"Uh, S, right there, oh my God... So good, don't stop, fuck—"

Santana Lopez was a fresh graduate with an architecture degree. Her unique college experience— care of her last name— was composed of 4 years of flawless grades, hot hook-ups and an unlimited allowance... She might be out in the real world now, but that didn't mean she had to start dealing with the harsh realities of life. She was the sole heiress to the successful chain of Lopez Hotels around the world, which meant she'd still be filthy rich even if she didn't work a day of her life.

With that said, she was also innately talented in her chosen field— rather than doodling star and hearts when she was younger, she busied herself with making relatively elaborate blueprints and floor plans, some of which were even used in the family business. She was only fifteen when she co-designed her first building for her father— she was a goddamn prodigy, a legendary architect in-the-making.

In all honesty, Santana didn't need to go to a real college, it's not like they could've taught her anything that she couldn't have learned from a highly paid mentor or from a private program. Plus, her surname made a diploma just an unnecessary piece of paper... She wanted to go to an actual college though and Santana always got what she wanted.

She was a gifted student, who maintained her grades despite the fact that she partied like crazy. She was also single her entire college life, which was quite a feat since she probably slept with every single hot girl in the area of her campus... Her college experience was definitely a fun one and she absolutely loved it.

But now that she was supposedly part of the 'working world', successful companies all over the world and even some of their rival hotels were trying to get her to sign on and work with them as their architect or designer. She couldn't care less about their offers though, she only took on projects when she was bored because most of the time, she only had one thing on her mind...


She was a self-proclaimed badass, who was undoubtedly gorgeous and sexy... A deadly combination for anyone with eyes. So far, she's had a perfect track record with her conquests, which were all incredibly satisfied by the Latina's skill in bed. "Fuck, that was amazing..." The naked blonde on her sheets mumbled out in a daze and Santana smirked, shrugging one of her shoulders nonchalantly.

"Hey, you should wake up, I'm going out in a while," Santana repeatedly poked the sleeping figure on her bed, rousing her awake.

"S, come on... We should just sleep some more, I'm still so tired, last night was insane— you were amazing..."

"Always am, but seriously, Britts, I need to go... I'll just call you soon, okay? We can do this again some other time."

"Fine, fine, I'm up... Geez, don't take too long next time, you know I need my Lopez loving," Brittany batted her eyelashes at her flirtatiously and got up from the kingsized hotel bed, picking up and putting on her discarded clothes from last night. Santana was smirking while she waited for the sexy blonde supermodel to leave her penthouse suite, chastely pecking Brittany on the lips goodbye before she exited the room.

When she was finally alone, she walked over to one of the large window panes in the space, which displayed a spectacular city view. On the 48th floor of 'El Lopez' in Los Angeles, she felt like she was on top of the world... She admired the view for a while— she was just 21, it was her God-given prerogative to enjoy life and the little things that accompany it.

Her iPhone ruined her peaceful moment though...

"Sup, Puck?"

"Yo, Lopez, I heard there's a new club opening in your hotel..."

"Yeah, so?"

"So... You're going to get me in VIP, right? I'm your best friend and you're going to need a wingman!"

"You and I both know that I don't need a wingman, my game is flawless," Santana reminded him, it was an arrogant statement but it was also the truth.

"Alright, that's true, but please... I know the chicks there are gonna be banging— come on, San, please." Puck was basically begging her to get his name on the list— he was right though, he was one of her closest friends in the world... So of course, she conceded.

"Fine, fine," she chuckled out, imagining the desperate look on Puck's face right now. "Be there around half past ten, then let's go hard tonight... I'm hoping there's going to be at least one person that catches my eye later. Ugh, I even called Britts last night cause all of these LA girls are boring me like crazy."

"Mm, you probably just slept with too many of them already..."

"That's true, bye, Puckerman," she dismissed him abruptly, ending the call.

She gazed back at the alluring cityscape view in front of her, silently hoping that she'll actually meet someone that could captivate her for more than a few hours and alcohol-laced-orgasms...

The brand new club they were in was packed— well, it was located in a Lopez hotel... Meaning, everyone who was anyone was there tonight. Santana and Puck were in the VIP area above, looking at the throngs of people below them from the railings of the private elevated floor. Santana was already feeling bored because all the women in the establishment looked exasperatingly ordinary to her...

"Lopez, wake up! You see anyone?"

"Puck... Does it look like there is anyone? Same kind of girls, same kind of sex, same old boring routine..."

"Santana, only you would be bored with having sex with hot girls... You're 21 and you're bored with sex— what the fuck?"

"I'm not bored with sex, I love sex," she corrected him, shaking her head through a sigh. "Sex is amazing... I'm just bored with the same kind of girls that throw themselves at me as soon as they find out my last name."

"Hey, I'd be thankful if my last name were Lopez," Puck told her, grinning. "Hey how about that chick? She looks like she's our age, but she isn't dressed like it..."

"Which one?" Santana scanned the space. "Oh wow, the blonde in the pencil skirt and the blazer?"

"Yeah, that one, she'll be different for sure..." Puck said, obviously kidding.

"Actually, bro, I'm game... I reckon she'd be interesting, she looks so mature but she's definitely not older than 25. I know what a MILF looks like and that girl is just dressing like a mom," the Latina replied, her gaze never leaving the blonde woman in question.

"You're jo—" Puck started but stopped when he realized that Santana already left his side and was headed down the stairs to talk to the stranger that caught her eye.

"Hey!" Santana stepped right in front of the blonde, greeting her rather obnoxiously. "Fancy seeing you here, Emma."


"Oh shit, I'm sorry I thought you were my secretary... Well, this is embarrassing, but she was wearing that exact outfit in the office this morning," Santana chuckled out and the blonde gawked at her, clearly insulted by the comment. "Mm, you do dress like her but she's old as fuck, and you look like you're around my age... So, how old are you?" Santana asked with a smirk but before the blonde could reply, she started talking again, cutting her off. "Wait, tell me after I get you a drink... Whatever you want."

"Don't worry, kid, it's been a while since I was seventeen... Oh and no thank you, I don't accept drinks from children," the blonde retorted, emphasizing a couple of her words while scowling at Santana.

Santana's smirk faltered for a split second, but she quickly turned her confidence back on. "Oh, is that so? Don't worry, baby, I'm all legal, we can have our fun..."

"Uhuh, this conversation is very entertaining but I need to go," the blonde replied sarcastically, turning towards the exit of the club.

Santana didn't get it— why the hell wasn't this woman falling for her 'natural charm'? "Wait!" She ran after her, dodging the people in between them. "I'm sorry about that, I guess I was a bit rude—" The blonde quirked an eyebrow at her and started turning around again. "Okay, okay, I was really rude! Again, I'm sorry... I'm Santana, by the way, I'm 21 and I actually just want to get to know you a little better." She was surprised at how honest she was being but there was just something about the good-looking stranger in front of her that intrigued her, something more than the usual 'try to get into my pants' attraction that she felt towards most women.

The blonde's facial expression softened for the first time during her whole interaction with Santana, and she finally relented when she saw the sincerity swirling in the brown orbs in front of her. "Hi, Santana, I'm Quinn and I'm 24 if you have to know... I really hope that I don't actually remind you of your secretary."

"No, no, Quinn! I guess that was a horrible way to start a conversation and you don't look old, I promise... You're- umm- you're really pretty," Santana blushed at her choice of words… She has told countless girls at lot cruder and more vulgar compliments without getting fazed at all, yet here she was turning red over calling Quinn pretty...

Quinn flashed Santana a shy smile, a set of tiny dimples appearing on her pale cheeks. "Okay, Santana... I give in, I'll take you up on that drink offer," Santana let out a big grin before guiding the blonde up to the VIP area. "Woah, how'd you get access to this place? You're not one of those super spoiled rich kids, right?" Quinn asked jokingly and Santana just shrugged her shoulders in response.

"It's easier to talk up here since we can control the volume, so like I won't need to yell at you over the music..." Santana explained, rubbing the back of her neck, feeling uncharacteristically nervous in Quinn's presence.

"Wow, where's the girl I was talking to a while ago?" Quinn wondered jokingly, observing how Santana did a complete 180 in a matter of minutes.

"I said that I was sorry," Santana said with a small pout, deciding she needed alcohol to calm herself down. "Come on, let's just get our drink on..." She asked one of the waiters in the area to get them a round of tequila and vodka shots, alongside a bottle of fine champagne.

Quinn stared, wide-eyed, at the large tray that the waiter brought back with him— mixing drinks was never a good idea. "Okay, its either you're an alcoholic or you're really trying to get me drunk..."

Santana shrugged again and smirked at Quinn. "Maybe both," she answered smoothly before winking at Quinn, handing her two shot glasses filled to the brim with liquor afterwards. "Bottoms up!"

They both winced at the taste, Quinn never used a vodka shot as a chaser before... She'd like to think that she had a pretty high alcohol tolerance but this was just crazy. Let's just say that after 30 minutes of drinking and talking, they were both pretty fucking wasted. Santana looked at Quinn and even in the dim light of the club, she could see how beautiful the blonde's eyes were. Hazel orbs of pure—

"Hey, snap out of it," Quinn waved a hand in front of her face, taking her away from her thoughts.

"I'm sorry, your eyes are just amazingly distracting," Santana said sincerely, which made Quinn's cheeks blush.

The blonde wasn't used to getting attention from someone like Santana, she stood up from the couch and also pulled the Latina to her feet. Quinn started impulsively dancing with Santana and soon they started grinding on each other, their bodies moving in-sync to the music.

Quinn hands were all over Santana, she knew it was wrong but she didn't give a fuck anymore— blame it on the alcohol? She pressed her forehead onto the Latina's before abruptly crashing their lips together, making sure to quickly deepen the kiss. Of course, Santana was more than willing to participate. Their tongues battled for dominance and Santana felt like she was going insane, she has never felt a kiss that great before… And she was pretty experienced in that particular aspect of life.

When they finally broke it off to catch their breaths, Quinn cupped Santana's cheek and husked out a question. "You have a room here?" Santana didn't even vocalize an answer, she just did her best to fight off the effects of the alcohol in her system while she dragged Quinn with her out of the club and then led the way up to her penthouse suite.

When Quinn got in the hotel room she was amazed— how can a 21 year old afford to stay in a room like this? She quickly forgot about it though when she felt Santana's arms around her waist, and she spun around to kiss the Latina again. Their kiss was deep and filled with incandescent passion... Santana tried her best to guide them into the bedroom without breaking the kiss.

She needed to keep kissing the blonde...

She expertly opened the bedroom door without even looking, and continued to pull Quinn towards the bed, when the back of her knees hit the mattress, she finally broke the lip-lock. Panting for air, she began tugging the blonde's skirt down... "Off," she rasped out breathlessly, and the blonde complied with the request, tearing off her clothes pretty quickly and leaving her body clad in nothing but her set of lace underwear.

Santana was amazed by Quinn's body, the blonde was just so lean and sexy— the clothes she was wearing a while ago did not do her body justice at all... She licked her lips before kissing Quinn again and again, reversing their positions and making Quinn lay on the bed. She attached herself to the blonde's neck and started skilfully sucking on Quinn's pulse point, not worried about leaving marks on the ivory skin.

Quinn was arching her back, trying to get some more contact with the Latina. "Wait San, your- uh- clothes... Take them off," the blonde breathed out airily, her hands gripping whatever they could hold onto.

Santana detached herself from Quinn for a couple of seconds, removing her red dress faster than what she even thought was humanly possible. She was glad that she decided not to wear panties tonight, thus it was easy for her to just remove her bra and return to the job at hand...

Quinn eyed Santana's body lustfully— the Latina was so freaking sexy in the skin-tight red dress, but her killer body completely naked was just fucking undefinable. The perfect sized boobs, the amazing abs, and the incredibly long legs— all covered in beautiful caramel skin...

Santana moved lower Quinn's body and removed the blonde's annoying bra, sliding its straps off her shoulders. She took a moment to take in the sight of the beautiful creamy breasts in front of her and kisses Quinn on the lips again before gently massaging the two mounds with both of her hands. She broke the kiss to move her mouth downwards and suck on Quinn's perky pink nipples.

"Fuck, Santana— oh God, please," Quinn moaned out loudly, curving her back reflexively, trying to feel more.

It felt so good... Everything felt so good.

Once Quinn's chest got enough attention, the Latina released the mound that she was sucking on with an audible pop... She flashed Quinn a sly grin before she trailed down the blonde's body with her tongue, making sure to lick as much of the pale skin as she could, up until she was face to face with Quinn's panties, which were completely soaked by now. She licked over them and Quinn groaned at the extremely light contact, Santana then started giving attention to the blonde's sexy legs, sucking on and kissing Quinn's inner thighs.

"Santana, fuck, please stop teasing me—" Quinn groaned out loudly, blindly moving her hips in an attempt to get some pressure where she needed it the most, the Latina's arms prevented her from moving too much though... Her skin felt like it was on fire, a fire that no one but Santana could extinguish.

Santana looked up and made sure that she locked eyes with the hazel ones above her while continuing her sexual assault near the blonde's center. "What—" kiss "do—" lick "you—" kiss "need—" lick "Quinn?" She followed up her torturously drawn-out statement with one of her signature Santana Lopez smirks.

Quinn whimpered desperately, she never needed to be touched this badly in her life... Her panties were drenched and she fucking needed her release— now. "You, I need you to make me come, please uhh—" Her begging was replaced with moaning as soon as Santana cupped her center, feeling how wet the blonde really was for the first time.

Santana finally removed the ruined black lacy panties, and the sight of Quinn's glistening center made Santana's mouth water in anticipation. She wasted no more time, quickly running her tongue over the entire length of the blonde's slit... "God damn it, you taste so fucking good."

"Holy shit—" Quinn was kind of embarrassed by how her body was already reacting to Santana's ministrations, she felt like she was going to come already and to think, Santana hasn't even been down there for 5 minutes...

Santana's lips curled up into a smirk again, knowing that Quinn was already pretty close. She relentlessly started sucking on the blonde's clit and continued licking at her center, alternating between the two actions... After a while, Quinn was already writhing in pure pleasure underneath her, only holding back to make the indescribable experience and feeling last a little longer.

When Santana finally penetrated Quinn's opening with her tongue, the blonde lost it... She was sent over the edge, experiencing one of the best orgasms in her life. Her body was shaking hard but Santana kept going, so the blonde could ride out the feeling for as long as possible. When Quinn finally came down from her euphoric high, she couldn't believe it, she's never felt anything like that before...

By the time her eyes were able to focus again, she saw that Santana was wearing a smug look on her face. "I'm amazing, don't you thi—" Before the Latina could even finish her cocky sentence, their roles were reversed and Quinn was on top of her, their lips crashing against each other's once more.

Quinn did not disappoint her— not at all— Santana was also shaking uncontrollably after the blonde was done with her. The Latina didn't think she has ever came that hard before and she even passed out right after, her last coherent thought was about the amazingness of the blonde encompassed in her arms.

Santana woke up the next morning, feeling the horrible after-effects of all the alcohol she drank the night before and then she remembered the epic sex she had with a certain blonde quasi-stranger... She started to blindly pat the space beside her, trying to reach for Quinn but she felt nothing.

Her eyelids shot open and she saw a cold empty space where she expected to see the woman that she slept with the night before. She felt something strange in her chest, an unfamiliar feeling that she couldn't name...

Why was this hook up any different from all the others?

Santana fucked around with a lot of girls and she was usually happy if they were gone in the morning, it meant that she didn't have to deal with awkwardness of kicking them out...

Why was Quinn any different?

Santana just groaned and grabbed some pain killers, forcing herself back to sleep right after she took them.

She was 21, she shouldn't be thinking about a random girl this much...

Falling in love was for 'grown ups', right?