Epilogue: Chasing Pavements

"Hey! Rachel! Quinn! Look over here!"

Feeling the guiding hand of her wife on her lower back, Quinn turned with Rachel to face the blitzing paparazzi. She squinted her eyes together slightly, trying to block out the light whilst still looking somewhat presentable for the camera. She reached a hand up and delicately tugged a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear.

Rachel was smiling brilliantly next to her, flashing her mega-watt smile for the cameras the way she'd always done. She loved the attention, the fact that people were yelling her name, wanting to take pictures of her for the magazines. She'd spent hours looking for the perfect dress, and looking for Quinn's perfect dress. They'd always taken pride into matching each other when they went to Rachel's events together. The public always loved to see them at these things. Rachel enjoyed it, but Quinn had never really gotten used to these things, not even after nearly twenty years of doing it together.

Gazing down at her wife, who was lower than her even in her high heels, Quinn couldn't help but smile even more; Rachel was the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on, even as she was steadily reaching 50. No one took to ageing quite like she did; her hair was still the same beautiful colour with a few grey specks here and there, and her eyes now held a certain wisdom. Even the small wrinkles on her face seemed to agree with her. She was still in shape, and therefore she'd been on the list as one of the most beautiful women in the world the last few years; a list she shared with actresses much younger than herself.

"Come on baby." Rachel whispered, burying her nose in the crook of Quinn's neck for just a second – before she took to guiding them further down the red carpet towards the grand entrance. The place was swamped with people, and even though this was far from the first Tony Award show that Quinn had attended (which was her duty as the wife of Rachel Berry), she still wasn't entirely comfortable with it, and let Rachel guide her through it all.

They linked their hands together and entered the building. The show was once again being held at Radio City Music Hall, and the host was Neil Patrick Harris as it had been many times before. Quinn usually loved these shows; they were very entertaining and the performances were great – she was much more into musicals than she had been when she was young, but that was simply because they were Rachel's livelihood and she talked about everything happening in the musical theatre world all the time.

This, however, was a very special year for them regarding Tony Awards. Rachel had won her fair share of awards in the past twenty years, and she was – tonight – being acknowledged for that. Especially for her work in musical theatre, which was where her heart truly lay, even if she had done practically everything else that the business offered. She had her second movie coming out in just a few months, and although it hadn't premièred yet, the rumours of an Oscar nomination were already running wild. Tonight though, it was all about the Tony Award that she'd be bringing home to join the rest of her awards on top of their fireplace.

Quinn was swelling with pride as they found their way to their seats. Everything was glamorous and fantastic tonight, and she loved how everyone was looking at Rachel, how people were coming up to congratulate her constantly, and especially just how Rachel seemed to suck in the attention completely. She'd always loved being the centre of attention, and she most definitely was tonight.

The show started with Neil Patrick Harris goofing a bit off on stage, and in between all the presenters there were small performances from different musicals; there had just been a revival of Spring Awakening at the Gershwin Theatre, and it had been nominated for several awards whilst the performers also performed some of the classic songs from the show. Rachel had dragged Quinn with her on opening night, and she had been absolutely thrilled with the show.

Quinn was tripping in her seat though. She found it difficult to enjoy all the artists entirely, because she simply couldn't wait for the moment where things got serious. Rachel took the time waiting great though; Quinn had almost feared that the teenage Rachel Berry would appear and show her horns, but her wife really had grown up and was handling it beautifully. Quinn was almost more impatient than her. Which was impressive, really, because the diva had no patience at all – and she never had in the past.

And suddenly, Neil Patrick took the stage with the words, "And now to… One of the things that I've been looking very forward to this year! Our Tony Honours for Excellence in the Theatre!" he smiled brightly at them all as the audience applauded, "This is an award that's only been, well, awarded a few times throughout Tony's history, and tonight we're honouring a very special lady. A lady I am proud to call a colleague and a friend."

Finally, Quinn mused to herself as she squeezed Rachel's hand tightly, it's happening…

"She follows in the footsteps of Freddie Gershon, Artie Siccardi and the TDF Open Doors program!" he motioned towards the lovely ladies behind him, who were holding the award between them, "And is awarded this award for many years of outstanding work in musical theatre."

Quinn gazed at Rachel who was now not taking it so well anymore; the tears had already started falling, and Quinn could feel her hand trembling in her own. She raised her hand to her lips and placed a kiss on the back of it, just to let her know that she was there, and that she was proud of her. Her beautiful and talented wife… She had actually gotten everything she dreamed of, everything she deserved and had worked so hard for.

Neil continued his speech, and even though he technically hadn't mentioned any names yet, everybody knew who he was talking about, because the announcement had been made weeks ago. "This woman has, since she first stole our hearts as Sophie in Mamma Mia!, continued to astound us with her amazing talents and, well, let's just say – enthralling voice. She has amazed us with most definitely her work on stage – but also her work on camera and in the music industry." He motioned towards the screen behind him where several pictures of Rachel throughout her career started appearing in a continuous flow, "Her début single as a solo artist was released in 2031 and it won her a Grammy Award, and just a few years later she won her Emmy Award for her guest appearance in the TV-show Not Another Day. She has three Tony wins in her back pocket, which means she's just an Oscar away from winning an EGOT Award!"

Quinn could barely smile as much as she wanted to; her happiness just kept growing and growing as her heart swelled with pride.

When Neil opened his mouth again, it was to say the words they'd all been waiting for, "I am of course talking about the talented – the lovely – the truly outstanding – Rachel Berry!"

And just as Rachel's already tear-streaked, though smiling, face came upon the big screen, Rachel got out of her seat to go on stage. Quinn stood up as well, and she managed to peck her wife shortly on the lips, before the diva was whisked away, and Quinn herself was left clapping with all her might. She couldn't help but think of all the people back in Lima who had kept calling Rachel a geek, who had kept making fun of her – well, who was the one laughing now? Rachel was! She'd accomplished something that not many people did, and if everything went well, she'd soon be one of the selected few artists to win an EGOT Award. That was really an accomplishment.

Neil congratulated Rachel when she came on stage, he hugged her, kissed her cheek, and most people in the audience were on their feet, applauding, when she finally took the Tony in her hands and turned to the small podium to speak.

"Thank you." She said, and Quinn knew that she had never heard her wife say anything more sincerely since the day she said 'I do', "This… This award is simply… the most generous thing I've ever experienced, I am so grateful, and so, so honoured that you have chosen me for this fine award." She clutched the award tightly while gazing down at it with loving eyes, "I honestly do not think that I deserve something so amazing, I'm just doing what I love, every day, and to think that that has brought me here."

Neil and the presenters were standing a few feet behind her, nodding and watching her every move.

Rachel continued, almost breathlessly, because the tears were still rolling, and she had pushed aside all attempts to be gracious and handle this without a tear; she was simply too happy to control it. "There are many people that I need to thank, probably too many to mention here, but I'm going to anyway!" she said, which caused the audience to laugh a little, Quinn included (even a 47, Rachel still had the same weird sense of humour), "Firstly, my fathers. The greatest parents any girl could ever wish for. I thank you for spoiling me rotten and for giving me countless of dance classes, singing classes and acting classes. Everything I wished for, I got. You were there for me from the very beginning, supporting me to do my best. Secondly, my high school glee club! New Directions made my high school years a joy. You all hated me when I pushed us too hard, and you told me to calm down when my determination became a little too much. But your support and belief in me was never-ending, even to this day. I met some of my best friends in that club." She softly paused.

Quinn couldn't help but think of Santana and Brittany, who were probably sitting at home with Rico and Rebecca, watching this on TV. The twins were so excited for their aunt, and even at this age, they were always there for her. And her mind also wandered to Kurt and Blaine, who was – without a doubt – glued to their TV and had been since early this afternoon so they didn't miss the arrivals and the beautiful dresses.

"Kurt & Blaine, and Santana & Brittany – you're the best friends anyone could ever ask for." Rachel added, "And most importantly, I have to say, I also met my wonderful wife in that club." Rachel paused for a long while as her eyes turned towards Quinn, who could feel them on her, even if she was standing so far away, on that stage, "My beautiful wife, Quinn. What would I ever do without you? It took us a while before we found each other, but when we finally did, it felt like I was coming home. I had to go through another marriage before we met again, but I honestly think… that did us good. Your faith in me, your support, it's enormous, and I love you for it. I could not ask for a better partner in life than you. I love you."

The blonde woman felt herself blush a deep crimson and was happy that no cameras were pointed at her.

The diva continued on then, quickly, "Of course I also have to mention Nick, my ex-husband. A man I am now proud to call a very good friend and co-worker. Without him I would not have had that Emmy Award on top of my fireplace, because he was the brilliant writer of Not Another Day, and he was also the person who forced me to audition for that guest appearance!" she chuckled to herself, and Quinn turned over in her seat to look at Nick who was clutching his wife's hand just a few rows behind her, "You are a very talented screenwriter Nick, and I am so happy to know that you have found love again, just like I have."

She was quiet for a second, thinking, before she said, "Oh, they're telling me to hurry now, but I'm almost done! Lastly, I have to thank my three troublemakers who I know is at home right now, watching me on TV. My oldest, Alicia, and the twins, Bay and Christopher. Mama loves you!" she paused then, wrapping things off, "I can promise you – with all my heart – that when people ask me how I will be celebrating this tonight, it will not be a lie when I say that I'm not getting drunk – I am simply going home to spend the evening with my wife and my three children. Thank you for this." She finished as she held up the award for everyone to see, "Thank you so much for this."

Quinn would like to believe she was the person in the audience who applauded the loudest as Rachel was escorted backstage with her award, but it was hard to tell, because everyone was applauding the beautiful and talented diva. Quinn had always known that Rachel would do great things with her talents, but this was truly more than anyone had ever hoped or wished for – even Rachel herself. But apparently other people had realized just how much she had brought to Broadway, thus this award. She was truly an inspiration for other small-town outcasts who thought it would never happen. Well. It did happen. She was a living example of that.

And she was still going strong, making it happen and living the dream. She even proclaimed – often – that these were her best years and that she was finally staring to get a lot of very interesting parts with different story-lines than the usual young romance kind of thing.

Quinn clutched a hand to her chest as she let herself burst with pride over the woman she'd called her wife for the past twenty years or so. Never had she dared to hope that she'd be the one standing by Rachel's side through all of this, but what do you know – dreams do come true. Rachel's dream of Broadway and musical theatre had come true – and Quinn's dreams of her and Rachel… they had come true, as well.

I am the luckiest person in this world, Quinn thought.


I am the luckiest person in this world, Rachel thought.

"Mama!" Christopher all but yelled as she entered the apartment, Quinn right on her tail. He came dashing towards her with open arms, and she just managed to place her purse and the stunning award on the hallway counter before he threw himself at her, wrapping his arms around her neck, "Mama, you looked so pretty on stage!" he whispered and pressed a sloppy kiss to her cheek.

She hugged him tightly for just a second, before she had to let him slide down onto the floor. He was only nine, but it wouldn't be many years before he was taller than her. "Did you see it all?" she whispered and ran a hand through his messy dark hair.

He nodded eagerly, "We saw it all, and Alicia made us popcorn and hot cocoa!" he rubbed his stomach and grinned up at her, "It was very good!"

"Aren't your proud of your mama, too?" Quinn asked Bay, who had entered the hallway as well. She was wearing her Wicked t-shirt and had her hair done in two braids. The blonde woman gently stroked her daughter on her cheek, "Did Alicia do your hair, Sweetie?"

Bay nodded, "I wanted to be there, Mama!" she angrily said and stomped her foot into the floor like a miniature version of Rachel, "I'm grown up enough! It's not fair that you went without me!"

Rachel chuckled and leaned down to kiss her daughter all over the face, "Just you way a few years, Bay. You'll be grown up soon enough." she promised, silently praying inwardly that the twins would never grow up so they didn't have to move away from her and Quinn, "Besides, it was me plus one. What would we have done with mommy then? She would have had to stay home and I honestly think that that would have made her very sad."

The young girl scrunched her nose up in disagreement. "I don't care. Mommy could have been here with Chris and Alicia. I'm more important, you should have taken me!"

Rachel chuckled and turned to Quinn, who was just slipping out of her jacket, "Hey wait Bay! That's no fair!" she chuckled, while pretending that she was upset. Continuing with a stern look at her youngest daughter, she added, "Anyway guys. The deal was that you could be up until we got home, and guess what – we're home!" she clapped her hands together in fake excitement, "Yaaaay, time for bed!"

"Noooooo!" the twins immediately chorused, and Christopher threw himself at Quinn, while Bay clung onto Rachel's hand.

"A deal's a deal." Quinn told them, as she picked her son off the floor; he was so tall and gangly, he almost didn't weigh anything.

Christopher pouted at them both, "Can't we stay up just a liiiiiiittle bit longer?" he begged, his brown eyes wide, "We wanna know everything! And we wanna see your award, Mama!"

"I wanna hold it!" Bay chipped.

Rachel glanced at Quinn, silently asking her whether or not they should stand firm or give in this time. Quinn offered her a slight nod, and it pretty much fitted the decision Rachel had just made with herself. It was a special night and the kids could sleep tomorrow. "Alright," she whispered, "just a little bit longer, okay babies?"

"Yaaay!" the twins chorused then, and they both released their parents to hurry into the living room, calling for their big sister on the way. They wanted to share the good news, even though Alicia probably didn't care much. She'd been babysitting them all night, now she probably wanted some privacy, as most girls her age did.

Quinn turned to Rachel then, softly stroking her across the cheek, "Alright..." she whispered, happily, lovingly, "now you're spending no more than an hour with your wife and your kids, and afterwards," she paused, and there was that certain glint in her eye that still made Rachel weak in the knees, "you're spending some quality time with only... your wife."

Rachel felt the shiver of expectations run down her arms, and she most definitely felt the tingling between her thighs. That was a promise she was definitely going to keep. "I'll hold you to that." she whispered and leaned up to peck her wife on the lips. Leaning back, she continued, "Let's go see if Alicia has come out of her room to join us."

The blonde woman nodded eagerly, and she quickly helped Rachel out of her jacket, before she reached for the shiny Tony and carefully handed it to the diva. Rachel felt her eyes lit up as she took it in her hands again, and as they walked into the living room, she kissed the side of it. She knew it was cheesy, but she couldn't help it. This night had truly been one of the most fantastic evenings of her life. There was no describing the happiness she felt when receiving this award. It was such an honour, something she had never dared to hope would happen. They had chosen her, specifically. They'd looked at her career and said to themselves 'this woman deserves to be honoured'. What more could one ever want out of their career?

Rachel wasn't sure. All she knew was that she was the happiest woman on the planet tonight. She had received this award, and she had the most perfect wife, and the most fantastic children.

Entering the living room, she found Bay and Christopher huddled together beneath a blanket, while Alicia was in one of the chairs, texting on her phone. The living room looked like some bomb had exploded in there, but Rachel didn't have the energy to care. They could clean up tomorrow; the mess was just proof that her children had had a wonderful evening, and should she be angry with them for that? No. She should be thankful. Thankful that she had such amazing children, and that Alicia had sacrificed a sleepover with her best friends (they had planned to watch the award show together and dress up fancily) to babysit her two younger siblings.

"Congratulations Mama." Alicia sincerely said, and placed her iPhone on the table only to reach up and wrap her arms around Rachel's shoulders in a congratulatory hug.

The diva breathed in the scent of her daughter's blondes locks, "Thank you, baby. Did you really hear my speech? I love you so much." she whispered into her ear, only for Alicia to hear.

The blonde girl nodded her head, "I did, Mama." she said as she pulled back, locking her eyes with Rachel's, her so beautiful and incredible hazel eyes. "You were stunning up there." she added, and Rachel couldn't help but think inwardly that Alicia was the stunning one of them; she had Quinn's beautiful looks; she had inherited the Fabray gene with the blonde hair and soft features.

Bay and Christopher though... they were all Berry.

"Now let me see, let me see, let me see, let me see!" Bay chanted and reached her small arms out to her mother, and Rachel could hear Quinn laugh as she took a seat in the couch, and the diva chuckled too, as she carefully reached her newest Tony to her youngest daughter, who took it, eagerly, with wide eyes and an open mouth.

Rachel sat down next to Quinn, snuggling up to her, "Now be careful, right twinnies?" she told them, but she knew that they would be, always. They knew how much these prizes were worth, how much they meant, and whenever they felt the urge to pick one off the fireplace to study it – in awe, much like tonight – they would always be careful.

The twins were caught up in this, and Alicia turned to look at them, "So I'm happy to hear that you thanked uncle Nick." she nodded her head, holding up her phone, "Cam really liked that. She said that she would have definitely kicked you in the shin if you hadn't mentioned her father."

The diva chuckled, just as Quinn said, "That definitely seems like something she would do!"

Alicia said something about Cam then, and Quinn replied, and Rachel just leaned back in the couch for a second, enjoying this perfect evening. These were the people she loved the most, and here she was, spending this night with them. She had to admit that... that even if she had never made it as actress, if she had never succeeded or performed on Broadway, she would have been happy with just this.

Thirty years ago she would have denied that, and told everyone that her happiness relied solely on her future on Broadway, but tonight she wasn't so sure. She could have been happy, working with whatever, if she had Quinn and the kids regardless. They made everything worth it, and she was honestly ready to sacrifice everything for them. She loved her life with Quinn, and she wouldn't trade it for all of the world's awards.

Rachel was whisked out of her thoughts when Quinn's lips found her ear, "I think the twins are ready to go to bed now."

Turning her head to look at them, she saw that they were both half asleep on the couch, and that Bay was still clutching the award tightly, even in her sleep. They looked so adorable with their innocent faces and their fluttering eyelids. Rachel's heart swelled. The most fantastic creatures were sleeping on her couch right now. Her happiness was never-ending.

"I'll take Bay, you take Chris." the diva whispered to her wife, just as she slipped off the couch and gently leaned over her kids. She uncurled Bay's fingers from the Tony one by one, careful not to wake her, and when she finally placed the award on the table, Bay sucked in a deep breath and started muttering in her sleep. Grinning, Rachel wrapped her arms around the child and carefully lifted her up.

Quinn picked Christopher up from the couch, pretty much repeating Rachel's motions. Alicia was watching them from her chair, and the teenager stood up then, brushing a piece of her hair away. "I'm going to watch TV in my room," she said then, "to give you two some... privacy."

She was about to leave, when Quinn's voice stopped her, "Sweetie..." she lowly whispered.

Alicia turned around with an expectant look on her face, "Yeah mom?"

"Thank you for tonight." Quinn told her, "Thank you for watching the twins. We really appreciate it, honey. You're the best big sister any child could want."

She shrugged her shoulders, "It's no problem. I love babysitting them." she said, and Rachel knew that she meant it, even if she always made a fuss whenever they asked her to do it. "Goodnight." she added.

"'Night honey." Quinn replied back, just as Rachel said, "Sweet dreams."

Alicia turned to go into her bedroom, and the married couple turned the other way to get the twins into their bedrooms as well. Rachel stepped into Bay's bedroom; a room that pretty much resembled the room she had had when she was nine, and carefully slipped her daughter into her princess bed. She didn't have to change her clothes or anything, Alicia had probably gotten them into their sleeping clothes many hours ago, so all she had to do was tug the covers around her daughter's sleeping form, before she turned on the night light and closed the door so only a sliver was open.

Sighing happily to herself, she stepped into the bathroom to take care of her own needs. She let her up-do down, took off her jewellery and slipped out of her high heels. She brushed her make-up up and when she was contend with her own appearance, she went back into the living room, only to find Quinn standing there, beautifully, with a glass of champagne in each hand.

The blonde woman took a step closer, reaching the glass out for her, "I don't think I really... congratulated you properly." she whispered, her voice barely audible from across the room.

Rachel took the glass and admired the quick work that her wife had done in the living room. The mood, a few candles, champagne... It was all set. They could share a moment or two in complete happiness, as if they were the only two people in the room. "Thank you, baby." she said, before they clinked their glasses together and each took a sip.

"Come here..." Quinn whispered then, as she pulled her closer and their bodies touched delicately. Quinn placed her free arm on her body and softly guided them to sway to an imaginary song. "My beautiful... talented... wife." she whispered into her ear.

The diva turned slightly, grabbing her own glass, then Quinn's, only to place them on the coffee table. She then tugged herself even closer to her wife and buried her nose in the crook of her neck. She breathed her in; the natural scent of her skin mixed with the perfume she had been wearing for the past ten years. It was comforting, it was familiar, and it was everything she knew and loved. "You're the best." she murmured into her neck, her lips brushing across the fair skin beneath them. "So truly amazing and beautiful... What would I ever do without you?"

The blonde hummed, wrapping her arms even tighter around the brunette's body, "I don't know what I'd do without you."

Rachel continued, "There were so many things I wanted to say on that stage. About you, about us. But I didn't know how to, and it wouldn't be appropriate." she breathed deeply in, trying to find a way to explain to Quinn how she was feeling, how she was making her feel, but it was so difficult, it was something she usually only did in song, "You still make me weak in the knees. I'm so happy that you didn't give up on me."

Pulling back slightly, Quinn stared her deeply in the eyes, "I am so glad that you didn't give up. What wouldn't have happened if you hadn't followed me to Lima? Or if you hadn't kept pressuring me to see you after that day in the club?" she shook her head, clearly not happy with the thought of that, "Or if you hadn't followed Santana out of the bathroom after she slapped you?" she paused, "I was ready to give up so many times, yet you still kept on fighting. You were always determined."

"Only because I wanted you so badly." Rachel whispered, her eyelids fluttering close again, as she tried to get even closer to her wife, even if it was difficult. She knew that Quinn was right in some of the things she was saying, but she had been worried too, sometimes been ready to just give up and stay with Nick. Thankfully though, she'd kept convincing herself that she ought to follow her heart – and where hadn't that gotten her? Into that arms of the most beautiful creature on earth.

"Sing it again." Quinn whispered then, "Sing it to me. Your first award winning single."

Brushing her lips over Quinn's skin, Rachel smiled to herself. Her first single. It had blown all the charts, and it was written for Quinn. It was about them, about everything they had gone through while they were still figuring things out. She remembered that she'd first started writing the lyrics when she was still with Nick, needing to figure everything out. He'd entered their giant music room and asked if he could listen to what she already had, but she'd flat-out refused. She had been scared, because it was about Quinn, and he would have known. To this day, he still didn't know that this song was the song she had been writing that day. It was a secret better kept in the dark. And Quinn always wanted her to sing it. Even tonight. "Really?" she murmured.

Quinn just hummed in response.

"I've made up my mind..." Rachel softly begun, as they were swaying to the imaginary music behind her words, "don't need to think it over... If I'm wrong I am right, don't need to look no further... This ain't lust," she paused with her heart beating in her chest,"I know this is love..." she trailed off, deeply consumed in remembrance of what these feelings had felt like, running through her, back when she was first writing these lyrics. She had been honest with herself, expressed herself the only way she knew how. "But if I tell the world, I'll never say enough...'Cause it was not said to you," she swallowed soundlessly as she tried to hold back the few tears that her feelings were evoking, "And that's exactly what I need to do if I'd end up with you... Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements..."

Tugging her closer, Quinn hummed softly along to the lyrics.

"Even if it leads nowhere? Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place...Should I leave it there?" she breathed out then, pausing. She couldn't bare to finish the last part, not like this, not in front of Quinn. It meant too much, and to think that this what what she had felt; how she had thought that it was better to give up than to keep fighting... it was heartbreaking. What if she had done this? What if she hadn't kept fighting for them?

"Should I give up," Quinn finished in her angelic voice, "or should I just keep chasing pavements...Even if it leads nowhere?" she stopped, pulling her head slightly back, only to look Rachel deeply in the eyes. "I am so happy to know that we ended up better than this. That you kept fighting, and that we finally made it. Thank you for everything."

Rachel's heart was beating steadily as she answered, "I love you."

Quinn ducked her head, "And I love you."

"Come here." Rachel whispered then, before she pulled Quinn's head down and locked her lips to hers.

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