English Title: Sergeant Frog the Super Movie 6: Keronians vs. Mamodo; Sgt. Frog X Zatch Bell!

Japanese Title: Chou Gekijouban Keroro Gunsou 6: Keron Nin tsui Mamono ha, Keroro Gunsou X Konjiki no Gash Bell de arimasu!

Kanji Title: ケロロ軍曹動画6:ケロン人対魔物は、ケロロ軍曹動画X金色のガッシュベルであります!!

Author's note: Narrator's voice is Bold. Mr. Caption is italicized. Italics without parentheses are character thoughts. (Parentheses) by themselves are things going on in the scene.

Chapter 1: Opening Monologue (Be quick with it Narrator!)

Narrator: Earth, or as it's known to aliens as Pekopon, is home to many aliens unknown to the Earthlings, or Pekoponians. Martians, Namekians, Sayians, and Oni, to name a few. But there is one race, which not only is great in numbers, but is the main focus of our show. This race is the Keronian race, with five members already stationed on Pekopon. These five members are the ARMPIT platoon. (Members of the platoon appear as the Narrator reads their names.) Sergeant Keroro, leader of the platoon and full-time idiot. Corporal Giroro, weapons specialist and extreme hot-head. Private 2nd Class Tamama, newest member and an obsessive stalker with a dark side. Sergeant Major Kululu, technology expert and mischievous prankster. And Lance Corporal Dororo …uh….um… I forgot that he was on the team. Hold on, let me check Keroro Wiki. (He's on his iPhone, hold on.) Ok, Ok, I remember, he's the assassin of the platoon and is always forgotten and depressed. These Keronians live with Pekoponians due to some mistranslations with their fleet. These Pekoponians have sworn (all except Natsumi, who would get rid of them in a minute) not to reveal the existence of the frogs to others. These Pekoponians are the Hinata family, Momoka Nishizawa, Koyuki Azumaya, and Mutsumi Saburo. However, a few other humans are aware of the frogs existence, including Angol Mois (Not a human, you idiot!), Paul Moriyama, and Alisa Southerncross, and a few aliens like Lavie and Kogoro. However, if you thought aliens were the only supernatural creatures on Pekopon, you were wrong. Legend has it that every 1,000 years, strange children that look like puppets are sighted near Pekoponians that are holding a strange book. Also wherever these pairs are seen…

(End of Chapter 1)