-Don: So, Mr. Author, you're sort of using this NFS WORLD meeting thing to get another story in your head out there?

-DC861: Maaaaaybe…

((NOTE: I don't encourage underage drinking. Experimenting is highly encouraged, however, as it teaches you to drink then, so you don't feel the need when you're older with a family.))

As we pulled off the highway, I talked about how nice this town was.

"It's a nice, open little town. You don't see many cops around, last time I was here, I saw 3 mucielagos and a DB-9, and it's got great lodging, along with a fantastic place to eat."

"Doesn't your god brother live here?" asked Ben.

"Yeah, actually. Maybe we could stay at his house. Ever since his parents moved to Malibu, he's had all of those ten-thousand-square feet to himself."

"Woah, big house. Anyway, does he have a garage?"

"Yeah. And, if we're careful, we can fit the Zonda and the Porsche inside."

"Why not my NSX?" Ben complained.

"1," I countered, "If it rains, do you really want an open top roadster with no targa top out in the street? 2, the aforementioned roadster with no top that costs a million dollars out on the street? 3, the rental million dollar car out on the street? 4, the 2015 porsche 918 spyder- with no top- out on the street?"

"Yeah, I guess it would be putting them sort of up for grabs…"

"Yeah," I chuckled. "No shit."

We pulled away from the mall and towards the suburbs. Damn, this town's STILL nice. It's either grass on one side of the street or the other, and it's got this small-town feel in a town that's bigger than Oakland. Cool. I got out, knocked on the door, and was greeted by my 19 year old god brother.

"Hey, 'sup Don?"

"Not much. How're you, Isaac?"

"I'm pretty good. Who are your friends?"

"These are Ben, Erin, and Isabel. Ben and Erin are a couple, same goes for Isabel and I. APPARENTLY." I glared at Isabel, and chuckled. She returned my grin.

"Wow. So, I'm guessing, you guys wanna crash here for the night?"

"How'd you guess?"

He invited us in, and we all sat down at his dining room table.

"Coke, anyone?" he offered. "Sprite? Beer?"

"I'll take a Coke," I replied.

"Sprite," said Ben.

"Beer," said Isabel and Erin at the same time.

"Oh really? Much more daring, I see." Isaac grinned.

"Cut it out, you three," I said.

We drank our beverages, played a little tournament NFS hot pursuit, and then headed to bed.

"Ben and Erin, you guys can take the master bedroom, Donald and Isabel, you guys get my old room. I'll take the guest room, I don't exactly need a double bed for one person."

"Wait, what?" Isabel looked at me funny.

"Don't worry, we're not going to bed for a while. I've got something to show you."

I let Ben and Erin to go to bed, and then I took Isaac over to the corner.

"Hey, if you hear anything outiside in about half an hour, it's just us. Don't worry."

"Got it."

Isabel and I headed over to our room for a conversation.

"What was that this morning?"

"Well, we HAVE been going out for 3 months. And I really do love you."

"I know. I love you too." She leaned forward to kiss me.

"No. We need to go somewhere else. It's almost midnight. Follow me, I've had to sneak out of this house before." We climbed out the window and hopped quietly down onto the awning above the pool deck. Shh, I motioned to her. We quietly jumped and rolled down onto the grass, and then went around to the front of the house. Fortunately. I had been planning this for three hours and remembered the keys. We rolled the Challenger down the street and started it at the corner.

Lucky I also remembered 2 bottles of corona.

"Where are we going?" Isabel asked as we drove down the street.

"I've known about this place for five years… Always lived up in Oakland, always known about an amazing spot up in the hills."

It was now almost 1 am. She convinced me to stop by starbucks and grab her a double espresso.

"You sure you're not addicted to caffine?" I joked.

We drove up to the parking lot just above the kiddy park, and that was where I switched onto the dirt trail.


The trail went up to the top of the hill, where it looked out over the entire west end of Thousand Oaks.

"Wow…" said Isabel. "It's almost like the rain back when I first told you…"

"You mean, almost as romantic?"


It was a warm night, so we got out of the car.

"So, you were saying? Back at the house?"

She leaned forward to kiss me. It was amazing.

((A/N: Now, sadly, I'd like to explain what a first kiss/makeout between a couple is like, but at the moment of writing, I have no idea. Be prepared for an update at a moment's notice! But for now, I'm going to skip that part. NEXT MORNING-))

I woke up back at the house, on the couch, next to Isabel. She slept so quietly…

"Mornin', sunshine." My god brother was on the chair next to the couch, playing NFS: The Run, very quietly.

"What time is it?" I inquiried.

"'Bout 9." Realizing I wasn't sure if he meant AM or PM, as I felt like I had slept for six months, he added "AM."

"Better than I would have guessed. We got home what, 3?"

"You still did better than Ben and Erin. They're still upstairs, fast asleep. Would check on them, but that would be a little creepy…"

"Wow. Yeah, little creepy."

"Hey, where did Ben get that car? I figured he just had that NSX."

"Yeah… It's fun to have a software designer for an uncle."

"Hey," said Isaac, lifting up his arms to display the house around him. "It's fun to have parents with a house in Malibu."

"Good point."

At this point. Ben came downstairs.

"Gooooooood morning," he sighed. At this, Isabel woke up.

"Wha- Huh? Where- ? Oh yeah…"

"Well, aren't we a little groggy?" I chided. "Need another espresso?"

"No, I think I need an asprin. My head HURTS…"

"No duh. You drank, like, four beers last night."

((KIDS! Beer = hangover.))

"Meh." She obviously didn't want to talk.

"I'm gonna go out to the safeway," I announced. "Back in an hour."

The Challenger hadn't changed much from last night. It was a little warmer from the sunlight, and there were no more beer bottles in the back seat, but Isabel's puke was still in a bag in the glove box. I stopped at a trash can and dumped it. No beer for you once we're in L. A., my friend.