"So, Agent David…" Tony said softly with a mischievous grin, his eyes running up and down his partner's body. "What is it that you came in here to do?"

Ziva lifted a finger and traced patterns on Tony's chest, feeling his heart beat faster by the second, their bodies dangerously close. She stood on her tiptoes and whispered seductively in his ear:

"I suppose that depends on what you want to do."

Any inhibitions Tony had had up to that point flew out the window at that point, and that was clear to both of them. Their lips crashed together in an explosion of passion and recklessness, and it was not long before their hands began to wander. His lips moved to her neck, and she leant back on the countertop behind them.

He opened his eyes to whisper something in her ear, but before he could he froze, eyes wide, body unmoving. A tiny noise escaped his lips: "Uh oh."

Ziva sat up a little. "Tony? What's - "

"Agent David!" a voice barked, and she froze too. This was not good.

"Gibbs, I - "

"Unless you've caught my killer, no nooners!" Tony watched Gibbs turn around and slam the bathroom door, though not before murmuring, "I need coffee" under his breath.

"I guess we better get back out there," Tony said, a little awkwardly.

"Actually," Ziva said, pulling a photo out of her pocket. "This man was apprehended by local LEOs half an hour ago. His prints were at the crime scene. He is on his way here to be interrogated."

Her eyebrow twitched suggestively.

"You're good, Agent David. Very good."