The potter Twins

AN: Harry and Bella are twins. Bella has gone into hiding, and everyone thinks she's dead. Now it's time for the final battle, she's come out of hiding to help her brother destroy Voldemort once and for all. But she's no longer human. Takes place after breaking dawn, but at the end of Deathly Hallows.

Okay, so I know stories like this have been done before, but I had a dream of this and I can't get it out of my head. I think it's actually really weird how Twilight and Harry Potter can fit together so easily, but it's amazing too!

So a few changes to this story: Firstly, the final battle happens when Harry is 19, not 17, because it then fits in with Twilight better. I've made Snape a bit more evil in the scene, so that Bella can have her big entrance. Bit's of the story won't fit together at first, but if I choose to carry on with this story, all will be explained in later chapters.

For now, enjoy!

(This chapter is from a third person POV, but it will be character POV's in future chapters)

It was 11:30pm and all of the students at Hogwarts had been called to the great hall. There were already rumours circulating that Harry Potter had been sited in Hogsmeade. This caused a buzz in the air that hadn't been at the school for the entire year. The buzz intensified when the Hogwarts head master Snape, confirmed the rumours. All of the students in the great hall started to talk among themselves;

"Do you really think…?"

"Why would he come here?"

"Snape's really mad"

But it only took once menacing look from the head master to silence the entire hall. The last thing anyone expected was for Harry himself to step out of the lines of students and into the centre of the hall. All of the students gasped, but no-one dared speak, because they desperately wanted to hear what Snape would say.

"Mr Potter" Snape sneered at Harry.

"Despite your defensive strategies, I'm afraid you might have a bit of a security problem head master" Harry said back to him coldly. "Tonight's the night Snape, the night everything ends"

Snape smiled wickedly "and what can you do Potter? You're just a weak boy. The dark Lord will crush you in an instant"

To everyone's surprise, Harry suddenly smiled. "Oh, I'm not alone Snape. I do, after all, have my sister"

Snape's face turned to shock, and there was a gasp in the crowd. Harry caught words of conversations;


"He's lying"

"We all heard remember?"

"The death eaters wouldn't shut up about it…."

"That's right, my twin sister, Bella" Harry said smugly.

"It seems your years away from here haven't changed you Potter. You're lying. Your sister is dead! Has been for years now!" Snape snarled at Harry.

Harry smiled "See? You're afraid now. The prophecy stated that only the twins together could kill him. So when you thought she was dead, you thought you'd won. Little did you know that she went on a mission, and then went into hiding"

"you're lying Potter. Everyone knows she's dead!" cried Snape, his temper rising.

"Why would I lie? Bella is alive and well. She's changed a bit since the last time you saw her. Let's just say, she's married, has a baby, and erm, oh, she's no longer human" Harry said with a smile.

"Do not lie to me Potter!" growled Snape, as he got out his wand and pointed it directly at Harry.


The doors to the great hall flung open, as if a powerful force had caused them to. Everyone turned to see who had screamed Snape's name, and standing in the doorway of the great hall, was a young woman. She had the palest skin anyone had ever seen, with long brown hair and gold eyes. She was extremely beautiful, and was now staring straight at Snape.

"No-one points their wand at my brother!" she snarled at Snape, her eyes looking straight at him.

"Miss Potter" Snape said, half with hatred, half with pure shock.

A smile suddenly appeared on Bella's face.

"Actually, it's Mrs Cullen now"