Title: Marking a Mate
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: M+
Characters/Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Word count: 4,234
Summary:GKM Prompt. In a hybrid animal world, Kurt and Blaine meet on the staircase at Dalton. Overcome by their animalistic instincts, they mate almost immediately and then have to deal with the ramifications of their actions.
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Glee, FOX, Ryan Murphy or anything else related to the Glee universe.

Kurt didn't realise just how much had changed in his life until he was standing on the porch of his house, ringing the doorbell for the third time and waiting to be heard over the obviously loud noises inside.

It blew his mind how much had happened in the few short weeks since Sectionals. About a week after their win, he saw a newspaper announcing that a local boy had been sent to jail for life after breaking Lore. It didn't take much to put two and two together and he'd slipped into a funk that had seen him refuse to go to classes. By the third day, the combined effort of Jeff, Nick and Blaine had him being dumped unceremoniously in the chair of the Dalton counsellor. He wasn't pissed because they'd sent him to a shrink so much as he was still in his ratty pyjamas which he hadn't changed out of for two days. His hair wasn't styled and he probably looked like a dysfunctional rat.

He'd sat in the chair for five hours though, picking apart his feelings and what had happened in the month since he'd met Blaine. It turned out that Marcus had a similar story to Kurt's parents, where his mate had been kept apart from him. She hadn't gone crazy like Kurt's mother but it still caused unnecessary strain in their relationship. Knowing that feeling guilty over Karofsky's incarceration wasn't weird made him feel a lot less awful. Apparently it would take time, patience, love and support, and Marcus highlighted how Kurt had his family, the Warblers and Blaine's family to support him.

Blaine's family was still a minefield in the weeks running up to Christmas. He felt like he was in some sort of couple's therapy when he met with them, gripping Blaine's hand tightly beneath the table. Blaine wanted to see his parents every few days now that they were so close, especially when they could leave the country abruptly and for months on end, so Kurt swallowed a lot of his nerves and forced himself to interact with them. He didn't even notice the changes, but Blaine did. Blaine noticed when Kurt allowed the back of his hand to be patted by his mother, or when Kurt didn't flinch at his father's hand touching Kurt's arm. Little touches his parents did without thinking were okay with Kurt, who wasn't even aware that he was growing more comfortable. The test came when Jason held out his hand for a fist bump. The obvious demand for contact had Blaine thinking Kurt would shy away, but instead he tentatively returned the fist-bump. Blaine almost burst into tears on the spot, which completely confused Kurt and he spent two days asking what he'd done wrong.

His relationships with some of the New Directions were starting to repair as well. He'd had coffee with Tina and gone shopping with Mercedes and Quinn. Santana had messaged him and Brittany was constantly posting new links on his Facebook page to videos of cats. He still rarely heard from Rachel or Finn, but Mike, Puck and Sam had reached out to him so it didn't hurt as much as perhaps it should have.

And the Warblers… Well, any spare time he had – which had been fleeting with the exams before Christmas break – was already being spent on preparing for Regionals. Thad had refused to agree to another three-way duet with the mated pairs so it was shaping up to be Kurt and Blaine singing leads on one song and Nick and Jeff on another. Apparently Thad wanted Wes and David to be more professional and keep the others in line rather than looking like they were about to jump each other on-stage. Still, Kurt now understood the method within the council's very obvious madness because he had felt more rehearsed performing amongst the boys in blazers than he ever had with New Directions and their haphazardly thrown together routines.

The bubble of protection that Dalton offered meant Kurt hadn't fully grasped how much had changed until he was stamping his feet to keep the circulation going. Blaine's arm was looped through his, their breath misting in front of them.

Finally, they heard the locks clicking open and Lorraine pulled the door wide. Her smile was wide and her arms were outstretched as Blaine flung himself into her arms. He was moving on rapidly to hug Jason and Kurt shook his head fondly, brushing the flakes of snow out of his hair and stepping into Lorraine's arms for a hug before he realised what he was doing. Lorraine, to her credit, hugged him just as warmly but Blaine had fallen silent and when Kurt pulled away from the hold, found his mate staring at him with wide eyes. Over Blaine's shoulder, Jason and Burt were looking equally as stunned.

"I- I shouldn't have- That- I-"

"Thank you for trusting me not to hurt you," Lorraine whispered in his ear, slipping past him into the kitchen.

Kurt was feeling a little unsteady as the shock of what he'd done settled on his shoulders.


He blinked and met the gaze of his father. Burt still had a forehead wrinkled with confusion as he stepped around Blaine and Jason's frozen embrace and ruffled a hand through Kurt's hair.

"You alright, buddy?"

The familiarity of the phrase and the lack of judgement made Kurt smile. "Yeah… Yeah, I think I am."

"Good. I wouldn't want your appetite spoiled."

Kurt was able to keep his smile up as he nodded until his father huffed and moved into the family room where Kurt could hear Finn and Jonathan talking.

"Can I hug you now?"

Kurt turned his attention to where Jason was excitedly bouncing on the balls of his feet and swallowed. "Be…gentle…"

Jason was actually surprisingly good about calmly hugging Kurt even with the attempt at containing his energy. His hugs were similar to Blaine's in a way. Strong and secure and comforting. It would almost be familiar except Jason was taller and Kurt couldn't nuzzle into Jason's shoulder the same way he did with Blaine. Instead he stood slightly awkwardly until Jason let him go.

"Been waiting to do that since Bee called," Jason said with a grin. "Best Christmas present ever!"

Kurt snorted and Blaine stifled a laugh as Jason followed after Burt and loudly interrupted whatever conversation was going on.

"You're incredible," Blaine whispered, moving back to embrace Kurt and pressing a kiss to the side of his neck. Kurt released a breath he hadn't even realised he was holding. This hug, these arms, the shoulder at the right height was what had been missing from Jason's. "Seriously incredible."

"I'm not…" Kurt mumbled, feeling his face heat under the praise.

Blaine pulled back until his eyes met Kurt's and Kurt felt his stomach do a little flip like it always did when Blaine looked at him with a mixture of pride and love. "You can believe the wrong thing or the right thing, but I'm going to keep telling you that you're incredible until there is no longer a disagreeing voice which sounds suspiciously like yours."

Kurt swatted Blaine on the arm. "Why did I mate with you again?"

Blaine pouted but couldn't hold the expression before laughing. "I'm hoping for my irresistible good looks and charm but I can't be sure."

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a little pretentious?"

"I spent most of my adolescence telling him that!" Jason called from the living room.

"Stop having freakishly good hearing!" Blaine called back.

"I can't help-"

"Stop yelling!" Jonathan interrupted.

Kurt raised an eyebrow as Blaine rubbed a hand at the back of his neck. "It's his hybrid. He's some sort of owl and can basically hear everything."

"I heard-"


Kurt tangled his fingers with Blaine's and they moved down the corridor to the door leading down to Kurt's bedroom. Carole called after them that they had half an hour until the food would be ready.

Kurt busied himself with adjusting things in his room: changing the sheets, re-organising his wardrobe, setting out Blaine's thing neatly. It took him five minutes.

"Why are you fussing?"

"Because I-"

"Kurt, sit."

He sat on his desk chair and made a mental note to do some dusting, knotting his hands in his lap and gnawing his lip.


"I just… I hugged your mother and brother. I let them touch me and…and I didn't have a panic attack and I think I'm just in shock and I need to do something so that I don't freak out and-"

"You already are freaking out," Blaine interrupted. He moved to kneel in front of Kurt, resting his hands on Kurt's thighs. "You're incredible. You're the most amazing and beautiful person I've ever met and you have more hope and courage than anyone I think I ever will meet."

Kurt rapidly swallowed down the urge to cry at how honest Blaine's face was. It simply wasn't fair to have a mate as perfect as Blaine could be in saying the right words.

"I love you and I'm in awe of you. You give people so many chances and I wish I could be even half as compassionate as you," Blaine murmured, cupping Kurt's cheek and wiping away the tears that slipped free with the pad of his thumb.

Kurt sniffed, trying to reel in his emotions. For the first time in his life, he felt utterly speechless and could do little else but feel all over again how far he had come in under two months with Blaine's love. It was like his mother's favourite song. Blaine had taken the broken shell of a boy that McKinley had beaten him into becoming, given him wings, and now he could fly.

"I love you."

"I love-"

"Hate to break you two dorks up but dinner's ready," Jason called from the top of the stairs.

Blaine toppled over even though he hadn't been anywhere near touching Kurt inappropriately and Kurt couldn't help the laughter at the horrified look on Blaine's face when he thought he'd been sprung.

"Dorks?" Blaine squeaked when he got his bearings back. "Dorks?"

"Jason was-"

"I'm still standing here, y'know."

"I'm going to kill you one of these days," Blaine muttered. With Kurt's assistance, he clambered to his feet and Kurt followed him up the stairs where Jason was smiling brightly.

"I heard that too. You wouldn't really kill me, would you?" Jason said, his attempt at larger puppy-dog eyes at odds with the bright smile.

"You'd be surprised," Blaine whispered, tugging Kurt towards the dining room.

"Why is no one here yet?" Kurt frowned, gazing at the empty, half-set table.

"Dinner isn't really ready. I just wanted to break up the dorky mushy moment I couldn't help overhearing," Jason called.

Kurt had to kiss Blaine to distract him from picking up a fork and going after his brother. If the fork clattering to the carpeted ground was anything to go by, the kiss was a very good distraction technique.

"I'm so full that I'm redefining what full means," Jason complained, clutching his stomach as he leaned back in his chair.

Kurt silently agreed and couldn't believe the amount of food consumed. When he'd first started helping Carole and Lorraine bringing it out, he'd thought there was far too much. Seeing the amount of empty dishes on the table, he was glad for the over-catering.

"So is there dessert?"

Jason groaned and threw a pea at Finn's face. "You need to be quiet, man. At least wait until it settles."

Blaine squeezed Kurt's hand under the table and he bit his lip not to smile and squeezed back.

It felt like the first Christmas Kurt had ever had which actually matched his dreams of Christmas. He had seen so many shows and movies and heard all the Christmas songs, but he'd never experienced a warm family Christmas in his memory. This year, with Carole, Finn, Blaine and the Andersons, it felt like the images he'd always had in his mind of what Christmas was meant to be.

Both he and Blaine had been struck dumb by the combined present from Burt and Blaine's parents. He couldn't stop rubbing his thumb against the thin silver band on Blaine's left middle finger. Somehow having mating rings signified a whole other level of commitment. Blaine explained quietly that Wes and David wore theirs on chains and Nick had wanted to wait until he and Jeff could buy theirs themselves since Nick didn't have his parents' support.

Jason had given them open tickets to visit him in Vermont sometime during summer break and Finn had given Kurt a shopping voucher and Blaine a book voucher. Kurt had been grateful to even receive anything from Finn after the cold shoulder he'd had since the confrontation at Sectionals. But nothing mattered as much as the silver rings. He struggled to tear his eyes away from the light catching Blaine's and apparently Blaine was just as distracted because he kept reaching for Kurt's left hand and holding on to it.

It was a welcome relief when the Andersons left though. Jason's super hearing was starting to drive Kurt crazy because he couldn't say the quietest thing without Jason smirking at him. He ended up taking to texting Blaine with what he wanted to say if he thought Jason would react to it being spoken aloud. Of course, that left Jason scowling with disappointment but at least Kurt felt like his private conversations weren't being intercepted.

Kurt led Blaine downstairs to his room, switching the light on and pulling out pyjamas as Blaine wriggled out of his sweater and started on the buttons to his shirt.

Moving to sit on the bed, Kurt's hands slid over Blaine's hips and tugged him closer, admiring the silver ring on his finger against Blaine's olive skin.

"They're pretty, huh?" Blaine murmured, fingers tickling over Kurt's cheek.

"They're amazing," Kurt agreed.

Blaine drifted his fingers through Kurt's hair and Kurt leaned forward to press a kiss to Blaine's chest, directly over his heart. Blaine tugged at Kurt's hair, tilting his head up until Blaine's lips met his. It still felt new and exciting but also familiar, the tingling warmth that travelled along his skin and demanding more.

"I want you so bad," Blaine whispered against his lips and Kurt nodded rapidly, scooting up the bed until he could stretch out and Blaine could crawl on top of him.

There was a part of Kurt that wanted neither of them to ever wear clothes because it took too long fumbling with zips and clasps and buttons. Especially when the mood was more frantic and he just wanted to look and feel.

But finally, finally, they were both gloriously naked and Kurt could rest his hands on Blaine's hips and admire his small waist and the curve of his ass.

"Kurt... I want you…" Blaine mumbled between kisses, rocking against Kurt's thigh and whining low in his throat.

Kurt stilled, one of his hands reaching up to cup Blaine's cheek. "Are you sure?"

"So, so sure."

It was something Marcus had suggested a couple of weeks ago which Kurt had passed on but not been entirely comfortable considering. Marcus thought that since so much power and control had been stripped from him with Karofsky's attack, Kurt needed to be more assertive and not let Blaine top as much as he had been. Kurt wasn't entirely convinced so they had found a compromise where Kurt would be on top and ride Blaine more. It had certainly had some pleasurable advantages.

"O-Okay…" He'd only done this once before and was terrified all over again at possibly hurting Blaine.

"I'm pretty tough. You won't break me," Blaine assured, reading his feelings too accurately as he leaned down to kiss Kurt.

It worked to distract him from his anxiety which he mildly resented but he shifted with Blaine until he was on top and Blaine was beneath him, eyes bright and sparkling. It was a position he had grown familiar with and it would be so easy to just wriggle himself onto Blaine but he could see the look in Blaine's eyes and felt a flutter of desire.

He grabbed at the lube bottle from the drawer of his bedside table and encouraged Blaine's legs to bend to his chest. He hadn't meant to whimper when Blaine basically presented himself but fuck if it wasn't hot.

"I love you," he said distractedly, squeezing the slippery gel onto his fingers and moving to stroke them against Blaine's entrance.

"I-" Blaine tilted his head back into the pillow and gasped. Kurt almost felt guilty that Blaine was so inexperienced with this and thought maybe he should take Marcus' suggestion, not for control but simply to delight in the look on Blaine's face.

Blaine breathed that he loved Kurt throughout Kurt stretching him, along with little groans and pleading whines.

"Kurt, please," Blaine said for at least the thirtieth time in as many minutes.

Kurt grinned, withdrawing his fingers and moving to hover over Blaine. "Shhh, I've got you," he mocked and Blaine growled, reaching up to twist his fingers into Kurt's hair and kiss him, so hot and filthy that Kurt probably could have come from that if Blaine had kept going.

He took a small amount of pity on Blaine, rolling his hips forward until he could slip between the cheeks of Blaine's ass, gliding against Blaine's entrance. Blaine started writhing as Kurt held himself carefully in position and pushed forward. Blaine grunted and Kurt shifted Blaine's legs to grip his waist, wrapping a hand around Blaine's cock and stroking him back to full hardness as a distraction from the pain of Kurt inching into him.

He could definitely see the benefits of more control. The way the veins in Blaine's neck stood out, the way his hands gripped Kurt's hips so tightly he'd probably have discoloured spots in the morning, the way he was surrounded by hot, squeezing heat, was something he could definitely enjoy more of. When he felt the flesh of Blaine's ass against his hip bones, he stilled and let Blaine breathe through it, his shoulders trembling trying to hold him in position for as long as Blaine needed to adjust.

Eventually Blaine gave a jerky little nod and a grunted "Please" and Kurt took that as his cue, shifting his hips slowly and gingerly, letting Blaine get used to the drag and pressure. He could tell when Blaine started to relax more because the tension around his collarbone eased and the hold of Blaine's hands lessened to be more guiding than anchoring.

He set a steady rhythm, not too fast but not achingly slow, wanting to draw it out and enjoy it but also still really fucking horny. Blaine was incoherent beneath him and he smiled, stroking fingers over Blaine's cheek softly. The mating ring on his finger caught his attention and he felt a rush of love.

"Need- Ah- I need-" The bulge of Blaine's throat bobbed as he swallowed and he squeezed Kurt's hips in warning.

Kurt stilled and brushed a few sweaty curls from Blaine's forehead. "What do you need?"

"I wanna… Take it out… Please…"

Kurt was confused and maybe a little hurt as he pulled back, wondering what he'd done wrong. Blaine shook his head, sitting up to kiss Kurt with another of those brain-melting kisses.

"Stop worrying," he murmured, kissing Kurt again and again until Kurt started to feel a little better. "Good. I love you."

Kurt smiled, nuzzling into Blaine's jaw and kissing over the mark behind his ear. "I love you too."

Blaine smiled and kissed his cheek before shifting in a tangle of limbs until he was on his front. His arms were crossed by his head and his knees were curled under him and his hips were raised and oh. Oh. Blaine was basically presenting himself and Kurt could see the shiny reddened hole and groaned, raising himself up to slip easily back inside Blaine.

It was easier to slam into Blaine this way and apparently that was what Blaine enjoyed most if his increasingly loud moans were anything to go by. Blaine wriggled his hips when Kurt tried to catch his breath and the rhythm got more and more disjointed as he thrust into Blaine and Blaine pushed back to meet him. He couldn't even consider trying to speak as the familiar heat started sparking through him and he manoeuvred Blaine until he could slide a hand under Blaine's body to tug at his cock, increasing his speed as much as he could and jerking his hand.

Blaine came with a sharp cry of Kurt's name, spilling onto the sheets below him as his body tightened and shook uncontrollably. A couple more surges forward and the coil in Kurt's abdomen snapped and he came without a sound. He could feel the increased slide around him now after coming inside Blaine and couldn't help the slight movement of his hips even as Blaine whined beneath him.

"Shh," he soothed, rubbing a hand down Blaine's spine. Blaine quietened although he still twitched and trembled occasionally with aftershocks. Kurt could feel the arousal building again and knew he was getting more and more distracted as he slowly got hard.


"I know you can come again," he interrupted, his voice lower and huskier than normal. "I know you want more. You do this to me often enough that it's time I exact a little revenge."

Blaine moaned against his forearm but didn't disagree. When Kurt slipped a hand to Blaine's stomach, he could feel the heavy weight of Blaine's cock and smiled to himself when Blaine rocked into the loose fist he made.

He took it slow until the oversensitivity wore off and everything started feeling ten times more pleasurable than it had before. He took it slow until Blaine's whimpers changed into needy groans and he was pushing back when Kurt dragged himself almost all the way out. It was messy and filthy and Kurt was thriving at the power he had to make Blaine fall apart under him for the second time.

When he couldn't keep it slow and gentle anymore, Blaine seemed perfectly okay with being fucked into hard and the orgasm built inside him faster this time although it took longer to get over the edge. He could feel the tingling everywhere and wasn't even aware of how he was whining until Blaine shoved back brutally at the same time as a bolt of pleasure flared under his skin from the mark and he was gone, jerking into Blaine as he worked through his release until Blaine's whines were cut off with a deep moan and he thrust into Kurt's fist faster and came with a cry.

It was disgusting to lie on the stained sheets but both Kurt and Blaine were way too spent to consider moving. Kurt fell onto one side of the bed and Blaine rolled over until he could cuddle into Kurt's side, sticky and gross but obviously flushed and blissed out.

"Fucking love you," Blaine whispered, his breathing harsh against Kurt's sweaty skin as they came down.

Love you too," Kurt replied, tilting his head with some degree of effort and kissing Blaine on the top of his.

They laid there for a while, basking in the afterglow and content. They didn't need words and Kurt wasn't sure he had complete access to the ability to speak in sentences anyway.

"It was like…I'd been looking for you forever," Blaine broke in and Kurt wondered where that thought had come from. "And then you were there and it felt like my entire world just…changed. Everything made sense. I briefly understood Calculus!"

Kurt snorted and scratched his fingers against Blaine's back.

"I can't imagine living life without you now so…" Blaine shrugged and turned his head to kiss Kurt's shoulder. "I don't know where I'm going with this. Just… Thank you, I guess. Thank you for coming to Dalton and stopping me on that staircase."

Kurt smiled and rolled onto his side, wriggling down a little until he could meet Blaine's eyes. "Thank you for stopping."

Blaine kissed him chastely and rubbed his nose against Kurt's, his eyes obviously drooping in an effort to stay awake. "Happy Christmas, Kurt."

Kurt cuddled closer and decided that the mess and their nudity and even the fact the light was still on could all wait until the morning. Watching Blaine struggle not to fall asleep needed way too much effort on his part not to join him.

"Happy Christmas, Blaine," he whispered back.

His answer was Blaine's snuffling snore. Giggling quietly, he pressed a kiss to Blaine's nose and let his own body sink completely into the support of the mattress.

He didn't realise how much had changed in his life in less than two months but as he drifted to sleep with a smile on his face and in the arms of his mate, he knew he would never want to undo any of the changes that had happened. He was safe, content, cared for and loved. Most of all, best of all, he had found his mate. He was complete.


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