Caring For Nataile

Scene Twelve

Nat: There was a knock at the door and Stephen turned his head away from Natalie to face the door and saw Frank poking his head through.

Frank: Can I have a quick word?

(Stephen nodded his head and took one last look at Natalie and walked over to the door and followed Frank out into the corridor)

Stephen: Please tell me you found out what this is?

Frank: I wouldn't quite go that far.

(Stephen slowly lifted his head to face the celling)

Frank: But I did find something that might help.

(Stephen looked back at Frank)

Frank: First of all I found nothing at Natalie's place; it's spotless!

(Stephen glared at Frank)

Frank: In the medical room that Natalie usually uses, I did find something….

(Frank went quite for a second)

Stephen: What something?

Frank: …. That's the thing I'm not sure what it is, I've never seen it before.

Stephen: Let me see.

(Stephen reached his hand out towards Frank)

Frank: I sent it straight to the lab they should have an answer in a few hours or so.

(Stephen lowered his hand back)

Stephen: Great, just when we need Natalie's help!

Frank: Yeah, she would have results within minutes.

Stephen: Describe to me what you saw.

Frank: Well it was traces from finger marks on all the usual places; the med bed, the door handles, light switches and even on layers of the counter top.

Stephen: What was it you actually saw?

Frank: To start with I thought it was the everyday bad bacteria, but when I looked it over with the bacteria light it was a deep purple colour.

Stephen: Sounds to me like fungus.

Frank: That's what I thought, but I found out the place was cleaned just a few hours ago.

Stephen: Either they didn't do a good job or it is something initially different.

Frank: The rest of the room was spotless. And hear this I even found traces of it in Natalie's office; on the top of her chair and on the other usually places you would find fingerprints.

Stephen: So basically everywhere!

(Frank nodded his head)

Stephen: Well let's put this all together…..

(Stephen started pacing around)

Stephen: Miles found rashes that keep appearing and disappearing and it seems it might be coming from some unusually bacterial that seems to look like fungus.

Frank: Has Eva found out anything yet?

(Stephen stopped pacing and looked at Frank)

Stephen: Only what I already know!

(Just then they heard a scream coming from up the corridor Stephen and Frank glared at each other and took off up the corridor towards where the scream came from)

Stephen: I have a funny feeling about this.

(Frank glanced at Stephen)

Frank: What do you mean?

Stephen: That this is bigger than we think.

(Thy both rounded the corridor where they saw a few nurses gathered around)

Frank: What are you thinking?

(The nurses parted to let a doctor pass who was wheeling another nurse in a chair past them)

Stephen: Just as I thought!

(They overheard a few of nurses talking to each other)

Nurse 1: She said she was feeling dizzy earlier on.

Nurse 2: She kept forgetting things...

Nurse 3: ….. And that's not like her at all.

Nurse 4: She's never hardly ill or forgetful.

(Stephen and Frank looked at each other)

Doctor: O.K break it up, there's other patients out there!

(The nurses started to walk away and the doctor walked over to Stephen and Frank)

Doctor: This is getting worse; I've had to bring in all my staff and even hire extra nurses, and I have three of them as patients. What the hell is going on around here?

Stephen: Well we think we know where it started.

Frank: But to know where the source is, is a different matter.

Doctor: Well I sure hope you find it soon; we can't keep going on like this.

(The doctor looked at both Stephen and frank and walked away)

Stephen: I hate to say this…

(Stephen started walking back down the corridor and Frank followed beside him)

Stephen: … But I think we may have a contagion on our hands.

Frank: Are you saying we may have to close down the whole building?

Stephen: Let's hope we don't have to go to that extreme, just maybe this department and our floor upstairs as well.

Frank: Are you sure we really need to do that?

(Stephen stopped walking and stood in front of frank facing him)

Stephen: We can't let this spread outside, if it hasn't already that is!

Frank: But isn't it Jack's birthday tomorrow?

(Stephen looked up towards the ceiling and then back to Frank again)

Stephen: I know it is, but what choice do we have? Let's hope we find the source of the outbreak before then.

(Frank looked at his watch)

Frank: That gives us just over 8 hours to solve this.

Stephen: Let's get a move on then.

(They arrived back at Natalie's room)

Stephen: Find Eva!

(Stephen started looking around)

Stephen: And where is Miles?

Frank: I'll see if I can find Eva.

(Frank started to walk away)

Stephen: Frank!

(Frank turns back to face Stephen)

Stephen: Remember not a word about this, we don't want a panic on our hands.

(Frank nodded his head)

Stephen: Ameeting right here in ten minutes.

(Frank turned back around and walked away as Stephen stopped a nurse that was walking past)

Stephen: Hi, have you seen a young doctor with dark hair…..

Nurse 1: You mean Dr McCabe!

(Stephen nodded his head)

Nurse 1: He's in room 22; I'm just heading that way now.

Stephen: Please could you tell him I need to speak to him. I'm….

Nurse 1: …Dr Conner, yes I know!

(The nurse walked away as Stephen continued watching her)

End of Scene Twelve

Note: Once again I apologise for the long delay but I hope this makes up for it. I think you must realise that this certainly isn't going to be a short story as I first planned it to be, I just thought it would be good to make this out to be bigger than it really is. Please review/PM me and let me know if you have any ideas for this as I would love to hear them.