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Mion never thought that she would find the dizziness of the head after waking up from a long nap or from being knocked out, but moments after she recovered from the initial dizziness did she tell herself that it was one of the most wonderful things in the world after all that she had been through. It only took her seconds to realize just where she was, and just what had happened. The white of the room and the familiar surroundings could only belong to the hospital that she had woken up in when she first arrived to the other world, but this time, Mion knew better. She was not in that same hospital, because this one was in her world.

She smiled to herself as she thought about Rion, and how she had been defeated for good now. She had, hadn't she? She shouldn't worry about her anymore. She sighed and lay back on the bed, telling herself that she really didn't have to worry. Yes, it was all better now… She didn't quite remember how it all ended, and all she could really come up with was feeling the air as she sprinted forward, and then the feeling as her body slammed against the ground…

She gritted her teeth together. That wasn't a pleasant memory…

It was only seconds later that a doctor walked into the room, seeing the state that Mion was in with a surprised look flashing across his face. "You're awake!" he cried out. He ran over to the bed and leaned over Mion, checking up on her body. That was when she was overloaded with questions. "When did you wake up? Do you feel okay? Do you remember what happened? Does anything hurt?"

Mion felt her head hurt with the amount of questions, as she was still trying to process a lot of things in her head herself. She shook her head quickly, not sure of what else to do, even though that really didn't answer the "when did you wake up question" and the answer would contradict the fourth and second questions. The doctor seemed to be very confused by this response, so she decided it would be okay if she elaborated a bit. "I woke up a second ago and I feel all right. I guess I'll remember it all in a few seconds…"

The doctor nodded. "You fell off the cliff in the mountains when you were paying tag. It was close and you would have died if your friends didn't get you over here right away… we had to operate quite a bit, but you made it. Only just." The doctor manages a small smile. "You're a strong girl, aren't you? Surviving all that…"

Mion put a shadow of a smile on her face, but she could do no more than that. She was a strong girl, huh? After all of what she had been through, she wondered if that was true. She broke underneath the pressure of all that was going on around her, but at least she had to will to live after all that… or had she lost that, but had continued to live on anyways? It was more likely that was the truth. After all, at many points, she had accepted her inevitable death only for it not to come.

"Your parents are worried sick and so are your friends. I'll call them and they should be here in no time. For now, just take it easy, and it's okay if you can't completely remember what happened just moments before the accident. It's better not to have those memories sometimes." The doctor nodded to her one last time before walking out the door to inform everyone of her awakening and to call up her family and friends.

Mion smiled at the thought of them. Her family and her friends. Her real family, and her REAL friends, if she were to be exact. No longer would she have to put up with the rude Satoko or the depressed Rika, but she would be able to see the friends she had made so long ago, and the ones she had become so close to. Just the very thought made her smile even larger as she closed her eyes, trying to relax as much as she could. The pleasant idea of her friends was filling her head, and as she did that, she tried to block out the horrifying events that had happened in the last few days. All that she wanted to remember was that it was terrible and that she was glad to be back and nothing more than that. She did not want to recall the murderous events… no, it was just enough to know that they happened and not try to think about the details of such events.

She felt her whole body tremble as she recalled Satoko's bloody, dead body hanging from its restraints—No! She could not think about such a thing. It was too horrible and it made her stomach churn, and a rush of horror ran to her brain. It twisted her insides and her mind, and for a moment, she felt just like she was in the last moments of that world before she met Hanyuu and Rika: completely insane. Like she would run a knife through the head of the next person she saw… In fact, she was very lucky that there were no sharp objects being kept next to her hospital bed.

Relax, a voice in her head ordered her. She could not listen until she filled her heads with thoughts of the club and her friends, who she would soon seem. They chased the insanity away with a rush, all bad thoughts fleeing her head faster than a mouse scampering away from a hungry cat. She didn't have to recall that again… she didn't…

She felt like she was on the edge of breaking for a second. Why was she flickering between bad and good thoughts? One moment, it was Shion laughing and smiling at her with such love that Mion dearly missed, and the next, it was that same girl holding a knife to her throat with insanity gleaming within her green eyes, laughing manically. I shouldn't be having these thoughts. Mion… you're safe now. You're safe now, you're safe now, you're safe now, you're safe now, you're safe now…

Fifty thought were trying to work their way into her brain at once, beginning to pound against Mion's head. The most prominent one of them, and the one that seemed to be the most powerful as it easily clawed down the rest, was the thought of regret. How foolish could she be to think that that world was better? It wasn't. There she was missing Rena for one, and here, there was a possibility of Satoshi coming back, where there, Rena's transfer probably would have never happened if it weren't for Rion's intervention. That was something that was worse. She also was missing her name and role as the heiress, which she didn't consider to be so bad in the moment because she was happy if her sister was happy, but… Was her sister even happy with that role? Neither of them wanted to bear the burden of being the head of the family, so she was technically just making it worse for the both of them.

She had to order herself to stop there, for it was not her decision that corrupted the world, but Rion. If Rion hadn't done her horrible deeds, she would have nothing to be blamed of. She tried to convince herself of this, but found it was harder than she thought. Her head was in a jumble from transferring world again, and she wondered why she hadn't been expecting it…

It must have been a long time that passed by, for her friends were before her in a blink of an eye. They seemed to scramble down the hallways despite yells from doctors outside that they shouldn't disturb the sleeping injured, but Mion figured they just weren't thinking at that moment and would be kind enough otherwise. And as they stood before her, for a moment, she wanted to jump backwards. She gazed over each and every one of them. Shion was smiling at her sister, tears forming in her eyes, and it seemed to be just the same for everyone else, expect for Rika who was just smiling and nodding knowingly at Mion. Seconds later, Satoko dashed into Mion's arms and starting bawling her eyes out as she rammed her head into her shoulder. She had been half expecting that smile of her sisters to be full of sadistic intent and a knife to go flying at her head, but when she realized that her sister was happy to see her, she questioned why she would ever think that. Perhaps the other world had done more damage than she thought it would. Scars were forever, after all, and that other world was certainly a scar.

"Mion-san, Mion-san!" cried Satoko's muffled voice, "I thought you were dead!"

Mion could only smile weakly at the young girl. This was certainly the Satoko she knew. "I'm not dead. Did you really think that this old man could die from a little fall?" she did her best to let out a chuckle, but she knew her joke wasn't funny. She had died, after all, and if it weren't for Hanyuu, it would be her dead body that her friends would be looking upon now.

"Mi-chan, we were all worried," Rena started. "Keiichi couldn't stop sobbing after it happened, and kept repeating over and over aagain that it was all his fault… I had to drag him away from you and out of the hospital room while sternly telling him that his presence would be of no help to the doctors when they worked on you…" She glanced over to the brown-haired boy, who had the faintest of a blush on his face. "But I think that otherwise, Mi-chan, it was good to have him beside you. Though you were out for so long, you seemed a little stronger whenever he was by your side."

Mion couldn't help but blush a bit. That made some sense…

Shion found herself grinning at her sister. "I visited you every day, and I had to drag along this guy—" She jerked her thumb at Keiichi "—before I could go anywhere, though I suppose 'dragged' isn't the most fitting word. It was more like I informed him and he jumped out of his seat and ran beside me to you."

Keiichi grinned a bit, but then washed that off. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry… I should have explained so that you would stop running… I shouldn't have led you towards that cliff. I-…" He jerked his head away as tears began to fill up his eyes and roll down his cheeks, his hands twisting into tight fists. "—I could have done so many things to save you, but I didn't…"

Mion did not like the sight of Keiichi blaming himself over all of this. After all, the fault should be on her, not him. She should have listened. "Don't, Kei-chan. It's not you." She hated to see him hurt. Though the other world had done many things to her state of mind, it did not change the fact that she cared for him and she would not have him say such ridiculous things. "And even if it was, I would forgive you."

Keiichi shook his head, tears cascading down at a faster rate. "No, it was my fault. You don't understand how horrible I felt, Mion. I spent every single day regretting it; every moment of those days regretting it… it was awful."

Regret. It was a word Mion came to know so well in her world, for hers was one without regret. It was the lack of it that changed everything. Her name, Shion's name, Satoko's personality, Rika's personality, Rena's disappearance, Satoshi's appearance… everything in that world that was different was because of it. Regret was something that everyone felt in their hearts. And, at that moment, Mion wondered. Keiichi's biggest regret was a mystery for the gun incident happened. But, as he spoke, Mion wondered… Perhaps, at that last moment before she hit the ground, his biggest regret changed. It was that he couldn't save her, and because of that, she was alive in that world when her other self hit the floor. Rion herself said she didn't understand why her other self had lived, but as she realized this, it suddenly made much more sense.

"Keiichi," Rika said, tugging on the boy's pants. "Don't you worry, she's fine now… It's not your fault."

Keiichi looked very doubtful.

"Kei-chan… everyone. I just remembered something," she said, partially lying with the "just remembered" part, but that didn't matter. With that, she had everyone's focus in the room, though it wasn't like she didn't have it before. "When I was in that coma, I had a strange dream."

Shion blinked. "Strange dream?" she repeated.

Mion nodded. "Yeah, a strange dream. I was transported to this weird version of Hinamizawa that was just like this one, except no one had any regrets at all." She pointed towards Satoko. "For one, Satoko was a bit of a jerk because she didn't have the regret of pulling Satoshi down by not being able to care for herself."

Satoko looked down at her feet. "Yeah, I always regretted that…" she admitted with darkness in her voice that was usually unseen from her.

"Shion, you and I had switched places because of the whole tattoo incident…" Mion said, glancing to her sister with sorrow in her eyes as she recalled that awful event. Yet, now, as she stood in her own world after coming from one where that hadn't existed, it was hard to regret it.

Pain grew in Shion's eyes. "Onee-…"

Mion moved on before they could get too much into discussing that in front of their clueless friends, who were looking a bit confused over what the two of them were talking about. That was a story for another time. "And Rena, you weren't even there at all. Because of your parents, because your regret that forced them apart did not exist."

Rena only nodded. "Yes, that has been a regret in my heart for ages."

"And Rika, you were just a happy child with no darker side to you at all," Mion finished, looking towards the blue-haired girl who was probably already aware of that fact.

Rika nodded. "Yes, I was."

"Finally, Satoshi-kun was still there because of the regret with his aunt." She didn't want to go into further details, simply because she could already see the shock and somewhat pain-filled expressions on Satoko and Shion's face. It wasn't the easiest subject to discuss with either of them, that was for sure.

Mion took a deep breath and continued on. "And because of that, I thought that everything was perfect. It was a world without regrets, so how could it be tainted? But slowly, I realized something." She breathed as she forced herself to remember the darker parts of the world. "The world wasn't as perfect as it seemed. Things began to fall apart quickly, and soon enough, it was just me standing with four of you dead and one missing, and only one left to stand in front of me and force me to see the truth. Even though there was no regret, everything was so much worse." She clenched the top of her sheets. "But why? It doesn't make sense." That was something she never got, not even now. Regret was bad, wasn't it? So shouldn't getting rid of it make it better? Then why was the world so corrupted?

Shion was the first to speak. "Mion," she said, addressing her sister by her name and indicating that what she was about to say was very serious, "I always regretted that day, too. I know you didn't mean and it and neither did I, and though it turned our fates backwards, just look where it got us. Where would you be if you were me? Where would I be if I were you? I'm much happier as me than as you, and I think you can agree." Shion grinned a little bit, and this time, Mion knew that it was from the bottom of Shion's heart and not in any way hurt. "I learned that even though I may regret it, I shouldn't wish for it not to have happened, because even though that was a horrible incident, it lead us on the paths we are much more comfortable and happier on."

Mion was surprised by her sister's words, and for a moment, she understood. However, all thought was cut off when someone else in the world began to speak.

"Yes," replied Satoko. "I… I love my Nii-Nii and wish he was by my side, but he is going to come back. Where would I be if he never left? Probably clinging to his leg, that's for sure." She grinned in her sly sort of way, just like she would grin when she successfully pulled off a trap on someone or played an unexpected move in a game of cards. "I regret it, but I don't wish for it to have not happened, because I know that he will come back. It's not even a question! And when he comes back, he can look at me and smile. His Satoko is all grown up now and won't cry herself to sleep or sleep with a light on because she's scared of the dark! Ohohohohohoho!"

Shion looked down at the yellow-haired girl and grinned wildly at the thought. "And I can tell him that it was all my doing! He'll be proud of me, for sure…" A blush crept onto Shion's face as she thought about the boy who held her heart, even a year after his disappearance.

"Hey!" Satoko shouted back, turning around to look at the girl who had become like her older sister in the last months. "It wasn't all you! I do a lot on my own, you know!" For a moment, it seemed like she was going to pull a trap out of nowhere like a basin flying onto Shion's head, but she seemed to remember that she was talking to Shion and not to Keiichi, so nothing hit her.

Everyone laughed at the exchange, especially Mion. How long had it been since she laughed like that or seen an interaction so typically of the club yet so heartwarming? A long time, that was the answer, and she didn't want to dig deeper than that to find the full answer. That was enough for her.

"I think that I speak for both Keiichi-kun and I when I say that though I regret my past, if it hadn't happened, I would have never met you all!" Rena said, a troubled grin on her face as she was forced to recall painful memories. "And that wouldn't be any fun, would it? Besides, the kids back there weren't nearly as fun and not nearly as close to me as you guys! You mean much more to me than them." She looked over to Keiichi, nodding in his direction. "Right, Keiichi-kun?"

Keiichi nodded firmly. "Yeah!" he said. "I don't know where I would be without you guys! Probably stuck up in my old house studying a bunch of math crap! Ahaha!"

Mion grinned. Well, that certainly wouldn't be any fun, now would it? Anything but that would be better!

The next to speak up was Rika. "Mion, you may have heard of my long journey and how much I regret it, but in the end, I learned a lesson, just like you are now. I learned never to not believe in my friends and that they are always there for me no matter what. I should never distrust them, because they will always help me whenever I need it!" Rika grinned her sweet, cute grin that Mion missed oh so much. "And because of that, I can appreciate all of you and all the many games we play together! Nipah!"

At the sound of Rika's signature phrase, Rena practically went crazy and scooped her right up, twirling her around in a circle. "Hau! Rika-chan's so cute! I'm taking her home with me!"

Mion laughed at the distraught expression on Rika's face, which soon turned into a sigh and a shake of the head. Poor Rika, having to endure this every day… The look on Satoko's face at that moment could only be described as pure empathy for the blue-haired girl. At that moment, she felt happier than she had ever felt in the last few months. It had been too long since she had seen this Rena!

"So, what you're saying is… No… I shouldn't regret?" Mion said, still a bit confused.

"Onee," Shion addressed, smiling down at her sister. "It's that what is done is done and we need to move on from our regrets. And just sometimes, there is a brighter side to that regret than you may at first see. What did all our regrets lead to?"
Mion didn't even need to think. Rena and Keiichi both moved to Hinamizawa, Shion and her swapped places and took on a route they found much more comfortable and suiting, Satoko learned how to be strong and can stay strong as she waits for her brother, who she knows will appear, and Rika learned a valuable lesson that taught her how to appreciate her days. "…Our greatest happiness," she finished.

Shion nodded. "That's it, Onee. So never go wishing that the tattoo thing hadn't happened, because I don't think I would survive a week in your position!" She laughed a bit, causing Mion to catch on and laugh with her. Yeah, she didn't fair too well in her world, and the other her was pretty much depressed from all the pressure the Sonozaki family put on her. How Shion endured it, Mion never knew, but she was not up to it.

She thought about the lesson a bit more and smiled. Their greatest regret led to their greatest happiness. Without their regrets, Keiichi and Rena would have never moved to Hinamizawa and made the greatest friends they ever could. Without her regret, Satoko would still be in misery, tugging on her brother's leg and eventually breaking. Without their regret, she and Shion would be suffering in their positions. Without her regret, Rika would have never learned how to truly appreciate the friends and life she had around her, and that was why she was the cheerful girl she was.

"I get it now. Is that what the dream was trying to tell me?" Mion asked.

Rika nodded her head. "It was. I guess your head thought you were thinking too much about something like that!" She knew very well that wasn't the truth, but still, it worked.

Mion thought more. Now that this was a regret, what did that mean? She shouldn't regret it? Yeah, she should just move on, because without it, she would have never learned this lesson. With this lesson, she could appreciate things and move on from her dark past and other memories, including the horrible ones from the other world. She could move on from the murderous Shion and her psychotic rage… that was all done and undone. It was in the past now. What mattered were the days ahead of her.

"So, now that that's learned…" Mion smiled. "What should I do now? Look forward to the future?"

"Yes!" cried Rika at once, startling Mion. "You should! I look forward to the many happy days we will spend together as a club, playing games with each other and making a mess."

Satoko practically hopped up and down. "I look forward to the day where Nii-Nii comes back and he can see how strong I've become!" she shouted excitedly.

Shion giggled at the sight of the eager little girl. "And I look forward to it, too. I can finally be together with him and spend countless days n happiness…" She seemed to drift off for a moment as a dreamy expression grew on her face and she found herself staring at the ceiling. There was a silly blush plastered all over her face that was so noticeable that Mion wondered why her sister wasn't embarrassed at all. After a few seconds, she seemed to snap out of her thoughts. "Oh yes, and Onee, you too."

Mion blinked with confusion. "Huh?" she said. "Me?"

Shion nodded. "You! When Kei-chan and you finally get together and get to be a real couple! Holding each other, kissing each other, loving each other…" There was a smirk plastered on her face as she watched her sister turn a bright tomato right. She just enjoyed the sight all too much. Mion found her hobby of doing so rather annoying, to say the least.

"S-S-S-Shion!" she stuttered out.

Shion laughed loudly. "Oh, Onee! Don't deny it! And you too, Kei-chan!" She turned towards Keiichi, who was also red as a beat and was desperately trying to avoid eye contact with Mion.

"I'm not doing anything!" he shouted, though it was futile to deny it. Shion elbowed him the stomach, causing him to cry out and choke. For a moment, his eyes locked with Mion's, and both of their faces got even redder, if that was even possible.

Rena giggled. "Count me in too, Shi-chan! I'm excited to see that too! I'm gonna be the one picking out Mi-chan's wedding dress for her, I call it now!"

The slightly older girl waggled her finger. "Tch tch, Rena, I had dibs on that since a long time ago! I do think you can help with making sure Keiichi is just as handsome as my beautiful sister and the cake fits just as well as- "

"WHY ARE WE DISCUSSING THIS?" Mion blurt out so loudly, unable to take the hot embarrassment filling her body at the very thought of their words. Even though she had been with Keiichi in the other world, it was still horribly embarrassing! This was a different him and the real Keiichi, after all!

Shion burst out into laughter. "Oh, you two, such lovesick teenagers…"

Rena and Rika joined in the laughter, while Mion and Keiichi sat their completely red-faced. Satoko, on the other hand, seemed puzzled, as if she didn't understand what was so funny and the topic of the conversation. She stood there until the chorus of laughter chimed down, when she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I don't know what's so funny, but I think that the sight of Keiichi-san in a tutu is funnier!" she yelled out as she pointed her nose up towards the ceiling in an arrogant expression. "So I think we should play a game now! It's been too long since you've been knocked out and I was suffering from the lack of humiliating Keiichi-san!"

"Yeah!" shouted Shion in agreement, punching her fist up in the air. "I agree! I missed it, too!"

Rena just smiled a little, and Rika cheered out loudly as she threw both fists in the air, chatting loudly about how funny it would be to see Keiichi in a tutu.

"W-What? Mion just woke up and you're already trying to get me into some stupid outfit again?" yelped Keiichi, outraged and horribly embarrassed. Combined with the chatter about him and Mion from before and what was going on now, it seemed a bit too much for him to take. "She's too hurt to play tag or something!"

However, Keiichi's last chance of getting away without having to wear some sort of girly outfit that day disappeared as a large smirk grew across Mion's face, one that she had felt she wouldn't ever wear again just days ago. Oh, how good the feeling felt. "Well," Mion said, "we don't need to play tag. Cards works just as well. My mind is good enough to take him on…" She grinned cruely at Keiichi, who shrank into a corner, yelling about how it wasn't fair he was always getting picked on.

Laughter filled the room. Oh, what fun they would have! And how long had it been since they had played games like this?

"I brought the cards just in case!" shouted Satoko, holding up a deck of cards. "I'll deal! Club leader, your game call!"

Mion stroked her chin, thinking hard. "Hm… how about Old Geezer? Simple, but perfect for starting out again."

Every club member shouted in agreement expect for Keiichi, who was just looking stunned as she stared at the girls around him, knowing that this day would not end well for him no matter how hard he tried. He just let out a sigh as he realized that he would end up hurting his pride yet again, and only minutes after his best friend had gotten better…

Mion grinned as she held the cards dealt to her in her hand. As she played, she watched every club member, and saw how happy she was. On the inside, she could feel it too. Happiness filling her up like she was a balloon just waiting to burst. This was her happiness, and it would never cease to exist. Though there may have been hardships in her past, she would now never think back on them. They led her to this. They led her to this fun.

And she would never trade it, not even for the world itself.


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