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Chapter 5 - In the Shadow World

Whoever said dreams were sweet was wrong.
Tessa found herself running down a long, dark corridor. Something was chasing her, but she could not see what it was in the impending darkness. She quickly careened around corner before tripping over her dress. Damn these skirts, Tessa cursed to herself before hastily picking herself up, bunching her skirts, and making a run for it again. Sweat beaded across her brow as she felt the heat of whatever was behind her.

Tessa continued to run forward, squinting her eyes to see what lay beyond her. She couldn't see anything except pure darkness. Abruptly, she collided head first into a wall and fell straight on her back, screaming in pain.

The place suddenly lit up. Tessa noticed candelabras on either side of the stone walls mysteriously being lit, as if some ghost was shining some light into the passageway.

Then, she saw it. Or rather them.

Whatever was following her was not one thing, but two creatures. They were elongated and covered in smooth, shiny scales and were slithering towards her. As they approached, Tessa realized they were Chinese dragons, reminiscent of the ones she had seen on some of Jem's belongings. In the light, she could see that one was a sapphire blue, while the other was a pure silver. Tessa gasped for breath, paralyzed with fear, as the dragons began to circle around her, leaving her with no way to escape.

"You must chose quickly Tessa. Time is running out," the blue dragon spoke first. It spoke without moving its mouth. The oddest part about this was that its voice resembled the familiar drawl of Will's.

Tessa raised her eyebrows in confusion, while the dragons continued to circle her. "What?" she managed to say aloud, feebly.

"You know that time is slipping by us fast," said the silver dragon, holding Jem's usual kind tone. "There is one or the other. You cannot have both." Have both what, Tessa wondered to herself.

"Choose Tessa, choose Tessa, chose," both "Will" and "Jem" kept chanting.

"Yes, do choose Tessa my dearest," came another voice, but not that of Will or Jem. A figure appeared through the dragons and came closer and closer to her. As it neared, it dawned on Tessa that it was no one but Axel Mortmain himself. There was something different about him... he moved in almost a mechanical motion. When he was at Tessa's level, it appeared to be not the human Mortmain, but rather a clockwork version of him.

"Soon, you will not be theirs, but mine. Mine forever!" Mortmain said robotically, then let out a sinister laugh as Tessa closed her eyes and convulsed in repulsion. When she opened them, Mortmain reached out a mechanical arm towards her. Tessa spun around, but found there was no way out.

"You'll never escape from me!" Mortmain begun to laugh again. "Never! Never-"

A firm shake on her shoulder jolted Tessa out of her dream. Perhaps dream wasn't the correct word.


It was a nightmare.

"Sorry, Miss Tessa," said Sophie in a voice as soft as suede. "You will miss lunch if you continue to sleep."

Tessa blinked, trying to accustom herself to the comfort of her room and away from the shadowy darkness of her dreamworld.

"Right, of course. Much obliged, Sophie."

Sophie helped Tessa into a lavender dress and then pinned her hair up before she headed back to the dining room to help set up the meal. Tessa had slept on it in such a fashion that made her hair look unpresentable if she wore it down, but thankfully it looked better now.

Tessa smelled the delicious scent of rolls wafting in through the doorway before she saw them. As she walked along the corridor, Tessa could not help but think about the dream, or rather the nightmare she had just had. The words of Mortmain silently haunted her, echoing in her head. You'll never escape from me. For some queer reason, Tessa felt like those words held some validity and that this would not be the last time she would hear them. By the time that Tessa entered the dining room, she had lost her appetite.

Jem and Will were both already seated. Tessa couldn't help but notice how different they were from each other, both physically and emotionally. Will, with his straight posture and dark, chestnut hair, exuded confidence. Jem with his sharp silver eyes and easy going smile always radiated kindness. Tessa loved that about him.

However, they were both men who muddled Tessa's mind. She knew not how to deal with what she had just dreamt. While Mortmain's presence scared her, the two dragons that seemed to represent Jem and Will were equally unnerving. Though Tessa had slept after last night, she had not forgotten her conversation that she had with Will in the library and her time with Jem afterwards.

Loud laughter shook Tessa out of her reverie. The laugh had come from Juliet, who was seated next to Will. Unlike Tessa who felt awful due to that terrible dream, Juliet looked to be having a gay, merry time. She was wearing a maroon dress that contrasted well with her blond locks and emerald eyes: she was breathtakingly beautiful. She oddly resembled Camille Belcourt, not only in looks, but also in mannerisms, for they both had a catlike grace to them. Juliet, however, was, well, alive. It was hard to miss the distinct way Juliet's body was turned towards Will, as if their conversation was solely between the two of them. Each of them appeared to be were savoring each other's words.

Juliet tossed Will a smile. "Do you remember that one summer we spent in Wales? We were about eight and we were running about in the park near your home with that bread we had stolen from the kitchen, looking for some birds to feed? And we found a family of ducks?" she asked Will, her French accent profound.

"That was a very traumatic time for me. I still blame you for what happened, Juliet," Will said, wagging his index finger teasingly in her direction.

Juliet just laughed. "Usually when ducks waddle away from you, William, you aren't supposed to follow them! You especially shouldn't follow them into a lake!"

Tessa approached them and sat silently next to Jem, feeling a bit awkward about interrupting Will and Juliet's conversation. Jem gave Tessa a sweet smile, while reaching for her hand. He gave it a soft squeeze, which she reciprocated.

Will and Juliet did not seem to mind Tessa's intervention; in fact, they had not even realized that Tessa had come to join them for lunch. They were fully engrossed in whatever it was they were talking about.

l"You told me they needed bread or else they'd starve to death!" Will exclaimed, his voice once again capturing Tessa's attention.

"Well," Juliet admitted, "they looked hungry. And besides, how was I supposed to know the father duck would charge at you in the water and try to bite your nose off?"

Will sniffed. "I still have a scar from that horrid moment in my life."

Juliet rolled her eyes. "There is no scar on your nose, Will."

"But there is an emotional scar! One I shall carry with me forever," Will finished dramatically before grinning.

"Ah, so that's why Will doesn't like ducks?" Tessa interrupted, attempting to join in their merriment.

"One of the many reasons," Jem responded mysteriously.

"Ducks are strange creatures," Will mused to himself.

"Some might say you are also a strange creature, Will," Juliet added, a beguiling look in her eyes that suggested Will was definitely not strange in a bad way.

Was Tessa mistaken or was Juliet flirting with Will? And so outspokenly, in front of everyone here? A queer sensation began to build in Tessa's gut.

Perhaps the French have different customs than we do over here, Tessa thought, trying to reassure herself. Juliet couldn't possible be interested in Will in that way; she had only been here a few days. And how long did it take you to fall for him? a voice inside her head spoke. She ignored the voice and focused back on Juliet and Will.

Tessa supposed that they had known each other for years, judging on what Will had told them the other day when Juliet first arrived and this conversation that Tessa just witnessed. But besides, Will did not have any feelings for Juliet, right? He couldn't possible, based on what Tessa had just seen between the two. Will probably thought of Juliet as more of a close friend. He couldn't be falling in love with her. Quite yet that is.

Forgetting about Juliet and Will, Tessa returned her focus back to the table, where Sophie and Cyril were laying out lunch for them. Tessa stomach rumbled hungrily when she eyed the bread rolls and roasted chicken in front of her. She had skipped out on breakfast after sleeping in late and did not realize how hungry she really was. She eagerly reached for a roll and buttered it before sinking her teeth into it's doughy goodness, savoring the taste of freshly baked bread.

"Oh good, you're all here," Charlotte had come into the room, accompanied by Henry, Cecily, and Gideon. Their entrance took Tessa's mind briefly off the delicious food she had been devouring. "We have some news to discuss," Charlotte continued, as she sat down at the head of the table. Everyone's ears perked up at this and turned to face Charlotte.

"As you all probably guessed, we have to discuss Mortmain and his plans to come," Charlotte said once she had garnered everyone's attention. "After what happened in Paris yesterday, we cannot act passively anymore. We have to ready ourselves and act defensively to ensure that Mortmain does not gain the upper hand." Charlotte then turned to Juliet, maintaining eye contact with her. "Juliet, if you don't mind, can you please elaborate on the events at the Paris Institute? It will be best if we all know what occurred so we can create a plan to try and put a stop to this madness."

Juliet took a deep breath before beginning her story: "Well, in all honesty, everything happened quite suddenly that it was hard to process what was going on in the moment."

"Please, just try to remember as much as you can," Charlotte said gently, her eyes pleading for Juliet to recall the night's events.

Juliet nodded before continuing. "We had finished our daily late afternoon trainings and were making our way to supper. Before doing so, all the members of the Institute returned to their rooms to freshen up. I had gotten a little side tracked and made a quick stop at the stables to feed the horses before retiring to my room. Good I did this, for I had no idea what was to be expected in the time to come.

"I was only situated in my room for a few minutes when I heard some clashing noises from within the walls of the Institute. It seemed odd that it would be so raucous, especially at that hour of the day. I decided to ignore it and continue fixing myself up for dinner. By the time that I was all ready, I heard a soft knock on my door.

"One of the butlers, Toulouse, had come to my door, a look of fear spread across his face. He spoke of an army that was ravaging through the Institute, an army of mechanical beings, of clockwork gears. He told me it best if I evacuate my room and that he would take me to a safe place away from Mortmain. No one had seen Mortmain yet, but they knew quite well that he was behind all this.

"Toulouse led me out of room and took me to the Sanctuary. Along the way, I saw some of the damage that the clockwork creatures had left behind. There were burned spots everywhere, and bodies, both of servants and Shadowhunters, were strewn all over the floor. I had to quench my disgust and focus on getting out safely. According to Toulouse, Mortmain had the whole place barricaded so that no one could get in or out.

"We had fortunately reached the Sanctuary in one piece, able to avoid all the creatures. Right when Toulouse opened the doors, he suddenly collapsed onto the floor. I turned him over to see if I could get him to speak, but he was lying in a pool of blood, a knife jutting out of his stomach. And behind his body was none other than Mortmain, grinning at us as though he expected my timely arrival.

"He was holding a gun that was aimed right at me. Only then had it dawned on me that I was naked - I had no weapons or gear on me. He just continued to grin at me, as if... as if he knew I was defenseless. He said that there was only one possible way that I could get out alive: if I promised to bear a single message to you. He spoke directly about the London Institute residents, and especially that of Theresa Gray."
At that, everyone's eyes turned to Tessa. Tessa gulped, trying to relieve her nervousness. Juliet continued on with her story:

"I agreed to him, only to spare my own life. With that, Mortmain somehow miraculously created a portal and portaled me directly to London.

"He portaled you?" Charlotte interrupted, a strange look on her face.

Juliet nodded before continuing with her story.

"When I had arrived, only then did I realize that I was wearing a cloak in which Magnus' address was in it. It must have been in there for years. Or perhaps Mortmain had slipped it in. I hoped it was correct. With a couple of inquiries to passersby, I was able to find Magnus. And the rest you know from there."

Juliet finished her story with a resigned look across her face. Everyone else around the table glanced at her solemnly.

"Well," Charlotte finally said, breaking the silence, "it seems the only thing we can do is prepare. Mortmain is up to something, and while hopefully our channels figure out what that is soon, I want everyone to focus on training. These clockwork creatures are clearly unlike anything we have dealt with in times past. Mortmain has seemed to miraculously make them stronger and nearly undefeatable. We must work on training ourselves even more if we have to face such terrible creatures."

"You know what that means," Will winked at Jem, but it was Juliet who answered him.

"Looks like it's time to get back to what we do best. I would love to see your training quarters."

Will smiled at Juliet in a way Tessa couldn't decipher. It was as if ithey were sharing some sort of inside joke. Tessa shook her head to get her mind off them and left the room.

Tessa made her way back to her room to change out of her everyday clothes and into the provided Shadowhunting training gear. Even though she had been training for nearly three months, she still felt indecent and exposed in those clothes. Tessa looked at herself in the mirror and saw how the gear literally clung to every part of her body, accentuating the shape of her bust, hips, and legs. She had the temptation to put a skirt on, but she knew she couldn't.

Tessa wobbled her way out of her room and walked to the training room. When she arrived, Cecily and Sophie were already clad in their gear and were waiting anxiously for their training. The three women were unsure of what to expect and were not exactly looking forward to the rigorous training that was yet to come.

The doors burst open and Gideon Lightwood walked in, stalked closely by Will. The three of them raised their eyebrows in confusion when they saw Will, who winked at them in return.

"As Charlotte told you, we are need of desperate training. And in desperate times come more demand. So, I have volunteered to accompany Gideon in training," Will said matter-of-factly, as if to answer the unasked question of his sudden appearance. "Gideon will continue to assist Sophie," Will continued, "while I have been put to the task to train Tessa and Cecy."

"What about Jem?" Tessa asked automatically. "He could just train me." Tessa wished that those words hadn't come out of her mouth. It made her seem like she was avoiding Will. She was, but she did not want everyone else to know that.

"Jem," Will turned to look at Tessa piercingly, "is not feeling well, and is best if stays in room and rest. Surely you do not want him to burn himself out before your impending nuptials, am I right?" With that, he looked at Tessa in such a challengingly way that it scared her slightly.

Tessa opened her mouth to protest, but Gideon cleared his throat loudly, capturing everyone's attention. "So anyways," Gideon said, giving Will and Tessa a questioning look, "today, William and I will be teaching you three how to block in the case of a close range attack. We will practice both kicking and punching, as well as self-defense with knives. Will, if you can please come over here and help me demonstrate." Will gave Tessa one last look before going over to join Gideon.

"You play victim," Will told Gideon primly.

Gideon shot Will an unamused look. "Nice try."

Suddenly, the room took on a strange air. Gideon and Will readied themselves. And then Gideon leapt right into the fight.

What Tessa saw next she could barely follow; it was like a dance she didn't know the steps to. When Gideon would lunge, Will would recoil back, and land perfectly light on his feet, looking for an opening to swipe at Gideon with his fists or land a kick. Will made his moves carefully, as did Gideon. While Gideon fought well, he wasn't as graceful as Will. Will's movements mesmerized Tessa. She wished she could fight like that.

Abruptly, the two stopped fighting.

Gideon breathed heavily. "Eventually, you will fight like this. For now, let's break each movement down," he instructed to the girls, then nodded to Will.

"First," Gideon continued. "Always keep your fists up. Your weakest zone is here." Gideon drew an invisible rectangle from Will's neck to his torso. "This seems like a basic maneuver, but you will be surprised at how often you will forget."

Gideon and Will rambled on a few more minutes about techniques before they split up to practice. Whereas before Tessa had been mesmerized seeing Will fight, she now felt terrified to do it herself, not because of Will's obvious level of skill above her's, but more because of after what had transpired between her and Will as of late.

"So," Will drawled with a slightly sour look on his face, "who wants to go first."

"I will," Cecily said immediately. Tessa looked over at Cecily briefly. There was a fiery look in her eyes that matched that of her brother's; Cecily wanted to prove herself, to show she was better than what others thought of her. She was determined.

It was a look, Tessa thought with surprise, that she often saw on Will.

Or rather that she used to see on Will.

A loud thump caused Tessa to jerk her head away from Cecily to across the room.

What she saw surprised her indeed.

Gideon had Sophie pinned beneath him, and while there was nothing oddly suggestive about the pose, the sporadic rise and fall of Sophie's chest and Gideon's inability to look anywhere but at Sophie made Tessa squirm uncomfortably. An odd heat flushed Tessa's cheeks as she looked away from the two of them. The moment seemed private for some reason, and Tessa found it best not to be nosy about it.

Will, however, had no such reservations.

"Unlike some in this very room," he addressed in a casual, conversational tone, "my team will actually be working today." Will crossed his arms and faced Gideon and Sophie. His tone was far from malicious, although there was a hard look in his eyes. Tessa suspected this came from his dislike of Gideon, or more of from the Lightwoods in general.

Realizing that the entire room was looking at them, Gideon and Sophie suddenly leapt apart from each other. Tessa noted that Sophie's cheeks were an astonishing shade of red. Gideon shuffled uncomfortably before shooting Will a scathing look, which Will returned with a grin. At that, Gideon rolled his eyes at Will before returning to training with Sophie and keeping a slight distance from her so he wouldn't receive any more rude remarks from Will.

Will also refocused on his pupils.

"Well my fair sister," Will announced, "let's have a go at it then."

Cecily, fearless, marched to her spot on the mat arena. Will made the first swing, which Cecily blocked ably enough, but, as Gideon said they would, Cecily dropped her fists, exposing her upper torso and allowing Will the perfect opening to overpower his sister.

"Not bad for your first attempt," Will said as he gave Cecily time to get off the floor.

Cecily glared at him. "I still would have gotten myself killed."

Will shrugged. "Yes, well, you can't have everything in life. Luckily, you can practice die as much as you like."

Cecily sighed in irritation, "but Will, what if this was the real thing? I could not just make silly mistakes like I just did. You have to be more realistic. It is not all a joke and you do not have to be sarcastic about everything in life."

"Cecy, you exaggerate. You know I'm not always like that," Will said softly, but still with a hard edge.

"Oh, right, I forgot about how brooding you are, which is pretty much all the time."

Will glared at his sister. "I've had my reasons and this is no place to discuss it. You're so concerned about dying? Perhaps we should actually train."

Tessa was shocked at Will's tone, but one glance at Cecily's face and she knew that Cecily was not one to fall prey to such words. She was Will's sister after all.

"Your reasons? Oh right, I forgot this supposed "curse". Don't you remember Will? The curse is long gone. You're still living in the past, which disgusts me. Why can't you just go back to the way things used to be? The way it was before all this."

Tessa felt extremely out of place. She knew not whether to walk away and attract attention or wait and burn with awkwardness.

"You know I can't," Will said simply.

"You can't do this, and you can't do that." Cecily threw her arms up in exasperation, "Well, you know what Will? If you are going to keep behaving like this, then I quit. I thought I would be the one person you would be open to, being family and all, but clearly I was in the wrong." And with that Cecily stormed out of the training room, slamming the door behind her. Will just stood in place, completely ashen, looking at the door with an appalled look on his face.

"Well," Tessa awkwardly began, "are you not going to follow her?" Tessa had the strange urge to follow Cecily, but she stayed put.

"No," Will said, still with a shocked expression, his voice hollow, "Cecily was right. She is a young woman now and she can fend for herself. I think its best she sorts this out for herself." He turned to Tessa, fully realizing she was still there.

"Shall we continue with our training?" he asked. Tessa nodded in response. Will then resumed his training with Tessa by throwing a few punches and kicks at her, which she defended fairly well. Will still knocked her to the ground within a few minutes, but with each round that past, she outlasted him longer and longer.

Will, however, had no praise to give Tessa once the hour had passed. Tessa's confidence deflated slightly as she second-guessed herself, since Will was still preoccupied with his sister.

"Well, it looks like that's it for today," Will said, as he saw Gideon and Sophie packing up. "You did well, Tessa. Next time, we will work on close range attacks with knives, since we didn't get to that today."

"Not so fast, Will" said a voice from the door. Everyone looked up, and Juliet stood at the entrance, leaning against the door with a smug look across her face.

"J-Juliet," Will stumbled nervously. Tessa raised her eyebrows up at them. When did Will get nervous? Tessa didn't think she'd ever seen him so anxious around someone before.

"I want to see how well you really taught your pupils," Juliet stated plainly, "or more of your pupil." She looked directly at Tessa, intensity burning in her eyes.

"Me?" Tessa couldn't help but let out.

Juliet gave a small smile. "It will be fun."

Tessa gulped nervously, unsure of what to say next. Tessa had no idea what kind of a fighter Juliet was, and was no doubt less prepared than the other girl.

Will appeared by Tessa's side, which felt reassuring to Tessa. "Remember Tessa," he said softly into her ear, "always keep yourself defended and keep your guard low." And with that, he walked over to the side of the room and stood by Gideon and Sophie to watch.

Tessa stepped a few paces back so that she was directly opposite and in full view of Juliet. Tessa did not like what she saw. Juliet had already taken her stance and looked a hell of a lot more confident than Tessa did. In a blink of an eye, she was off, already pinning Tessa to the ground. Damn Shadowhunter speed, Tessa thought to herself.

Tessa shoot a quick look over at Will who seemed to be looking at Juliet with a pleased expression on his face. Oh how Tessa wished that Jem would be there to cheer her on. He always knew how to keep her happy even in the darkest of times.

Tess shook her head. But Jem wasn't there, and she needed to focus. She needed to prove to everyone that she was strong and not weak, even if she was fighting a fully trained Shadowhunter. With all her strength, she kicked Juliet long and hard in the stomach, which surprised the girl and she quickly let go of Tessa, who found herself getting back onto her feet. Tessa grinned down triumphantly at Juliet, who in turn unexpectedly swiped her foot at Tessa, causing Tessa to fall down to the ground again. She tried to get back up, but Juliet was not going to give her any breaks. Immediately Tessa was back on the floor again. This time she didn't get up.

"You are a very good fighter," she breathed, trying to catch her breath. Like Will, Juliet had a way of fighting with the grace of a lethal dancer.

Juliet nodded. "You are a fast learner." Once again, Juliet struck at Tessa again, but this time aimed towards her torso, completely knocking Tessa to the ground. Tessa tried to stand up, but the pain where Juliet had punched her still lingered. Sophie gasped and ran over to Tessa's side to help her up.

"You've improved since the last time we saw each other," Will remarked to Juliet as he came forward into the arena, completely ignoring Tessa. Although, Tessa was happy he seemed to momentarily forget about her so she could scramble to her feet and attempt to not look like a weakling. Her ribs ached in the process of getting up, and she winced in pain.

Juliet laughed. "I should hope so. Perhaps we could practice with each other sometime. I think you have a lot you could learn from me.

Will smirked. "You are awfully confident, Ms. Verlac."

Juliet smiled demurely at Will before opening her hand out to Tessa. "That was a good match, wasn't it?"

"Yes, yes it was," Tessa narrowed her eyes and reluctantly shook Juliet's hand.

"Come along Miss Tessa," Sophie interjected, "let's go and put some ice in that rough spot there." Tessa unintentionally winced at that, not wanting to sound even more weak in front of Juliet and Will. Tessa let Sophie guide her away from the training room, not wanting to look back at the others in humiliation.

"There, there. Is it all better miss?" Sophie asked Tessa kindly. She had finished applying ice to the sore spot on Tessa's torso, which was beginning to feel a lot better.

"Yes, much obliged Sophie," Tessa replied to the other girl. "Too bad I'm not a Shadowhunter. I could have just applied an iratze and would have been as good as new."

"Well, you can't be so sure of that," Sophie said.

"Why's that?" Tessa inquired curiously.

"It's just what Miss Jessamine said a couple months ago. When she was tried under the mortal sword." Jessamine. Tessa hadn't thought of her in ages and felt a pang of guilt run through her body. Then again, Jessamine did deserve her fate, even if it was out of love. Love for someone who Tessa was ashamed to call her brother, or rather her cousin.

"Remember?" Sophie asked, breaking Tessa of her thoughts.

"Oh, of course I do," Tessa replied. She thought of how Jessamine had told her that Tessa's mother was a Shadowhunter and her father was a demon, which was always thought of being impossible. But apparently it wasn't, although Tessa still doubted the validity of Jessamine's statement. "I'm not sure if it's entirely true Sophie," Tessa continued, "I mean, Jessamine did have a block on her mind and could have said many lies that night."

"You could be right miss," Sophie said, "anyways, it's best if you go to dinner. It's about time."

"Thank you Sophie," Tessa said, feeling a lot better. She begun to head towards to door, but turned around. "And Sophie?"

"Yes miss?"

"You needn't have to call me miss," Tessa said, smiling to the maid, "we're friends."

"I know miss," Sophie said, avoiding eye contact with Tessa while tidying the room.

Tessa made her way to the dining room to find that everyone was already seated, except for Will and Jem, who appeared to be missing. Tessa sat across from Juliet and next to Charlotte, feeling a little awkward without either boy at the table.

"Has anyone seen Will or Jem?" Tessa wondered aloud.

"Nope. No one's seen them since the afternoon," Charlotte answered.

As if on cue, Will stepped into the room, looking around in a frenzy. He marched right up to Charlotte and threw his fists on the table.

"Have any of you seen Cecily?" Will frantically asked, vaguely resembling Tessa's earlier question.

"No," Charlotte said again. "Is something the matter?"

"She's gone!" Will explained, sinking into the seat next to Juliet.

"Perhaps she decided she needed some time by herself. To think," Juliet said unconvincingly, but trying to reassure Will.

"No, no that can't be it," Will said, trying to brush off any explanations, "she's gone."

"Will," Tessa said gently, "you can't be sure." Will glanced up and gazed right at Tessa, a look of distress and understanding crossing his eyes, which made Tessa's heart do a flip. Their concentration was broken when Sophie suddenly entered the room, holding a note in her hand. She walked over to Charlotte and handed the note. Charlotte eyed the other girl curiously and apprehensively took the slip of paper, and read it to herself. When she was done, her face had gone shockingly white and she held an appalled expression on her face.

"I hate to admit this, but you are damn well right Will."

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