzel asked "So where to first?" "Well since we are closest to it how about your tower?" Now on any normal day Rapunzel would have said no, but she realized that someday she would have to face her fear of the tower why not now. As they stood at the base of the tower Rapunzel started feeling uneasy Eugene put his arms around her and said "We don't have to go inside if you don't want to." He managed a small smile "How about we explore a little out here. Who knows what things we might find?" As Rapunzel was looking around the magnificent waterfall her eyes came upon a small opening on the left side of the waterfall as she moved some brush aside she found a hidden cave, scared she called Eugene over to the cave. "I never saw this cave before, and trust me I would have seen it Blondie." Eugene said to Rapunzel "Well now is as good a time as any to find out what is in there." Rapunzel said. Cautiously they walked into the cave. Just then a bright white flash of light appeared, sucked them in, and vanished as quickly as it appeared. The only evidence that anyone had ever been in the cave was a now extinguished torch.

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Chapter 2

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" that is the only thing Vanessa was able to say before she passed out on the floor. It had been a normal day for Vanessa Williams but that was before a bright white light appeared in the living room of her house, vanished quickly as it came, and left behind two people. When she woke up the same two people were standing over her asking her if she was okay. "WHO ARE YOU, AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE!" "Girl, calm down, calm down I'm Eugene and this is Rapunzel. Now what is you name?" "It's Vanessa; Vanessa Williams now why y- wait a second did you say her name was Rapunzel? Like the girl with 70 feet of hair Rapunzel, the girl locked up in a tower for 18 years of her life Rapunzel!" "Uh, yes and yes?" Eugene said slowly "Uh" Vanessa passed out again. While she slept on the couch Eugene and Rapunzel decided to look around. As they were walking around the house they saw so many things they didn't recognize a wide-eyed Rapunzel touched everything she saw. Then Vanessa walked in and Rapunzel immediately bolted over to her and started asking a million questions "Hey, hey calm down. What year are you from?" Vanessa asked "1565." Rapunzel replied slowly "Well how did you get here then?" Vanessa "We don't know, we were in a cave, light sucked us in, and then we were here." Eugene said. All Vanessa could do was stare in amazement. "Now I have a question for you. How do you know so much about Rapunzel?" Eugene asked Vanessa. "And you, your name is Eugene right?" Vanessa asked. "Yes." Replied Eugene. "Let me guess you were raised in an orphanage, your favorite book is The Tales of Flynnagan Rider, you became a thief and re-named yourself Flynn Rider, one day you came across a tower, that's were you met Rapunzel. You took her to see the lanterns, fell in love, got married, and now you're here. Did I miss anything?" Vanessa smiled proudly, now it was time for him to faint. "HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THAT ABOUT ME?" a wide-eyed Eugene yelled. "Well, there is a movie about you two." Vanessa replied. "What is a movie?" Rapunzel asked. "Well it's kind of like a story that you watch on TV." Vanessa said. "What is a TV?" Rapunzel asked Vanessa. This is going to be a long day Vanessa thought to herself.

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HEY I'M BACK! Seriously here is (Drum roll) CHAPTER 3 (Person knocks me out with frying pan) "Took you long enough!" I know, I know it took me forever to get this chapter done but don't blame me blame the computer it wouldn't cooperate with me it took me literily 30 MINUTES to turn the computer ON and like an hour for every thing else to come to life. Well, in my last chapter I told you my master plan to get Tangled so here is how that worked out:

First I used the pillow pet to knock out any guards, then I used the suction cups to climb across the roof and avoid laser beams, when I reached the Disney movie vault I grabbed the Tangled rights and ran out spilling rice so any followers would fall to their buts. When I got as far as possible I opened the document and here's what it said:

This is in fact NOT the rights to Tangled

This is the rights to a new upcoming movie called:

Toy Story 4….

Crap….so close

Chapter 3

The King and Queen

The king and queen were anxiously pacing the floor. It had been 6 hours since Rapunzel and Eugene had left, they had said that they would be back by 3:00 it was now 8:00. They had become even more worried when a guard came and told them that the Stabbington brothers had escaped from jail. "What if the Stabbington brothers found them?" Queen Eleanor said worriedly. "Eugene would never let them even come near Rapunzel. I have my faith in him." King Jonathan wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulders.

Stabbington Brothers

As they ran through the forest trying to find a place to hind they came across a tower. They tried to find a way in but couldn't, just then Tom spotted a cave beside a waterfall. They scrambled inside quickly spying a torch on the ground they picked it up and lighted it. In a flash a bright white light appeared out of no where "What the…" then they also were sucked in.

Vanessa, Eugene, and Rapunzel

After answering about 50 millionth question from Rapunzel, Vanessa put on the movie Tangled, popped some popcorn, and plopped down in a chair to enjoy the movie. "Can I have some of that fluffy white stuff your eating?" asked Rapunzel. "It's called popcorn and of course you can have some." She took a generous hand full of popcorn and so did Eugene. "This stuff-excuse me- popcorn is really GOOD." Rapunzel said "Look Eugene this movie is about us!" Rapunzel excitedly shook Eugene's arm "I can see that Blondie." Eugene said while trying to pry the excited girl off his arm "Hey, Eugene why do you still call her Blondie? I mean she isn't blond anymore." Vanessa asked. "Well it's a nickname I gave her when I first met her and it just kind of stuck." Eugene replied. About two hours passed we had already watched Tangled Rapunzel was completely involved in The Swan Princess and Eugene was helping me cook dinner which was kind of hard considering I had to tell him what ingredients to put in each dish every two seconds but every thing turned out fine. "So, Vanessa I haven't seen any parents here with you since we showed up where are they?" Eugene asked. Vanessa wide-eyed stared at the steak searing in her pan as if in a second it would go up in flames. "Vanessa?" Eugene asked her "What? Oh my parents! Yeah, well I don't really want to talk about that right now. But I fully assure you I have parents" Vanessa said as she chuckled nervously. Eugene would have pressed the issue, but just then someone knocked on the door. Vanessa quickly put Rapunzel in the kitchen and told them to stay there while she answered the door. When Vanessa answered the door she saw her best friend Jessica standing there, when she opened the door fully she barely had time to say hi before Jessica bolted her way into Vanessa's living room. "What has happened to me today is probably the strangest thing that has EVER happened to ANYONE on planet earth!" Jessica blurted out. I wouldn't be so sure. Vanessa thought to herself "Uh, hi?" Vanessa said. "As I was cooking lunch a bright white appeared in my living room and two HUGE men came out of nowhere. They almost looked like the Stabbington brothers from that movie Tangled. They grabbed me by the shirt and started asking me all these questions, then I passed out and when I woke up they were gone!" said Jessica. "Seriously!" I added I was fixing to ask her what she wanted to do when Eugene and Rapunzel bursted out of the kitchen. When Jessica saw them she passed out on the floor. "Why does everyone who sees us pass out?" Eugene asked. After Jessica woke up and passed out about 7 more times I finally got to tell her everything that happened. "So first them, then the Stabbington brothers, what's next the entire KINGDOM?" Jessica yelled. "No" Eugene said. Then she passed out AGAIN. "Why does she do that?" Eugene asked. I wasn't quite sure myself but the one thing I knew we had to do was find the Stabbington brothers, and get them, and Eugene and Rapunzel home.

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