Sergeant Frog the Super Movie 6: Keronians vs. Mamodo; Sgt. Frog X Zatch Bell!

Author's note: Remember, Narrator's voice is Bold. Mr. Caption is (italicized). Italics without parentheses are character thoughts. Parentheses by themselves are things going on in the scene.

Chapter 8: The Search for the Claire Bible (Where is it?)

(In a restaurant in Sairaag, 4 people were sitting at a table devouring food at an endless amount. These 4 people were Lina inverse, Gourry Gabriev, Zelgadis Graywords, and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune.)


Gourry: IT'S MINE!


Zelgadis: We'll never get to Saillune.

(Suddenly, they hear screaming from the sky. Lina looks up and sees five frogs and five children fall straight on her face).

Keroro: Owe. My head. Kululu, where are we?

Kululu: Ku…ku…ku. According to my calculations, we're in the Slayers Universe, meaning the item we're after first is going to be the Claire Bible.

Dororo: Is it just me or do you guys feel an aura filled with rage.

(Little did they know that an extremely angry Lina was boiling behind them, ready to kill them).


Keroro: Me…It…was…me.


Keroro: OWWWWW!

(Meanwhile, back in their universe).

Natsumi: I like this girl.

(Back in the Slayers Universe).

Zelgadis: Lina! Control yourself!

Zatch: Hey! Don't attack him! We're the good guys!

Amelia: Good guys? You mean you too are believers and bringers of JUSTICE!

Zatch: Yes!

Zeno: Oh god. These guys are going to make me sick. (Zeno then started to walk away).

Tia: Where are you going Zeno?

Zeno: To look for the Claire Bible on my own. I can already tell this journey is going to move slowly with these people. (Zeno then vanished away).

Zatch: Zeno! Wait!

Giroro: Don't mind him. We have to find out where this Claire Bible is.

Zelgadis: Wait! Did you say the Claire Bible?

Giroro: Yes.

Zelgadis: We too are looking for the Claire Bible.

Keroro: Really? Mind if we tag along with you to look for it?

Lina: Come back to our cabin and explain this whole situation.

Narrator: I bet you though I wasn't going to be in this chapter huh? Well, too bad. The frogs need to pay attention to this show, half comedy, half action. A real anime show.

(Meanwhile, the group travelled back to the Slayers cabin and explained the situation to them).

Lina: I see. So these mamodo creatures come to your world every 1,000 years and two of them took control of one of your friends.

Keroro: Right.

Zelgadis: And now they're after the Claire Bible and two other objects.

Zatch: Right.

Amelia: Well this Midori and Murasaki people sound like oppressors of justice.

Zatch: They are, so we must follow the Heroes of Justice Plan to stop them!

Gourry: I'm sorry, but I'm lost.

Lina: Shut up Gourry.

Kululu: Kukuku. So would you mind pointing out where the location of the Claire Bible is so we can stop them from obtaining it?

Lina: Well, the Claire Bible is located at Dragon's Peak, which is in the Kataart Mountains, which is kind of far from here. Before that, we need to stop at the kingdom of Saillune first.

Zatch: That's okay, as long as we get to the Claire Bible before Midori, Fuyuki, and Murasaki get their hands on it.

Lina: Then it looks like we're off!

Zatch: On another exciting…

Keroro: adventure in another world!

Narrator: Oh great, here we go again.

(Our heroes journeyed near the gates of Sairaag before they ran into an old friend).

Lina: Alright, before we leave for Saillune, we need to get one more friend.

Gourry: Who's that?

Amelia: Mister Gourry, who's the only person we know to live in Saillune.

Gourry: Um…Pokota?

Lina: Gourry, you can't be this stupid can you?

Keroro: Y'know, right about now, Natsumi would be saying something to insult me.

Kanchomé: Hey, now that you mention it, we haven't heard from Folgore or the others in a while.

Kululu: Oops! That reminds me! I forgot to send him out with us!

(Kululu gets out a remote controller.)

Kululu: Clickie-po!

(Suddenly a portal opened up and a small robotic Keronian model flew out and crashed on Keroro.)

Keroro: Owe…

Robot: Greetings Master Kululu!

Kululu: This is the Robotic Universal Transmitter Device 3200. Otherwise known as Rokuku! Kukuku.

Rokuku: It's a pleasure to meet you all.

Lina: Hmm. This robot has swirl glasses just like the yellow frog. Doesn't that stand for something?

Zelgadis: Something tells me we don't want to know.

Rokuku: I'm equipped with a universal transporter for easy transportation to and from universes and a transmitter that allows easy casting of the mamodos' spells.

Zatch: Neat. So you'll allow us to talk to everyone in our universe.

Rokuku: That and vice versa!

Lina: Yeah that's swell and all but remember, this a race against the clock here! As I was saying, Gourry the pudding-brain, Sylphiel lives here you human dribble bag!

Keroro: Who's Sylphiel?

Amelia: Sylphiel is a priestess who is a master at white magic.

Zatch: There's magic in this world, too?

Voice: Yes, of course! But it's quite different from your mamodo spells!

Giroro: Who said that? (Giroro pulls out his guns. The Slayers characters shutter with fear.)

Amelia: That voice.

Zelgadis: That horrible voice!

Lina: That could only be one person.

Lina: And that person is…

(Lina turns to point at a tree. Everyone turns to see a man with purple hair and a staff sitting on the branch drinking tea.)

Lina: Xellos!

Xellos: Come now, Lina! Is that any way to treat an old friend of yours?

Tia: Who is this freak? He's creeping me and Ponygon out.

Ponygon: Meru…meru…me!

Xellos: Fear not, little girl and…strange…Pokémon creature! I am Xellos, the Mysterious Priest! I am acquainted with Miss Lina and her posse.

Tamama: Well, for you to be an acquainted with them, they sure fear you.

Dororo: Tamama's correct, why is it you fear Xellos so much?

Zelgadis: Because whenever he shows up, that means we're indirectly involved in something dire and world-threatening.

Lina: It's probably your Midori and Murasaki problem.

Xellos: Precisely!

Zatch: Hey! No one's explained magic in this world to me yet.

Voice: We could probably do that for you.

(Everyone turned to see Sylphiel and Pokota walking towards them.)

Gourry: Hey Sylphiel!

Sylphiel: Gourry dear!

Lina: Pokota, since when did you hang around with Sylphiel?

Pokota: I don't. I just happened to run into her on the way over here.

Lina: Wait? Why are you both heading over here?

Pokota: We're actually heading over to Saillune.

Amelia: Why?

Pokota: They said it's under attack by some psychic child.

Zeno: What!

(Zeno then appears out of seemingly nowhere.)

Rokuku: Ah! Master Zeno! I could have sworn you had left!

Zeno: I came back because I wanted to see how far you had come, but obviously not far enough. (Zeno grabs Pokota.) Listen, you little…Pokémon…thing! Tell me, what power did child poses?

Pokota: I heard it was dark magic!

Zeno: Murasaki! Quick, Robo Frog! Teleport us to Saillune!

Fillia: It won't do any good! He's learned of the location of the Claire Bible!

Lina: Fillia! Were you at Saillune?

Fillia: I barely made it out! Quick! I'll take you to Dragon's Peak!

(Fillia transforms into her golden dragon form as everyone jumps on and races to Dragon's peak. When they reached it, they ran into the portal to the dimension where the Claire Bible is located. There they saw Murasaki approaching the Claire Bible).

Murasaki: Oh, you guys are late for the party. (He then pulls out a jar and sucks the Claire Bible into it).

Xellos: He stole the legendary Claire Bible!

Zelgadis: Is that even possible?

Zeno: He just did it, didn't he?

Murasaki: Well, item #1 is off the list, now if you don't mind.

Giroro: Hold it. What prevents us from beating you to a pulp?

Murasaki: This. (He snaps his finger and from the distance, comes a jingling sound. From the darkness, comes the legendary priest, Rezo the Red Priest).

Lina: Rezo!

Zelgadis: But, we killed him!

Murasaki: Oh, don't worry. This one is what your world calls a copy. He's merely an empty shell of his true self.

Keroro: Then why did you bring him out.

Murasaki: I brought him out because even thought his body is an empty shell, his soul holds something dark and evil.

Lina: You…you don't mean…

Murasaki: He holds a piece of the Dark Lord Ruby Eye Shabranigdu.

Narrator: What…what happened. I just got back.

(Shut up! It's getting good! Read the chapter again.)

Murasaki: Damn Narrators! Anyways, Master Midori said that once the item was in my possession, I'm free to do whatever I want with the world. So I decide to destroy it since destruction is so fun.

Xellos: Wait, but it's not possible to resurrect the Dark Lord because not only did Miss Lina kill his physical body, but she also killed his soul.

Murasaki: Ah, but you forgot there are multiple pieces of Shabranigdu spread throughout your world. All I had to do was to take a piece of DNA from one of the pieces and combine it with Rezo's and… let's see the final product! Rezo! Open your eyes!

(The Rezo Copy slowly opened its eyes and started to morph into a red devil-like creature.)

Narrator: Thank god this is a fanfiction story and not an actual movie or else our target viewers would have nightmares for years from what we're seeing.


Murasaki: Well, I'm off to gather the Dragon Balls in the next universe. Ta-Ta. (Murasaki teleports out of that universe.)


(Rokuku then releases a satellite at brings up a hologram of everyone at the lab.)

Holographic Kiyo: Zatch! What's going on?

Zatch: Kiyo, look!

(Holographic Kiyo turned to see Shabranigdu rising in the background.)

Holographic Kiyo: OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT!

Zeno: No time to explain! Dufort! Cast the spell!

Holographic Dufort: Jigadirasu Uru Zakeruga! (Zeno then summons a gigantic, winged lightning creature from his hand.)

Zeno: Everyone! Summon your strongest spell to kill this thing!

Holographic Kiyo: Right! Baou Zakeruga! (Zatch summoned a large, electrical dragon from his mouth.)

Lina: Whoa! Look at the size of that!

Zelgadis: But they've got the right idea! Lina, me and Amelia will assist them while you charge up the only thing that can kill Shabranigdu.

Xellos: You don't mean…

Lina: The Giga Slave.

Keroro: Uh, don't mind me asking, but what's the Giga Slave?

Amelia: It the most powerful spell in the world and what Miss Lina used to kill the Dark Lord the last two times.

Xellos: It calls power from the ultimate being of this world and the only person stronger than even Shabranigdu, the Lord of Nightmares.

Lina: Listen everyone, when I cast the spell everyone else's spells must stop in order for it to be casted correctly.

Giroro: What would happen if it were casted incorrectly?

Sylphiel: It could destroy the whole world.

Lina: So everyone continue to weaken the Dark Lord while I cast the spell.

Everyone: Right!

Shabranigdu: Fools. It is useless to try to kill me. I shall once again plunge the world into a sea of chaos and destruction.

Lina: Rokuku. When I cast the spell, I need you teleport everyone else out of this universe when I cast the spell, okay?

Rokuku: Right!

(Everyone began to attack the Dark Lord with all the power they had as Lina chanted the spell.)

Lina: Darkness beyond blackest pitch
Deeper than the deepest night
Lord as vast as the largest ocean
Colder than the coldest ice
King of Darkness who shines like gold upon the Sea of Chaos
I call upon thee and swear myself to thee.
I stand ready to bear the strength you give me.
Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed
By the power you and I possess!

Zelgadis: Now Rokuku!

Rokuku: Roger! Teleportation sequence activated!

(All the Keronians and Mamodos then teleported out of the Slayers Universe as Lina finished off her spell.)

Shabranigdu: Nooo! Curse you, Lina Inverse!

(The Dark Lord was killed once again as a white-haired Lina took a huge sigh.)

Lina: Zatch. Keroro. Beat Midori and Murasaki. Save Fuyuki. We're counting on you.

(End of Chapter 8)