AN: Okay my loves. I just wanted to clarify something from last chapter as some of you wasted no time telling me how much Sue's little story pissed you off lol.

The thing here that I was trying to get across with Sue was that she had no idea about the whole imprint deal or the fact that Harry had belonged to her sister at one point.

As far as Sue knew she had just met a guy in the street and fell for
him over time. They were in love already by the time her sister had come home from school.

And by the time everything came to light it was too late. Sue couldn't be expected to just fall out of love just because now everyone knows what the facts are. That's like a big part of my story. That when u love someone it doesn't go away because the circumstances around u have changed. Sue couldn't simply decide "okay well we can't be together anymore now that I know my sister loves you." And Liz in my opinion was wrong in that situation. She didn't give her sister a chance at all to explain and just up and left the reservation at the first chance she could get. Then ignored her sister for the rest of her life and then as she was dying manipulated Sue into feeling responsible for Emily. Manipulative mom, manipulative Emily.

Sue is different from Emily. Emily knew all about Sam and Leah. She did everything she did knowing she would hurt Leah and she played the victim to Sue because she knew (through her mother's bashing and badmouthing throughout the years) that Sue went through the same thing and struggled with attaining that forgiveness she always wanted. So Emily basically manipulated Sue and Sam and pushed Leah to the side.

I don't really pay attention to how the books tell the story, in my mind the wolf gene has been passed from father to son since the days of Taha Aki. Which means that Harry's and Billy's generation and their father's and so forth all had their days as wolves. They stopped phasing so that they could age with their imprints. Once they stopped phasing, the longer they remain human, the less supernatural they become. So, say Harry hadn't phased since Leah was an infant and for 20 years he lived his life as a human. He becomes way less strong and way more susceptible to trivial human problems. So he sees his daughter phase for the first time and then has a heart attack. He no longer has the wolf to keep him strong. So he dies.

Its kind of hard to explain but basically the way I imagine it is that when a wolf chooses to stop phasing, he begins to age and then eventually will go back to being human, losing all his supernatural strength.

So I hope you guys can now understand how I see Sue and Emily share a similar story, but are different in character.

Without further ado, here's your new chapter.

So, I've been ordered to meet Jacob. Most of the hour he's given me to get to his house has been wasted with my mom. I've spent the rest of this time pacing around in the woods thinking about everything she said and also trying to picture how this inevitable conversation will go with my new Alpha. Each scenario ends with him on top of me doing nasty, nasty things. Gosh, I'm hopeless. I'm thoroughly pissed at the asshole. Seth said he saw in his mind that he kissed Emily. And she admitted to doing so just to piss me off. So, this kiss did in fact happen and that's reason enough for me to want to castrate him.

But, is that really a good reason? I turned him down. He doesn't belong to me, and I don't belong to him. Why should I care who he kisses?

Emily was a different case. She thinks Jake and I have something together. Everyone thinks we do. So she went after him thinking she could take yet another man away from me. Then she had my mother pick her up and take her to Makah so she could wish at that age old fountain and most likely give as much space between herself and Sam as she could. I bet the guilt was eating at her soul. She cheated on her imprint. She couldn't have been too happy with herself.

Okay, so after she had a little time there Sam caught up with her, and my mother felt it was alright to go home since Emily had him to bring her home. So, Mom comes home. Sam takes Emily back and she decides not to tell him about Jake. All the while Sam is thinking that she ran from him for being with me when she was actually running from her own guilt. She let him believe that and was probably going to take the truth with her to the grave. That is, until the council exposed her.

But, I mean, how long did she think she could hide that? It was bound to come up in Jake's thoughts and one of the rest of us would have caught wind. Sam would have found out inevitably. She must not have thought it through. She's really dumb.

Does her need to make me miserable really overpower her love for Sam? This whole thing is making me take the whole idea of imprinting for a joke. What's the sense in an eternal bond linking two souls when they can just cheat on each other on a whim? They really do deserve each other.

Sorry, I'm just trying to get this into perspective. None of this makes sense to me. But I guess it is what it is and there's no understanding those two idiots.

What I also can't put my finger on is why Jake would have wanted to kiss her at all. He can't be attracted to her. He just cant be. As far as any of us know, he's only ever spoken to her cordially at camp fires, and fish fries, and barbeques. He always regarded her as Sam's imprint: nothing more than that.

Oh my God, as if the answer isn't right in my fucking face. He was turned down twice by me, not to mention by the leech lover, Swan, all in the same day.

He goes for Swan and gets punched in the face. I go for him and pull the rug from under his feet. Then he goes for me and I completely disregard his feelings. Emily comes around and by now he's a full grown shapeshifting virgin with all this pent up aggression toward me and toward Sam, and Bella. Who in the fuck would turn down a whore that comes onto them after all of that. I sure as hell wouldn't have if I were him. And what a glorious way to stick it to Sam after he completely violated Jake as a man? I understand now, I really do.

I'm not thrilled about it, but at least I found myself some clarification.

All of this shit is making my head hurt.

I can feel something deep, deep within me urging me to start the walk toward Jake's. It's about that time. My hour's almost up.

I start to move my feet before they start moving themselves. I am in a clearing in the woods not too far from where he lives. It takes just a few minutes to get there.

Despite everything I was feeling and all that I wanted to ask him, I decided against it. All the bullshit of tonight, today, last night, yesterday, just further confuses me. And confusion gives me a bad attitude. So for once in my life, I'm not going to demand answers, and provoke an argument. I'll let him explain everything to me in his own way without up sniping back and forth at each other. Everything is what it is and while some things can't be taken back and other things can't be controlled, I just can't allow anything else to go wrong. I'm in control of my own actions, right? We can talk about everything that's happened like two civil adults. I can be calm, and quiet, and, passive. Right? Right.

It's all good, Lee. Just let him say what he has to say and then take your ass right home.

I head toward the garage because I know that's where he spends most of his time. The rabbit is parked just outside the garage entrance. I'm sure he can smell me coming, but I speak aloud to make my presence known anyway.

"I'm here! What do you want, Black?" I say quite loudly.

He's not here. But he was. Not very long ago, I conclude as I sniff around his tool box. He was here a few minutes ago. Am I really gonna have to go inside his house, sniffing after him like a fucking pup? No way. He wanted me here and I came. The least he could do was greet me at the door.

I stood at the entrance to his garage and awaited his arrival. Hour's up. He's late. I can feel the annoyance brewing. But I'm determined to keep calm.

I close my eyes and try to sniff him out a little more. See if I can sense which direction he's in, but the harder I smell the more I lose his scent because of one small little detail. It's masked, by the scent of something sickly sweet. So sweet it's almost sour and I'm immediately repulsed. Leech. If there were a leech here, though, that nasty scent would have smacked me in the face miles back. So there's only one explanation.

"Oh, you scared me. I wasn't expecting anyone to be down here. Hi, I'm Bella." As if on cue Bella Fucking Swan emerges from the side entrance that connects Jacob's garage to his kitchen. We haven't had the pleasure of officially meeting. She offers a hand shake that I can't bring myself to return.

"You're Leah, right? I've heard a lot about you," she continues on awkwardly letting her hand fall to her side.

"Where's Jacob?" I ask, skipping the pleasantries. I don't like this girl. I blame her for everything. She's just a fucking leech magnet and if it weren't for that my father would be alive and life would be just a little less miserable for the rest of us. But nobody chooses to acknowledge that little detail. And here she is all cheerful and smiling all polite like we don't know how much of a manipulative little cunt she is. I hate her fucking guts. And every time Jacob let's her onto our territory I can't help but feel a little betrayed. He owes his loyalty to his tribe, yet he devotes it to a leech lover. I will never understand.

"He's, uh, in the shower. He didn't mention that you'd be coming over. Are you coming with us?"

It's shit like this. The way she feels like he should have mentioned my coming over to her. It's none of her fucking business. I let her know.

"It's pack business."

"Pack business? As in . . . you're? No way, you're one of them too? But you're a girl."

Jacob hasn't mentioned to his dearly beloved that I'm part of the pack too? I'm his fucking sister for crying out loud. I'm offended.

"Yeah. Your regular freak of nature."

"Wow, that's amazing! Well hey, I'm having a graduation party in two days and any pack member of Jacob's is a friend of mine and I'd love for you to come."

Did she just call us friends? Lord, get her out of my face before I get real rude here.

"I'll pass," I say.

"Oh, uh, well okay. The invitation still stands if you change your mind," she says, that awkward tension ever present.

Jacob chooses this exact moment to announce his presence as he enters the garage too sporting the pack's signature cutoff shorts and 6 pack, muscles rippling in his biceps and all as he towel dries his sopping wet hair.

The way Bella starts to eye fuck him doesn't go over my head. I can see the color start to fill her cheeks as she watches him approach us. He did look absolutely delectable, but just who in the fuck does she think she is ogling my Alpha like this?

"I'm here, Jake. What do you want?"

"Walk with me," he says, headed toward me as I stand in the threshold of his garage and his dirt path driveway. "Hey just hang out here a minute Bella, Leah and I have some things to discuss."

"Yeah, sure," she replies as we make our way out the garage, and out of her earshot.

"Why did you Command me here?" I demanded to know.

"I Commanded you here because I need us to have an understanding before we can run this pack together. I'm not looking forward to us having to work together any more than you are, so I'll just get straight to the point. Stay out of my way, I'll stay out of yours."

He surprises me. I wasn't expecting that to be the first thing out of his mouth. I'll admit his bluntness kind of stings. He continues without a response from me as my surprise has rendered me speechless.

"There are nine of us; ten if Sam chooses to stay, but for now we'll count him out until he comes to me and tells me that he's decided to stay here. We'll split the pack down the middle for patrol: me, Jared, Paul, Embry, and Collin. Then that leaves you with Seth, Quil, and Brady. If Sam decides to stay with us, then I'll take him in my group and you'll take Jared. I can't have you two working close together. And I've chosen Paul for my group because I know you two don't get along well."

"Um, thanks?' I say dumbly. This conversation is not going how I thought it would at all.

"It's not for your benefit, it's for the sake of the pack. We'll alternate shifts every other day. You can decided who patrols during the day and who patrols at night in your group and I'll decide the same for mine. We'll give the pack tomorrow off so that we can all just adjust to the idea of this change that was forced on us, and by tomorrow night, we'll know what Sam decides to do. So probably the following day we'll announce the split whole group thing. Got it?"

"Yeah, I got it."

"Good. See you in two days."

"Wait, that's it?

"Was there supposed to be something else?"

"Uh, yeah! Aren't we gonna talk about everything that just went down. And what happened last night between you and Emily?"


"Well why not?" I can feel my irritation brewing.

"Because what I did with Emily isn't your business."

"Like fuck it isn't!" So much for calm and passive. "She came onto you to try to get to me. I was going to attack her!"

"Yeah? Well that sounds like a personal problem that you ought to go deal with." He spat my own words from last night verbatim right back at me. And with that he shoved past me, beckoned for Bella, took her hand in his and helped her into his car. They drove away and left me standing in the dust with my jaw on the floor in complete shock.

What the fuck just happened?

AN: I fought with this chapter and this was the cause of my writers block that prevented me from updating this story for nearly a year. I had originally written this chapter as a big ass argument between Jake and Leah, where Jake just completely abuses his power as Alpha and Commands her to admit she may have some feelings for him, while at the same time confessing how much he wants her and then I had planned for them to finally do the do. But it seemed so rushed and I ended up completely hating it. And literally for almost a year I let that damned chapter just sit on my laptop. And I'd revisit it every few weeks or so but I just couldn't make it work.

So here you have it. The rewritten version where Jacob isn't a pussy and he's not gonna let Leah walk all over him. He doesn't owe her a damned thing and he's actually really pissed at her.

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