An Unusual Approach

by MoonyMarauder

1st Approach…

In the name of science

Severus Snape let himself fall into his beloved armchair in front of the fire and sighed deeply. The day had been long and taxing, but at least the newest Potions Quarterly seemed to be a promising read, and with a satisfied smile he opened the magazine, immersing himself in the world of potions.

But after an hour had passed he already groaned in exasperation.

Maybe he shouldn't have had so high expectations, he thought after the third article about cheapening the production of a potion in one way or the other, only to always result in cheapening the effect as well.

Foul tempered he started to read on the next object; the one that had nearly made him snort, back when he'd skimmed the contents: 'The useful qualities of Lycanthropic Sperm'? How does anyone come up with the idea to research that?

But as he read on, he surprisingly found himself fishing for his quill and some parchment. If the researcher was really resourceful, there where actually quite interesting possibilities for this unusual ingredient…

So, hours later, Severus was musing on the finishing touch to a customized hair conditioner, possibly the ultimate answer to his oily hair problem, when somewhere outside a loud crash of an armour and the unmistakable voice of Filch running through the corridors startled him out of his contemplations.

By Merlin! he thought as he looked at the clock and realized it was already two in the morning.

He had been brooding over this one problem for over an hour now; and wasn't getting anywhere near an answer.

If only he had some of the ingredient at hand, he mulled, the solution would be easily determined…

But this wasn't an easy to get by component. At least he knew of no shop that held it in stock and it would probably take a merchant too much time to locate a werewolf from which to get it. After all, those buggers were quite good at hiding…

So it seemed Severus would have to look for one of those creatures himself.

Fenrir Greyback came to mind, but only the Dark Lord himself knew where to find him these days and, in all honesty, Severus would rather not have any contact at all with the paedophilic monster.

No, there had to be a less dangerous way. Maybe one of the Order knew about the whereabouts of a …?



Severus felt like a burglar as he stood cloaked before the entrance door to number twelve, Grimmauld Place, in London, carefully turning his spare key to headquarters in the lock as to not draw attention to himself. The current occupants of the house should all be asleep by now, but Severus was cautious nonetheless.

Silently creeping to the parlour, where the fireplace was still holding some cracking embers, he was delighted to see the room dark and quiet, which meant at least his way back to Hogwarts should be a quick and easy one.

He was just about to head on to the second flooring where the personal quarters were located, when he heard a soft exhale of breath and saw something move under a brown blanket on the sofa in front of his Floo exit.

So much for my swift retreat. Severus scowled as he slowly skulked towards the lump to see who was taking his inopportune nap there. His eyes widened, being rather pleased as he saw none other than Remus J. Lupin residing on the makeshift bedding, exhaustion written all over his sleeping face.

The corner of his mouth curling into a devious smile the Potions master drew his wand and directed it at the former professor for DADA.

This was way too easy.


In no time Severus had Lupin bound to a sturdy chair in the middle of his private study back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, wand at the ready.


Lupin groaned as he reluctantly blinked sleepy brown eyes open and sluggishly lifted his head up from where it had hung onto his chest, taking in his surroundings with a confused frown.

"Oh, bloody hell", the werewolf's hoarse voice slurred as he tried in vain to move his arms and legs in his constraints, shaking his head to throw off some of his lethargy before straining weary eyes at the Potions master looming over him.

"What did I do this time?" he finally sighed exaggeratedly with a decrepit smile, clearly thinking Severus must once again hold the werewolf responsible for some misdeed done to him. The Potions master narrowed his eyes in response, not at all amused to be made fun of.

"Oh, can we just get this over with, Severus. I'm really tired, you know. So… What can I do for you?" the werewolf jovially asked.

Severus lifted an eyebrow at the slightly snippish undercurrent in the ever calm voice of the tawny-haired man. Then again he well knew, the prior night had been a full moon which would also explain Lupin's extraordinary fatigue; and which pleased Severus' knack for making the Marauder discomfited to no end.

"Very well", he droned, sneering down at the werewolf. "It shall not be said that I tried to elongate the time I have to spend with you." Lupin rolled his eyes, also a rather unusual behaviour for the werewolf. Severus just went on. "I assure you, if I had seen an alternative to this unfortunate task, I would have gladly taken it.

"But as it so happens, I find myself in dire need of a rather peculiar ingredient for which, regrettably, you seem to be the only source accessible to me."

Severus could tell that the werewolf had some difficulty processing the sentence in his befuddled state but eventually worked some sense out of it, a silent 'oh' forming on his lips. Frowning, Lupin inquired slowly:

"Right… And you have me tied to this chair, because…?"

"Because I'm about to extract that ingredient from you, of course", the Potions master sneered.

Lupin was about to retort, but thought better of it and just shook his head in resignation, before cocking it as if to say "Oh well, just go ahead".

This was turning out to be more fun than Severus had thought, and he had to repress a smirk, his eyes gleaming dangerously, as he skulked over to the tawny-haired man watching him reverently. Surely the werewolf thought the Potions master would just take some hair or something and be rid of him.

Oh, this is going to be fabulous.

He had to hand it to Lupin; the man didn't even flinch when Severus drew his wand from his robes, nor when he leant downwards over the bound werewolf, never breaking eye contact.

Only when Severus' hand was lowered down to Lupin's frayed pyjama bottoms, gliding under the cloth, did the man jerk in alarm.

"Wha- Severus?"

And shock-wide eyes stared at the hand that was unabashedly taking hold of Lupin's manhood and pulling it out from its confines. Severus could practically feel the air crackling when the werewolf's whole body tensed up, the chair rattling over the floor as Lupin tried to jump out of reach.

"Y-You are not going to take my penis, Severus!… O-Or my balls, for that!" the panicked man warned in a most demanding tone, nearly toppling the chair over as he bucked against the binds holding him. The Potions master had to braze them by gripping the chair's head. The look of sheer horror on the werewolf's face was hilarious, priceless!

"I swear …!" Lupin insisted and Severus was surprised to see such a blazing look in the amber eyes.

An outright chuckle dying in face of the man really thinking Severus capable of neutering the werewolf out of pure spite, the Potions master just snorted. Redirecting his attention to Lupin's dick he was a little miffed when he noticed the man's endowment was actually quite adequate in size and form. Well, snap, he scowled.

"Relax, Lupin. I won't take anything irreplaceable from you… however much the idea of having you castrated might appeal to me", he added in mirth.

He had to say he liked the way the normally collected man seemed to quiver in fear, even squeaking in an undignified manner when Severus tipped his wand in a silent incantation against the head of the Lycanthrope's organ.

"W-What did you just do?"

In answer Severus took out an empty vial from the folds of his robes, holding it in front of Lupin's face, before tipping his wand to the stopper with a sneer.

"This will assure the transfer of the substance to the assigned container."

He let go of the chair as he set the vial down in a stand on his working bench. Behind him he heard Lupin groan in comprehension.

"Oh, you gotta be kidding me…", the Lycanthrope mumbled under his breath.

"You want me to wank into that for some potion of yours? You really are unbelievable, you know that?"

When Severus swung back to the werewolf, he saw an angry scowl accompanying a rather nice shade of red on the man's cheeks.

"Did it ever occur to you that I might have freely helped, had you just asked? But I can tell you, I am not so much inclined to do so now."

Severus snorted as he drew nearer to loom over the man, narrowing his eyes when Lupin just glared up at him defiantly.

"Who says I give a damn about your consent, Lupin?"

He smirked as that made the man splutter for a while before he came back with an incredulous:

"You can't possibly expect this to work without my consent! Because in case you didn't notice: This", Lupin moved angrily against the ropes, "is not turning me on in the least!"

At that Severus narrowed his eyes as if in doubt but as of proof Lupin's prick was still lying flaccid in his hand…

For the first time Severus saw a flaw in his –markedly a little rashly formed- plans.

He was still not ready to concede defeat, though. After all, as a Death Eater he was used to dealing with people without their consent. And Lucius Malfoy might be a real bastard, but the man's methods could be useful at times.

"Well", he drawled, confidently sneering at Lupin. "We'll see about that. With the right stimulus a man can enjoy anything."

As he suddenly conjured a black velvet blindfold, his captive eyed it with trepidation. Proceeding to fasten it, Lupin craned his neck, trying to get away, but there wasn't enough leeway.

"Severus. This has gone far enough", the Lycanthrope tried once more as brown eyes were plunged into darkness. "Just release me now and I will pretend nothing has happened, ok? But don't think I'll be too ashamed to-"

Severus interrupted in a bored tone:
"You won't tell anyone, Lupin. I gave you a potion before I woke you, so you won't even remember any of this in the morning… Now, I suggest you think about… whatever fantasy suits you and we'll be done in no time." And he slowly started to stroke Lupin's cock. But other than a sharp intake of breath from the werewolf nothing happened. Severus recognized a stubborn set to Lupin's shoulders and the grim line of the man's mouth.

Scowling determinedly Severus reached for some oil before returning to the task at hand. Oh yes, he smiled triumphantly as the slick, warm administrations to the shaft finally made the dick fill out some. Encouraged the Potions master tried variations, from using one finger to glide along the underside of the penis to using both hands to simultaneously pumping Lupin's prick and playing with the werewolf's soft sack of balls, until Lupin was panting and sweating in his attempt to keep himself from reacting to the pleasure.

But to Severus' annoyance the Gryffindor showed an uncanny willpower, as the cock in his hands still refused to rise to full mast. His frustration must somehow have shown in his performance as he glimpsed a proud smirk on Lupin's face, before the man once more concentrated on whatever hideous thoughts helped him against taking pleasure in this.

It seemed, Severus had to work a little harder on the distraction, then… Well, Lupin was in for a surprise. The former professor for DADA wouldn't be the first man the Potions master had brought to an unexpected orgasm.

A mere touch with his wand and a whispered spell and Lupin yelped in surprise as his clothes vanished, leaving him sitting naked in the chair.

"You want it the hard way, Lupin?" Severus asked, voice velvet as he drawled the werewolf's name right into the man's ear, before nipping at the lobe; and his eyes gleamed as he felt a spasm run through Lupin's dick. "I wonder about your resolve with a hot mouth on your cock", and he licked languidly over Lupin's right nipple, mimicking the movement with the hand on the man's length.

"Shit", Lupin squeaked then and had to repress a moan when Severus repeated the treatment on the other nipple. He could see the werewolf silently mouthing the thoughts he used as a turn off, by now having considerable problems to withstand the stimuli.

But still he somehow managed!

Severus was growing annoyed.

He was actually considering a blowjob to bring the damnable man to the quivering mess he was supposed to be by now, when it crossed his mind that there was still the guaranteed way to get the werewolf off by using the man's prostrate against him. With a grim smile he wondered why he hadn't thought about that before. After all, that rather clinical method would be quite befitting to a beast like Lupin.

Back to his former confidence Severus once more leant in to speak right into the Lycanthrope's ear.

"You do realize this fight is futile, don't you, Lupin?"

The cock in Severus' hand twitched.

Startled at the premature reaction, the Potions master looked down at it, then back at Lupin. This was the second time now the werewolf had positively reacted to…

No way, Severus thought, eyes widening in disbelief. But looking at the werewolf he noticed Lupin's face burning with mortification, his Adam's apple bopping, as he apparently had come to the same surprising conclusion.

The voice.

Lupin was turned on by his voice.

Who would have thought, Severus downright smirked, a dark gleam in his eyes in light of his now imminent victory.

"Oh… I see", he drawled, intentionally leaning in so that Lupin could hear his low voice clearly, "It really is always the quiet ones, isn't it, Lupin?" and he was rewarded by a hitching gasp and another twitch when he chuckled darkly.

"Severus, please-" Lupin started, only to catch himself. But Severus wouldn't let it pass.

"Down to begging, already, Lupin? I wonder, if you would rather I grant your requests or if you like to be helplessly aroused… Ah… and here I thought I would actually have to resort to going down on my knees to get you off, but look at that, you are leaking quite nicely now."

Lupin was breathing loud and hard by now and was once again rocking the chair in his frantic movement to get out of his constraints, the Potions master's grip on the chair unconsciously getting harder as to keep it from toppling over. He himself felt oddly mesmerized. There was something about seeing Lupin loosing his composure like this that excited Severus beyond reason.

He groaned as Lupin's head shot back, mouth opening with a loud gasp when he squeezed a little too hard. "Merlin", he gulped, gazing at the play of Lupin's muscles, writhing under the ropes. "I would love for the others to see their little werewolf now… you would give them quite a show, and I'm not sure they'd jump to your rescue."

Lupin didn't seem to be as appreciative of such an idea.

"Bastard", he managed between gasps of breath. "You better hope I really won't remember any of this… 'cause I'm seriously contemplating murder right now."

Apparently Severus had gone too far.

And apparently mocking Lupin's virtue wasn't the way to go, after all.

So, he tried sensuous instead, gentling his touch as he continued his strokes. Lupin instantly grew apprehensive. Clearly remembering the man's weak point Severus leant closer again, smoothing his words into a velvet baritone.

"I was giving you a compliment, Lupin." He nearly purred the man's name and smiled smugly as the man involuntarily shivered.

"You know, I honestly didn't expect it - and I'm only confessing this, because you won't remember any of this-, but.. You are the hottest thing I've seen in quite some time." Lupin snorted, but when Severus leant in with his lower body the werewolf was suddenly confronted with solid proof. Severus moaned for effect. "Actually, I think you'll make a lovely memory to revisit on occasions.

"Oh, yesss… I will see you at meetings, imagining what I now know you are hiding under those oversized clothes of yours, stripping you with my eyes, while you stay completely oblivious. And when I come home I'll wank to this memory. I'll fist my cock just the way I know you liked it, I'll remember your quivering, sweaty body and.. oh, right, your begging sounded quite nice, so I think in my memory you will be begging quite a lot. And in the end I'll come so hard I'll scream, just like I made you scream… Remus." The name was whispered hotly into Lupin's ear, and Severus was so engulfed in his own fantasy that he didn't even notice the Lycanthrope reaching his limit, that final, intimate word the trigger for the end.

Only when Lupin's head was thrown back in a silent scream, Severus felt the cock in his hand spasm, cum that would have spilled over his hand filling the prepped vial on his work bench.

A little dazed by his own arousal, Severus' eyes stayed transfixed with Lupin's face, the werewolf's mouth open in pure astonishment. Lupin's body had slumped into the chair as if in quiet resignation, the only movement the rising and falling of his chest as he tried to catch his breath.

Both fell into a stunned silence while Lupin slowly came out of his orgasm induced stupor. His face screwed up as if in pain and his mouth opened several times to say something, but then closed in a grim line until he managed a croaked: "What now?"

Severus gulped, most of his mind still hung up on the unexpected part of the night's outcome, while mechanically conveying the end to his plan:

"Now, I wait until you're unconscious and return you to headquarters… I.. have a sleeping draught for that…"

Lupin considered the offer.

"Ok", he finally whispered hoarsely. And he stiffly swallowed the brew held to his lips.

Only then Severus removed the blindfold, watching as down-cast half-lidded amber eyes rose to look sadly into his just before they shut down completely, Lupin's head slumping onto his chest as he lost consciousness.


Severus had the werewolf back in front of the fire place of Grimmauld Place in no time. Nobody had noticed his little abduction, he realized with relief.

The Potions master immediately returned to his workplace to finalize his experiments, which, with help of the acquired ingredient, proved to be as effortless and quick as he'd thought.

With a satisfied smile on his face he finally retreated to his chambers to get some sleep, and was already anticipating testing his new potion in the morning.

Yet, as soon as he lay down, the night's events came creeping back and his mind was suddenly overrun by visions of Lupin.

And so sleep kept its distance as thoughts of the man kept his mind awake.

to be continued…

AN: Welcome to my take on a Snupin Challenge, where Severus needs some "part" of a werewolf for a potion. The notion of Remus reacting to Snape's voice is also a common idea in Snupins and fitted my needs quite nice.^^

This was meant to be a one-shot, ending with our acerbic Potions master starting to take notice of Lupin in a different way, but then I decided to make a short, four-chaptered story out of it… which now turned into a PWP/humour/romance/angst-fiction as Severus, the emotionally depraved bastard, keeps on approaching the problem in his usual one-minded and ruthless way, with no regards for poor Lupin's feelings.

But for all of you who can't help loving him nonetheless, stay tuned for the next chapter:

Where Lupin acts different, and Snape can't have that.;)