Ocean Dreams

Written by Luna Kitty

* * * A u t h o r ' s - N o t e * * *
Hi all. Well, this is my first Pokemon fic ^.^;; Its gonna be a AAMR and some others too, so look out for that! ^_^;;
I was thinking, it may be helpful to have a character list for this. And this fic may change a few things, so to cleanse any confusion the ages of the characters featuring in this fic are as follows :
Ash - 14
Misty - 15
Brock - 18
Clair (the Blackthorn Gym Leader) - 16
Lance (the Dragonmaster ) - 18
* * * A u t h o r ' s - N o t e * * *

Part 1 - Clair the Dragon Trainer.

* * *

"Ok Pikachu, I know we can do this together, I know we can. Together we can do anything!" Ash Ketchem, trainer from the town of Pallet, said to himself to psyche himself up for the rather heavy battle he was preparing for. With a chirp from Pikachu, sitting on his hat, he knew he was a ready as he could ever be.

He took in a deep breath, which he let out again in a sigh, and stepped forward, to greet the cheering crowd with a wave, and look over to see his opponant. With this new system, you never really knew what trainer you were up against. Why, Ash could be against a novice, or a hot-shot trainer, and he wouldn't know till the last second.

But, Ash reminded himself with a firm nod, he WAS one of those hot-shot Trainers, so therefore he had nothing to worry about. As if his Pikachu had psychic powers, which Ash doubted very much, it tapped his head resurringly and chirped his advice.

He looked over to see the person he would be duking it out against. Having had to have already chosen his Pokemon before the match, he had chosen to battle with his Blastiose (which he had evolved from his Squirtle), his Charizard (a risky choice, but one worth it for its firepower) and his Pikachu, who never failed him. He also included in his line-up his new Fearow, who had proven itself to be as effective in battling as any of his other Pokemon.

The person he was up against would have to be the strangest-looking trainer he had fought yet, but one familar to him. Rather short in height, she had blue hair just down past her ears, though she had a ponytail which was sticking out everywhere and pericing blue eyes, blue eyes which were looking directly at him, as though 'summing' him up so to speak.

Infact, Ash thought, those eyes seemed to be made out of sapphire; he had never seen such deep eyes before, ever ..

"Hailing from Blackthorn City, Seeded #1 for all the GymLeaders of Johnto we have Clair the GymLeader!" the announcer yelled over the PA, and the packed stadium roared with appluse as the GymLeader waved and smiled, her smile not quite reaching her eyes as she turned back to Ash, who gulped.

"And the challenger is Ash Ketchem, trainer from Pallet!" yelled the announcer, and guestured towards Ash, who waved and smiled as the audience clapped polietly. Pikachu chirped and jumped down, to land on the raised platform, which served as the trainers stand. Ash was standing the red, oppistie him was Clair on the blue.

"4 pokemon each! Let the battle begin!" the old man who had been announcing the start, details and end of Pokemon battles at the Indigo Stadium for the past 50 years, announced and lent back in to his chair, his eyes dancing across the battle feild, waiting for it to start.

"Alright go, Venusaur!" called Ash, throwing a Pokeball and releasing his Venusaur, who grunted and looked up at Clair, waiting for her choice of Pokemon.

"OK, starting big are we? Go, Dragonite!" Clair smirked, her eyes cold as she threw a Pokeball and released her massive Dragonite, who, growling at Venusaur, towered over Venusaur, waiting for his command.

And before Ash could command his Pokemon to attack, Clair cried, "Take the over-grown beast down! OverFlow!"

Ash was stunned, he had never heard a attack like that before. But with a swift nod, the Dragonite spread its wings wide, lifted its head (Ash could make out that the Dragonites eyes had turned a glowing blue color) and opened its mouth and spat out water, which hit the Venusaur head-on; it was blown back by the attack, to Ash's platform, where it wobbled and swayed voilently, Ash grasping the sides of his Platform for dear life.

Foutunely, the Platform didnot fall, much to Ash's relief (Pikachu was clinging to Ash's head/neck for all it was worth) but it appeared that Venusaur had fainted from the water attack. It was lying on its belly, covered in bruises and dripping wet; Ash sweatdropped as he recalled him.

"It seems as though Ash's Venusaur is no match for Clair's Dragonite," the announcer said, over the cheering for Clair's victory. Clair smiled and waved, before praising her Pokemon.

If Clair could KO his Venusaur with a single Water attack, Ash thought shakily, replacing Venusaur's ball on his belt, watching as Clair recalled her Pokemon with a smile, then he would be bet for sure.

But then, Ash thought, trying to think up a tatic to use against Clair, she uses water Pokemon. And If I can paralyse them..

"OK, Pikachu, your up!" Ash pushed Pikachu forward, it sprung down lightly and waddled out to the middle of the feild, looking up at Clair with a quizzacal look on its face.

"Electric, eh? Plan to paralyse my Pokemon, ne? Well, theres another thing coming. Go Dragonair!" Clair said coldly, and Ash jumped. Did she read my mind? he asked as a slow smile spread across her lips, again never reaching her eyes, as she threw a Pokeball backhandedly, and a slim Dragonair poped out, looking at Pikachu with a friendly look in its eyes.

"Make the first move." Clair smirked, crossing her arms, her face and stance oozing self-confindence. "This should be interesting."

"Pikachu! Thunderwave attack! Paralyse it!" yelled Ash, seizing his chance to attack. Pikachu smiled, its cheeks glimmering with electrical sparks as it attacked, a full force charge aimed at the Dragonair, which shook off the charge as easliy as if it had never been attacked.

Pikachu was shocked that the water Pokemon was able to throw off such a powerful attack, even against a type that had the advantage over it. It stepped backwards shakily, but didn't give the Dragonair a chance to attack back. It threw out a massive Thunderbolt, which hit but didn't affect.

By now, Pikachu was worn out. It had used up alot of it's electrical power and the Dragonair seemed not to notice the attack, let alone feel it.

Ash, sweat beading up on his forehead, glanced up at Clair, who hadn't commanded her Dragonair to do anything yet. But as he looked at her, a glint in her eye, as she snorted in disgust.

"Dragonair! Show the electric rodent a REAL Thunder! Now!" she cried, as her Dragonair cried out, its sharp cry echoing around the now silent staduim. The sky, before shining with brightness of the middle of the day, clouded over, the clouds became grey and thunder rumbled in the air.

"Thunderbolt attack, now!" yelled Clair, as a huge lightning-bolt cracked down, illumating Dragonair with its brightness. Then Dragonair 'leapt' forward into the bolt, opened its eyes and mouth, and blasted out 100,000 or so volts of electricity towards Pikachu.

When the light of the blast cleared away, and Ash unsheilded his eyes, he saw Pikachu, black as charcol, lying on the ground, with scorch marks from the attack burned into the ground.

Although the clouds cleared and the sun became bright, one thing was for sure. Pikachu had fainted from the massive attack.
The crowd cheered loudly as Clair recalled her Dragonair (who was seemingly exhausted from its preformance) and smirked over at Ash, rasing a eyebrow cockily as he too, recalled his downed Pokemon.

He only had two Pokemon left. Fearow and Charizard. Ash fingered his Pokeball's lightly, before deattaching one from his belt with a florish. Ash needed to win this battle to stay in the game, and even though his Fearow was strong, it wouldn't be effective against electric attacks. And Charizard wasn't effective agaist water type Pokemon. It seemed as though Clair had him trapped, judging by her cool and calculating attitude.

Ash made up his mind and threw the Pokeball, calling, "Go Charizard!"

This suprised Clair. Alot. She sweatdropped as the huge dragon appeared from the ball, and threw her Pokemon, also calling, "Go Draite!"

The Pokemon that came out of her Pokeball was a Pokemon which Ash had never seen before. It was about 2 feet tall, green with yellow parts, and suprisingly blue eyes, which stared cockily up at Charizard.

Charizard grunted, a small flash of flame eruptting from his nose as he snorted. Draite didn't do anything, but just stood there.

"Charizard, FlameThrower!" Ash cried, seeing victory in his mind's eye. But.. Charizard did naught but snort again.
Clair, from the other side, smiled cooly, but did not order the new Pokemon to preform any sort of attack.

The crowd began to become restless. Seeing no action, they began to yell out abusive things, like "We came here to see a Pokemon battle!" and "Get off the feild!" to Ash. But still Ash's Charizard didn't move, and neither did Clair's Pokemon.

Oh no, Charizard, not again! Please! Ash thought frantically. "FireSpin! Please!"

Charizard ignored him again, to the disgust of both the crowd and Ash.

"It appears that neither Pokemon wants to fight, so I - would you look at that!" The announcer said excitedly, as the little Dragon disappeared and reappeared over Charizard's head, and Mega Kicked him, causing Charizard to fall to the ground, fainted by that one puny Pokemon, who stood on him trumpiantly.

"It seems as though Clair's Draite has defeated Charizard, Ash's final Pokemon. Clair now can go forward into the Quarter-Finals!" cried the announcer over the roaring of the crowd, most of whom had stood up and yelled and cheered for the champion.

As the crowd cheered, Ash gaped, awed as how the little Pokemon was so strong, it could defeat his Charizard. Hanging his head, he recalled his fainted Pokemon and looked up at Clair, who had already recalled her Pokemon, and was looking straight at him.

"You need to practise. As if a puny trainer like you defeat a DragonMaster? Hah! Dream on." Clair held his stare till Ash broke the glance and trudged out of the stadium, sorry for himself because it would be another long year before he could challenge the Elite again.

But this year I didn't even make it that far, Ash thought, and pushed back hot, salty tears, as he left behind him the noise of the Stadium and headed for the Pokemon Center, which Clair's words in his head.

* * *
"Ash! Ash!"

Ash looked up slowly, lifting his head from his arms. Ash saw his Mum, Misty, Brock and Professer Oak come running up to him, their faces glowing.

"Hey Ash! You did great!" Ash's mum told him, and hugged him tightly. Ash mumbled a reply as Pikachu jumped up onto the table, choking on some fried rice it had stolen from Ash's plate, which had been untouched.

"Yes Ash! Don't be so hard on yourself," advised Professer Oak wisely. "Clair is a tough trainer to beat, after all, she is a Gym Leader!"

"Yeah, whatever," Ash lowered his head onto his arms again as he saw Misty frown and look away. She wasn't pleased, and that was all that mattered to him.