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"Understood, Ciel", the butler simply said. He shifted around on the bed, now on top of the smaller boy, caressing his cheek carefully.

"H-hey! What are you doing?" The boy said, nervousness invading his foggy mind again.

"If young Master… Excuse me, Ciel, is really sure about wanting me, as my Lord puts it, I am going to be the one topping, right?" The butler said, smirking at the smaller boy. "Therefore, I indeed am going to be on top of you, Ciel."

"Oh, yeah…" The human answered, staring into the demon's blood red eyes, already getting lost in their deep colour.

Sebastian was now smiling genuinely at the boy and his reaction, now playing with the boy's hair while gently also caressing his pale, smooth skin of his face.

"You don't need to be nervous, my darling, I will not hurt you. I promise you will enjoy it.

Ciel lost his control of his emotions completely. Did he just say darling? Ciel pulled himself up on the bed so he would sit, forcing the demon off of him.

"I… I-" The boy was silenced, once again, by the butler, this time with the demon's index finger that was planted on the boy's soft lips.

"I really care for you, Ciel. That is why-", the butler removed his finger, replaced it immediately with his own lips, planting a chaste kiss on the beautiful mouth

"I want to make this a pleasant memory for you".

Ciel was no more as nervous as just minutes ago, he felt his courage rise by every word the demon said to him.

He smiled at the butler, and threw his own small around the servant's neck.
"I really like you too, Sebastian-", Ciel said carefully, whispering into his ear.

"And that is why, I want to start this already", he continued boldly, opening the butler's black top coat's button.

"My, my, you seem to be more eager than I thought of the blushing little school girl-style, darling…" Sebastian said, letting Ciel undress first the coat, then starting to unbutton his white dress shirt. "It is rather funny indeed, how my own written stories lead us two together like this…"

"Surely is", Ciel answered, before ripping of the butler's shirt when getting annoyed by the buttons. As the butler sighed when the ripped-off buttons hit the floor, the boy continued. "What? They were on the way."

Sebastian smiled at the boy when he finally also removed the white dress of his, exposing the older man's slightly muscled, pale chest that the boy was staring at in awe.

When the boy wouldn't move his eyes for a while, the butler smirked. "See something you like, darling?"

The boy startled. "Uhh… Um, yeah", the boy finally stuttered out. He raised his hand, moving it up and down on the demon's chest. "It's, uh… Beautiful."

Sebastian smiled again at the boy's words. "What? My stomach?" Ciel sighed. "No… I mean yes, but not just that… I mean, everything about your body is so beautiful. I've never realized it before."

The demon placed a hand on the human's head pulling his face closer. "You have just seen a part of my body, Ciel. I, then again, have seen all of your body while for example giving you a bath and dressing you up, and I must say, your body is something beautiful and stunning aswell."

Ciel blinked his eyes a couple of times, processing what the demon said, and finally understood it was a compliment of his body. His mind was so blurry, he couldn't believe what he was doing, or more likey what they were about to do.

He wrapped his arms around the butler's neck, whispering a silent 'thank you', and then closed the distance between them.

Sebastian smiled into the chaste kiss, kissing his master back, while wrapping his arms around the boy's waist. "One moment you are the boldest, then in a minute you are all sweet and shy, Ciel", the butler said between the kisses they were exchanging.

"Well, you make me confused about everything by doing those things and acting like you do… And the stories you wrote and-" "My darling, you don't need to explain. I think it is very sweet", the demon interrupted, and Ciel sighed a little, acknowledging it had become a habit now for Sebastian to silence his prattle.

"But now my darling, this isn't fair at all that I am missing half of my clothes while you still are completely dressed", Sebastian said, genuinely smiling at the boy. The older man pulled the smaller one on his lap, then moved onto his coat. He unbuttoned the first buttons, while searching his master's face for any signs of uncomfortableness. If he'd find some, he wouldn't go further, he cared a lot about the little Lord sitting on his lap.

When he finally took off the black dress shirt off the little earl, the child shivered a bit. "What is it, Ciel?" The butler asked immediately, concerned about the current feelings of the boy. "Nothing, it just felt a bit cold", Ciel answered, looking into the butler's eyes. "Honestly, if I didn't want this, I'd say something, right? I've had no problems ordering you around before." The demon smirked. "That is true, my darling…"

The man pushed the boy off his lap, lying him down on the bed, hovering above the smaller figure. The butler smiled at the boy, once again, and caressed the boy's bare thigh with his left hand, since the dark shorts the boy was wearing didn't cover a lot.

The butler reached for the button of the shorts, and the boy just laid there, breathing, and waiting. "As I told you, my darling, you don' t need to be nervous, for I have seen your body countless times before", the butler said, pulling off the boy's shorts and undergarment. "I know, I know, but never in circumstances like this!"

The butler chucked at the boy's words He bent down to kiss the now naked boy. The earl wouldn't keep the kiss as chaste as the other ones, and he poked out his tongue for the butler's lips. The pair of lips immediately opened a bit, granting the access for the smaller tongue.

Sebastian pulled Ciel up again, placing themselves so that he himself was leaning on the bedpost, and the master was sitting on his lap again with his legs spread around the butler's waist.

Their tongues battled in the fierce kiss, and both of them could feel the air growing hotter and thicker. Ciel was losing in the clash of the tongues, and when Sebastian placed his hands on the smaller one's bottom, he moaned a bit into the kiss, making him lose control even more.

"Ah… Sebastian…" The little boy moaned between the kisses, feeling the hands grope his backside. "Ah… I want to make you feel good…!" The boy said, panting. He let go of the butler, and got off of his lap.

He placed himself in between the butler's legs, reaching for the belt of the demon's black pants. "Ciel…" "Just shut up and enjoy what I'm about to do", the boy said, opening the belt. The boy opened the zipper of the butler's pants, and moved the butler's undergarments out of the way. Ciel mouth opened a bit of awe, when he took the butler's throbbing erection out. It was a lot bigger than the boy had expected.

The boy partly laid down to make himself comfortable, while the older man was leaning on the bedpost.

Ciel gave a small stroke on the demon's lenght, which made the said demon shiver a bit. Now more confident, the boy stroked harder, running his fingers down on the vein at the backside of the erection.

He turned up to see Sebastian's face. It was flushed, and the butler was panting a bit. It was clear that he was very turned on, and that made Ciel want to please the demon even more.

The boy closed his eyes, and moved his mouth closer to the man's erection.

He gave a small lick to the tip, which made Sebastian moan. Ciel smirked a bit, taking the deliciously-tasting tip inside of his small mouth. "OH! Young master… Ciel!" The boy took more and more inside of his small cavern, moving his head up and down. The butler moved his hand on the boy's head, stroking his blue hair, without forcing him to take more inside. He had never even dared to dream that the young Lord would ever please him like this.

At the moment, Ciel was furiously moving his head up and down, while moving his tongue alongside the cock. Sebastian gave a really loud moan when the boy took him all the way in, making the tip touch the back of the boy's throat. After a while, Sebastian had to open his own mouth…

"Ciel… Ohh… You need to stop…" The boy raised his gaze, still moving forward and backwards with the erection in his mouth. "I can't hold back for long if you, ah, won't stop soon…" Ciel rolled his eyes a bit, like to tell the butler 'I don't care', but the man forced carefully the boy's mouth off of him.

"My darling, you need to get some pleasure too, don't you agree?" That said, the butler was on all fours above him again. "Do you want it, Ciel?"

The boy underneath looked into the demon's eyes. "Yes."

"Then my darling, please suck on these carefully", the butler said, holding out three fingers in front of the boy's face. The earl understood, and took the digits inside of his mouth, coating them with saliva.

When the man thought his fingers were wet enough, he carefully took them out of the boy's mouth, moving his hand on the boy's entrance. "I will be careful not to hurt you, my darling. I am aware that this is your first time doing anything like this, so I will take extreme caution. Are you sure you want this?"

"Yes… Do it already!" The boy answered, a bit irritated by the butler's concern, even though he would have to admit, he was quite flattered for the butler to take care about him…

"Yes, my lord", Sebastian answered, pushing the first finger inside the ring of muscle.

It didn't feel bad, just slightly uncomfortable for the boy. He let out a small moan when the butler started moving the finger inside him back and forth. After a few moments, he added another one inside of him, making it feel a bit less pleasant. Sebastian scissored his fingers inside the hot hole, streching him for what was about to come. Eventually, the butler had inserted all of the three fingers inside the boy, and was moving them around in the hole. "Ah! Sebastian…!" "Does it hurt, my darling?" The butler asked. "No… Just a bit uncomfortable… Ah…" The butler smiled at the boy, and reached to kiss his lips.

After a while, the man took out all of the fingers carefully. Ciel whined at the loss of friction, but was soon silenced by something big rubbing at his entrance. "Now, my love, this will hurt a bit, but I shall make sure it will feel better in a few moments. Is that okay, Ciel?"

When receiving a nod, the butler pushed himself carefully and slowly inside the boy. When the tip was inside, Ciel let out a whimper, half because of pain, half because of the lovely friction and pleasure he was longing for.

The man pressed a bit harder, and when he was fully sheathed inside the boy, the smaller figure let out a pained whimper. "I will wait for you to adjust, Ciel… We don't need to hurry", the man said, still hoping the boy wouldn't take too long to get used to it, he was really feeling hot because of the tightness around his cock.

Soon, the boy motioned him to move, and so the butler did. When the man first thrust, tears formed in the boy's eyes. "Sebastian…!" "I know Ciel, it hurts, but just wait a little moment. Just cope with it for a little more time…"

Sebastian was thrusting carefully back and forth inside the small hole, searching for the little spot that would make the boy scream of pleasure. Right now though, the boy was clinging onto his neck, desperately trying to hold back the tears.

Eventually, Ciel let out a scream. "AH!Ciel felt something blurt out of his own erection, coating his chest with the sticky liquid.o hold back the tears.

ke the boy sc~ Oh my god…! Do that again, please!" Sebastian obeyed, happy that he had found the boy's prostate. He angled himself better, hitting Ciel's sweet spot dead-on. "Oh yes, oh yes! Oh my god, Sebastian! It feels so good! Ah…!" The panting boy blurted out, pleasure blurrying his sight.

"Ciel… You are so tight…" The butler said, thrusting in and out of the boy. "Sebastian…! I can't hold it back anymore! I'm gonna- AH!~"

Ciel felt something blurt out of his own erection, coating his chest with the sticky liquid.

They both were panting furiously. "Ah… Ciel…" The butler mumbled, pulling out of the boy, his erection still hard.

"You didn't get your release…" The boy said, sitting up next to the lying butler. "It doesn't matter, you did, and that pleases me enough."

"No. That's not what I meant. It is good, since I am not satisfied enough."

The butler smirked at the boy, pulling him to a kiss.

"AH! Sebastian…!" The boy screamed, jumping up and down on the butler. Sebastian was lying down on the bed, holding the boy's ass, while the boy was moving up and down, riding the man.

"Sebastian…! It's touching that place again! Ah…!" Sebastian didn't answer anything, since he couldn't from all the moaning. Instead he grabbed the smaller one's throbbing erection, stroking it harshly.

"AH! Sebastian, I'm going to cum again!~" That said, the boy let himself go, cumming again on both of their chests. The pressure was too much for Sebastian, since Ciel's hole was getting tighter around his length when Ciel was riding his own orgasm.

"Oh, oh… Ciel…!"

The boy felt himself to be filled, and moaned at the second wave of the orgasm. "Sebastian…!"

Both men were laying on the bed, still panting. "Ciel…" Sebastian said, turning to face the boy. "I think I should go, you need to sleep, and I still have duties to fulfill for the night."

Just when Sebastian was about to get up, the boy grabbed the man's hand, pulling him back to bed with him. "No."


"Yes, no. You won't go anywhere. I want you to stay here with me for the night."

"Is that an order?"

"Does it matter?"

"No. I would stay anyway, no matter what you would say."

The boy kissed the man, then wrapped his arms around the man's neck, hugging him tightly. "Sebastian… I… I really like you so much…"

The man smiled and hugged the boy back. "I love you too, my darling."

Just in a few minutes, both were asleep, happily.

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