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Caring for Natalie

Scene Ten

Nat: Stephen was looking at Natalie's clipboard when there was a knock at the door. Stephen glazed up towards the door as it opened and the other doctor poked his around the door.

Doctor: Hey, how is everything going?

(Stephen looked back down at the clipboard)

Stephen: Not good!

(The doctor walked into the room and stood beside Stephen and looked at Natalie)

Stephen: Natalie's blood pressure is getting really low.

(The Doctor looked down at the clipboard)

Doctor: Dr Durant must be a real fighter!

Stephen: That's Natalie for you, but if it gets any lower….

(Stephen went quiet and the Doctor looks back at Natalie)

Doctor: I heard you found a rash on her neck.

(Stephen looked up from the clipboard and looked straight at Natalie too)

Stephen: Yes!

(Stephen put the clipboard back on the bottom of the bed)

Stephen: I'll show you.

(Stephen walked to the top of the bed and placed his hands gently on Natalie's neck; next to the rash)

Stephen: It was red but now it's starting to turn blue.

Doctor: Blue?

(The doctor walked beside Stephen and took a closer look to Natalie's neck)

Doctor: Strange!

(Stephen removed his hand and looked back at the other doctor)

Stephen: I also hear none of the other patients have this rash on their necks.

(The doctor looks back up at Stephen)

Doctor: You know as well as I do, that each patient develops different symptoms in this rare disease.

(Stephen looked up towards the ceiling and start cursing under his breath)

Doctor: I know you won't admit that Dr Durant has this disease, but I mean look how this has been going so far.

(Stephen looked down at Natalie and slowly placed his hand on Natalie's arm)

Stephen: I will prove it, if it's the last thing I do!

(There was a knock at the door and Miles poked his head around the door)

Miles: Stephen!

(Stephen looked up at miles)

Miles: Can I have a word?

(Stephen nodded his head and Miles moved away from the door)

Stephen: Can you stay with her for a moment please?

Doctor: Of course.

(Stephen walked out the door and faced Miles)

Stephen: What do you have?

Miles: I have made a list of how the other patients are doing?

(Miles passed Stephen a notepad)

Stephen: I don't need a school report on all the patients!

Miles: But if you look at their symptoms and the timing of when they appear and disappear.

(Stephen looks down at the notepad)

Stephen: Disappear! Are you saying they keep reappearing after they disappear?

(Miles nods his head)

Miles: Not only those, some of the symptoms are blue.

(Stephen stares at Miles)

Stephen: Blue!

Miles: Some of the symptoms are welts or even bruises.

(Stephen looked at the notepad and back to Miles again)

Stephen: You might just have something useful here.

Miles: You said Natalie has a rash on her face. Is it starting to come out blue?

Stephen: Yes it is!

Miles: I think you have been right all along; I don't think any of these patients have Pneumonia. I have never heard of symptoms turning blue in this disease.

Stephen: Me neither!

Miles: I'm not sure what it can be, but it certainly can't be that.

Stephen: You're learning fast!

Miles: What could this be then?

Stephen: I'm not sure myself…. Let Eva and frank know what you have found, then continue observing the patients.

Miles: Will do!

(Stephen ripped of the few sheets of paper with the notes on them and handed the pad next to Miles)

Stephen: See what else you can come up with.

(Miles walked away and Stephen walked back into Natalie's room)

End of Scene Ten

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