Heat of The Moment

Chapter One

It had been a long day for Rainbow Dash, having been flying around from Sweet Apple Acres and the opposite edge of the Everfree Forest, and having to tell all those ponies what to do. It was intensely aggravating and so much work, so of course, she was currently laying on a cloud with her front hooves tucked behind her head, eyes closed.

However, she only had a few minutes of tranquility before there was a loud clap of thunder which made her almost jump out of her coat of fur. She looked over to the couple cumulus clouds which were floating near Ponyville. She blinked, reaching into her pocket knitted on her jacket to pull out a small checklist.

"Rain clouds for farm, check. No clouds in the plains, check. Prepare for storm tonight, check. That rain cloud isn't for the storm tonight, I don't think. Oh well, I'm sure it can't hurt nothin'."

With the list that Twilight had put together for her in a week advance put away, Rainbow laid back down, a dreamy smile on her face. Then she was shook by another loud, obnoxious ring of thunder. With a groan, she popped two small pieces of the cloud she was on and popped them into her ears, good enough.

Twilight was working in the library slowly with a strong hum being sung in the back of her throat. She really needed to distract herself, but it seemed that her..."problem" wasn't getting any better. After fitting a few more books on the shelves, she smiled lightly before she shivered, then sat on the couch.

She looked outside her tree home, the day looking around 3:00 or 5:00. She wasn't too sure, but all she knew is that the sun was fading fast; however it might have been a good thing, as her friends would most likely try to help her predicament. That was the last thing she wanted. With a small shake of her head to get rid of the thoughts, she stood and walked over to the bathroom.

Twilight, however, needed to try and keep it under control.

Before it seemed that Rainbow Dash was able to get any good napping time in, however, a couple more loud bangs of thunder exploded. She groaned dramatically, sat up and tore the makeshift earmuffs out, "Who's making all the nois-"

Before she could finish, Dash realized it was a couple hours past. Okay, maybe a few more. Maybe about five. She blinked, looked up, and jumped to the side, nearly getting struck with lightning, Great Dash thought to herself as she stared upwards. Then, Dash realized she forgot to flap her wings.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa-!" There was a thud and a slight yelp from the Pegasus as she made contact with the ground. Thankfully, the cloud was relatively close to the ground, so she wasn't hurt too badly. Then, another visible lightning bolt shot above her, but not making contact with the ground. Knowing that staying out here was a bad idea, she began to flap her wings.

Then she fell over after getting about a foot off the ground. Looking over, it was apparent that she had sprained her wing muscles from falling right on top of them; the wing itself looked bruised already at the base and some of the feathers and ends were slightly displaced.

She cringed at the sight, then looked left to right. Pinkie's was a no go, considering she'd go crazy over some kind of secret sleep over. Applejack's was too far, as much as it would be a pleasure to visit. Fluttershy's was on the other side of town. It was now between Rarity and Twilight.

While she didn't hate Rarity, of course, she was miss prissy, so it would be better to go to Twilight's. Not to mention, Twilight had been un-included from the group's recent adventures. With two reasons to go in her mind, Dash set off to the short walk to get to Twilight's library. However, it turned more into a run as the storm grew worse.

Twilight was laying in her shower, biting her lip tightly as she looked up at the shower head. Spike was out, sent away to make sure no accidents happened. She hesitantly made her horn levitate the shower head off of it's sitting place and move it towards herself.

She took the shower spout in her hoof and she felt her face flush, both with the heat in the shower and her own nervousness. She spread her hind legs slowly and uncertainly, then slowly put the spout of the shower head to her inner haunches. Twilight let out a quiet whimper, accompanied by another quiet sound, a happy and throaty noise.

Twilight felt the almost unknown feelings spread through her body, mostly her haunches. Another light groan came from Twilight in the shower as she pushed the nozzle closer to her depths. The water stream that was coming out of the spout was like a hard rain, and Twilight loved the feeling of it against her sex.

She shut her eyes, dirty images and imaginings coming to her head instantly. Twilight groaned again, the liquid heat hitting and pushing slightly inside her own heated area as the thoughts of her friends entered her head. Applejack, working in a farm all day and just wanting to take a break...,and maybe she knew how to use that rope of hers well.

This elicited another happy, throaty groan from her as she felt herself bite down on her lower lip. Twilight kept thinking, just waiting for the sweet release. Fluttershy, so helpless and submissive...

Rainbow Dash finally stepped under the shade of Twilight's house, the light ran still patting down her fur to her skin. She shivered lightly from the cold, then knocked on the door. Nothing.

Dash looked through the window to the side, only to find it being covered by a shutter. With a huff, she said aloud, "Twi, come on let me in! It's storming out here!"

No response.

Then, being the rash and impatient Pegasus she is, Rainbow moved to a window on the second floor, Twilight's bedroom window. While it wasn't glamorous to do this, Dash needed somewhere to crash for the night, at least for the storm. She easily pushed the window open, knowing that Twilight neglects to shut her bedroom window before bed, mostly so Dash could come for a quick visit or bite to eat.

Then, she wiggled herself through the circular hole, and before long she had closed the window and latched it, the wind beating against the surface. She walked over to the fluffy mattress, seating herself, thinking that Twilight would show up with a long discussion about coming in un-announced and such, which she would ignore mostly.

Then, she heard a strange sound coming from the bathroom...

Just the thought of Fluttershy's submissive nature and the ability to do almost whatever she wanted, she moaned out to the shower walls. All these thoughts were stopped by the thought of the rainbow maned Pegasus. The way that Rainbow Dash would have her way with her, tease her maybe, indulge herself in Twilight's fantasies...but Twilight couldn't help but feel a slight pang of guilt from doing this.

These were her friends and here she was...making them all bend to her will, even in her mind it felt wrong. However, she could feel a slightly familiar pressure build between her legs as Twilight's hips bucked lightlyembar into the shower nozzle. She laid her wet mane and head back onto the back of the bath tub, feeling the blood rush to her face more then before. Rainbow Dash, the excessively sport minded and fast Pegasus, the agile and athletic Pegasus, the domineering and curvy Pegasus...

It wouldn't be much longer, Twilight realized with her eyes closed and groaning out to the bathroom walls. Just a little longer.

Then, a knock came to the door, the bathroom door, "Twi, are you okay in there? I'm hearing some uh...weird noises."

Twilight shot up, an 'eep!' escaping her lips as she quickly tried to hide the evidence and scent of her unfinished business.

Rainbow jumped back by the startled sound that Twilight gave. She felt a light blush of embarrassment rush to her normally cyan cheeks. Rainbow sat back, waiting for Twilight to get out of the bathroom.

After a few minutes, Twilight stepped out, looking refreshed. With a slight frown, or smile, Dash couldn't tell, Twilight told her to sit down on her couch opposite to her. Twilight stared awkwardly at her, then shrugged and sighed, saying, "You really shouldn't come in so un-announced."

Bingo thought Dash, knowing that she would bring it up in the future conversation. They sat in silence for a minute or so before Twilight seemed to try and not look at Dash, which surprised her. Why would she be so nervous around me? Dash wondered as she looked her over again.

There wasn't anything odd or off here, so there's not much that could make Twilight so awkward with her winged friend. Then, Twilight sat up with a sudden idea, "Oh, I know. I'll go get some drinks for us."

Rainbow stood to help but Twilight almost put a hoof on her to push her back into a seating position, while in a friendly matter, she hesitated from touching Rainbow, then just resolved to say, "Please, let me get it. You must be exhausted."

Dash looked back as Twilight walked off to do who knows what in the kitchen, then rolled her eyes and laid back in the couch. Such an egg head.

As soon as Twilight was out of Dash's view, she shrunk against the wall and her mane instantly became frizzed and slightly crazed looking. What was she supposed to do with Dash here?! She could barely stop herself from staring at her flank while they were in the room together...it was wrong, but there was a burning need inside her, something only another pony could fix.

She let out a light whine of impatience then clamped her hooves over her mouth instantly. Looking back slowly, Dash didn't seem to notice it. She sighed with relief, then walked, her back legs twitching every now and then, to the cupboard to get glasses.

As she was getting a simple juice together for herself and Dash, Twilight let her mind wander. I mean, this was her friend, right? While it was wrong, yes, friends help each other, right? Twilight tried as hard as she could to will the thoughts of a compromise between the two away, but it was nailed, riveted and taped to her mind.

She then looked down to the drinks and noticed she had barely done anything, showing just how much she was actually fantasizing about it. Her ears flattened against her head as the already light blush on her cheeks built slowly and steadily. She picked the drinks up with her magic and walked out to the living room.

Rainbow Dash was stretching on the couch, keeping a careful eye on her wing. She needed to stretch anyways, barely had time when she woke up on that cloud. With a sigh, Twilight came around the couch and handed her the drink after looking her over.

Dash grinned, keeping her giggles down at the sight of the hot and bothered bookish mare. She didn't know what was bothering her so much, but it was priceless to see her like this. She finally sipped her juice, smiling at the taste. It was the tangy orange juice that Twilight knew she liked.

"Thanks for mixing this for me Twi." Dash said while Twilight seemed to stare at her for a moment. She then responded, "Oh, right, oh it's fine, don't worry."

Dash then caught site of the stray hairs on Twilight's mane and tail, which was pretty unlike the mare to be not so tidy she looked like she was molded in some kind of plastic, "Hey, are you alright? Your mane and tail are all...frizzy."

Twilight instantly looked up, traces of surprise and slight fear lurking in her eyes, "Huh? Oh, yes, I'm completely and utterly fine at this very moment!" She said with a slight inclination on her voice near the end, almost sounding like a squeak.

Something was obviously bothering Twilight, so Dash sat up, raising an eyebrow, "Are you sure? I mean if you need help I'd be more than glad to-" She was cut off by Twilight raising a hoof to stop her.

"Please, just, I'm fine, thank you."

Twilight knew that her intentions were pure and from a good heart, but they were twisted in her mind to something more...perverse. Twilight then set the remainder of the sipped drink on the table in front of them both, and stared into the glass, her cheeks growing warmer.

She then knew what to do, "Hey Dash, maybe you should leave, I mean, I got something to do tonight and-" Dash responded with a hoof pointed towards the window and showing the storm outside.

Twilight gulped slightly; this wasn't gonna be easy, "Okay, well you're a fast flier so-" Dash motioned to her sprained wing. Immediately, Twilight forgot all about the burning need for attention and jumped next to her, inspecting the wing, "Oh my Celestia what happened to your wing?"

Rainbow simply rolled her eyes, "Oh, nothin'. I just..." Dash thought a moment, "...crashed doing an awesome stunt. Yeah." Twilight looked it over more, frowning lightly, "A stunt, really? What kind of stunt?"

Dash almost let out a babbling sound like a foal but instead said, "Oh, right, well...a uh...360 degree flip to make a cloud ring and...go through?" Said Dash, a slightly high pitched end point.

Twilight seemed to know it was a lie, but rolled her eyes at her bad lying, especially on the spot. She finally moved her head back and looked at Dash, "Well, miss Dash, the wing should be healed up in a day or so."

"Really? Well, I'll be grounded 'till then. Mind if I stay here? You still seem like you need help..." Twilight opened her mouth to speak, but couldn't. She didn't feel words form in her mouth, just in her mind. Dash's face as right in front of hers, and Twilight couldn't help but steal a glance at her muzzle, her lips parted slightly. She stood there awkwardly staring at her, dead in her tracks.

Dash blinked, then said, "Twi, are you okay-" Then Twilight kissed her.