Within A Nightmare

Golden rays of sun beamed through the windows of the Hinamizawa classroom, illuminating the already well-lit classroom. Class had ended a few minutes ago, and most of the children had already gone back home or perhaps elsewhere to play with friends. However, this did not mean that the classroom was empty.

"All right! Who here is ready for today's club activities?" a voice bellowed out.

As soon as those words were spoken, a shrill laughter followed. "Ohohohohoho! I'm all ready for this!"

"What kind of game will we play today? I wonder, I wonder…" another voice spoke

A girl, one with emerald green hair that was tied in a ponytail, smiled at their excitement. She crossed her arms under her chest, staring down at the seated group before her. "Well, since it is nice out today, I figured that we should have a change of pace for once." She eyed the people before her, pausing for a dramatic effect. "We'll play outside today! And not only that, we'll be playing the most basic of all games! It's one that has been played by children for generations, but one that has certainly not been worn out! Hide and Go Seek!" she explained passionately.

Not even a second after that, a voice spoke out. "Oh come on, Mion! Hide and Go Seek? You make a passionate speech and then you announce we're playing Hide and Go Seek?" It was a boy with brown hair who had spoken these words, and he looked a little bit annoyed.

The green-haired girl turned to the boy, looking not one bit offended by his words. "Kei-chan, since when have you doubted my decisions? If I didn't have a special kind of plan for this, then I wouldn't be called Sonozaki Mion!"

"Let's hear it," the boy spoke.

She grinned. "We're playing out in the mountains!"

There was a cheering coming from the group of friends, though the boy who had questioned her choice of game remained silent.

"I still don't get what's so exciting about it," he said.

The girl turned to face him, grinning. "It's the mountains, Kei-chan. There's a whole bunch of places to hide up there and it's quite easy to get lost, to say the very least! You should know that, Kei-chan. Or…" she walked up to the boy, bending down so that her face was positioned right in front of his. "Is it just because little Kei-chan knows he can't stand a chance against us, since he just moved here a few months ago? Well, maybe you're right. I, along with the rest of the club, certainly have the advantage since we've lived here all our lives, but that shouldn't a hindrance to true club member! Remember, strive for number one no matter what the situation is, and you'll be able to find away around it! Otherwise, you have no right to be called a club member!"

The boy looked very surprised by her words, and he found himself looking around dumbfounded at the other people around him. All of them were smiling at him, and while it may be considered a normal smile to some, to him, they looked evil and sadistic. He gulped as he played with the collar of his shirt, realizing just how much this twist meant against him.

However, in a few moments, a smile grew on his face. It was one filled with determination, one that was a complete contrast to the nervous bundle he was before. "Heh, if that's the case, I'll just have to show you who a true club member is! You're not going to last for long, Sonozaki Mion!"

The girl laughed loudly. "That's the spirit!"

This girl was named Sonozaki Mion, known by everyone around her as a huge tomboy. She was the leader of this club, which was a club that did nothing more than play games afterschool. To some, it may seem a little boring, but to the members, it was something that could be described as the most fun thing on the planet. She took great pride in her club, and was almost always the one that won her activities, leaving almost no chance for the others. It wasn't something that she intended to give up, however. She would never give anyone a chance to win, and she would play her hardest. That was the number one rule of the club, after all.

She was also the heiress to the great Sonozaki family, though she didn't quite like it. She would have to act differently from normal around people while acting as the heiress, sometimes being cruel to people she didn't want to be cruel to. Because of this, most of the village feared what kind of person she would become in the future.

"Oh, Onee~? What will the punishment game for the loser be?" a sweet yet taunting voice spoke out.

Mion turned towards the source of the voice to come eye to eye with a girl who looked exactly like her in every single way, save for the fact that the other girl wore her hair down with yellow ribbons in it and wore a different outfit.

"Ohoho. Thank you for reminding me, Shion. I almost forgot." The girl smirked evilly as she shut her eyes, trying to envision the perfect punishment game.

The other green-haired girl grinned. "How about if we use that outfit?"

Mion looked at the girl in surprise. "You don't mean… that one?"

The identical girl nodded her head, smirking. "I meant that one, Onee~."

A huge grin broke out across Mion's face, something that startled almost all the club members before her. "Well then, we'll just have to use that outfit, then! I like the idea, Shion. Thank you!" she said, shooting her sister a mischievous look.

"It's no problem, Onee," came a voice as equally mischievous as Mion's smirk.

This girl was named Sonozaki Shion, and was none other than Mion's identical twin sister. She had lived in the nearby city Okinomiya up until a few months ago, when she had convinced the head of the family, her own grandmother, to allow her to move in with her twin sister. She had agreed on the condition that she share a room with her twin and not meddle with family affairs. Due to the fact that she was the younger of the twins, her family treated her harshly and there were many who didn't even acknowledge her as a part of it. The two of them were a very mischievous duo, despite their differences. While Mion was a tomboy, Shion was the much more feminine one of the two, though she couldn't be called a "girly-girl." She wasn't nearly as passionate about the games, but when it came to making mischief with her twin, it was another story. This was one of those moments.

The two twins were very close, making mischief aside. Whenever Mion had a problem, she would come to Shion, and whenever Shion had a problem, she would come to Mion. They would share all of their secrets, even the most embarrassing of them. There wasn't one fact that one twin didn't know about the other.

Of course, they had a rather… complicated past, to say the least. Although the two of them never talked about it, there had been an incident in the past that had changed their lives. Mion's heritage to her family was marked on the back by the tattoo of a fierce demon, something that was given to her when she was still a very young girl. However, the tattoo had not been meant for her. It had been meant for her sister. It had been an accident that she had ended up with it, and it had changed her own identity. Yes, she had been born as Shion, while her twin sister born as Mion. This tattoo forced them to permanently swap identities.

It was something that both of the two felt a little terrible about. Had Mion not gotten the tattoo, she wouldn't have to be the heiress and wouldn't have to put on the mask of. Not only that, but surely Shion wouldn't be suffering right now. People would acknowledge her as the head and no one would hate her for being the second born. It was a harsh incident, but the twins tried to forget about it and move on with their lives. Dwelling on the past never helped anyone.

"What kind of outfit are you talking about, Mion-san?" a yellow-haired girl asked, curiosity in her purple eyes.

"It's a secret," Mion said. "The loser will find out when he loses."

Suddenly, there was a loud cry. "Hold on a moment, Mion! What's with using the word 'he?'" the brown-haired boy yelled out.

Mion smirked as she turned towards him, meeting his blue eyes with her green ones. "So you caught on, didn't you? Well, let this old man just say that it's highly unlikely that anyone but you will lose this club activity. Therefore, the word he! I hope you like the outfit…"
"That's not fair!" the boy cried.

Mion laughed at him. "It's the truth, Kei-chan! You know it, too!"

This boy, called Kei-chan by Mion, was really named Maebara Keiichi. He was the newcomer to the group, only having moved in in the beginning of June. All the others had lived in Hinamizawa all their lives, aside from one. Not only that, but he was the only male member of the group, and the one that most often lost when it came to club activities. There were a few games he had won, but those were rare. It was more often that he landed in the bottom of the rankings than a step above that.

Though Mion often kept it to herself, she had a huge crush on him. It was an odd thing for a tomboy like her to harbor, but she couldn't help it. She hated to admit it, but she found him kind of cool, even though he lost a lot. He was known for making large, convincing speeches that could pull the impossible off, and while it could seem annoying to some, Mion found his talent incredible. It was not only this that made him seem cool, though. He certainly had his moments. Though, Mion had to admit that the boy was also quite handsome, though she often tried to hide it from herself.

Keiichi crossed his arms over his chest. "Anyways, are we going to start? We've been spending too much time here!"

Mion looked about the crowd before her, and nodded her head. "All right then! Let's go!"


The group soon arrived at the mountainside, and was now gathered in a rather grassy spot. The whole area was perfect for hide and go seek, with many spots to explore. There were trees scattered about the whole area, along with rocks varying from the size of a pebble to a huge formation. The whole place was located on an elevated level of the village, with almost no one living there. A rather large and dangerous cliff marked the end of the mountain, with its rocky front and long drop. It would indeed make for a good game of hide and seek.

"All right, then! The game will start as soon as we pick someone to be it. Any volunteers?" Mion asked.

The only answer she got was the chirping of the cicadas.

She looked about the members. "Well then, we'll play a rock paper scissors tournament, with the winner having to be it. I'll go up against Shion, Satoko against Rika, and Rena against Keiichi. Winner of Shion and I goes up against Rena or Keiichi, and then Satoko or Rika goes up against them. We'll play one round, no best out of three. Got it?"

Everyone nodded his or her head in response.


Mion turned towards her twin and the game began. She shook her fist up in the air, and after a small chant, she transformed the fist into a flat palm, representing paper.

Her twin grinned as she looked at her fingers, forming the shape of scissors. "Looks like you win, Onee. But that's not a good thing, now it is it?"
Mion grumbled in annoyance when she realized that the winner was supposed to be it.

The next round followed, with her facing off against an orange-haired girl named Rena. She was fifteen, and best known for her obsession with cute things. She had moved to Hinamizawa a year ago, making her the second newest member of Hinamizawa, though she had lived in Hinamizawa up until she was the age of seven. She had moved back after her father and mother divorced, which was something that was harsh on her. For a long time she felt that it was her fault, and deep inside probably still did, but she decided not to show it to people.

Mion's fist remained a fist as it was thrown out in front of Rena's hand, which was being held flat. This was one of the only times where Mion was glad to have lost.

Rena then faced off against Satoko, the yellow-haired girl of the club. She was the youngest of the group and was known among the members as the trickster. She was amazing at making traps, something she was very proud of. Of course, she could be childish at times, which is what she was when she won against Rena, which was usually something that should be considered good.

"What? But I don't want to be it!" Satoko complained.

A girl with blue hair appeared by her side, petting her head gently. "Mii, better luck next time, Satoko! But it looks like you're it!"

This girl was named Furude Rika, and in contrast to her best friend, was a cheerful child with nearly no mischievousness. She usually acted sweet and cute, though she had a dark side obtained from who knows where. She lived with Satoko, as both of their parents had died, though she didn't seem too upset about living on her own with only another girl her age and was in fact quite content with it.

Satoko originally had an older brother, though he disappeared a year ago. His name was Houjou Satoshi. He had protected his sister when they were being taken care of by a pair of abusive caretakers, their uncle and aunt, and had in the end killed their aunt and caused her uncle to go away. It was something painful, but she too tried not to think about it. That was just the way the club was.

"All right!" announced Mion. "We'll get started. Satoko, turn around and count to forty!"

Satoko grumbled as she turned herself around, covering her eyes with her hands.

"On your mark… get set…" Mion began to speak, bracing herself and getting ready to run. "…Go!"

All the club members burst out into a run at once, leaving behind the poor yellow-haired girl who was currently most annoyed by her situation. Mion smirked as she looked behind her, at the other club members. They would never find a spot as good as hers. She focused back on the front as she ran towards her destination; to the hiding spot that she knew would grant her certain victory.

She stopped when she reached an area not too far away from the cliff side, where trees pretty much dominated the area. She slid her way through the thick forest and to a large rock formation just a little while away. It was very large and of a rather deep gray color. It was very bumpy and rugged with a crack in the middle, a crack just big enough to fit a person in it. She smiled as she inched her way into the crack, then kneeling down. This was a spot no one would find her in.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Satoko declared, though her voice sounded fairly distant.

Mion sat there for a long time. Satoko had probably gone off in the opposite direction, for there was no one coming her way. She looked about. No, there certainly wasn't anyone there. If there was, then their figure must have certainly been hidden well by the thick trees. She couldn't hear any noise, though, so she assumed that there was indeed no one there.

She giggled darkly. Satoko may be young and childish, but she was very good at games and held one of the highest winning rates, though that wasn't much when compared to Mion. With her incredible knowledge of the mountain, it would be easy to find people. It hadn't even been ten minutes into the game and Mion was sure that Keiichi had all ready been found, seeing as he had a very small amount of knowledge of the area. He needed to find a good area in forty seconds, otherwise he was doomed and had to stick to hiding in a tree or a bush or something obvious like that. Perhaps he hadn't even found one.

Even so, the thought of the boy made her blush ever so slightly. She was really cruel to him, wasn't she? Maybe that was why he didn't like her back, why her love was probably going to go unrequited forever. Well, that was probably one of the reasons. Another one had to be the fact that she was a tomboy, more comparable to someone of the opposite sex than her own. Keiichi would never want a girl like that. She let out a large sigh as she thought about the boy. Really, she felt weak for loving the boy, but she couldn't help it.

She sighed as she buried her head in her knees. Well, maybe one day there would be progression, though she doubted it.

Mion was broken away from her thoughts when she heard footsteps, and she looked right up to see Keiichi looking about the area, alert. She was right. The boy really didn't stand a chance. Satoko had already gotten him, and he was now simply helping her by finding other people who hadn't been found. She shrunk further into the crack, hoping that he wouldn't see her.

She took the time to look at the boy. The confused face that he was wearing right now made him seem kind of cute, Mion admitted. She shook her head as she realized that she was acting silly. She shouldn't be thinking such things. Sighing loudly, she leaned her head back and tried to shake those thoughts out.

That sigh was just what caused Keiichi to turn around and spot her. A smirk grew on his face.

"I got you, Mion!" he cried out.

Mion's head flew back to its normal position and she looked right at the boy, at his face that was full of pride from finding her. Mion panicked. She couldn't lose! The others also had a good knowledge of the place around them, so it was likely that he was the only one that had been found. That meant that she had no chance of being the winner right now.

Quick, Mion! Think of something. This can't be the end!

She had to find a way to escape the situation, she decided. It was pretty much impossible, but then again, she was Sonozaki Mion. She could easily come up with something.

Mion sprang up on her two feet. "No you didn't!" she declared. Suddenly, the girl burst from the crevice and ran right by the boy, startling him almost half to death. "You have to catch me first!"

He turned around. "Hey, that's not fair!" he yelled out. He began to run after her at the same pace that she was running, but the delayed reaction made it so that he was quite a ways behind her. "That's against the rules! This is Hide and Go Seek, not Tag! I have to find you, not catch you!"

Mion turned around and stuck out her tongue. "It's fair in my rule book!" she yelled back.


The two teenagers ran, Mion with a satisfied smirk on her face and Keiichi with a look of annoyance. She turned around briefly to grin at him and intimidate him, just to prompt him to run a little faster. There was no harm in doing that. He was too far away from her to catch her, anyways. The only option here for Keiichi was failure.

"Get back here!" Keiichi yelled.

"Not a chance!" she yelled back.

Mion watched as trees flew by her as her feet hit the ground, now at a faster rate. She was running faster than she had ever done before, and she found that it wasn't just for the victory, but because it was fun. Teasing the boy she liked was just too much fun at times. He would never catch her.

After a little while again, she turned towards Keiichi, focusing on him. "Haha! This old man is in the lead! Just watch, Kei-chan! I'll be the winner, no matter what!"

Keiichi's look of annoyance was suddenly replaced by a look of horror, something that puzzled the boy. "Wait, Mion! Stop!" he yelled out.

"What do you mean, stop? And let you win? No way!" she yelled out to him.

"No, really Mion! I mean it!" he yelled out, the look still on his face. He suddenly stopped running, much to her surprise.

"What's it, Kei-chan? Did you realize that you can't catch me?" she asked.

He shook his head frantically. "Just stop, Mion! Look ahead of you!"

Mion, puzzled, stared at Keiichi for a little while longer. Then deciding that his behavior was a little funny and that his acting was a little too realistic to be fake, she turned her head towards the front.

But it was too late.

Mion tried to stop when she saw the great cliff side right before her, but it was too close. Perhaps if she had listen to Keiichi and just looked ahead a second before she did, she would have been able to stop. Her attempt to stop turned into a stumble as she found herself on the ledge of the cliff, one foot in the air and her whole body tilting forwards. She struggled, trying to move herself back with the one foot that remained on the ground, but it was all in vain.

Her whole body was falling down the cliff, and her eyes widened when she realized just how long the drop was. It seemed like the ground was a mile away.

No one could survive a fall like this.

The last thing she felt was her body collide with the ground, and an eruption of pain, before her world turned black, possibly to remain that way forever.


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