I realize a lot of readers are going to feel indignant and hateful over my not updating for so long and then deciding to rewrite this, my most popular story and I understand and respect that. However, I ask you to hear my reasoning.

This story spawned from my mind as a lot of stories do, with no end point and fuelled by usually by my very flighty and temporary obsessions with a particular game or fandom. I have literally a dozen or more fics in waiting like this that I haven't posted on the site.

The problem with this particular story in my mind is that I haven't left any room for development. I have made mistakes with the lore. I didn't plan the damned thing to any extent and so the plot went away from where I could control it from beginning to end.

My updates were always too slow and too short for my liking never mind the dozen or so readers who mentioned it. Not to mention this was my last year at school and so my studying for final exams made it a really bad idea to be writing.

Re write is the only option for me as this phenomenon is just too popular and has too much potential to be put down. I'm sorry for having taken your time today and hope that you will write in with suggestions about how to make the rewritten version better for you; the reader.