HEYYYYY! How's life going?

Here is a newly written one shot by yours truly! I am like seriously obssesed with one-shots... I dont know why.

Anyways this is Jeyna/Jasper you may choose I dont really care.

And this is a start to my New Year's Resolution! Write at least fifty stories I think by the end of this year. Well, I dont think thats going to really happen.

So read, review and well yeah!

Disclaimer: I own nothing! All rights to Rick Riordan because last time I checked I wasn't a middle aged man who has an amazing and creative mind.


You watch as he strolls down the ship

Taking in the area around him

The crowds






For their newly returned leader

He smiles PrOuDlY

You grin at the B-L-O-N-D-E

Suddenly a girl walks up to h/i/m

He stops and stares at her hard b|r|o|w|n eyes in d.i.s.b.e.l.i.e.f

She grasps his B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L face

He takes her in his arms

You can't stand it

You TURN around

You're supposedly "Kalidescope" eyes

on the verge of (T) (E) (A) (R) (S)

Your friends all give you


Sorry Looks

You give a small~smile

This wasn't meant to happen

None of this

He's a ROMAN

You're a greek

You realize

This is his home

This is where he's

Supposed to be

And guess what

You're not a part of it

Wow that was kind of depressing... I don't really like this one. There's like no detail! GAH!

So... how is school for you guys? I have mid terms AND a piano test so I'm stressed! No worries though! I'll update and write a bunch of stories in February!

Reviews make me happy! OH hey guess what! LONG AUTHORS NOTE TIME!

Riordan has this book called Demigod Diaries. It comes out in August I think... Oh and the last book to the Kane Chronicles come out on May 1st... Hmm whenever a book comes out from HoO my dad always picks me up when my mom promised me she would so we could get the book and I have a meltdown. :P HAHA!

Oh and! I'm doing this fundraiser at my school and it's about selling tickets to people for one night at an Amusement Park, and whomever sells fifty tickets first and hands it in gets a limo ride to the Amusement Park. Yet, the date is on the 21st and I have like four tickets. :(