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Itachi x Kagome x Sasuke

Rated: M

Blue eyes glanced between the two brothers with a hint of amusement.

"You know," Kagome laughed a bit, the sheet loosening around her chest a bit, "I kinda expected me to be so hesitant about this," She gestured vaguely between the three of them, "Not the oh-so-powerful Uchiha brothers." She had been the most hesitant of having a threesome with Itachi and Sasuke in the first place.

Sasuke snorted, "You're not exactly seeing your sibling like this," He said, "It's just..." He struggled to say something – anything – but nothing seemed to spill from his mouth.

"Foolish Otouto," Itachi sighed, "You may leave at any time you wish." He simply said, not as conscious about his lack of clothes as Sasuke seemed to be.

"It is a bit odd, though," Kagome tilted her head, giving Sasuke a teasing glance (which he responded with a glare), "With the way you worshipped your brother when you were younger, I would've thought that you would have no problem with this!" She laughed when Sasuke barely flushed and put in the last word before he disappeared in a puff of smoke, obviously flustered by the whole situation.

"If you hadn't noticed, this is practically incest!"