Title: Marking a Mate
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: M+
Characters/Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Word count: 3,028
Summary: GKM Prompt. In a hybrid animal world, Kurt and Blaine meet on the staircase at Dalton. Overcome by their animalistic instincts, they mate almost immediately and then have to deal with the ramifications of their actions.
Warnings/Spoilers: The original GKM prompt lurks at the bottom of the chapter if you want to read that before reading.
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Glee, FOX, Ryan Murphy or anything else related to the Glee universe.

Kurt had always known that he was part-cat. Occasionally, his ears would fur over and his nails would lengthen, but he'd force down his attraction to the boy in question and his ears would shrink and his nails would withdraw. It had been harder to explain to his father how he was quite certain he was gay, because he'd never had any such reaction to seeing a girl, even those as stunning beautiful as Quinn or even Santana, when she wasn't being such a bitch.

His father had, with a gentle sigh, accepted him. Being gay wasn't so uncommon in their world because attraction could occur so suddenly and unexpectedly. At least he hadn't had any of the awkward business where Tina had revealed her bunny ears to Artie, and rather than being rejected by him, she'd been grabbed around the waist by Mike who stank up the choir room so badly that they had to rehearse in the auditorium for two days.

What scared Kurt the most about the world he lived was being harassed by Karofsky. He was completely uninterested in the smelly, bulky jock, even though Karofsky tried to hide how the backs of his hands got furrier after every time he shoved Kurt into a locker. But Kurt caught it, Kurt saw, and it made his stomach turn with fear and anxiety.

The last straw had been going to 'spy' on the Warblers, their competition for Sectionals. He had dressed as convincingly as he could and pulled his sunglasses over his eyes to avoid making direct eye contact with anyone. He was terrified of being recognised as an outsider, terrified of being forcibly ejected from the school. He was surrounded by boys bigger and more mature than him, and the more Kurt saw of their uniform, the more he realised how badly he stuck out.

He stumbled down the steps, catching himself on the banister and feeling an arm against his elbow.

"Hey there, you alright?"

Kurt lifted his eyes and felt his face heat. Oh God. Why couldn't boys at McKinley be this attractive? Oh yeah, because he'd get no work done whatsoever, because he'd be far too busy focusing on the boy in front of him, or behind him, until his teacher probably smacked him over the head to turn back around. Which would work. For a minute or two. Until he was craning his neck again to stare.


"S-sorry. I lost my footing," he mumbled, dropping his eyes and shoving his hands into his pockets. He was not going to show the gorgeous boy standing in front of him that he'd just developed claws, even though he could feel his ears were fuzzy against his skin.

"Blaine," the boy said, holding out his hand. "Blaine Anderson."

Kurt gazed at it nervously. He breathed deeply and tried to force down the arousal that bubbled in his veins.

"Kurt," he whispered, hand whipping out of his pocket to grip Blaine's.

It was warm, tan, gentle and yet firm. He visibly watched as the back of his hand sprouted a light covering of fur and could feel his tail sliding along his back. He tucked it around his waist and shivered when Blaine tugged him down a step.

"I…There's a performance. By the um, by the Warblers. It's…it shuts the school down," Blaine stammered, thumb brushing over the fur on the back of Kurt's hand and swallowing hard. "I'll…I'll show you where to go, okay?"

Kurt gave a wobbly nod, trying to ignore the horrible smell in the air that he knew, he knew, was because of him. Blaine kept his face carefully neutral, pulling Kurt along beside him as they walked down a corridor that was surprisingly quiet given the hubbub that had previously infiltrated all corners of the school. Kurt knew he'd had reactions around boys before, and it was notoriously bad with Finn last year, but he was so used to being rejected. It was partially an unconscious reaction to seeing someone he thought was attractive. He couldn't really control it. He could just try to hide it.

It wasn't until he forced himself to take a breath to steady his nerves that he suddenly realised the smell in the air. He froze, yanking his shoulder when Blaine stopped to look back at him.


"You-" His eyes fell to where their hands were still joined, dark curly hair falling over his knuckles in soft waves. He then looked at Blaine's ears which were furred over and slightly floppy against his gelled hair. "I-"

"I'm sorry," Blaine whispered, eyes falling to the ground and letting go of Kurt's hand. "I didn't mean to."

"N-no, it's-"

Blaine whined in the back of his throat, closing the distance between him and Kurt and tangling his fingers with each of Kurt's hands. "I know we've just met but-" He nosed at Kurt's neck, breathing deeply and licking softly at his throat. "You smell so good and I-"

"Blaine," Kurt whimpered, legs trembling as he shook free of Blaine's hands to grip at Blaine's blazer. "This doesn't usually happen to me. I don't-"

"Shh," Blaine soothed, pushing and pulling Kurt into the nearest doorway, a thankfully abandoned room, and pressing Kurt against the door. He flicked the lock over and grazed his palm against Kurt's hip. "Kurt…"

Kurt arched his neck into Blaine's mouth, which laved delightfully at the veins which pounded with his pulse. "Blaine, I-" His throat rumbled with a purr when Blaine's fingers slipped beneath his coat and over the skin of his hip.

Blaine whined again, nose darkening subtly as he sniffed behind Kurt's ear. "Kurt, I want you," he confessed, tongue licking at the tip of Kurt's ear as Kurt's purrs grew louder.

"You want-" Kurt bit his bottom lip as the blunt ends of Blaine's nails scratched at his stomach. "You want me?"

"Please," Blaine breathed, index finger swiping over one of Kurt's nipples. "Please, can I claim you? I want you. I want to mark you."

Kurt shuddered and sagged against Blaine's body, rubbing his cheek against Blaine's neck. "I never thought this would happen."

"Is that a yes?" Blaine murmured, hand sliding over Kurt's chest to touch Kurt's tail, which wound around his wrist.

"Please," Kurt agreed.

Blaine growled lowly, sending a thrill down Kurt's spine as Blaine struggled with the buttons on Kurt's clothing with his furred hands. Kurt had less luck with the claws he'd developed, until he hissed violently and ripped the remaining buttons off and threw off his blazer and shirt.

"So much better," Blaine muttered, dragging Kurt over to the desk and bending him over it. His nose and tongue trailed over Kurt's chest, licking and nipping as Kurt mewled and writhed underneath him. Kurt's tail twisted around Blaine's body, holding them together.

"Blaine, Blaine, I need-"

"I know, I know," Blaine hushed him with a kiss as he wriggled out of his tie, blazer and shirt and tore at his belt. He kissed down the centre of Kurt's chest until he reached the fly of Kurt's jeans and pulled them down until the pooled around Kurt's ankles and he kicked them off. Blaine's hands stroked over the fur on Kurt's feet as Kurt flexed the claws of his feet.


"Shh." Blaine kissed Kurt's knee and hooked his finger into Kurt's briefs to tug them down. "You're totally sure? I know this is sort of unexpected."

Kurt's tail coiled around Blaine's as he sat up on the table to kiss Blaine hard, tongue licking into Blaine's mouth as he scratched his nails into the gelled hair on Blaine's head. Blaine panted into his mouth as his hands gripped Kurt's hips and he growled with delight as Kurt scratched behind his ear.

"Please," Kurt begged, hooking his ankle over Blaine's waist and pressing his heel into Blaine's tail.

Blaine grunted as he shoved his own pants and boxers off along with Kurt's briefs, teeth scraping at Kurt's neck as he slid his erection against Kurt's. Kurt purred and jutted his hips into Blaine's, arms looping around Blaine's neck as he hooked his other leg over Blaine's hip.

"K-Kurt," Blaine choked out, swiping his fingers over Kurt's ass and finding it dripping with arousal. He pressed two fingers in as Kurt bucked against him, adjusting quickly. "Y-you…?"

"It…it lubricates itself…" Kurt whimpered. "Stretches faster."

Blaine groaned as he squeezed his eyes shut, withdrawing his fingers and roughly positioned himself. He thrust in smoothly, moaning into Kurt's collarbone.

Kurt's back arched, hissing with pleasure as he stretched rapidly to accommodate Blaine. "Fuck, fuck."

Kurt wet his lips as Blaine rolled his hips gently, more and more fur speckling their chests as their animalistic genes and urges burned through their bodies. Blaine's golden eyes darkened as he ran his hands over the gingery-brown fur, tongue lolling as he fought to remain in control and not fuck into Kurt too ruthlessly. Kurt mewled as his claws scratched pink lines into Blaine's furry chest, groaning when Blaine wrapped his arms under Kurt's arms to pull his body up until their chests were flush, his cock deep in Kurt's ass.

"Blaine," he purred, nuzzling into Blaine's neck as Blaine wobbled to the wall and shoved Kurt against it with a growl. "Blaine…"

"Beautiful…" Blaine whispered, stroking Kurt's hair back and keeping a firm hold on his hip as he pounded Kurt into the wall. "So gorgeous…so…so…fuck…"

Kurt clung to Blaine's neck as pleasured cries spilled from his lips, the smell of arousal heavy in the room as Kurt felt the world caving in on him until he could barely breathe. His claws dug into the back of Blaine's shoulders as he shrieked with need and desire and pleasure, until everything snapped apart and he came with a screech that was part-human, part-cat. The tightening of his body around Blaine and the sudden smell of sex that reeked of Kurt sent Blaine over the edge, cock pulsing at he howled into Kurt's neck.

His legs shook as he lowered Kurt from the wall to the ground, kissing over Kurt's neck as he shivered with happiness and lust and was thankful that Kurt didn't panic or fight when he didn't move much. He licked messily behind Kurt's ear over the new marking, a curly 'B' that glowed faintly the same colour as his eyes.

Kurt retracted his claws, his pink cat tongue shrinking back into his mouth and the dusting of fur over his cheeks slowly fading to reveal flushed and sweaty human skin. Blaine couldn't stop touching and kissing and licking, revelling in the taste and smell that took all his control away. Kurt preened under the attention, alternatively purring and humming as Blaine marked him as thoroughly as he could with his scent.

"You're glorious," he murmured into the skin of Kurt's neck, sucking a hickey over the pulse fluttering in his neck. Kurt stretched his arms above his head with a happy smile on his face and Blaine whined at the beautiful body beneath him.

"You can't just…" He wiggled his hips and scowled at Kurt, who grinned. "I want to fuck you again already and I'm still knotted inside you."

Kurt trailed his fingers over Blaine's arm, watching in fascination as the dark hair of his now-mate retreated beneath his skin until it gradually returned to smooth, tan skin. "Yours," he sighed blissfully, fingers curling over the definition of Blaine's jaw.

Blaine smiled, slightly shy, as he turned his head to kiss Kurt's palm. "Mine."

It was like his body never wanted to relax, but after twenty-five minutes, he realised he'd calmed enough to free himself from Kurt's body. Kurt whimpered when Blaine leaned back, chasing after him and tucking his body into Blaine's chest, tail still there and flicking anxiously.

"What's wrong?" Blaine asked, running his fingers through Kurt's hair.

"Don't leave me," Kurt mumbled, clutching at Blaine's hand and cuddling tightly against his body.

"Mated, yeah?" Blaine frowned. Kurt nodded slightly and Blaine nosed at the hair on the top of his head. "Never leaving. Can't leave you now. Love you. Love you for always. Mine.Mine."

"Love?" Kurt questioned softly, tilting his head up to meet Blaine's golden eyes.

Blaine pressed their lips together until Kurt started to pant with arousal and kept reaching for Blaine to pull him closer and tighter. Blaine eased Kurt's arms away from his neck and kissed Kurt lightly as he cradled Kurt against his body. "Love," Blaine repeated, kissing Kurt's nose and up to his forehead. "Love you. Love you."

Kurt started purring again, pressing his face into the warmth of Blaine's chest and listening to his heart thudding against his ribcage. "Love you," he breathed between purrs as Blaine rubbed down his spine with featherlight touches.

When his ears returned to human skin and his tail disappeared back into the base of his spine, Blaine handed Kurt back his clothing and kissed at the skin that slowly disappeared back under layers of fabric. Kurt giggled and batted Blaine away until Blaine started to pull his own clothes back on and button what he could with the remaining buttons. It wasn't until he started redoing his tie that he realised that he'd totally missed the Warbler performance.

"Shit," he muttered, tugging his slacks on faster and hauling Kurt to his feet.

"What? What's wrong?" Kurt asked, linking his fingers with Blaine's as Blaine grabbed up their bags and unlocked the door to the room.

"I had a performance," Blaine explained with a bemused grin as they rounded a corner and entered a room filled with leather chairs and boys, so many boys, all dressed in the Dalton attire.

"Blaine! Where the hell have you-" Wes paused mid-tirade to stare at Kurt. His eyes narrowed as he stalked across the room and sniffed deliberately. "And just who is this?"

Kurt's fingers shook as he hid behind Blaine, suddenly feeling horribly scared at all the pairs of eyes trained on them.

"This is Kurt," Blaine snapped at Wes, squeezing Kurt's hand comfortingly. "And Kurt is my mate."

The eyes that were previously narrowed in their direction all widened. Kurt saw a blonde boy fall off his precarious position on the couch and land with a thud and a muffled 'ow'. Wes' index finger pressed into Blaine's chest and Kurt automatically hissed as he stepped forward.

"Shh, Kurt, it's okay," Blaine soothed, squeezing his hand again.


"I'm not going to hurt him," Wes assured Kurt as his nail scraped behind Blaine's ear to find the tiniest 'K' shining a light blue-green, partly hidden by the curls that had become freed from the gel when Kurt and Blaine had had sex. "Well well, I guess you have mated," Wes mused, holding his hand out to Kurt. "I'm sorry for my attitude. When my star Warbler didn't show up to perform, I got a little concerned."

Kurt eyed the hand fearfully.

"Kurt, it's okay. Wes is one of my best friends," Blaine encouraged, wrapping an arm around Kurt's waist and easing him closer. "He's not going to hurt you, and if he did," his eyes darkened slightly as he stared back at Wes, "I'd tear him apart for hurting my mate."

Wes shivered at the intensity in Blaine's gaze but kept his smile pleasant as Kurt swallowed his nerves and touched hands with Wes. The collective amount of boys in the room exhaled as Wes' smile grew.

"You've chosen well," he admitted to Blaine. Kurt blushed and returned his hand to Blaine's firm grip. "Boys, Blaine and his mate, Kurt."

The boys broke out into cheering and congratulations, several rushing over to clap Blaine on the back and falling over each other to introduce themselves to Kurt. His mind swam with all the new names and faces but Blaine remained steadfastly by his side, hands clasped together with the occasional shy smile after being caught sniffing at clothing that reeked of the other.

"Love you," Blaine murmured into Kurt's ear as he held Kurt against him as the Warblers threw an impromptu party.

"Love you too," Kurt smiled, tucking under Blaine's arm and purring when Blaine scratched behind his ears.

Original Prompt: AU in which hybrids (which are fairly common) have a combination of human and animal genes, the animal characteristics only coming out during sexual arousal. All hybrids have extremely sensitive senses of smell, and once they find their mate through smelling their pheromones, they mate for life.

When Kurt Hummel went to Dalton to go spy on the Warblers, he didn't expect to run into Blaine Anderson, who is honestly the most attractive person he has ever seen, much less met. To his embarrassment, his body seems to agree, releasing pheromones into the air to show how fertile and virginal he is…immediately after Blaine takes his hand. Blaine, trying to be polite and not give in to his carnal urges, slowly taking Kurt down the "shortcut", holding his breath and avoiding Kurt in the hopes that he can avoid embarrassment for the both of them.

Unfortunately, he cannot help but glance at Kurt and notices that his catlike features are slowly becoming apparent. Despite all his attempts, he becomes extremely arouses and releases his own scent, showing his strength and virility. Kurt, shocked that someone is actually attracted to him, stops walking, causing Blaine to crash into him. The closeness is just too much for Blaine, and he starts to drag his nose all along Kurt's neck, smelling his skin as his canine features start to become visible. Cue sex with kinks listed below, in which the two of them claim each other as their mate.

Kinks: knotting (Blaine), self-lubricating asshole (Kurt), possible mpreg (Kurt), suggestive smelling (Blaine/Kurt smelling every part of each other), rubbing their scent over each other to claim their mate, etc.

Bonus: if Kurt and Blaine get up and go to the common room (where Wes and David are waiting, impatient and angry), smelling off each other and grinning like maniacs, and Blaine still performs for Kurt despite everybody knowing what just happened.

A/N: So I've filled the original prompt, but a certain friend has asked me to write more - Burt's reaction, their separation of schools, how Karofsky deals with it, the rules of the hybrid world, etc. etc. I guess a lot of that lies with the original prompter on the Kink Meme but I'd also like to throw the idea to you, my wonderful readers, as to whether or not you'd want to read more in this universe. As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! xoxo