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"So Prop 8's done, huh?" Rusty set down his spoon.

Sharon nodded, engrossed in the case file open next to her bacon and eggs, "seems so."

"You guys are already married though, right? So you were grandfathered in?"

"Um," Sharon looked up from her case file. "Actually no, we just had our commitment ceremony last year right before you came to live with us."

Rusty laughed a little, "so I interrupted the honeymoon phase?"

Sharon smiled, "well, we've been together for over seven years now."


Sharon narrowed her eyes scrutinizingly for a moment before answering. "Yes…"

Brenda walked into the dining room, freshly showered and sharply dressed, "what are we talking about?"

"Prop 8." Rusty said through a mouthful of cheerios.

"That reminds me." Brenda said grabbing a mug and heading for the coffee maker. "When are we going to go down to city hall and make this official?"

Sharon looked up again. "Take all the romance out of it, why don't you? Why don't we wait until your dad can come? Wouldn't he like that?"

"That's true." Brenda nodded, "alright. I'll give him a call today."

Rusty glanced at the clock, realizing that he wasn't running late, looked at Brenda with some surprise. "You're up early."

"iSomeone/i kicked me out of bed." Brenda looked pointedly at Sharon.

Sharon scoffed but smiled. "For the record I only kicked you out because you took all the covers and I was cold and I wanted the covers for at least ten minutes before my alarm went off."

"Yeah but when she gets up first she uses up all the hot water." Rusty grumbled.

Sharon leaned across the table and put her hand over Rusty's. "And we appreciate your sacrifice."

He picked up his cereal bowl, "I'm going to finish getting ready."

A few moments later, after Rusty washed his bowl and disappeared up the stairs, Brenda sashayed over to Sharon and sat in her lap.

Sharon grinned, "well hello."

Brenda wrapped her arms around Sharon's shoulders. "Since I did get up early and we have the time…"

Brenda twirled a lock of chocolate brown hair around her finger.

"Yes?" Sharon purred.

"Why don't you and I go back upstairs?" Brenda leaned forward and nibbled on her earlobe and Sharon mmmed. "I want to fuck you." Brenda breathed in her ear.

Sharon groaned. "And right after you got all dressed up," her hand travelled up over the fabric stretched across Brenda's ass, "you'll get all mussed up."

"And when have I ever begrudged you that?"

"Fair point."

Sharon downed the rest of her coffee in one gulp and followed Brenda up the stairs. Once through the door to their bedroom Brenda pushed the door closed and shoved Sharon up against it.

Sharon groaned with a lascivious grin, letting her eyes flutter shut. Brenda's thigh pressed hard into Sharon's center, Brenda's eager fingers pulling Sharon's skirt up to her waist, pushing harder as Sharon started rolling her hips, thrusting forward with Brenda's increasing pressure.

Brenda's hands cupped Sharon's ass, dragging her closer and Sharon gasped, eyes flying open to meet Brenda' heated gaze. Brenda bit her lip, growing more and more determined with each hitch of Sharon's breath.

After all these years she could still reduce put-together-Raydor to a quivering mess in a matter of minutes.

Sharon buried her fingers in Brenda's golden waves, already feeling the exquisite tightening. Her panties were soaked through, her wetness sliding easily over Brenda's thigh.

Brenda slowed and stopped; Sharon held her breath. Brenda thrust hard, grinding against the heated flesh and Sharon had to bite down on her lower lip to keep from screaming as her orgasm tore through her.

Pressing soft kiss to Sharon's neck and throat, Brenda held her as her breathing normalized. Brenda took a step back and Sharon started sliding down the door. Brenda laughed and moved forward to catch her. "Whoa there."

Sharon held onto her arm and took a couple shaky steps toward the bed and sat down on it, letting herself fall back against the plush comforter.

Brenda smoothed down her skirt and tied her hair back, grinning from ear to ear.

Sharon rolled over onto her side. "Go on without me."

"Hey," Sharon smiled from the open doorway.

"Hi Sharon." Josh put his pen down. "I think James is at lunch."

"I came to see you actually."

"I'm swamped today, I can't do lunch."

Sharon closed the door and started towards his desk. "No, I came for professional reasons. I need some papers drawn up. Brenda and I are going to get ilegally/i married - "

"You don't need a lawyer to apply for a marriage license." He laughed.

"Right." Sharon smirked, "that's not the kind of papers that I need… Obviously I'm not asking you to do it yourself but discretion is the better part of valor, as they say."

"Of course."

"And I bring this to you in the hopes that you will impress upon your staff the importance of secrecy and expediency."

"Anything you need, Sharon, you know that."

Sharon sat down in the chair in front of his desk. "Thank you, Josh."