Note: First of all this main idea came from "Van", so my thanks go to this person for this idea. This will be a short story only a few Scenes.

Summary: Natalie gets ill and demands that Stephen takes care of her.

Caring for Natalie

Scene One

Nat: Stephen makes his way to the meeting room where team is waiting for him, when he realised Natalie was still in her office. Stephen walked over to her office but she didn't even realise he was standing there.

Stephen: Natalie!

(Natalie was leaning her head against her hand looking down at some paper on her desk)

Natalie: Yes!

Stephen: Meeting!

(Natalie looked up towards Stephen but still learning her head on her hand)

Natalie: Meeting! What meeting?

Stephen: I arranged this morning for everyone to meet me at four.

Natalie: Oh yes I must of forgotten!

(Natalie pushed her chair back and stood up so quickly she started swaying on her feet a bit)

Stephen: Natalie, are you alright?

(Natalie caught hold of the edge of her desk with both hands to steady herself)

Natalie: I'm fine, just haven't been sleeping well.

(Stephen walked up closer to Natalie)

Stephen: Your face is all red!

(Stephen touched the forehead with the back of his hand)

Stephen: You're burning up!

(Natalie took a step away from Stephen still learning on her desk)

Natalie: Just a slight fever.

(Stephen had quite a worried look on his face)

Natalie: Just a cold… Now this meeting!

(Natalie slowly let go of her desk then unsteady made her way towards her office door)

Stephen: Natalie!

(Natalie stop in her doorway and slowly turned to face Stephen)

Natalie: What?

Stephen: Are you sure you're alright?

Natalie: Stephen I am fine. Now can please get on with this meeting.

(Stephen slowly walked towards Natalie as Natalie turned and walked ahead of him)

Nat: About an hour later they were all still in the meeting as Kate poked her head in.

Kate: Still here?

(Everyone turned to look at Kate)

Stephen: Yes some of us still have work to do.

Kate: Anything I can help with?

Stephen: No we have this almost wrapped up now.

Kate: Fine, I'll leave you all to it.

(Kate turned to leave)

Kate: Oh Natalie!

(Kate turns back to face them and eyes landing on Natalie)

Kate: Have you finished looking at that file I put on your desk this morning?

(Natalie didn't answer just continued to look towards Kate)

Kate: Natalie!

(Everyone turned to look at Natalie as Kate walked towards her)

Eva: Natalie, are you alright?

(Eva waved her hand in front of Natalie as Natalie started blinking her eyes and turned to look at Eva)

Natalie: Yes Eva!

Eva: You blanked out for a minute there.

Natalie: Did I?

Kate: Natalie!

(Kate placed a hand on her shoulder as Natalie turned to face her)

Kate: I was asking you about the file.

Natalie: What file is that?

Kate: The one I put on your desk this morning.

Natalie: Oh yes I've finished with it; I'll go and get it for you.

(Natalie started to stand up but she couldn't and fall back onto her chair again)

Kate: Natalie what's wrong?

Natalie: Can't you lot stop asking me that. I'm fine, just a slight cold!

Kate: If you're sure Natalie?

Natalie: Yes I'm very sure.

Kate: Never mind I'll get the file from you in the morning.

(Kate walked out towards the door then turned around to face Stephen who was still looking at Natalie)

Kate: Stephen!

(Stephen slowly turned his head to Kate)

Kate: I think it's time you called an end to this meeting.

Stephen: When am ready to.

(Kate turned to face Natalie then back to Stephen)

Kate: I think everyone has had enough.

Stephen: When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.

(Kate stared right back at Stephen then turned around and heading out the door)

Natalie: If everyone doesn't mind I think I need to go home and lie down.

(Stephen turned back to Natalie)

Stephen: Of course you go home and get some rest.

(Natalie stood up and learned against the table)

Natalie: Goodnight all!

(Natalie slowly but unsteady walked towards the door)

Stephen: Natalie!

(Natalie slowly turned back to Stephen as Stephen walked up to her and talked quietly to her)

Stephen: If you need tomorrow off…

Natalie: Stephen, I don't need any time off. I'll see you in the morning.

(Natalie walked out the door put as she pushed the door open she went swaying on her feet towards the door she had opened)

Stephen: Nat!

(Stephen reached out and caught Natalie in his arms and Natalie turned to look up at Stephen)

Natalie: Oh thanks!

(Stephen slowly reached a hand up and removed a strand of hair away from her face)

Stephen: What would you do without me?

(Natalie smiled at Stephen then slowly closed her eyes and her head flew to the side as everyone else rushed over)

Miles: What happened?

Eva: Is she alright?

Stephen: She has fainted!

(Stephen picked Natalie up bridal style and walked away from the others)

End of Scene One

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