Chapter 1:

Brax's point of view

The sirens were a distant noise that I hardly recognised; as I continued desperately to save Charlie I didn't even register them until the sound of the paramedic's voice broke my concentration. In the last 7 minutes I blocked out the sound of Ruby's cries and Casey's constant questions and focused only on her too still body. She wasn't breathing and that was something I couldn't think about because if I did I'd give up hope, hope that she'd be okay, and hope that this was a crazy nightmare.

The paramedics finally took over and now all I could do was stand and watch and for the first time actually think about what was happening. We were so close to our happy ending, to the freedom of just being together without the drama of the bay. Only minutes ago I was happy but blissfully unaware of how unhappy Charlie must have been. Just thinking of her name shook me after everything we had been through, everything she had been through I don't know if she can make, if she had the strength left. I hadn't even thought about what may have happened why she was lying there bleeding, who had done it, normally it would be my first thought but it was Charlie and all I needed to know was that she'd be okay, shed be mine again.

Ruby's point of view

The house seemed quiet as we entered the kitchen almost dead, but no one was meant to be home so I thought nothing of it until now. As my eyes took in the scene before me I didn't know what to think, what to say or do I just froze and uttered the only word I could


Then my mind sped up as I took in the blood on her clothes and the floor and heard the desperate voice of Brax stating she was no longer breathing. Charlie, my mother who survived an almost drowning, being kidnapped and shot was now lying there with no life left. Brax worked on her the best he could, he showed no emotion he just worked, Casey seemed lost of things to do once the ambulance was called and just watched like me with his worried look on his face. I hadn't moved from my spot when I heard the siren getting closer and in a desperate need to do something to get away from the scene in front of me I went to meet the paramedics outside. Once back inside Brax stopped and looked on as the paramedics continued the job he was doing not so long ago. He looked lost too now but still showed no emotion, something that scared me even further. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and ran from the house into the front garden and threw up, the only thing that I now had control over.

Brax's point of view

Ruby left without a word and didn't return it wasn't until I followed Charlie and the paramedics out of the house that I saw her staring at the ground like a girl who had nowhere to go, I had no words of comfort, I'm not that guy I never will be not without her. Casey went to her and whatever he said worked as they both walked over and he put Ruby in the front of my car. It was Casey who broke our silence and finally spoke.

''Brax, Ruby can't go with Charlie not alone I'll take her you go in the ambo''

Just as I started to walk away he spoke again.

''and Brax… (I turned around to face him) … she's going to be fine, Charlie's a fighter''

I didn't say anything I just walked off, trying desperately to hold onto something positive and finally finding Charlie's hand the only bit of comfort available to me.