Genre: Romance/Adventure

Rated: T

Summary: Percy left Camp Half-Blood because the new camper whom he had helped made his life at camp miserable. Unsure of where to go, he finally accepts The Powerful Guy In Black's offer to go to this place called 'The City of Protogenoi', without knowing that his whole new life has already begun the day he says "Yes." to the guy!

Setting: 3 months after The Last Olympian. Heroes of Olympus never happens.

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Everything belongs to Rick Riordan.

Prologue: The Great Boycott


The Great Boycott


"It's all yours and Drew's fault!"

"If not for you, he wouldn't have left!"

Shouts of the campers of Camp Half-Blood were all directed at a tall guy in the center of the assembling of demigods. He was 6-feet tall, deeply tanned, and would be immediately recognized as a bully with his resentful looks. The guy had got black eyes and red hair. He was big and bulky, the evidence of him being a son of Ares. He was standing still, arms crossed, eyes blood-red with anger.

"SHUT UP!" The son of Ares shouted. The campers didn't listen to him, though. They started throwing things at him.

"You deceived us. You made everyone your tools for getting rid of him. You will pay for that, Russel." Jake Mason, the new counselor of the Haphaestus cabin, spoke through gritted teeth.

"Ha! Me, you say? If Drew didn't help, my plans couldn't have worked. You should blame her, not me," Russel said.

"You ungrateful, arse-licking, disgraceful, power-hungry son of a bi*ch! Even now, you still blame her? Wasn't it you who used her as a tool to charm-speak us into believing you, freak?" Someone from the Aphrodite cabin yelled.

"Yeah. So what? He's gone. You can do nothing about it. Why are you still angry at me? And where is Drew, anyway? Has she gone home or been hanged already? Borrrrring."

"You piece of sh*t! Go to Tatarus!" The campers cursed.

"Silence." A voice from behind stopped all the ruckus. It was Chiron, their Camp activities director. The centaur came toward them on a wheel-chair with Annabeth, eyes red from crying, after him.

"Ah, here you are, Mr. Chiron. Came here to kick me out of camp or send me off somewhere, perhaps?" Russel asked in a sarcastic and mimicking tone.

"Shut the hell-" The campers started to speak, but Chiron cut them off.

"Neither of that, child. I just wanted to use logic and reasons with you," he said calmly.

"Logic and Reasons? I don't have any of them. If I had one, I wouldn't have done what I did!" Russel laughed loudly. The other campers balled their fists, wanting to punch him. Only the Ares cabin kept quiet.

"Drew has gone back to her home. She said she couldn't bear the pressure and guilt. What about you, Russel? What will you do next? With your hated camper gone, you can do what you intended to do when you first came here, three weeks ago." The centaur asked with blank expression, as if there was nothing left he could hope from this guy.

Russel smirked, then gestured at Annabeth. "Get her, of course."

Annabeth's gray eyes turned murderous. She reached for her dagger, but Chiron stopped her with a meaningful look in his eyes. She calmed herself, trying not to do anything she called "weak" in front of everyone's eyes. If she did let a tear drop from her eye, there would be tons of tears following it. Despite her attitude, she was the most likely one to be killing Russel herself. She hated him. That wasn't just saying. She really hated him. She wanted to cut him into a million pieces like Zeus did to his father. But before that, she would have to put all her willpower into searching the love of her life who has disappeared four days ago. She had to find him and bring him back, and she knew she could do it.

"I'm sorry, but that couldn't happen, child. Annabeth doesn't love you, she loves someone else," Chiron said and the demigods nodded furiously.

"You think I'm stupid? I knew that! I did what I did because of this. And now that that trash's gone, I'll enjoy my reward. Come here, baby, Annabeth." The son of Ares wriggled his forefinger at Annabeth, who was trembling with rage.

"Stop it, Russel. You're going too far," Clarisse said. All of the Ares campers agreed.

"Oh, what the heck? Even my beloved siblings are betraying me and siding with that unwanted spawn? Have you guys gone mad? You said you disliked him!"

"Yes, we did. But despite our fights and quarrels, he was still a great friend and a respectful fighter. He was brave and straightforward like us, somehow. But what you did, Russel, it wasn't anything near any of what I said. You are a coward. A child of Ares shouldn't be like this. You're a disgrace to our father. We're really disappointed." Clarisse stated. She then shook her head when she realized what she just did. "Ahhhh, I just complimented that Prissy! I couldn't believe it!"

"Even though I'm shocked by this, all you said is true. He was a really good friend, and really loyal, too," Katie Gardner, counselor of the Demeter cabin, said.

"Could you guys stop referring to him in past tense? It's ominous," Annabeth said in a quiet voice. The campers looked at her and mumbled their apologies.

"WHAT THE HELL? You fools are blind! He's already gone. Stop this nonsense and make me your leader!" Russel shouted.

"Dream on, bastard!" The demigods yelled back. They would have gone further if Chiron hadn't stopped them.

"Peace, children." The centaur continued, "I see we really can't make you guilty for what you did this way, so I'm now telling you, Poseidon wants to talk with you for a moment. Will you go and meet up with his servants at the beach? If you meet them, I'm sure they will bring you to Poseidon's court safely."

Russel's face turned as white as paper. The campers laughed at this. They looked at him triumphantly and then pathetically, as if they were looking at his grave.

"That coward went and told his father, right? What a chicken!" Russel spat.

"No, Russel. From what I've heard, Poseidon still couldn't detect any signs of his son in his domain," Chiron said grimly.

"Then that dude must be dead by now! Stop searching for him already, Annabeth!" The son of Ares told Annabeth. She shook her head, a signal to him for "No way". She was too disgusted by him to even look at his face, much less to talk to him.

"First things first, Russel, you should go to the beach now. Ignoring a summons from the God of the Sea can't be good for you. Don't forget that Poseidon is the Earth Shaker. Earthquakes could happen around this area at any minute." After he finished talking, Chiron left with Annabeth right behind him.

"Haha, you're dead, Redhead." Some campers said to him.

"No way in hell, punks. I'm a son of Ares. Dad will protect me."

"Don't be so sure about it, Russel. As I said, our dad hates cowards, and he won't bother defend a cowardly boy you are. But I mean you no harm. I want you to be alive, if possible. One thing, though, you better don't come back here after you visit Poseidon's court. No one welcomes you here, even us. We greek demigods don't appreciate cowards or dirty-minded half-bloods like you. Good luck, and goodbye, Russel," Clarisse said, before she walked away with her cabin mates. After that, all the demigods around Russel stuck their tongues at him and left, as well.

"Arrgh! Curse him!" He stomped his foot at the ground. Russel contemplated what Chiron had told him and fear gripped his heart. There was no way the Sea God wanted to reward him for his good deeds.

'Hey, kiddo! You did great on kicking my son out of Camp Half-Blood! Congratulations. I'll have my servants build you an underwater palace. Isn't that great?'

The hell with this camp. I won't bear it anymore. Sea God or whatever, like hell I would go! I'm not a dumb! He thought. Russel then made up his mind and started to run. He passed the cabins, the strawberry fields, the property line, then he was out of camp. He stood at Half-Blood Hill, overlooking the once-lively camp he had changed into a sorrowful one. He then turned his back and walked away, never looking back even once.

Annabeth sat at the beach. Her gray eyes focused at the sea. By looking at it, the memories she valued most flooded into her thoughts. She felt lonely again. She remembered it, everytime she came to this place, sat on this spot, there was someone with her, someone who she had wronged, someone who she truly loved…

Somebody tapped her left shoulder. Annabeth jerked, hands reaching for her dagger, but a voice of the boy she considered a friend stopped her. "Can I talk with you for a moment?"

It was Nico Di Angelo, the son of Hades. It seemed the boy just shadow-traveled from somewhere far away, he looked exhausted. Annabeth smiled slightly and nodded. When Nico sat beside her, she asked, "What do you want to discuss with me?"

"Where's Percy?"

Straight to the point.

She felt like ten thousands stilettos had stabbed her through the heart.

Annabeth took a deep breath, then she answered, "I-I don't know."

Nico was silent for a while, then he spoke, "…Tell me the story."

"What?" She asked, though she already knew what he meant.

"Tell me why Percy has disappeared."

Annabeth swallowed. She didn't want to talk about this topic, but she knew she would have to tell Nico. He deserved to know.

"There is this new camper, Russel, son of Ares," she said his name resentfully and wrinkled her nose in disgust, then she continued, "This guy-this jerk-came to camp three weeks ago with the help of Percy. If not for Percy killing the human-eating Cyclops before it made Russel its dinner, he would have died. He should be very grateful for Percy. Unfortunately, that bastard wasn't."

Annabeth clenched her jaw but kept on telling Nico the story, "He met Drew, and with his okay looks and flattery, he got her falling in love with him. Like a heartless beast, that jerk Russel told her to charm-speak everyone in camp into believing that he was great, he was a hero. With her efforts, Drew got us one by one, except me and Percy. When she realized that charm-speaking me would never work, she blew some freaky-Aphrodite-thing perfume into my nose when I was unaware. My mind started to work strangely, my head went hazy, and I became like all the campers that were charm-spoken by Drew. Although we were brainwashed, we still hung out with Percy. Then Russel told us to choose, if we wanted him at camp, we had to ignore Percy and pretend he didn't exist or he would left. Still in a trance like that, we had no choice but to obey because we didn't want to lose our hero."

Nico cursed under his breath. Skeleons began to pop up from the ground continuously. Annabeth wasn't bothered by this; she was used to it. When Nico got frustrated, skeletons were restless, too. She continued, "For one week, we didn't even look at his face. I admired and respected Russel like he was a god, even though he has done nothing to be complimented with. It was Friday, four days ago, that I noticed that Percy was nowhere to be seen. Senses came into me and I realized what just occurred. I came to Drew and threatened her to tell me everything she knew. I blackmailed her-you don't have to know what method I used, just know that it was really deadly that she had to betray her love-to undo her magic. She did. And here we are, regretful demigods searching for our real hero who went missing."

Nico frowned. He inhaled deeply, trying to control his temper, then he asked, "Have you told Thalia?"

"Yeah, I did."

"What did she say?"

"She said she would come back to Camp to strangle that piece of junk to death."

"That's what I will do before she gets here. Where's that scum?"

"Poseidon has a summons for him. I think he has fled, because if he hasn't, he would be here to meet the Sea God's servants to go to his court by now," Annabeth answered.

"What a coward. I swear I'll send my skeleton warriors after him," Nico said angrily. For a while they just sat there, not talking to each other, just swimming in their thoughts. Then Nico straightened as he realized something.

"Hey, why didn't Percy pray to his father for help? I'm sure Poseidon would help his favorite son immediately."

"Percy probably has, but Poseidon was busy searching for his wife, Amphitrite."


"Since Percy was offered immortality, Amphitrite and Poseidon had been arguing and having quarrels. She said Poseidon liked this son too much and has neglected her. They argued for several times before she disappeared. So, at that time, Poseidon was very, very, busy trying to search for his angry wife. Maybe he didn't hear Percy's prayers."

"Wow, women. They are always like this," Nico said. He clamped his mouth shut when he saw Annabeth glaring at him.

"Anyways, Nico…Try to search the Underworld, and if there was any sign…" She faltered. Nico placed a hand on her shoulder and nodded, understanding what she meant.

"I got to go. I will search the Underworld like you said and maybe I'll ask my father about this, too."

"Thank you, Nico." Annabeth smiled gratefully. She wasn't sure she wanted to hear any news from him about the Underworld, though.

"By the way, Annabeth, it wasn't yours or anyone in this camp's fault. It was that bastard Russel's fault. And maybe Drew's, too. Don't blame yourself." Nico said before walking off.

Annabeth sat still, not moving for a long moment.

"Not my fault, huh? It certainly was. And I'm the one to blame for it. Once again, my mother, I know you hate him, but please help me find Percy and bring him back home," she prayed.

To Be Continued.

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