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It was Halloween night in 1981 and in Godric's Hollow, in a small house a young boy giggled as his father made puffs of colorful smoke appear out of the end of his wand. The young boy's mother was in the kitchen, when there doorbell rang, which silence everything in the house.

The door bell never rang at the Potters. Sirius, Remus, or Peter would just walk straight in, and they were the only people to ever visit. It rang again.

"James? Lily?" a familiar voice called form the other side of the door. "I wondered if I could have a word?"

Lily being closer to the door opened it to let in Professor Dumbledore. Lily showed him into the living room where she sat with James and Harry.

"Sorry to drop by like this but I was wondering if you had come any closer to-" but Dumbledore's sentence was cut off by a sudden noise outside and Harry began to quietly cry. This worried the three adults as Harry, even as a baby was very good at reading people and was always a little uneasy around Peter. This had always made everybody a little suspicious, but pushed that thought away. Peter wasn't dangerous!

Shadows past the living room windows, James jumped up and gave Harry to Lily.

"It's him Lily! Take Harry and go!"

Lily rushed upstairs to Harry's nursery and James and Dumbledore stayed down stairs to protect them. The front door was blasted off its hinges and Voldemort walked over the threshold.

"Where's the child? He is the only one I need," came the high, cold voice from under the hood.

"You will leave my family alone!" James cried.

"Very well, Avada Kad-" Voldemort had been cut off by a simple disarming charm by Dumbledore. An eerie smile over took Volemort's face.

"Very well old man, the father may not have to die, but the Mudblood mother will have to." And in cloud of black Voldemort had rushed Dumbledore grabbed his wand and disappeared upstairs.

James was half way up stairs when Lily screamed. James rushed into Harry's room just as the cure left Voldemort's lips, putting all his speed into it James slammed Lily into the floor, the cure when sailing over them and directly at Harry. The cure seemed to rebound off of the toddler's forehead and hit its caster. Voldemort vanished into nothing just as the house exploded with power from the destroyed dark lord.

James head onto his wife for dear life as the heat from the explosion knocked them unconscious and little Harry cried in his cot for his parents. Dumbledore rushed into the room – or what was left of it - then to Harry, to make sure he was ok. After his examination was complete he walked over to the unconscious figures on the grown and checked of a pulse. Upon finding one he swiftly picked up Harry and a cuddly toy Stag from his cot and apperated the little family to St. Mungos.

The couple was rushed into a room to be checked over and Albus was left with Harry, he had sent a portunas to the Weasley family to come a look over Harry while his parents were in hospital.

The sound of the ward doors opening made Albus stand up, expecting to great the Weasley, but instead saw Sirius Black making his way down the ward towards him.

"What are you doing here?" Albus asked coldly as Harry reached his hands out to his godfather saying 'Pa-foot'.

"I'm here to see how my godson and best friends are doing, that's what! Now give me Harry!" Sirius yelled. He had only just found out that he friends were very close to death and Dumbledore was stopping him from seeing them!

"I can't believe you would even show your face here after what you did!" Albus was angrier that he had ever been, this man had been James friend for years and selling him out now…

"What? What did I do?"

Dumbledore never got the chance to answer and Remus Lupin came running down the ward towards him. Upon seeing Sirius his expression turned grim and his hands found his best friends throat.

"You! How could you do this to them! They were your friends!" Remus shouted into the other man's face.

"Do what?" Asked Sirius. Why was every one acting like James and Lily being found by Voldemort was his fault. Why? It's not like he had been their secret keeper – it had been Peter! Oh! But nobody but he and James knew that.

"Wait Moony, it wasn't me! I want the secret keeper! We changed it! Me and James!" Sirius yelled at his friend. Remus' grip slackened slightly but he didn't let go.

"Why should I believe you? And how do I know you're telling the truth? James would have told me if he'd changed!" Remus had to admit he was confused.

"Yes Sirius," Dumbledore said, "James would have told us all if he had changed secret keepers."

"But then it's obvious. Me and James knew that one of us in the group couldn't be trusted and to be honest we thought it was Moony. I'm ashamed to say it but we did. I mean who'd ever think it'd be Peter, he wasn't good at anything and was always a coward, so I thought that if we made Peter the secret keeper but told everyone it was me then no one would ever find them. It never crossed my mind that Peter could be a Death Eather. Didn't think he had it in him! And I'm sorry in some ways this is my fault and I'll do a veritarsirum test after I make sure that my godson and best friends are alright!" by the end of his little speech Sirius was panting.

Remus let go of his friend and pulled him into a hug.

"I'm so sorry I blamed you."

"And I'm sorry I thought that you would betray us."

There was a few minutes silence broken by Harry.


Chuckling slightly Sirius took Harry from the headmaster and sat down with him.

"Right men, I must go and organize a hearing for Sirius at the ministry. Both of you follow me when the Weasleys get here and leave Harry with them."

"Yes Sir." They both sat down, to wait for news