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Yolei and her kids went to the door. Yolei opened it and Kari appeared, as pretty as always.

"Kari! Hi! Welcome!" Yolei said warmly. Kari smiled back. Davis came out of the kitchen.

"Hi! I brought Mochi for dessert." Kari said, holding up a bakery box.

"Thanks! But you really didn't have to." Yolei said, putting the box aside.

"It's nothing. Thanks for having me here." Kari said. Davis burst out laughing. The kids and Kari gave Davis a look.

"What?" Yolei asked, locking the door. Davis stopped laughing.

"Nah, it's just then when did you guys become so hostile to each other?" Yolei shrugged while Kari looked thoughtful.

"Anyways, Kari, come sit. Dinner will be served in 5 minutes." Davis said, gesturing to the sofa. Kari sat down while Yolei and Davis went to the kitchen. Kari was a little uncomfortable, actually, very uncomfortable. The kids were sitting on the floor across from her from the coffee table, back to the TV and were staring at her. She smiled at them.

"So how is school for you Kristy?" Kari asked.

"Fine." Kristy said shortly.

"Oh." Kari said, the kids didn't seem want to talk, so she looked around the apartment. (Lol, the DOORS were opened ;) if you get me). "'It's not very big. It's almost as big as my old apartment in Hong Kong. There's just one more bedroom here. How can they stand living in such a small place?' She thought as she scanned through the room. The living room consists of a three-people sofa and a one-person sofa facing the dinner table, a coffee table, and a TV with a tall lamp. Next to the three-people sofa was a hallway that leads to three rooms. Kari stretched her neck to see what were the three rooms. Just as she expected, two bed rooms and a bathroom. The she saw Kenny peering at her from the crib, she smiled at him, he frowned then he started wailing. Yolei came out of the kitchen quickly and went to her room to the crib. She picked up Kenny.

"Oh Kenny, what happened?"

"Wah Wah!" Kenny said, he certainly wasn't a very bright baby; most babies knew some works by the age of two. Perhaps he didn't learn fast enough, anyhow…

"Shhhhh…" Yolei said, Kari looked at Yolei. 'You know…' Kari thought to herself, 'Yolei is a lot more mature, is it the kids? Is that what happens when you get married and have kids? Even Davis seems more mature, I mean, of course, since he IS older, but… is the influence with kids?'

"Davis, can you hold Kenny? I can finish the rest of the stuff." Yolei said as she entered the kitchen. Kari noticed the two kids were still staring at her. 'They don't seem to like me, what's wrong?'

"Sure." Davis said, taking Kenny and then sat on the couch next to Kari. Kenny quieted down when he saw the warm brown eyes.

"He seems to like you a lot." Kari said. Smiling at Kenny, who seemed to be very happy. Kristy and Kenny got up and squeezed in between Kari and Davis.

"Uh… yeah, hey kids! Sit on the other couch. Why squish with us?" Davis asked.

"I like this couch better." Kristy said. Davis moved to the other 1- person couch.

"So… how did you do in Hong Kong?" Davis asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence, just as Yolei called, "Dinner's ready!"

"Oh, I did fine." Kari said as they headed toward the table. Davis set Kenny into his baby chair. Kari didn't know why, but it seemed that with the children here, she didn't act… normal. She couldn't help feeling uncomfortable, even all her talking was dumb and weird.

They started eating, the food was good.

"This taste great." Kari told Yolei, who was sitting across from her. "Yolei?" Davis elbowed Yolei.

"Huh? What?" Yolei asked, she was too busy thinking about tomorrow.

"What's wrong?" Kari asked. Yolei glanced at her kids.

"Oh nothing." Kari started to wish she never came. Everyone was silent, Yolei was too busy thinking about her "lunch" tomorrow, the kids didn't like Kari, and Davis was busy feeding the baby congee. Kari ate quietly.

"Uh… so… what are you going to do for work Kari?" Davis asked.

"Me? Oh, I'm planning to go to our old school and see if they will give me a job, it'll be awesome to be back at our old school. If they don't give me a job, I can look at all the other offerings I have been given."

"Ugh, I hated that place." Davis said.

"Where?" Kristy asked.

"Your school."

"Oh." Kristy said, "Mom said you loved PE classes though."

"The only good class there. But then, teachers these years are probably than the ones your mom, Auntie Kari, and I had."

"Right, nobody can be worse than Ms. Vickie." Kristy muttered. Davis heard her and grinned. 'Right.' He thought.

"Kristy, don't say things like that about your teacher." Yolei told her daughter. Kristy made a face, but kept on eating. Yolei picked up some fish for Kristy, Davis, and Kevin.

"Right Yolei. And weren't you the one who always complained that Coach Burns was too hard on us?" Davis said, spooning some mashed carrots.

"That's different. Coach burns was a COACH, not a teacher." Yolei said, "Right Kari?"

"Uh… right." Kari said, sweat dropping. "So…" Kari tried to think of something she and Yolei didn't talk about before… nothing came to mind.

"What?" Yolei asked.

"Oh nothing, just thinking what we can talk about." Kari said. Yolei and Davis both raised an eyebrow.

"When did you have to think what we could talk about? We can talk about anything!" Yolei said.

"It has been a long time." Davis said.

"Sorry Yolei, I just can't open up that quick, it really has been a long time."

"I know." Yolei said, a little wistfully. The kids paid no attention to what was happening as they ate the food.

"So how are things between you and Ken?"

"I thought we can't open up." Yolei said stubbornly. Davis kept quiet, he really wanted to laugh, but he knew if he did, then both women would blame it on him. They fell into silence again. Davis kept shooting looks to the children to hint that this was not a good time to talk. Even Kenny was quiet. Soon they finished and Yolei solemnly collected the dishes.

"Well… it's getting late. I better go home." Kari said, and Yolei opened the door for her.



"Bye. Say bye kids!"

"Bye." Kari walked out the door. She couldn't help being jealous of Yolei. She wished she could move in with Davis…

"What was that about?" Davis asked as soon as Yolei came out of the kitchen, all the kids were in bed.

"What was about?"

"Don't pretend to be innocent."

"Okay, fine, she doesn't want to open up, then be that way! Besides, I told her everything I could today."

"Right. Sit." Davis said, and patted the seat next to him.


"Hehe, nervous?"


"Whoa! Calm down, you'll wake the kids up!" Davis said.

"How can I be calm! How can I CALM DOWN? HOW HOW HOW?" Yolei said, more quietly, she wringed her hands.

"Look, I think I understand how you feel. But you shouldn't take it out on Kari."

"I didn't! What are you talking about? I barely talked through the whole dinner!"

"Look again, if you can't calm down, I can take you to the physiatrist I use to have to go to tomorrow, sheesh. Look, I'll be going with you. Besides it's not like your parents are going to kill you or anything. The most your mom can do is fuss." Davis said. Yolei stared at her hands.

"That's the worse."

"Aww come on, lighten up, it's better than having a uh… black-war- gray-mon chasing you."

"She's going to be so disappointed!"

"… well…" Davis said as Yolei flopped herself back.

"YOU KNOW IT TOO!" Yolei sighed. "Don't worry, I'm not going to suicide."

"Who's worried." Davis joked. Yolei elbowed him.

"It's not time to joke." Yolei said.

"I know, its time for bed."

"AGH!" Yolei said, getting up. "You're starting to annoy me. I'm going to finish the sweater and then I'll go to bed. You go to bed first."

"Sheesh, why don't you just buy one?"

"Cheaper this way. I can save by a thousand yen just by knitting."

"Okay, just don't fall asleep on the couch."

"I won't, good night." Davis doubted that. She always fell asleep on the couch and when he woke up at night sometimes, she would fast asleep on the couch, sometimes he knew she had slept on the couch but denied it.

"Night." Davis said and went to his room. He lied on his bed. He thought about Yolei, Soccer, his work, Yolei, the kids, Kari, Yolei, TK and Catherine, his parents, Kari, Yolei, the kids… he popped up an hour later. He needed a drink of water. He went to the kitchen, and then he came back out and saw Yolei on the couch. 'Won't fall asleep on the couch, won't you?' He thought as he walked to the living room.

"You're still up Davis?" Yolei asked.

"Oh, I thought you fell asleep on the couch."

"I said I wouldn't."

"Oh, hey!" Davis exclaimed as he lifted up a sweater. "You're done!"

"Yeah, but I want to finish hemming this shirt, and then I'll go to bed. I don't want to delay this. Besides, it's Kristy's new shirt. She loves the colour."

"I know, can't you work on it tomorrow?"

"Yes, but I like working at night, it's so peace and quiet."

"Well, I'm not going to bed if you're not. I'm going to sit right here and make sure you go to bed."

"Suit yourself then." Yolei said, hemming. Davis sat with his hands acrossed watching Yolei, who sat next to him. Soon he was snoring. Yolei was finished and raised an eyebrow when she heard a snoring.

"Davis, wake up, I'm going to bed now." Yolei said, putting her stuff away. Davis stirred, Yolei sighed. She hit him lightly, he woke up.

"What?" He asked sleepily.

"I'm done. Now go to bed." Davis nodded like a child and follow Yolei to his room. She tucked him in. She started to walk away.

"Don't leave me!" Davis said, still sleeping. Yolei knew how to handle sleep talkers.

"Shhh, you're dreaming." Yolei said, even though she knew he couldn't hear her.

"Yolei… no… I love you… please… no Ken… go away…" Davis murmured.

'WHAT?' Yolei thought. She stood there frozen, suddenly, she was pulled into the bed by Davis.

"Davis, don't!" Yolei said, as Davis hugged her really tight. She knew he was still sleeping, she was use to him sleep talking, and sleep walking, but never this.

"Just don't leave me." Davis murmured, and nuzzled her in the neck.

"Davis…" Yolei said, squirming, she hit him hard on the head and he fell right on to her.. 'Shoot, is he dead?' Yolei looked at him closely, he snored slightly. 'He's asleep. What the heck was that?' She tried to get out, finally he let loose and she went out of his bed, then his room. She lied on her bed. 'What the heck just happened? Was that just a dream? Or… is it true? He loves me? No, he likes Kari… but does he love me? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' Yolei thought, as she tossed and rolled in her sleep. When she woke up the next day, Davis was already in the kitchen. She quickly got dressed and did her stuff in the bathroom.

"Good morning. Surprised you actually woke up and made breakfast." Yolei said, looking at the toasts and eggs.

"Yeah, I knew you probably wanted to buy some stuff over to your parents. So I decided to be Mr. Mom." Davis said.

"Davis… last night… " Yolei remembered last night, how could she forget?


"You don't remember?" Yolei asked.

"Remember what?"

"Nothing." Davis raised an eyebrow but kept on cooking.

"Look," Davis said, "You eat and go a long, I'll fix up the kids and we'll be ready to go in no time."

"Okay." Yolei said quietly. Davis noticed something was wrong, but there wasn't time to worry. The phone rang. Davis picked it up.


"Hello, Ken?" Davis recognized the voice.

"Uh… no, this is Davis Mrs. Inoue."

"Oh, hi Davis dear, can I speak to Yolei?"

"Sure." Davis said, "Yolei, you're phone!" He mouthed the words "YOUR MOTHER". Yolei looked terrified.

"Hello, mom?"

"Hi Dear. I'm so sorry, I know you wanted to come over today." Mrs. Inoue started. 'I did?' Yolei thought, she almost smiled.

"But your dad and I just got an emergency call, we have to go to Toronto. I'm terribly sorry, we're leaving this afternoon."

"Ok mom, I'll see later then."

"Sorry Yolei, take care! And when I get back, we'll have our talk."

"Sure mom." 'YAY, DELAYED!' Yolei thought. "Um, mom?"


"I was wondering, if you're going to Toronto, is it okay if I stay over? I mean, the apartement is big enough for all five of us, but if you and dad are gone, it's easier to set up."

"Of course! You're welcomed to come home any time. I'll love to see Kenny, Kristy, and Kevin again!"

"Thanks mom, I have my own keys."

"I can't talk anymore, I have to pack! Bye!"

"Bye." Yolei hung up, she gave Davis a smile.

"What was that about?" Davis said, he didn't smile back.

"They have to go Toronto! Today. Which means our little "luncheon" is delayed."

"Good timing. But what do you mean you're moving back? You can't!"

"I mean moving back to my old home so I won't be bothering you! And of course I can." Yolei said.

"Why?" Davis began to look angry. "You don't like living with me?"

"I do!" Yolei said, "But it's the right thing to do! Sooner or later I'll have to move out!"

"Not now! You can't even find a decent job! And you won't come into my company! You can't take care of yourself!"

"I can too find a decent job! The one I'm doing is fine! And I CAN TOO take care of myself! I'm OKAY!"

"No it's not okay! NO, you can't take care of yourself! You can barely pay for all your bills!"

"Well, if you don't remember, Ken just sent us a note last week saying that he'll provide some money every month! And the sum is just about what I need! There's even going to be left overs!"

"Don't take those money! Some day he might try to take custody of the kids! What are you going to do then? Become a whore?"

"So? That's none of your business!" Yolei said, mad that Davis would say such a thing.

"FINE! Move then."

"I will!" Yolei said, marching up into her room.

~3 Day later~ (Wednesday)

Davis walked past the school. He didn't mean to, he had forgotten he didn't have to pick up the kids anymore. He missed the kids, and in truth, he missed Yolei. These three days had been dull for him. He had gone out with Kari the previous night, out for lunch with his friends, and sat alone one night, watching TV. It was boring. He watched as kids poured out of the school. He felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Kari! How'd you find me?"

"Hey Davis," Kari said, smiling. "I was going to catch up with you at your office, but when I went there you were already gone, but the secretary said you were probably here to pick up some kids."


"I thought Yolei moved out."

"She did, I just… forgot and came here."

"Oh-" Kari said…

"UNCLE D!" Kevin shouted happily. He ran straight to Davis, he jumped on to him. Davis gave him a BIG hug.

"Hey, there little dude, how's it been going?"

"Bad. I miss living with you."

"Me too."

"You miss living with you?" Kevin asked, confused.

"No, I missed living with YOU." Davis said, laughing, picking Kevin up. Kari smiled again. Then Davis saw Kristy also running towards him, with Yolei standing near the front gate.

"Hey Kristy!" Davis said, holding Kevin with one hand.

"Hi Uncle D! I'm so glad you're back! When are we going to move back to your place? Mom said we will sooner or later!" Kristy asked, as soon as she gave Davis a hug.

"Oh…" Obviously, Yolei had lied to her kids… again.


"Hello Davis. Hello Kari."

"Hi." Kari said. Davis nodded. She looked worst than ever (Yolei). Her hair was a little messed up, tied on the pack with a crappy ribbon. Her face showed that she was tired.

"You don't look too good." Davis told her straightforward.

"Gee, thanks." Yolei said sarcastically. "Come on kids, time to go to work."

"Aww, I don't want to go mom, can't we go with Uncle D?" Kristy asked. Yolei gave her a look.

"Sorry, another day maybe." Yolei said shortly.

"Oh Mommy." Kevin said in disappointment as Davis put him down. Kenny was just snoozing on Yolei's back.

"Look Yolei, I don't mind, please? Just this once?" Davis asked. Yolei looked from her kids, to Davis, to Kari. Then back to Davis.

"Look, I can take care of myself and my own business." Yolei said, "Come on Kristy, come on Kevin. Let's go."

"Okay mom." Kristy said sadly. Davis grabbed Yolei's hand.

"Look, just stop being so stubborn! Look, all of us aren't looking down at you! Just come back. I hate living alone, I just wish you and the kids would come back. I can't cook, I miss coming home with the kids and seeing you! Look, with out you guys I can't… look, you guys are a part of me now, don't leave." Davis confessed and pleaded. Yolei fell into silent. Kari watched, she knew this was going to happen sooner or later, Davis would realize… realize Kari herself had missed her chance of being with him… and that there was another girl –no, woman, in his life.

"I think… I'll go and leave you guys alone." Kari said, and left. 'Good, this is none of your business.' Kristy thought.


"Look Yolei, let's go talk some where else, more um… private, like my place." Yolei glanced at her watch.

"Sorry Davis. I can't. I'm going to be late."

"Then leave us with Uncle D, you always mutter that it would be a lot quicker with out us kids."

"Yeah Yolei, pick them up any time you want at my place. Just leave the kids to me"

"Please mommy?"

"Okay, just this once." Yolei said, then she took off Kenny and handed him over to Davis, and gave each of her kids a kiss and "flew" away.

"All right!" Davis said, "What do you kids want to do?"

"Eat!" Kevin said.

"Yeah! We haven't eaten good food since we left your place."

"Why? Your mother hasn't been feeding you?" Davis said in mock horror as they began to walk.

"No silly!" Kristy giggled, Davis adjusted Kenny. "All we've been eating is onigiris and congee. I want some real food!"

"Ah, I see, how about if we go to the noodle shop?"

"Yah! Noodles!"

"Yum!" Kevin chimed in. Davis felt great, he never felt like this in the past days, it's like his life had been lit up. After they ate Davis took them to the park to feed the ducks, then they went home and Davis helped Kristy with her homework and occupied Kenny and Kevin. Soon time passed and the door bell rang.

"Hey Yolei." Davis said, letting her in and locking the door.

"Um… you don't have to do that, I'm just here to pick up my kids."

"Can we talk?"


"Hi mommy! Look what I drew!" Kevin said, going over and hugging Yolei along with Kristy.

"Hello, were you guys good for Uncle D?"

"Yes Mom! Of course ~la!" Kristy said happily.

"Where's Kenny?" Yolei asked.

"He's in the crib sleeping."


"Sit." Davis said. "Hey would you two go inside your room and play quietly while your mom and I talk?"

"Ok!" Kristy said, leading Kevin to their room.

"It's not their room anymore." Yolei pointed out, Davis sighed.

"Look Yolei," Davis said, starting to turn red. "I… I don't know how to put this in words, you hear them in movies all the time… but…" Yolei looked in to Davis eyes.

"I've married once, and I'm not about to make the same mistake twice."

"Yolei… I… you can't call getting marry a mistake!"

"Of course I can."

"I love you! You know it! Don't deny you don't love me either! I know you love me too… don't you?" Davis said, Yolei stared at her hands, silented. He put his hand over hers.

"Look, I'm not saying you have to marry me, but, can't you let this work once?" Davis asked. Yolei looked up, she was crying.

"You crazy woman, why are you crying?" Davis asked softly with a smile.

"I'm not crying… just, I don't know!" Yolei said as Davis brushed her tears away with his fingers. He chuckled.

"Come back and live with me, we can live just the way we use to, wasn't that good?"

"Yes, it was." Davis grinned as Yolei stopped crying. He got up.

"Well, let's break the good news to the kids."

~Weeks later~

Author: Wah! Everything goes on great, moving for Yolei and her kids didn't take long, within days they moved! Yay!

Davis lied in bed, it was a Saturday morning, he couldn't go back to sleep, he turned over to his "girlfriend". He hadn't dared to do anything with her so far, he definitely wanted to… anyway, he looked at her. She looked so peaceful, she opened her eyes.

"Morning." She smiled. She got up and put on her glasses, she glanced at the clock.

"It's ten." She yawned. "Let's take the kids to the park today."

"Okay." Davis said popping up. He went over to her and gave her a hug from behind.

"Hmmm." Yolei said as Davis let go and she went to the bathroom. He smiled. He went to the other bathroom. 'Life is almost as good as back then, only better, because she and I are together. Hehe.'

Soon, they woke the kid up, and they got dressed and they ate breakfast together.

"What are we doing today?" Kristy asked.

"Oh, we're taking you the park!" Davis said happily, sounding like a little kid.

"Yay! Park! Mommy, can I fly my kite?"

"Of course –AGHHH! Kenny!" Yolei exclaimed, half laughing, half annoyed. Kenny just spat milk all over her shirt.

"Tsk, Tsk, spitting all over your mommy?" Davis said, grinning.

"Bad baby!" Kristy told Kenny, who just gurgled.

"I'll change."

"I'll clean up the baby." Davis said.

"I'll just eat my breakfast."

"You go girl." Davis said.

"Me too!" Kevin said, waving.

"Okay." Davis said….

THE END. The ending was pointless, but I felt like showing you how their life is after wards, ^o^~!