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Hee… hee… he…?  rubs the back of her neck  Hi, everybody. Yes believe it or not, White-wolf (now named white-wolf2) is back after a long… break?… Ah, well… if you have forgotten me… well not me, but just my story… (which I have to admit I had forgotten what has happened before reading it again)… this is what has happened to refresh your memory. 

Coughs and puts on her narrative voice

This is an Alanna-is-a-lady-and-now-must-find-a -husband story.

Basically, Alanna goes to the palace. Alanna and Jon hate each other at first. George dislikes Alanna. Alex and Roger are planning something Bad… Alex takes Alanna to a ball, he is meant to watch Alanna, but he ends up liking her… Jon in the meantime, starts to like Alanna… Alex kisses Alanna, and Jon ends up in a fistfight with Alex…

Last updated: Only The Great Goddess knows when… and maybe … ohhhh I think it has been about a year gulp

Still don't know the story, chances are, you haven't read it, but these are my fav. Quotes:

Chapter 5:

'"Because my gift tell me that you are a nice person, even though you have a temper, and you look and sound like you're in a bit of trouble," he said a-matter-o-factly.

"Well my gift says whatever your gift says doesn't matter because it is inferior and that it should keep its opinion to itself!"'

Chapter 6:

'"If you will excuse me…" he started.

"I wont, but go anyway," she cut in smoothly.

"My lady, you have about as much charm as a snake!"

"And you have about as much as a goat. Good day to you, goat sir."'

Chapter 12:

He frowned at her. "Are you mimicking me?"

"Are you mimicking me?" She muttered under her breath and to him she said. "I was quoting you."

"You were mimicking me! And you did again just then!"'

Chapter 20:

That little evil smile on her face just got a lot wider. George got up and went to his room, but not before he heard Croak mutter to Alanna, "Don't mind him. He's in a grouch today."

On with the story… High-ho-Silver…. And Away!!!

Alanna sat on a lace-covered cushion, placed on a hard wooded chair facing her window. She was wearing a plain, almost white, pastel blue dress, which was favourable among the court ladies in this era of time. Her fiery-red hair cascading down her back caught the gleam of the sun on the heavenly warm autumn's day. The gleam of the coal necklace, situated snugly around Alanna's neck, reflected the light of the sun onto her chamber's walls.

It had been at least a week since she had found the necklace on her windowsill…

Flashback…. ghostly sounds (A/N: my second flashback for this story!)

Alanna bundled the dress she was wearing the night before, in her arms. She was planning to throw it out the window, to show what she thought the whole episode last night. But due to her furious mind, her actions became sloppy and hurried. So when she bundled the dress in a ball so she could carry it –and throw it- a "little" bit of the dress dangled down, still draping on the floor -partly because of her height. It was this "tiny" bit of dress, which caused Alanna the "joy" of finding the necklace... and caused her to loose a bit of money to the healers.

With her dress in hand, Alanna took a giant step towards the open window, and of course, she tripped on the "minuscule" piece of her dress. Since Alanna threw her dress quite close to the window when she took it off to put on her nightgown last night, there wasn't that much room to fall. So much to Alanna's despair her foot yanked the dress out of her arms and she went flying… right into the windowsill.

Of course things could have been much worse, for example, her body could have flow out through to window onto some unsuspecting fat-noble-man, or some bony-noble-women with knitting needles. But no. Her teeth crashed into the windowsill instead.

With a mouth full of blood, but still with all her teeth intact, maybe "slightly" wobbling, Alanna took a shaking seat on her small windowsill. Well tried too. She sat directly on the necklace, making her jump and slip off the windowsill, onto her hard floor.

Now if she wasn't angry enough at some so-called-men, the dress episode, and her teeth nearly being knocked loose of her skull, the necklace pushed her over the edge.

Naturally she was slightly baffled at first, and slightly shaken by the events that had taken place in that minute. Alanna let out a string of curses, which no noble-born lady should know. The ones that she had learnt by overhearing her one-time guardian, Coram. Picking up the Goddess-damned stone she threw it out the window, which wasn't the smartest thing to do. Oh, it flew true enough; she also heard a slight yelp from someone -which was a plus- but to create the force to make sure it would make it out the window, Alanna had to take a step. She did so without thinking, which wasn't a good thing, considering she was standing on her slippery dress. The dress slipped from right beneath her feet and she fell forwards once again… and hit her forehead on windowsill. 

Apparently Thom had found her not long later she knocked herself unconscious and took her to the healers, where she had woken up a couple of hours later, with her teeth firmly back in her head and a bill for the healer how had worked on her.

When she was able to get up, she headed back to her room, only to find a note on the table next to her bed. It said:


              'I believe this is yours.'

It wasn't till then that she realised what was holding the note down… that cursed necklace.

End of flashback

Alanna slammed the book she was reading shut. Either someone had ventured into her room to put the necklace on the table by her bed, or it magically appeared there. Neither of the two choices appealed to Alanna at all.

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