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The earl of Phantomhive stared blankly at the papers in front of him.

He had sneaked into his butlers room. The reason? He wanted to know if that demon tried to hide something from him.

Apparently not, since the papers in front of his face were settled on the table, where Ciel had started reading them.

Now, several minutes later, Ciel was flustered. If he just could go back in time and change his mind about searching his butler's room, he'd do it. The papers he had found, were inappropriate and… bothering.

Unmentionable things were written on those papers. For example, 'Claude forced the younger blonde's head down, motioning to his pants's zipper. "You know what to do, Alois" (1)' was bloody disturbing. And that was just one random sentence. There had to be at least fifty pages full of these things. Fifty bloody pages!

It wasn't the homosexual relationships and sodomy that bothered him, but the fact his very own butler had written them.

The most annoying thing was that even though Ciel was flustered because of the stories, the most bothering thing was that he found himself liking them in a way. He couldn't help but imagine him and Sebastian for Alois's and Claude's place…

Ciel felt himself blush, and forced himself to think straight. He'd been in Sebastian's room for quite a while now. He didn't even want to think about what would happeni f the demon would ever find out about Ciel's little adventure in his room. The blue-haired boy quickly stood up, arranged the papers back to the table as they were, and rushed out of the room.

Ciel rushed down the hallway, heading to his own bedroom. Just when he was about to close his room's door, he heard a familiar voice. "Young master? Why are you in such a hurry?"

Oh God, why now? "Wh-what do you mean by hurry? I'm in no hurry, just going to my room, of course", he answered, stuttering a bit.

"Oh?" Sebastian answered sarcastically, forming an 'O' with his lips. "Is that so? Then I must have been wrong." The earl didn't miss the sarcastic tone on his servant's voice. "Yes, you certainly were. I'm going to work now in my room. Don't disturb me", he answered, shutting the door right in front of the demon's face. "Yes, my lord", the demon answered to the shut door.

Ciel couldn't focus. His mind was spinning around Sebastian, and especially around his stories.

The fact he liked his butler way too much in a inappropriate way for a nobleman was enough, but he was now getting aroused because of him. Too much for the little boy to handle.

The boy glanced at the clock. About an hour had passed, and what had the boy accomplished?

Nothing. He had just gotten himself aroused. Again.

Ciel wanted to bang his head on the wall. He couldn't help himself, but to imagine Sebastian kissing his neck, while slowly and teasingly opening his shirt, then moving himself down on the smaller boy…

"AAGH!" Ciel screamed out of frustration. He wanted to get the images out of his head immediately. They were too embarrasing…

If anyone was to find out about those, the earl surely would die of shame.

Meanwhile, Sebastian was going through the manor, looking for his master. He stopped right in front of his door, thinking for a few seconds. Of course his master wouldn't be in his room. Don't be stupid.

The butler ignored the voice in his head, and stepped inside his room.

No sight of his master, just like the voice had stated in his head. Though, something was different. He walked to his writing table, searching for some kind of sign that someone had been inside of his room.

Everything was completely normal, everything except the pile of papers containing his stories… The difference would be unnoticeable for human's eyes, but the pile was indeed a few centimeters off how Sebastian had left them.

Now, the next question was who had been in his room. Sebastian mentally rolled his eyes at himself when thinking about the three servants. Alright, certainly not them, they wouldn't even dare to step in his room. Tanaka? No, he'd have no reason. Young master? He neither has no reason to come here, but knowing him, he's the most logical possiblity.

Sebastian grinned a bit while thinking about his master's face while going through the papers. The image Sebastian had in his head was quite pleasing. Now, let's go see if young master is still mentally alright from reading these…

Ciel had forced himself to work. He wouldn't allow any more of those thoughts to invade his mind. Just when he was about to forget about the rest of the world and get lost in the world of Funtom Company's paperwork, the door was being knocked on. Ciel sighed. "Come in", he said in a monotone voice. The tall butler did as said, pushing a tray in front of him. "I thought that the young master must be tired from working this much and took the liberty to bring you some tea and cake. Strawberry flavoured cake with whipped cream alongside with green tea."

Ciel's face flushed when he suddenly remembered a scene in the butler's story where whipped cream had been used in a different kind of way. It had included a bare chest and a rather eager tongue… Ciel mentally slapped himself to become aware of the situation happening. "Well thought, I was getting exhausted of the amount of paperwork", the earl answered, now again sarcastically, while trying to hide his faint blush.

Of course, this didn't go unnoticed by the demon. "Are you feeling hot, young master? Your face is a rather cute reddish color." Ciel blushed even more. "Shut up! Remember your place! You are in no place to say something like that, Sebastian!"

The butler smirked at the boy's visible irritation. "My apologisies, young master. Though I have to ask again, since you didn't answer my question. Are you feeling quite alright?"

Ciel turned around in the chair, now facing the window. He did it to show he was not interested to speak with his servant, though the real reason was to hide his now even more reddening face. "You don't need to worry about that. You may go now."

"Oh, but my lord, I do have to worry. You are my number one priority because of the contract", Sebastian said calmly, walking to Ciel, kneeling down before him. "Are you sure you don't have a fever or something similar?" The butler continued, placing his hand on the earl's head.

"Or could that redness be something else?" The butler smirked. "Are you blushing, my lord?"

"NO!" Ciel screamed, way too loud and way too fast.

"So you are. What might be the reason, if I may ask?" The butler smirked even more, enjoying humiliating his little master. Ciel was starting to feel weird again, the cause probably being Sebastian. He was too close to him. "It is nothing. Now, get off my face. You are bothering me", the younger one said, trying to push the black-haired demon away.

"Is the blush caused by me then, young master? I am quite flattered indeed if that is so", the man said, completely ignoring the boy's struggles to push him further away.

"Of course it is not! Stop this nonsense already!" Sebastian shook his head a bit at the boy's answer. "We'll see about that, my lord…"

"What do you mean by that Sebastian? What do you inten-"

Ciel was silenced by a pair of lips pressed against his own ones. The kiss didn't last long, and when Sebastian pulled away, the boy was more taken aback when said man gave a little lick on the boy's left cheek. "Delicious. I'd definitely like more of that", Sebastian said, now licking his own lips, cleaning them from the smaller boy's taste. "Oh, my lord, you're face is even redder. Are you completely sure the blush wasn't caused by me?"

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? GET OUT! NOW!" The boy shouted. The demon got up, and walked to the door.

"Young master, I'd just like to say, next time you want to know if I'm hiding something from you in my room, you may just ask me to show around there.

Oh, and by the way, if you want me to seduce you like Claude did to Alois, I don't mind. I'd be happy to, actually."

Ciel screamed in annoyance when realizing the demon was obviously referring to his story. He knew all along Ciel had been in his room.

"What makes you think I'd want that? Get out, already! This is not the time to discuss these things."

Sebastian smiled warmly at his master.

"Yes, my lord. I'll take that as a possible yes for the seducing-part", Sebastian answered.

"We even have some whipped cream left from the cake, if we want to use that like Alois did to Claude's chest and..."


Sebastian smiled even more, now stepping out and closing the door behind him. He could hear his master murmur things like 'so damn embarrasing' and 'stupid mind-reading butler' from the other side of the door with an annoyed tone.

As the butler walked through the corridor, he had just one thought in his mind.

Sebastian couldn't wait for the evening to fall.

(1): I just had to use Claude's & Alois's names, but I didn't make Ciel question Sebastian about it, because that would just raise more and more questions.