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A short story about little SpongeBob who can't wait for his first day of school.


The lady sponge smiled dearly, looking at her excited little boy. Seemed like the little yellow square had no intention of sleeping tonight. Still carrying his backpack on his back, he ran around the room and giggled. He finally stopped running to rest his head on his mother's lap for a while.

"It's time to sleep, SpongeBob." His mother said. Her hands gently rubbing her son's square head.

"But mom, I can't wait for tomorrow. It's my first day of school! I don't think I can sleep tonight!" SpongeBob replied. His voice was still full of energy.

"Yes dear, but you need to sleep, so you still will be full of energy tomorrow!" She picked SpongeBob up into the air. "Come on, you don't want to miss your first day, right?"

A slight disappointment was seen on his eyes. "Okay mom," he said. Her mother carried him upstairs to his messy bedroom. He didn't put his toys back into his big wooden chest. They were still all over the place. Then the sponge woman in purple placed SpongeBob on his little bed with blue bedcover. A slightly darker blue blanket was pulled onto him.

"What will I do at school, mom?" He asked. His mom then sat next to his bed.

"You will learn a lot of things, and you can play with your friends too, dear." She replied.

SpongeBob's eyes widened. "Will I have friends, mom? Can I play with them?"

"Yes of course. You're going to be happy there." His mother replied with a smile on her lips. "When I was your age, I was as excited as you on my first day of school."

But SpongeBob didn't reply. His eyelids were already closed and his arms were hugging his favorite teddy bear. His mother sighed and kissed SpongeBob's forehead. She then switched the lights off and quietly walking towards the door. Once again she smiled contentedly at the sight of her son sleeping peacefully, before finally closing the door.


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