A couple of days later she brought her bags down from her apartment only to find the cab she ordered was gone and House was waiting for her instead behind the wheel of Wilson's car. He opened the door for her. "Your carriage to the airport awaits, my lady"

She had to admit she was impressed. "How did you manage this? Aren't you gonna get arrested again?"

"You don't want to know. But it would be worth it for a friend...for someone I...care about" he mumbled the last part so quietly she barely heard it. She didn't think he would appreciate her making a big deal out of this, so she just leaned over and kissed him thoroughly, eyes smiling.

"So... friends, huh?'

"That depends. With or without benefits?"

She laughed. "We could probably work some benefits in if the opportunity arises"

"Good, 'cause I can always appreciate a good competition with a worthy opponent"