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Plot: Louis had a feeling that something was wrong with the young musician August. The only thing he could think of to do was give the boy his phone number and go to his concert. Lyla really was on her honeymoon and never went looking for August/Evan when she found out that he was alive.

Chapter 1: Like father like son.

"August, come on!" a strange man in a cowboy hat yelled.

The man gestured wildly at the boy. August and Louis looked at each other. Louis began to comprehend the fear on August's face.

"I've got to go August," Louis said as they swapped their guitars.

Louis pulled his wallet from his jeans pocket, "But if you need anythin', or want someone to talk, or jam with, give me a call."

August looked at the piece of paper that was presented to him. He reached out and took it.

"Bye," he replied simply.

"Yeah, bye," Louis said softly as he ruffled the small boy's hair.

Louis didn't know what else to do for the boy. He hoped the boy would call him if he really was in trouble.

One thing that ran through his mind was how much August looked like he did as a kid. He looked as he was a kid of the Connelly clan. He turned back to get another look at the boy and saw the boy say 'bye' again.

"Where's ya concert?" Louis asked.

"The park," August replied.