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Plot: Louis had a feeling that something was wrong with the young musician August. The only thing he could think of to do was give the boy his phone number and go to his concert. Lyla really was on her honeymoon and never went looking for August/Evan when she found out that he was alive.

Previously: 'He is,' August though overwhelmed and amazed.

Chapter: 7: A Start

August never went back to the orphanage. He ended up living at the church with Reverend James and Hope. During the week he would spend his time learning and creating new music at Juilliard. He loved the idea of getting his happy ending.

However the best change occurred after he was seen by social workers and eventually approved to live with his Dad. DNA proved Louis was his Dad. Louis bought a house as close to Juilliard as he could get. It was big enough to house himself and August and still have room for his band. He had a lot of money saved up over his years of being an accountant. He occasionally had a gig which would always involve a family get together. Marshall's girlfriend Rose, or Nick's wife Michelle would usually volunteer to baby sit when the venues didn't allow underage children in.

August started to learn how to be Evan again. His gift allowed him to get close to adult and it was hard to adjust to the fact he was not always surrounded by other children. The few friends he had he cherished.

Sometimes when he went to the church he would see Reverend James surrounded by the choir, but Hope and her grandmother weren't there anymore. She called him on occasion, but she lived too far away for him to see her. When she rang she would tell him of her performances and the various things that amused her.

"It's okay if you don't feel comfortable at first. You can still call me at any moment," Mr. Jefferies told him the day he moved in with Louis.

Mr. Jefferies visited August and Louis every month to see how they were doing. He became fond of August's grand tales of music and adventures that he and his Dad had been on. It was like a happy fairytale ending for the father and son.

August didn't mind the social workers that checked on him and his Dad. He understood that some people weren't good at looking after children. After all, Wizard was the worst adult. He was sent to jail because he was hiding children from their parents.

"We spend a lot of time getting to know each other. Becoming family wasn't easy I'll admit, but I couldn't be happier. It's a start of a new beginning," Louis stated happily at one of the many meetings.

Unfortunately Mr. Jefferies had to be the barer of bad news. It was six months after Louis and August met when he approach the two with news of Lyla Brown nee Novacek looking for her long lost son.

"But she gave me away," August said clearly upset.

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