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"Lucyyy!" the pink-haired boy pouted. "Why are you so slow, Luce?"

"I'm not like you, Mister. I have something to do." Lucy said as she packing her stuff. "Anyway, where's Happy? I thought he'll join this mission."

"He went on a mission with Wendy and her cat. So it's just the two of us." Lucy blushed as he said the 'the two of us' part.

Natsu smirked, "Why your face is so red, Luce?" Natsu leaned down, their face is so close.

"Wh-wha-what?" Lucy blushed harder.

"Hey, do you know what? I love you, Luce." Natsu said as he wrapped his arms around Lucy's waist.

Lucy blinked few times, and she felt her face was so hot. "A..are you..." Lucy couldn't finished her sentence because cut by Natsu.

"Yeah, I love you, I love Happy, I love all of my nakama." He grinned, let go his arms off of Lucy and walked toward Lucy's window and jump.

Lucy blinked again, "Damn you, Natsuuu!" Lucy shouted, still blushing.

Natsu laughed, "Hurry up, Luce!"

Natsu and Lucy went for a mission. The client's house is near a forest. There was not much information about the mission. So they just came to the place.

Lucy run toward Natsu, they took a train to get there.

(Time skip~~ I'm kinda lazy to write their journey in a train/shot/)

"Natsu! Natsu! Geez, we're not in a train again." Lucy muttered as she wrapped her hand around the sick Natsu.

"Wohoo! Let's go, Lucy. Faster is better!" Natsu ran, followed by Lucy.

"Stupid, Natsu..." Lucy sighed, keep running.

They arrived at the client's house. The house wasn't too big, but not too small too. It was a nice white house, there was a beautiful garden full of white roses.

"It's.. beautiful, very peaceful." Lucy said smiling.

"Whoa, the owner must be love white roses. Everything is white." Natsu walked toward the door.

"Excuse us!" Lucy knocked the door. An old lady opened the door. She wore white dress.

"Ah, both of you must be from Fairy Tail. Please come in." The old lady welcomed them. They gathered in her living room.

"I'm Runa Springfield. And what are your names?" Mrs. Runa said smiling.

"I'm Lucy, and this is my friend, Natsu." Lucy intruduced herself and Natsu.

"What's this mission about?" Natsu asked and eating the cookies that given by .

"I need your help to save my granddaughter, Nadeshiko. She never come back after went to the forest 4 days ago. She is very kind and beautiful. She's only 11 years old. She's my only family that I have. Her parents are dead 2 years ago. My husband too. I heard that there is a monster inside the forest. Nadeshiko has brown long hair. She always use white dress."

"We will save your granddaughter no matter what." Lucy said.

"So, we'll get going now." Natsu stood up and walked out the house.

"We'll be back soon, Mrs. Runa. Please wait here." Lucy bowed and went to the forest with Natsu.

"Be safe!" the old lady shouted.

-in the forest-

"Where do you think Nadeshiko is?" Lucy asked.

"How do I know." Natsu shrugged. "But look! There's a white wristband."

Lucy took the wristband. "It's dirty. I think this is Nadeshiko's. Look there's also a foot step. It's so big."

"Nice, we'll follow the footstep." Natsu grinned and huggeg Lucy from behind.

"Wh-what are you doing, Natsu?" Lucy flushed.

"Warming you."

"How did you know?" Well, Luce felt cold in this forest. Somehow she felt something bad will come.

"I'm your best friend! Of course I know." He grinned.

Lucy smiled weakly, "I'll miss you, Natsu." She whispered.

"What did you say?" Natsu asked.

"Nothing. Let's go! Before we late." Lucy followed the footsteps. Natsu too.

"KYAAAA! SOMEONE HELP ME!" a girl shouted.

"That's must be her. C'mon Luce!" Natsu ran with Lucy toward the sound. They found a big monster. It has red eyes, and scary. A girl cried in its arms.

"Hiegh.. It's very ugly." Natsu said (A/N : =_=a you care about its look?)

"Karyu no Tekken!" Natsu jumped and hit the monster's arm. Nadeshiko fall from its arm.

"Nadeshiko!" Lucy ran to catch Nadeshiko. Lucky, she managed to cath her.

"N-nee-chan!" Nadeshiko cried in Lucy's embrace.

"It's alright. Are you okay?"

"Ye-yes I am. I'm a wind mage." She said, sobbing.

"Good, but you have injuries. Plue will take you back to home. I'll be here with my friend to defeat this monster. This monster is dangerous." Lucy said and summoned Plue.

"This monster took me while I was searching for woods here."

"I see. Well, you can go back now, be careful!" Lucy patted her Nade's head. "Wait, why she didn't use her magic? And I didn't feel any magic within her. Don't tell me..."

"Say my thank to him, nee-chan! See you again!" Nade run with Plue and left the forest.

"Karyu no enchu!" Natsu attacked the monster. And the monster didn't feel anything.

"What the hell? How could...?"

"Natsu becareful! Don't let that ugly monster attack you! Or you will lose your magic!"

Natsu looked at her, "Are you kiddi...GRRAAGHH!" Natsu was thrown back and hit a big sharp stone.

"NATSUUU!" Lucy screamed in horror. She ran to Natsu. Natsu coughed up blood. "Nat-Natsu.. Hang on, baka!" Lucy's tears fell on Natsu's cheek as she hugged Natsu.

"Don-Don't cry, Luce. I'm fine." He coughed again. Why my magic is decreasing? Goddamn!, he thought. He stood up, even though it was a bit hard.

"S-stay back, Luce!" Natsu yelled.

"No way! Gate of the Lion, I opnen thee, Leo!" Lucy yelled back and summoned Loki. "Loki, please!"

"Of course, Lucy." Loki attacked the monster, helping Natsu.

Natsu and Loki (including Lucy, don't forget :P) fought that damn monster. They were almost running out of magic. And that monster only had few scratch. Loki had a bad injuries and back to spirit world. Lucy summoned Virgo.

"Princess, this monster is..." she whispered something to Lucy. Lucy's eyes widened.

"I-I'm not letting him to do that!" Lucy's body was shaking. "I..I'll do it!"

"But Princess..." Virgo looked her with sad face. "I'm sorry, Virgo." Lucy forced closed Virgo.

"Karyu no Koen!" Natsu jumped and attacked the monster again. Finally, the monster was falling and hit the ground. Natsu panted hardly.

"Natsu!" Lucy ran toward him, and held him in her arm.

"Did it work?" he asked, blood was covering his face.

"Sadly, no. Wait here, 'kay? It's my turn to save you." Lucy smiled as she kissed Natsu's cheek. And she walked toward the monster.

"Lu-Lucy! What do you mean? Don't do stupid thing!" Natsu yelled in horror. Scared if something happen to her.

"I'll meet you soon, Natsu! Don't worry!" she gave him a big smile and waved. "Now, time to die!" Lucy held the monster's leg. She pulled out all of her magic energy.

"Lu-Lucyyyy!" Natsu tried to stand up and ran to her. But it's useless, he was running out of magic energy. He panted hardly.

Lucy fused herself with the monster. Natsu ran to her with his energy left. "LUCYYY! Why you..? Get the hell out of there!"

"I'll be okay, Natsu. Don't cry. You were the one who told me not to cry." She pouted. Natsu cried. "Please, Lucy! Get out! I love you!" he said. Lucy smiled, a warm smile then the fusion is finish. Natsu couldn't see her again. She was trapped in there.

Natsu yelled her name. The monster was shining. And few seconds later, exploding into pieces. Natsu's eye widened in horror as he looked at the bloody Lucy. Blood covered her body.

"Lucy! Wake up silly!" Natsu yelled and shaked Lucy's body, hoping she opened her eyes.

"Nn..Natsu... See? Th-the monster is gone..." Lucy opened her eyes and smiled.

"Please don't die! How can I live without you?" Natsu cried.

"I won't. know what? I really love you, Natsu. I love you more than a nakama."

"I love you too, Luce!" Natsu leaned down and kissed her. Lucy smiled during the kiss.

Natsu pulled apart. And Lucy didn't open her eyes. Natsu's nightmare was here.

"Lucy! Wake up! Lucyyyyy!" he roared.

-1 week Later-

"Natsu! Natsu!" Lisanna called his name. But he was spacing out. "Natsu!" she snapped.

"Ah, what is it Lisanna?" he smiled sadly.

"You haven't eat anything since yesterday."

"I'm not hungry." Lisanna sighed at her nakama. "What the hell?" Natsu yelled and stood up from his seat. Lisanna jumped, "Wh-what is it?

He smelled a scent. He really missed the scent. "I smell Lucy's scent!"

"Natsu! Please! Lucy is..." Erza snapped but cut by somone.

"Is this Fairy Tail?" a little girl yelled, smiling. She has blonde hair, side pony tail with blue ribbon, white and blue dress.

All of Fairy Tail froze. "Yes it is, little girl. Who might be are you?" Mirajane smiled at her.

"I'm Lucy. I want to join this guild. This guild is awesome!" she grinned. All of them sweat dropped. Her voice, her face, her look, are same like their Lucy!

"Lucy?" Natsu walked to little Lucy. "Are you Natsu?" little Lucy asked.

"Yes! How did you know?" Natsu smelled this girl's scent. It was the same like his Lucy.

"I don't know. When I woke up in the hospital. I only remember 'Natsu' and he has pink hair."

"WHAAAAAAT?" all of Fairy Tail yelled.

"Do you have magic, dear?" Mira asked again. She cried, because this little girl really looked like Lucy.

"Yes I am. I'm Celestial mage. Loki told me that too." Little Lucy said. And Loki came out. "Loki!" she grinned.

"Hello my lilttle princess." Loki smiled. "Guys, believe me or not but she is a real Lucy."

"R-really?" Natsu asked as his eyes in tears.

"Yes, and she's not Lucy's reincarnation. She is the real Lucy."

"H-how..?" Levy was crying.

"Okay, I'll tell you the whole story." Loki smiled and grabbed Lucy's hand.

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