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Hi Everyone! Yes, this is my first time writing about the digidestined as semi-adults. It's them VS. the world! I hope you all like it!

"Kenny!" Yolei exclaimed as her youngest son bit her. She pulled her finger away. She sighed, she sang to Kenny until he fell asleep, then she tucked him in to their room that she shared with her kids. The front door opened. Yolei stepped out of her bedroom. A skinny blue haired girl and a short chubby boy with pink hair showed up, along with a tall, muscular brown haired man.

"Hey mom!" Kristy and Kevin said, bouncing in.

"Hey Yolei. Man, you're kids are sure full of energy." Davis commented as he locked the door.

"Hey Davis, thanks for walking my kids home again." Yolei said, shifting Kenny. Davis rolled his eyes.

"This is my home, keep in mind that you owe me bunds for living here. As for walking the kids home, I do it everyday." Davis said, lifting Kevin up.

"How was school you two?" Yolei asked, patting Kristy head.

"Great! I made paintings in art class." Kristy said, grinning.

"Come on Kevin, finish your art 'home work' and we can go play soccer. You too Kristy." Davis said.

"All right!" Kristy said, "You broke that promise of playing with us for five times, you better mean it, or else!"

"Yeah! You haven't played with us in ages." Kevin said, and Davis let go of him and he followed his sister to their room to do their 'home work', as much homework as you can get when you're eight and five.

"You better mean it Davis, or they'll get really mad, it's bad enough that Ken… Don't you have work today?" Yolei asked, as she sat down next to him. She had a hard day, after walking everyone up, making breakfast, sent the kids to school, then came back, do the dishes, fed the baby, then she had to bring the baby to work with her (she's a telephone operator). Then she came back, and swept the floor of the whole apartment, did the laundry, then she finished moping and wiping the windows, then set the baby for a nap.

"Nah, today's Friday girl, no work." Davis said. He was a businessman, owning stocks of his own noodles, which was nationally famous. He wasn't exactly rich, but he made enough to make a living, 'Plus paying for my annoying friend and her cute kids.' Davis thought, grinning as he took the day's newspaper.

"Me, still a girl?" Yolei said, laughing, as she flipped through a magazine. "I'm thirty two this year, for your information.

"Yeah, uh huh. So… do you actually have a plan for the future? I mean, you're welcome to stay with me as long as you want but…" Davis started, looking at her.

"I don't know." Yolei said quietly, "I don't want to bother my parents, nor my brothers and sisters, and I don't want to bother any one that's already settled down, and it had to be some one that lives in Japan, Kari is outside of Japan, so it's either you or Matt, and I think I rather stay with you. Don't worry Davis, I'll find a way soon enough. Are me and the kids… uh, bothering your love life?" Yolei teased, "Oh, oops, or do you not have one?"

"Hey, shut up, that was uncalled for, who's the one that had to get a divorce?" Davis shot back, Yolei stiffened and her grin disappeared. "Oops, sorry."

"It wasn't your fault." Yolei said, smiling sadly.

"I'm really sorry I introduce him to Anna, really." Davis said. Yolei shrugged.

"Me and Ken were bound to get a divorce now and then, actually, and Anna's a great friend, and I'm sure she'll make a great wife."

"Though I can't believe you fought you head off to get custody of the kids, when you can barely make a living." Davis pointed out, "Actually, you can't even make a living. But it's okay, you're their mother." He patted her hand. Yolei smiled.

"I better go get the rest of the clothes and iron them." Yolei said, getting up. Davis glanced at the clock. 4:05pm. 'What can I do right now? Ooh shoot!' Davis smacked himself.

"Hey Yolei, I'm going to go out. I forgot, damn it, today was the day I was suppose to meet TK at the Latte Café in Tamachi. See you!" Davis said, putting on his jacket and taking his wallet.

"Say hi to TK for me!" Yolei said, ironing.

"Okay! Bye!" Davis said, heading out the door. Yolei noticed something, and immediately grabbed it and head out the door.

"Wait up you doofus! You forgot your cell phone." Yolei said, smacking his head.

"Thanks Yol, see you!" Davis said, as the elevator door closed. Yolei smiled and shook her head, and walked back in to the apartment.

~One and half hours later, At the Café~

"TK! Hey!" Davis said happily. He and TK high fived.

"Look who I brought a long with me." TK said, gesturing to Catherine.

"Hey! Catherine!" Davis said, shaking hands with her.

"So you guys are back in Japan, that's great!" Davis said.

"Of course, I can't wait for the reunion." TK said.

"Me too, I can't wait to see all you digidestined together at once!" Catherine said.

"Yeah, I can't wait to see us all in one place too. Man, I can't believe you got married in France." Davis said, elbowing TK.

"Hey hey hey, when's yours?"

"HA, with Yolei in my place, I'll never be able to date."

"You and Yolei are………." TK asked.

"Gross TK, no way!" Davis said, "She's just staying at my place because of… you know…"

"Oh, yeah, I remember." TK said, as they got to the waiter.

"Yes, Takashi for four, this way please." The waiter said, leading the way.

"For four?" Davis asked. TK just smiled and winked as they sat down at their table.

"Hey everyone!" A sweet clear voice said from behind Davis.

"Allo Kari!" Catherine said.

"Hey Kari! Long time no see!" TK said, grinning at Davis's frozen face. Davis slowly turned his head around, he gasp when he saw Kari, who gasped back.

"Da… Davis?" Kari said, blush crept up her face.

"Yeah, that's me all right." Davis said, grinning, pulling himself together. Stood before his very eyes was Kari Yagami, the one he's been waiting for, she was pretty… no, prettier than he had remembered her. She still had short brown hair, wearing it with a clip, and she looked simply beautiful in her pink shirt and white skirt.

"Oh my god! I missed you!" Kari said, hugging Davis, then Catherine, then TK, and then they sat down and began talking.

"I'm so glad to move back here to Odaiba, and just in time for our reunion!" Kari said happily. TK and Catherine couldn't help noticing Davis was looking at Kari when he thought no one was noticing, and vice versa. They smiled at each other.

~Mean while~

"Mom?" Kristy asked, sticking her head out.

"Yes Kristy?"

"Where's Uncle D?"

"He went out."

"But we're done with our home work. He promised!"

"I'm sorry kids…" Kevin started crying.

"Oh Kevin, there's nothing to cry about." Yolei said, giving him a hug. 'Remember Yolei, they're only eight and five, a broken promise will hurt them… especially that this is Davis's sixth time, it doesn't help with Ken's history.' Yolei told herself mentally.

"But mommy! Uncle D promised!" Kristy cried (as in yelling).

"Oh come on guys, let's go for ice cream." Yolei said.

"It's okay, you grown up never keep your promises. First Daddy takes off, then you broke your promise of being able to see him at least once a week, and now Uncle D!" Kristy said. "Come on Kevin, let's go in to our room." She said, and led her little brother to their room. Yolei blew some of her hair angrily. She went to the kitchen to cook. She set the table with food, along with four yummy chocolate cup cakes resting on a large plate.

"Kids? Dinner's ready!" Yolei called.

"We're not hungry!" Kristy called. Yolei sighed and went into her room.

"Kids, come on, don't be mad at Uncle D, he's just busy. I promise that Uncle D will take you to play soccer some time this week end."

"Cross you heart and hope to die?" Kristy asked. Yolei smiled. Yolei gave a glance at Kenny, who was sleeping peacefully.

"Yes, cross my heart and hope to die. Now come out and eat, I made rice with fish and broccoli. Along with chocolate cup cakes for dinner." Yolei said, the kids faces lit up and the three of them ate and talked.

~Mean While~

The foursomes finished their dinner and were out side of the café now.

"That was a great dinner, though I must say we eat early. It's only seven right now." Davis commented.

"So where are you guys staying?" Davis asked.

"We're staying at the Sunshine City Hotel here, and Kari…?"

"Oh, I'm staying in Odaiba, with mom and dad."

"Then Davis you can send Kari home, we have to go now! See you!" TK said, and Catherine waved and they quickly walked away.

"You wouldn't think we've been set up, would you?" Kari asked, giggling like a girl.

"Hmmmm, I don't know, say, it's going to be a long ride back, let's go." Davis said.

~Back to Yolei~

She sat there, knitting, waiting for Davis to come home. It was almost nine thirty, the kids were in bed. She sighed. Suddenly, the door opened.

"Hey Yolei, are you waiting for me?"

"No, waiting for the boogie man, of course I'm waiting for you."

"Whoa, chill out. You don't have to snap at me." Davis said good naturally, he on cloud nine, he was so happy that Kari was back. *Clicketity click click* Yolei was knitting twice as fast now.

"The kids are disappointed in you, in fact, I am too."

"Oh shoot!" Davis said, slapping his forehead. "Sorry."

"Don't 'Sorry' me, apologize to the kids tomorrow morning. By the way, they were really unhappy, Kevin was crying. Let me warn you, I promised them that you would take them out some time this week end."

"Okay." Davis said, he moved close to Yolei, peering at her. "Are you mad?"




"Okay, if you say so. By the way, Kari is back." Yolei dropped her stuff. She looked at the Davis.

"REALLY? WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL ME?" Yolei exclaimed loudly.

"Shhhhh, the kids are asleep." Davis said, looking at the clock. "I just knew today, I saw her at dinner. I walked her home… I think she's finally going to give me a chance"

"Oh." Yolei said, "I'll give her a call tomorrow. I better go catch some sleep, I have an early shift tomorrow. Night Davis." She said. Davis couldn't help noticing that Yolei was sad.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Davis asked, tapping her on the shoulder.

"Nothing… Davis. I'm sorry, I guess me living here with my kids are going to affect you and your love life, not mention that you have a lot more responsibilities. I'll see what I can do." Yolei said.

"Whoa, chill out Yolei. I don't mind you staying here, I like it. And I'm hardly ever lonely. Besides, you make good food. Stay as long as you need. You've been here for almost a year now, don't go so suddenly."

"Thanks Davis." Yolei said, 'But she still doesn't look happy.' Davis thought.

"Nice try Yolei, tell me what's really wrong." Davis said, and he pulled her to the sofa, and made her sit down. He sat next to her.

"I don't know! I feel so… stupid! So empty! I have nothing to live for if it weren't for my kids! Everyone I see is so successful and happy. We all know Kari is a perfect teacher now, and popular, Mimi a cook show girl, and Sora a flower shop owner,, both of them has a husband, plus Mimi has two perfect kids… well so do I, but family? Talent? Job? Me? Nothing but a stupid telephone operator who can't even support her own kids." Yolei said, and started crying. "I want to be like everyone, but I can't! Life is so freak' in hard."

"Shhhh, now now Yolei, it's could be worse, you could be having cancer or you have aids, or you could be starving some where out in this world." Davis said reassuringly, putting an arm over her.

"It would be nice to die with out a care."

"Whoa, you're scaring me. Don't think like that!"

"I'll try… for you, for the kids, and for hawkmon."

"Good. By the way, you're doing great. You're doing so much around the place, I didn't even thank you. I'll thank you now okay? It would be such a big mess with out you, see? You are worthy."

"Thanks Davis, I feel better now." Yolei said, Davis patted her head and he led her to her room, where the kids were fast asleep, he was about to go out when he knocked a book down. Kenny woke up, and he started to wail.

"Shit." Davis swore.

"Davis!" Yolei exclaimed immediately. "Don't swear." Then she went over to the baby and carried him out with Davis following her, yawning.


"It's okay." Yolei said, sighing as she rocked the baby, who was still wailing. Yolei started humming as she sat, rocking Kenny. Davis looked at them; he sat next to Yolei. He really wanted to sleep, but he felt bad ditching her. She stopped humming when she thought Kenny had fallen asleep, but he started to wail again.

"Here, he always quiets down when I hold him." Davis said and took Kenny from Yolei and started to rock him. Surprisingly, Kenny quieted down, and smiled.

"Awww, look at the little fellow, I think he likes me better than you. Don't you Kenny?" Davis said, cooing to the baby. Yolei yawned.

"Right Davis. I'm soooooo tired, and I have early shift tomorrow."

"Go to bed, I'll take care of Kenny tonight, and don't worry tomorrow, I'll take care of the kids. I'll take them to play soccer, you can meet us after work at the park, you know where the field is, right?" Yolei nodded.

"Thanks, night." And she headed to her room.

"Night." Davis sat, and looked at Kenny, who was gurgling happily. 'This is going to be a long night.' He thought, but he smiled again when he saw Kenny's happy face.

"You are so cute." Davis said, rocking Kenny gently. Few minutes later, the baby was fast asleep. Davis crept into Yolei's room, where she and the kids were fast asleep. He tucked the baby into his crib, then he checked on the kids, tucking them in too, then he checked on Yolei, who had forgotten to take off her glasses. He smirked a little and took off her glasses. Then he crept back out of the room and hit the sacks.