What, who's there? Oh, you. Well, you might as well stick around until the Boss gets back. Here, you want a gecko? No? Okay, fine with me. Cigarette? They're Russian blacks, unfiltered. No? Christ.
So, you're a friend of the Boss? No? Okay, yeah, not surprising. You're nor an editor, are you? Cos he told me to claw the eyeballs out of any editors that showed up. He did, I swear. I could probably have used the bowel disruptor if I had thumbs. Oh, well.
You sure you don't want a gecko?
So, if you're not an editor, what the fuck are you? Oh, another reporter? What the Hell are you doing here, then? Listen, just because the Boss has the most read column on the street doesn't mean...oh. Oh, you're supposed to interview him? For what? Oh, you're a student, I getcha. Where are you going? Wolfit? Wolfit's a piece of shit. It is. The Boss said so.
Hey, don't get up. I was just making a joke. We got a Wolfit kid around somewhere. Channon something. She called me an ugly bitch. I oughta claw her eyes out. Her boyfriend's a total dickhead. I mean, Christ, all I did was try and get some. I'm in fucking heat, after all.
Listen, can i get you anything? Beer or something? The maker's on drugs, but if you hit it a coupla times it should work. No? Okay, buster, suit yourself. I think we've got some caribou eyes left over if you want those.
Hey, where are you going? The Boss isn't gonna be back for another half-hour or something. he's out working on a column. This one's gonna be good, gritty, about...hey, don't give me that face! Hey, you piece of shit, more gengineering went into one cell of me than into your entire family! Rude son-of-a-bitch, get back here!
Ah, Christ. Doesn't even have the decency to leave a message. Not like I could give it to the Boss anyway, but for fuck's sake...whatever happened to manners these days?
At least the bastard didn't take any of my geckos...