Series: Post-manga / Brotherhood

Warnings: None.

Note: Written for the community fma-fic-contest on Livejournal, for the prompt "Still needs something".

Closing The Distance

In Resembool, the arrival of a train at the station was often a joyful occasion. The town was small enough that everyone knew everyone else. There would always be someone to welcome back or to exchange news and stories with.

As stationmaster, Mr Marklin missed very few of them.

A few other people were on the platform today. Closest to him was the Rockbell girl, probably waiting for the 8:37 train from Dublith. He liked the girl. She and her grandmother were well respected, not just thanks to their automail.

He waved at her: "The train should be on time!"

She waved back at him, smiling widely. Her excitement was barely contained, the stationmaster could see her standing on her toes then rolling on her heels, or flapping her arms. Hiding a smile of his own, Mr Marklin could only guess at who she was waiting for…

A blow in the distance told him Winry wouldn't have to wait much longer. Mr Marklin checked his watch. "Right on time indeed", he murmured to himself, satisfied.

From his corner of the platform, he observed the customary well-choreographed dance unfold: the train gradually slowed down until it came to a stop, white smoke escaping the locomotive. The people on the platform moved closer to the doors and windows, searching for loved ones or business partners. The doors then opened and the passengers began to step out of the train cars.

Then came the hugs and kisses that made Mr Marklin's heart swell. This was the best part of his job, and the reason he was still there after forty years. Witnessing these happy reunions never got old.

An exclamation to his left got his attention: "Ed!" Winry raised her arms, waiting for the Elric boy to notice her.

Ed was searching the crowd. When he finally spotted Winry, his face brightened, that toothy smile of his stretching his lips. He strode straight to her. When he reached her, he dropped his suitcase, cupped her cheeks in both his hands, and kissed her soundly on the mouth. She returned the kiss eagerly, her own hands running up Edward's arms to his shoulders.

People around them smiled and chuckled at the sight. They could have been miles away for all the couple seemed to care. Not wanting to intrude, Mr Marklin went back to surveying the platform. Still he couldn't help glancing back at them - that kiss was quickly climbing up his list of Most Heartfelt Reunions.

He saw them pull apart and stare into each other's eyes, whispering words he couldn't - and didn't want to - hear. Yet it was obvious that, for this brief moment, everything was perfect in their world. It needed nothing more, nothing less. Hand in hand, they then made their way out of the station, and the stationmaster lost sight of them.

His old man's heart comforted, he smiled. For Ed and Winry, at least, this was going to be a good day.