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Chapter 2

Normal POV

"Excuse me, Mr Black?"

The woman's voice shook Sirius and Remus out of their half asleep state.

"I'm here to look after harry while you go to the ministry with Professor Dumbledore," She said.

The pair looked up to see a kind faced, short and slightly plump woman with bright red hair and four children. She was holding a baby, only a few months old and the two oldest boys each held the hand of a toddler about Harry's age.

"Ah, yes. You must be Molly Weasley. Call me Sirius please," she smiled kindly at him "And who are these little people?" Sirius asked.

"I'm not little," said the tallest of all the children, "I'm ten and I'm the oldest" on the last bit he crossed his little arms as best he could, while still holding his younger brothers hand, and stuck his tongue out at Sirius, who did the same in return.

"Bill, be polite," Molly scolded the child, who was now having a funny face war with Sirius, much to the amusement of the small toddle to his right and Harry in Remus' arms.

"Sorry about him," Remus said motioning to Sirius, "he never really did mature."

"It's quite alright, I'm Molly by the way, and the one having a face war with Sirius is William, but we all just call him Bill. The next is Charlie and the toddler in the middle is Ron, I bought him here because he's Harry's age you see, and this is Ginny. I didn't really want to leave her at home with the twins, there at that stage where everything must be poked and prodded until it breaks or cries. No, they're at home with Arthur and Percy."

"Oh, that quite alright, this is Harry," Remus said, jostling laughing baby in his arms, bringing Harry's attention to Molly instead of the battling boys. He looked at Molly and waved who laughed a little and gave a small wave in return.

"Harry, this nice lady is Molly. She's going to look after you while me and Padfoot go to work for a while. Is that ok?" he asked the little boy, using the term work instead of ministry because that's how he understood it, as James and Sirius worked there, it was just known as work.

Harry nodded and gave a soft 'bu-bi un-cy moo, bu-bi pa'foo'' as he could not yet speak properly, and the two men kissed his head and stet him upon the floor next to Ron.

"See you later Molly and thank you for this." Remus had thanked her on his way out.

"Not a problem dear. Not a problem. Do you want me to send you a partronas if they wake up before you return?"

"That would be brilliant, thank you. Come on Sirius, time to go."

Sirius seemed to not want to give up on his war with Bill as they had both been doing so well, and could have possible continued for hours if given the choice. In the end deciding on a re-match when they returned later, Sirius eventually left after Remus.

Molly sighed and took a seat with Ginny in her arms and watched as Harry and Ron played with the toy stag and seemed to be having a real conversation in their baby/toddler language, while Bill and Charlie had an animated talk about Quidditch.

At the Ministry

"So, and let me get this straight, you want me to give a blatantly guilty man a trial for something he has obviously done?" Crouch asked, looking at Dumbledore as if he had two heads.

"That's right, because you see, how do we know he has done this crime? And how, pray tell, is it obviously his fault?" the old headmaster asked in a cool voice.

"Well he was their secret keeper, was he not? Who else could have done it?" asked and exasperated Crouch.

"Well yes, but the thing is, Sirius Black was not the Potter's secret keeper," at this Dumbledore raised a hand to silence Crouch who was about to interrupt. "The Potter's real secret keeper was indeed, Peter Pettigrew."

"And why would they choose him?" Crouch seemed utterly bewildered by the choice. "He has no extraordinary magical talent, cannot defend himself and is all in all a poor choice for a secret keeper."

"And that is exactly why he was chosen for the job. James and Sirius knew that someone in their close group of friends was untrustworthy, and unknowingly suspected the wrong person. Sirius had the idea that if they changed the secret keeping, keeping it only between himself, Lily and James then everybody would be too busy chasing him to notice he was the wrong person. Not to mention, why would you chose the person least talented at magic in the whole group? You wouldn't. I was a very cleaver Red Herring, but alas, Peter has turned out to be a traitor."

"But what I am to tell the public. They all think that Black is guilty and out for little Harry Potter's blood. It could ruin my career to let him go!" Crouch seemed to think that Dumbledore's age was getting to him.

"No, Barty, what would ruin your career is sending an innocent man to a life time in Azkaban without a trial." Replied Dumbledore still in a cool, calm voice. "He himself has told me that he is willing to go under Veritaserum to prove his innocents."

Letting out an exasperated sigh Barty gave in. "Fine where is he?"

"On his way with Mr Lupin. They are waiting until Mrs Weasley comes to take care of Harry."

As the headmaster sentence was finished Sirius and Remus rounded the corner and stood on either side of the old man.

"Now that they are here, may we begin? I have already sent some Auror's to collect some Veritaserum from Hogwarts. It will be accompanied the whole way, so there is no change of it being tampered with." Albus asked.

There really was no other option but to give the man a trial.

"Yes, of course. Right this way," and Crouch led them into the court room, already full of the Wizengamot. Sirius took his set in the middle of the room while Remus sat in the stands and Dumbledore took his seat as the head of the Wizengamot.

All everybody was waiting for was the arrival of the Veritaserum.