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Uzumaki Naruto: Konoha's Wizard

Chapter 1

A blonde-haired boy wearing a blue shirt and orange shorts was hiding in the shadows, taking extra care to hide himself from the adults looking for him because of his latest exploit – giving the Hokage Monument a complete make-over complete with make-up and a new hairdo that effectively turned them into queers. Just a normal day for one Uzumaki Naruto.

He peeked out from his hiding place and noted that the assorted shinobis chasing him were no longer in the vicinity. A fox-like grin made its way to his face before disappearing with a loud pop.

A lone shinobi lagging behind the chase heard the sound and decided to investigate. He didn't find anything in the dark dark alley except for a lonely black cat sleeping on top of an old dumpster.

(Line Break)

Naruto appeared in his living room with a loud pop before releasing a sigh of relief. Deciding to get a snack to calm his nerves, he proceeded to the kitchen, pulled out a cup of instant ramen, and filled it with hot water from a thermos. He brought it to the table and sat down to wait for the preserved noodles to be cooked to perfection.

"That was a nice prank you pulled kit. You should have seen the faces of those chasing you when they saw their beloved Hokages sporting make-up and a new hairdo." a voice inside his head said followed by a loud barking laugh which caused Naruto to grin.

"Believe it. Besides, those old geezers needs a new look anyway, especially Hokage-jiji." he mentally replied haughtily to the voice as he served himself some of the delectable morsel in a cup.

"Anyway, you're getting good with that disappearing trick of yours. Have you experimented with it?" the voice asked, curious. Naruto shook his head while slurping some of the hot ramen.

"Nope. Not yet. Ever since it happened, I only practiced the disappearing trick." he answered the voice while slurping the remaining broth from the cup. He heard a sigh from the voice in his head.

"How many times do I have to tell you? It's called Teleportation." the voice corrected him in an exasperated voice. Naruto just rolled his eyes since they've been debating the technique's name for a month now.

"Yeah yeah, Kyuubi. Fine. Teleportation it is from now on. And to answer your question, no, I haven't experimented on anything other than teleportation." answered Naruto in an annoyed voice.

The people of Konohagakure no Sato would have been shocked if they found out that Naruto was having a conversation with his tenant, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

It was a freak accident that caused him to pass out in a deserted alley after running away from a team of ANBU after pulling a prank on the Hyuuga Clan – painting their underwear bright orange without them knowing about it in the middle of the night was quite a blow on the clan that prided themselves on their all-seeing eyes.

Of course, everyone knew that he did it since he was a well-known prankster in the village and the orange was a dead giveaway since it was his favorite color so he didn't bother to deny the accusations. He simply ran.

He met Kyuubi in his mindscape after passing out when he hit his head on a brick wall when he mistimed his jump. He found out about his furry tenant who explained to him how he was sealed inside him by the Yondaime Hokage and how the seal will stop him from escaping.

It took quite a while to explain everything since the boy was ranting and raving about him being inside his 'stomach' so to speak which was the reason why the villagers was treating him like garbage. At the end, both were able to strike a deal with each other – Naruto will provide Kyuubi access to the outside world through his senses; and in return, Kyuubi will guide the boy on his goal to become a powerful shinobi though he warned the boy beforehand that his technique was quite different from the usual shinobi fare since his abilities are mostly in chakra manipulation and he only knew of a few shinobi techniques he could teach him. Naruto just waved him off and accepted the help.

He discovered his 'Teleportation' ability accidentally when a mob cornered him in an alley after being discovered of playing a prank on one of the merchant's shop in the village. Really, there is nothing wrong with painting the entire shop pink. It was a good color – bright and happy – but it seems that the owner of the shop didn't like it or he was a hidden pink-hater.

After being surrounded by a mob carrying all sorts of sharp implements to hit him with, he disappeared with a loud pop when he was overcome with fear, wishing to be in a safe place away from them. He arrived on top of the Hokage Monument in a heap, not knowing how he got there.

Naruto and Kyuubi brainstormed about what happened, coming up with different theories on how the boy 'teleported' away from the mob.

Naruto told him that he was just awesome that way while the fox looked deep into the boy's genetics to come up with a plausible explanation of the phenomenon. It took a while but Kyuubi was able to find out that the seal and his presence in Naruto altered his genetics to produce chakra into something that is more unique and potent. It is still the same chakra that the shinobi population uses for their techniques but it had an added 'ingredient' to it that allowed Naruto to teleport – and if Kyuubi was right, which the fox said that he usually is; Naruto would be capable of other feats if he took the time to experiment a bit.

It took a week of practice to get teleportation down to an art by disappearing and reappearing anywhere in his apartment. Try as he might, he couldn't get rid of the sound though but beggars can't be choosers.

"You know kit, if you could harness this 'ability' of yours, it would make you a powerful shinobi one day. I mean really, if you can disappear from one place to another without any restrictions,, you can do anything if you put your mind into it. If I remember correctly, you were busy 'wishing' to be somewhere safe when you got cornered by that mob after your prank. Your unique chakra helped you out by teleporting you to the Hokage Monument. You can do other things if you put your mind into it." explained Kyuubi in the most convincing voice he could muster. He didn't want the boy to waste whatever talent he has in his system.

"So what you do think I should do first, Kyu?" mused Naruto, a bit excited on the thought of becoming a powerful shinobi with his 'unique' ability as the fox called it.

"Hmmmm nothing much. From what I can tell, you willed yourself to go to a safe place which coincidentally was the Hokage Monument since you hang out there a lot. If you can harness your 'will' properly then you might be able to do other things. But for now, there might be something in the Konoha Library that could help you get started so you might want to hit the books first."

"WHAT! No way! I am NOT going to read! It's so booooooring." he whined in his most childish voice but it didn't take much effort since he was still 6 years old. "Besides, it's not like I'm welcome there anyway. I tried going there once since jiji suggested that I read something before I start the Academy but the old geezer in the library wouldn't let me in."

Kyuubi silently cursed at the stupidity of humans. These humans were living in a shinobi village so they should know something about seals or ask an expert about it. But no…they chose to ignore that because it would be easier to just blame the boy because of his presence inside him. He perked up a bit when an idea hit him.

"Why don't you disguise yourself kit?"

"Disguise myself? How? I don't really have money to buy a decent disguise you know." he complained thinking about the money the Hokage gave him as a form of allowance that is given to orphans who chose to live by themselves. He barely had enough to buy stuff he needs since the shops in the village overcharge him. The only place he could eat in peace at the right price was at Ichiraku Ramen where the Hokage treats him when he's not busy with his work.

"That's where I come in. I can teach you how to access your chakra then I'll instruct you how to do the Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) so you can go into the library anytime you want. Besides, the old geezer guarding the library is NOT a shinobi so you don't have to worry about him dispelling your disguise."

Excited about the prospect of learning his very first ninja technique, he immediately agreed and disappeared with a loud pop to the forest behind the Hokage Monument so he can practice in peace.

It took a month for Naruto to access his chakra which was followed by Kyuubi immediately teaching him the Henge no Jutsu.

The fox first taught him how to settle down and find the chakra source in his body. It took quite a while for him to find it but he was shocked when he did. He had so much chakra in his body that even Kyuubi was amazed. His tenant informed him that his chakra reserves was 5 times larger than your average Genin which made Naruto jump around in excitement shouting that he was going to be powerful in the future.

Kyuubi immediately shot him down by telling him that having so much chakra was good but his control would be shot because of it. This caused an hour-long debate between the two between control and power. Of course, Kyuubi won with his logical explanation that easily trumped Naruto's defense.

After the debate which Naruto lost, Kyuubi taught him the various steps to control his massive chakra reserves before doing any jutsus. Of course, Naruto whined the whole way but immediately shut his trap when Kyuubi threatened him that he will not be teaching the boy ANY techniques if he didn't have any control over his chakra.

It took the rest of the month to exert a minimum control over his massive reserves. Naruto started out with the basic Leaf Sticking exercise which took him a week to master which would normally take an Academy student a day or two to accomplish.

Another week was focused on Tree Walking which Naruto was quite excited to do. For Naruto, walking on walls and trees was amazing in his mind. Kyuubi took all this in stride since he found it funny every time his container was blasted off a tree like a rocket when he used too much chakra during the exercise.

Naruto left his apartment ready to start his first mission – infiltrating the Konoha Library.

He already mastered the Henge no Jutsu which was too easy for him much to the surprise of the fox. Again, Naruto told his tenant that he was just awesome that way but the fox shot down his growing ego by telling him that it was because of him that he was able to master the jutsu easily. After all, foxes were natural shapeshifters so the trait must have passed on to Naruto after the sealing. Naruto grumbled about that causing Kyuubi to give him a smug look that spoke volumes.

Naruto ducked into an alley behind the Konoha Library and put on his disguise. He came out with a black messy hairstyle. His eyes were a light shade of green, almost jade. His trademark whiskers were gone since it would immediately alert people that it was him sporting a new look. He also changed his facial structure to a more angular look as opposed to his original rounded face. He didn't change anything else since it wasn't necessary so his clothes and build stayed the same.

He nervously entered the library expecting the old geezer who guarded the place to kick him out. Much to his surprise, the man simply gave him a smile while saying that it was great for kids to start reading at an early age. After telling the disguised Naruto to come to him if he needed any help, he ushered him inside while telling him to have fun.

Naruto and Kyuubi were inwardly laughing at how they were able to fool the old fossil.

Naruto found himself in a very large room filled with bookcases crammed to the brim with scrolls and books. He knew that the Konoha Library was divided into two parts – the Civilian section where he was now and the Shinobi section that was in the second floor of the building.

Anyone can access the Civilian section but you need to have the Leaf Headband before you go to the more informative Shinobi section – which contained regulated information that can be too dangerous for those who have no training for it. Naruto also knew that sensitive information was hidden away inside in a well-guarded room inside the Hokage Tower close guarded the ANBU round the clock.

Despite his plans to raid the Shinobi scrolls and books, his plans were for naught since there was a Chunin standing guard by the stairs. He cursed his luck but decided to go through with the plan…for now. He didn't know where to start so he decide to consult the brains of the mission.

"So what do you think I should look first Kyu?" Naruto asked his tenant while checking out the labels on the shelves. He was in the History section of the library where the shelves were filled to the brim with very old-looking scrolls and books.

"Hmmm. I'm not really sure." this caused Naruto to palm his face…hard. "Hey, it's my first time in the Library so I don't know EXACTLY what we're looking for. However, the best place to start is to find any information on Bloodline Limits. Our goal is to find a Bloodline that is similar to yours if ever there is one.

"Fine fine. I think those books are in the next row. Let me check it out." said Naruto while grumbling about annoying know-it-all foxes. He left the current row and walked to the next one checking out the titles on the shelves as he walked. He stopped when he found a book entitled 'Bloodline Lexicon of the Elemental Countries'.

"This looks like a good one to start with. What do you think?" he asked his tenant while opening the book to see that different the different Bloodlines were sorted according to the Village they were cultivated. He felt Kyuubi reading along with him.

"Yep. Start reading." The fox ordered. Naruto rolled his eyes but did as instructed.

Two hours later, Naruto's eyes were watering while Kyuubi was ranting in his head that this was taking too long.

"Stop kit. We aren't getting anywhere with this.. If we keep this pace then we won't be able to experiment with your abilities until you have gray hairs. I have a plan so I want you to go back to our clearing in the forest. I'm going to teach you something we can use to get our research done faster."

Not wanting to argue with an irate fox, Naruto placed the book back on its shelf and disappeared with a loud pop back to the forest clearing where he practiced with his chakra.

"So what do you want to teach me?" Naruto asked excitedly. Kyuubi rolled his eyes at his container's childish antics.

"I noticed back there that reading one book at a time was taking too long so we need reinforcements. I know one technique that we can use to speed up the process. It is called the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique). I think it's classified as a Kinjutsu here in Konoha. My first container used it a lot back then so I know how it's done."

"What so unique about this jutsu? I mean it's just a clone right?" asked Naruto, confused at what a clone technique could do with their research.

"It is not your usual clone, kit. It's classified as a forbidden technique for a reason. For one, it requires a shit-load of chakra to use but you already got that covered with your current reserves and with me inside you then there's nothing to worry about. Next, once dispelled, the memories and experience of the clones will be transmitted back to the original so you will learn what they learn and feel what they feel. It is also the ultimate training jutsu that only those with high-enough chakra reserves can utilize. We can infiltrate the library at night using your teleportation since we need to access the Shinobi Library instead of the Civilian one; make a lot of clones and have them read different books. I'll sort through the memories myself to avoid damaging your brain and keep you posted if I find information that is related to your abilities.. Interested?"

"Hell yeah, Kyu. Let's get started."

Kyuubi showed him the handseal for the technique and instructed him on the amount of chakra to use for it. It took him 2 hours to get it done. It took him quite a while since Kyuubi tasked him to experiment with the chakra usage to make sure that the clones were adequately powered to avoid getting dispelled before their task is done.

In the end of the practice session, Naruto was able to make 100 clones with ease that could last for 4 hours without dispelling. Kyuubi instructed him to rest for now since he used up quite a lot of his reserves practicing the jutsu. Kyuubi left it out that Naruto could use his chakra for the technique but didn't want to alert the authorities patrolling the village since his chakra was so potent that even civilians can feel it.

Naruto, who was already tired on his feet, didn't argue with the fox so he simply teleported to his apartment, jumped onto his bed and immediately went to sleep.

Naruto was woken up around midnight by Kyuubi who was quite excited to get their infiltration mission on the way. After eating 5 cups of instant ramen, Naruto changed his clothes to darker colors (black shirt and blue pants) to make sure that he can immediately hide when he needed to. Once done, he visualized the interior of the library and willed himself to the location he memorize earlier – behind a large bookcase that is far away from the door to hide the sound of his appearance. He disappeared from his apartment with a loud pop.

Naruto crouched down to hide when he appeared in the library knowing that the sound of his teleportation might alert whatever guards was in the area. As planned, Kyuubi took over Naruto's senses for a bit after the boy gave him his permission and did a sweep of the alley and some distance around it. He gave Naruto the all clear when he didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. They have the library all to themselves for the night.

"Ok kit. No one's in the area so make 100 of your clones as we practiced earlier then tell them to read different books for our research. Now hop to it." ordered Kyuubi. Naruto rolled his eyes at how stupid the order sounded.

"Really Kyu. 'Hop to it'? I'm not a rabbit you know." Naruto deadpanned. He swore that he felt the Kyuubi blush.

"Shut up. You're too young to complain kit. I'm more mature than you." Kyuubi defended himself. This made Naruto grin.

"Sure sure. But you're right. You're the more mature one between the two of us. In fact, you're older than dirt." said Naruto with a grin. This resulted in the fox ranting about kids respecting their elders which caused Naruto to hold his head in pain.

Fine fine. Shut up will you so we can get started." the boy spat which caused his tenant to shut up. After a mumbled apology from his tenant, Naruto summoned 100 clones and instructed them to check out books that might hold some answers or clues to his abilities. He instructed 10 clones to check out the Civilian side of the Library while he and rest go up to the Shinobi section. The clones saluted and scattered to do as instructed. Naruto chose a book from the shelves entitled 'Chakra for Dummies' before sitting down on the floor and started to read well into the night.

Naruto teleported back to his apartment an hour before the library opens to the public sporting a headache. He and Kyuubi didn't find anything related to his abilities but he could now brag when he attends the Shinobi Academy that he is knowledgeable about the history of the Elemental Nation, the different Bloodline Limits, Shinobi Mythologies, Chakra Theories, with some classical works thrown in. He never did find out why some of his clones were reading love stories.

He slumped over to his bare kitchen and filled up a pot with water then placed it on top of the stove to boil. He stomach was demanding food since reading took a lot of energy despite being a chore done sitting down.

"That was a useless night." complained Naruto while massaging his aching temple. He never wanted to hold another book if he can help it but he knew that his measly wish was not possible.

"Stop complaining kit. There are thousands of books and scrolls in the library. You can't expect to find something about your abilities overnight. We will do this again tonight so you might want to rest up since we are going to start early so we have more time to check out the materials there." said Kyuubi in a solemn voice. He was also dejected at their lack of findings but he knew that there wase still a long way to go to find what they needed about his container's abilities.

"Fine. You're right. But at least we got something out of it." Naruto grumbled but a small smile made its way to his face. "Reading can quite fun, especially when you find something that interests you." remembering being engrossed in his book about different chakras and its uses in the shinobi field.

"True. You have to realize kit that being a ninja doesn't always equal flashy jutsus, blurring speeds, and powerful punches. Ninjas need knowledge. After all, muscles without a brain to guide them are useless. So despite the fact that we didn't get anything about your abilities, you are still learning something related to being a shinobi of the Leaf." explained Kyuubi in a sage-like voice. Naruto nodded while a thoughtful look crossed his face.

"Yep. I was thinking, instead of just focusing on researching about my abilities, what you say about starting my training early. I can check out some Taijutsu moves and other Shinobi related materials so I can train in them. We can alternate between training and research since I still have 2 years before I go to school." he mused while pouring the boiling water into 4 cups of ramen. He got an excited nod from his tenant.

"That's a good idea, kit. We'll start next week since it's already Wednesday. I want you to do research until Saturday, rest on Sunday then we can start alternating between training and research next week. How does that sound?" asked Kyuubi with mild interest, already coming up with a training schedule for his container. After all, having his container become stronger is only right since he IS the strongest of the tailed beasts.

"Gotcha. Now let me eat in peace so I can go to bed. We have a long night tonight." said Naruto as he inhaled the ramen as fast as he could since bed sounds very good right now.

=Time Skip: 1 year; Naruto Age: 7=

It's been a year since Naruto started infiltrating Konoha Library and is becoming a night-time tenant of the place. He tried learning everything he could while researching on his abilities. They didn't get any solid facts out of their research but Kyuubi was able to theorize that Naruto's abilities was the first in the Elemental Nations which made his host excited. It was similar to a bloodline but they can't say anything more since they lacked the evidence to back it up.

During a year of reading and research, Naruto was able to accomplish two things.

One, he was able to learn the art of Meditation since Kyuubi told him that his abilities seems to reflect his mind using the first instance Naruto teleported as an example. To ready Naruto for future experimentation, Kyuubi ordered his container to look for books on Meditation to help him use his mind better. So while his clones were reading and researching, Naruto proceeded to meditate with Kyuubi guiding him all the way.

It took him a week before he was able to control his muscles enough to relax due to having too much energy to stay put. It was hard work but he couldn't deny the benefits he got from it.

First benefit he got from meditation was focus. He can now shift his focus as needed. His comprehension and vocabulary improved that he no longer needed to re-read books just to understand it. He also discovered that he has photographic memory but Kyuubi assured him that it was normal since he is able to access his mindscape due to the seal. He can even hold a conversation with his clones while reading without missing a beat.

The second benefit he found out by accident – discovery of his chakra system. When he delved deep into his mind or when he goes into a deep meditative state, he could sense the chakra in his body. Kyuubi congratulated him when he discovered his chakra network since such skill was considered Jounin to Sannin level. With it, he was able to achieve better control of his chakra to the point that the Water Walking exercise took only a day to master. This caused Kyuubi to grumble since he was looking forward to Naruto making a fool of himself.

Two, he finally found his niche as a ninja. He read a text about sealing and he couldn't tear his eyes away from it.

The first text he read was 'Basic Seals for Dummies' by the Toad Sage Jiraiya. Unlike other books he read, or those that his clones read, it seems that he could understand the formation and creation of seals with ease, as if sealing was in his blood which Kyuubi pointed out that it could be possible since he has a seal on his stomach.

Naruto immediately thrashed the theory and gave the fox a look that easily said 'Are you stupid or something?'.

He was able to utilize simple seals on his apartment. First, he placed a Durability Seal on his clothes since he didn't want them to get ruined because of his training. He also tried simple Security Seals on his apartment, like a Locking Seal that requires his chakra to unlock the door and windows. He also added Durability seals on the walls so the mob that visited wouldn't be able to get through the locks on his door and windows.

He was also able to successful add a Heating Seal on the shower head so he enjoyed a lot of hot showers despite the landowner turning it off to his discomfort.

He also wanted to try his hand out on Exploding Seals after reading it in a book which is considered as basic for Chunnin level shinobis but Kyuubi shot the idea down since he wasn't that far into his studies and one wrong move could obliterate both of them to kingdom come. Thankfully, Naruto was scared enough to postpone the idea for the future.

He was also lucky enough to read through a Taijutsu training manual by Maito Gai on how to develop one's body in preparation of becoming a shinobi though the title of the book left a lot to be desired - Taijutsu for the Youth: Stoke Your Flames of Youth To Become Strong. Kyuubi commented that the author is either eccentric or not right in the head. Naruto gave the benefit of a doubt that it's the former.

Despite its title, the book was simple and direct to the point. It explained the fundamentals in developing one's body to produce more speed and power for later use in Taijutsu. Maito Gai also explained that the Konoha Academy Taijutsu style is a basic form to start kids in creating their own style or following pre-existing style through muscle memory. It is considered as a foundation of Leaf Taijutsu and is flexible enough to be expanded to other styles to fit the practitioner.

The book also detailed exercise routines through the use of training weights sold in many shinobi stores in Konoha to improve speed and strength. He immediately tried it out the next day. He used his favorite disguise to buy a set of chakra weights for both arms and legs. It bit deep into his wallet, emptying half of his savings, but it was worth it since the weight can be changed through the application of chakra on the special seals engraved on the metal.

After buying the weights, he immediately ducked into a dark alley and teleported to the clearing. He placed them on his arms and legs then channeled a little bit of chakra into it. He was lucky that his control was good or else he would be kissing dirt right now.

His first try caused the weights to go up to 5 kilos each which almost tore his arms out of its sockets. He trimmed down the chakra output until he was able to set the weights to 20 pounds each which was the advised weight for beginners. He didn't start with any Taijutsu styles but he poured himself on various exercises and stretches, like running laps, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and the likes. His whole body was sore when he returned home that afternoon but Kyuubi assured him that his body will be good as new tomorrow with him accelerating the healing process.

=Time Skip: 1 year; Naruto Age: 8; 2 Months Before Start of Shinobi Academy =

Naruto was in the library reading a book on seals by Namikaze Minato. He was already finished with the first two books on seals written by Jiraiya of the Sannin and is now reading the next stage as recommended by the Toad Sage – The Namikaze Compendium on the Sealing Arts.

It was at this point that he discovered another ability of his unique 'bloodline'.

He was busy reading the first book of the Namikaze Compendium until he cursed when he got to the part telling him that he needed Jiraiya's book on Gravity Seals as reference since the drawing of the seal was not included the Namikaze Set.

"Damn it. Why can't he just put the drawing of the seal in HIS book instead of referencing it on Jiraiya's book." he cursed loudly.

"What was that kit?" asked Kyuubi who didn't know why Naruto was cursing since he was busy sorting through the memories from some of the dispelled clones.

"I have to look for another of Jiraiya's sealing books regarding a diagram on Gravity Seals since the book I'm reading doesn't have it on the page. I haven't seen that book and looking for it here is like looking for a needle in a large haystack." said Naruto, already stomping to a section of the library where he found most of the books on Seals.

"No use cursing about it now. Just look for it." Kyuubi said in a distracted tone, going back to the clone's memories.

"Fine." grumbled Naruto as he checked out the shelves containing most of the books and scrolls on Seals.

After an hour of searching, Naruto was fuming since he really wanted to know how Gravity Seal works since the book explained that it trained the body by adding more resistance to it as opposed to weights. He was silently cursing while mentally thinking of the title of the book as he searched the shelves.

He didn't notice the book flying at him from one of the far shelves until it hit him on the side of the head which caused him to fall on the floor in a daze.

"What in the hell was that?" shouted Naruto as he massaged the side of his head which was now sporting a sizable lump.

"I don't know but there was a surge here in your chakra coils before you got hit. What hit you anyway?" asked Kyuubi while investigating Naruto's coils for abnormalities as he subconsciously sent some of his healing chakra to the bump on Naruto's head, effectively reducing the swelling until it was nothing but a memory.

"How should I know? I was just checking out the shelves for Jiraiya's book before something hit me." he grumbled. He stood up but not before seeing a book in front of him. There it was. Jiraiya's book. "What in the world is that book doing there? It wasn't there before?" he demanded as he pointed at the book as if demanding it to explain its sudden appearance.

"Don't know. But it's there now so why are you complaining?" said Kyuubi in monotone but he was excited at what happened though he didn't want to show it to Naruto to get his hopes up.

"Did it ever occur to you that this is strange?" he said to his tenant while picking up the book. No wonder his head felt painful. It was a very big book and all of it is about Gravity Seals. "I know this book is not in this shelf or in this section, and from the way it hit me, it should have come from somewhere over there." He looked over to a group of his clones in the same lane as he was. "Hey guys. Did you throw this book at me?" he shouted at the clones while waving said book in front of him. One of the clones shook his head before going back to his reading.

"No boss. None of us did. We were busy reading." he said in a disinterested voice while the others with him just nodded their head, not taking their eyes of from their respective books. This caused Naruto to sweatdrop. When in the world did his clones act like focused…so cold.

This caused Kyuubi's ears to perk up in interest. He pulled up the memory of Naruto checking out the shelves for Jiraiya's book and concentrated on everything in it. From the looks of it, his container was concentrating on a particular book before the pain. So it must be…

"Kit. I want you to try something for me." Kyuubi asked with a lot of excitement in his voice.

"What is it Kyu?" he asked mentally, confused why his tenant was excited all of a sudden.

"See that book that your clone is reading?" Naruto nodded. "Good, I want you to focus on it and call it to you."This caused Naruto to give the fox a look that spoke volumes.

"Are you smoking something in there?" deadpanned Naruto. "If you are then I suggest you get rid of it." This got him a growl from his tenant.

"Shut up and just do it. I need to prove something before we can move on."

"Fine. Shut up so I can concentrate, stupid fox." grumbled Naruto.

He concentrated on the book his clone was reading and called it to him. After 5 minutes of concentrating, he tried another tactic. He noticed the book title and focused again. This time, the book slipped out of the clones hands to the floor. The clone looked at that book as if it was something else.

This shocked both Naruto and Kyuubi. He tried again, this time putting all his concentration on the task. He visualized the book, title and all, flying towards him. He felt a surge in his chakra then the book flew from the floor where the clone was about to retrieve it towards him, luckily catching the literary projectile before it could hit him.

"What in the world was that?" shouted Naruto catching the attention of all the clones in the library.

"Hey boss. I'm not done with that yet." whined the clone that missed grabbing the book when it flew towards its creator, while the rest was alternately looking at said book in Naruto's hand and the whining clone.

"Shut up. Instead of worrying about that book, you should be worried how I got it in the first place." shouted Naruto in a voice mixed with awe and excitement. "Kyuubi, any idea what happened?"

"I do. It seems we have found a 'key' to your abilities kit."

"'Key'? What do you mean?" asked Naruto.

"I finally figured out how your abilities work kit. While you were concentrating, I was busy focusing on your abilities. It seems that your 'bloodline' reacts with focus, intent, and visualization thrown in for good measure. You focused on the book to come at you but it didn't. Then you tried it again using the title of the book. Still didn't work but it got you some results. But when you visualized the book coming to you, it did. It is similar to how you teleported for the first time. You were THINKING about the Hokage Monument at that time and you subconsciously channeled your chakra causing you to teleport yourself there. You usually think of the place and 'will' yourself there, your chakra automatically following what you want it to do." explained Kyuubi.

"Again, what does it mean? What difference is it when you say I 'willed' it to happen?" asked an exasperated Naruto. Kyuubi rolled his eyes at how dense his container could be despite his increase in knowledge.

"Simple. Your abilities require 3 things to make it work. You need to focus on what you want to happen, then you visualize what you want to happen, then lastly, 'will' your chakra to let it happen. Try it so we can prove that theory." Kyuubi explained as patiently as he could since he wanted to start the experimentation.

Excited to try it out, Naruto looked around for something he could experiment on. He saw a book on Genjutsu that he discarded earlier and focused on it. He visualized the book floating on top of the desk while focusing his chakra towards the book. His heart started hammering in his chest when the book floated 2 feet of the desk but it wobbled and fell back on the table when he lost his concentration.

"Wow Kyu. It worked!" said Naruto excitedly while trying it again, focusing on the book which lifted itself off the desk again to the surprise of his clones.

"Wow boss. How in the world did you do that?" one clone shouted.

"Come on boss. Teach us!" another clone demanded. The library was suddenly alive with the sounds of Naruto clones demanding their creator how he did it until it annoyed Naruto so much that he dispelled all of them which caused him to suffer from a slight migraine due to the sudden influx of memories.

"Ok. That sucks. Mental note: Don't dispel that much clones at once. Ouch. What the hell. One of my clones read some porn in here." he said while massaging his head because of the pain and cursed when a line from a book containing smut entered is memory.

"Well, you were getting a headache from their shouting so it's worth it." said Kyuubi in amusement though he was interested in the memory from the clone who was reading the adult material.

"Shut up Kyu. So what do we do now?" asked Naruto while sitting down in one of the chairs to get rid of the throbbing inside his head.

"You have two options kit. You continue reading and practicing your new-found skill or you can go back to your apartment and rest. From the looks of it, the ability you just showed took a lot of chakra to perform same with how your teleported for the first time. I think I know how your ability works so I'll come up with a training program for you. I suggest you go home, rest up then we can get started tomorrow."

"Ok, Kyu. That's a good idea." said Naruto before teleporting directly to his bed in his apartment to sleep.

The 2 months before going to the Academy was spent training his new-found skill. He still delegated a dozen clones to go to the library to do research since he didn't know the full extent of his abilities as of yet. He was shocked that night when his clones disappeared with a pop since he didn't think that his clones have the same ability he had.

Kyuubi theorized that since Shadow Clones were technically his exact duplicates, so it is only safe to assume that they have the same abilities as the original, provided that they have enough chakra to pull it off.

This sped up the training program that Kyuubi created for Naruto with the help of his clones.

Everyday for the next 2 months, Naruto and his clones were in the clearing levitating various objects around to keep in practice. Kyuubi told him that it is similar to Telekinesis which they read in one of the books in the library. The fox let Naruto practice it to the point that he can levitate any objects subconsciously and maintaining it as well as making it do things he want it to do. Naruto had so much fun letting rocks of all shapes and sizes float around him. He even went to the point of playing catch with his clones using only Telekinesis which was quite fun except for the destruction it caused to the surrounding.

Kyuubi also told Naruto that his abilities are limited by his imagination when Naruto accidentally created a bed which was an exact duplicate of his lumpy bed back in the apartment when he wanted to take a rest from training. This sparked a revision in the training program so some of the clones were delegated to create random objects out of nothing. One of the clones tried a different tactic and transformed an object into another – from a rock to a chair – which said clone used with a smug look on his face until one of the clones reversed the transformation that caused the clone to hit the ground causing it to dispel.

After the 2 months of training, Naruto had a solid skill set for his abilities. He already got Teleportation down to an art when he was able to do it silently. Kyuubi noticed that Naruto was overcharging the technique with chakra causing the excess to dissipate in the air that resulted to the loud popping sound. Naruto experimented with to the point that he only needed enough chakra to execute the technique.

The next skill he mastered was Creation – to create any non-living objects from nothing. He had fun making new clothes in various designs so he was able fill up his bare closet to the limit, which prompted him to make a bigger one since the original was too small. He noticed that his creations didn't disappear after observing it for a week but Kyuubi told him to keep an eye out on his 'created' clothes just in case. After all, he wouldn't want for his clothes to suddenly disappear on him while walking on the busy streets of Konoha.

Because of this, Naruto's apartment was now a fully-furnished bachelor's pad complete with pristine furniture that was quite comfortable. He scoured the various furniture shops in Konoha under Henge to memorize the designs so he can duplicate it perfectly. His favorite was a four-poster queen size bed complete with soft pillows, sheets, and blanket. Even Kyuubi drooled at sleeping in such luxury.

The last skill he mastered with his current training program was Transformation. Unlike Creation which allowed him to create something out of nothing. Transformation allowed him to turn one thing into another. He had fun with this one since he noticed that he can transform a living being to another living being or to a non-living object. One of his clones turned a harmless rabbit into a very large white tiger that chased them around the woods much to Kyuubi's amusement.

During experimentation, he noticed that the Transformation ability was not permanent since the tiger lasted for an hour before it turned back into a harmless rabbit – who, Naruto noticed, was quite smug at chasing them around. The rabbit's smugness annoyed Naruto so much that he waved his hand at it causing the area where it was standing to explode resulting in a small crater 3 feet in diameter and depth.

Luckily, the rabbit hopped away when Naruto moved his hands, effectively saving it from certain death.

With a large grin on his face, he immediately started making things explode around the clearing much to the envy of his clones. Annoyed at the constant whining that they want to make things explode too, he created another clone then dispelled it causing its current memories to be distributed to the others. More explosions followed causing the clearing to expand in size with lots of felled wood for more practice on Transformation.

Naruto and Kyuubi also noticed that he cannot Transform or Create something that he didn't know about, which was a result of making a plastic kunai. Naruto was aiming for a real kunai but he didn't know metal that well so he accidentally ended up with plastic. (His ramen cups were plastic so he is quite familiar with them)

This caused Naruto to make a dozen clones disguised as civilians to read up on subjects involving chemistry and metals. Kyuubi instructed him to add more clones to their night-time research to raid the Civilian section of the Library for basic information.

Once he got a solid grounding on his abilities, Kyuubi advised Naruto to let the clones practice and discover more of his abilities while he – the original – focus more on physical training. His current weights were now at 50 pounds each, totaling to 200 pounds on his person. His exercise for 2 years yielded great results.

He was now 4'0 which was quite tall for an 8 year old and is devoid of any body fat thanks to his training. He wasn't muscular per se but you could easily see the contour of developing muscles and abs if you look hard enough.

Despite the result of physical training, Naruto complained a lot since it was cutting down on his fun practicing his abilities but he was shot down when Kyuubi told him that his abilities would be useless if his enemies can catch him before he can do anything with it. With that said, Naruto focused on improving his speed and strength, which resulted in further increasing his chakra reserves allowing him to last longer with his abilities.

Also, a major breakthrough is when he finally found a name to his bloodline. It was quite funny really.

One of his clones was hooked into reading a fantasy novel where people have powers over magic that allowed them to do things that he could do in real life. Both he and Kyuubi realized its potential as added fuel for experimentation immediately created a batch of clones to read similar books in the library. The two were salivating at the possibility of throwing fireballs, creating ice attacks, calling down lighting, drowning enemies in torrents of water, and other elemental abilities through the bloodline.

In the end, they decided to call Naruto's ability Chakra Magic thanks to the fantasy books that opened his eyes to more of his potential abilities.

It was 5 days before the start of the Academy that Naruto was practicing making fire out of his magic. It was a touch and go situation at first when he accidentally created a roaring inferno that almost burned the forest. Thankfully, he was able to get rid of it by levitating water from a nearby stream and making it fall on the burning trees, effectively dousing them before they could spread.

Unfortunately for him, this act didn't go unnoticed.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage, was currently resting his weary body from hours of tackling the Kage's Bane – paperwork.

He stood up from his desk and walked towards the window overlooking the Hokage Monument. While he was relaxing his eyes, he noticed smoke rising from the forest behind the mountain and immediately went on alert. He knew that the south side of the mountain was uninhabited so a fire there is an alarming scenario.

He immediately called his personal ANBU – Neko and Inu – and dispatched them to the scene to bring to him whatever caused the fire for questioning.

(Line Break)

Unaware of the coming visitors, Naruto was busy trying to create fire out of nothing. His first experiment allowed him to tone down the amount of chakra he was using to fuel his creation so he started with small bursts to avoid setting a forest fire.

He was a bit successful when he created a marble-sized flame floating in front of him and slowly feeding it with more chakra to increase its size. Slowly, the fireball grew until it became the same size as his head. Grinning, he threw the fireball with a burst of Telekinesis towards a tree, setting the trunk ablaze.

Unknown to him, Neko and Inu was in the trees behind him checking out his abilities.

"What in the world did that kid do?" asked a female voice coming from the Neko.

"Dunno. But whatever he did, it was cool. I didn't notice any seals but I did sense chakra being used to create the jutsu. Wait, there he goes again." said Inu when Naruto tried again, this time, making a fireball the size of his head and throwing it at the same tree which obliterated part of the bark into ash.

With speed that amazed the two ANBU, a grinning Naruto created 5 fireballs of the same size around him, floating in mid-air, and flung his right arm out pointing towards the tree. As if on command, the 5 fireballs sped through the air and struck the same spot, causing the bark to explode and the tree to fall into the forest. Deciding that it was enough demonstration, Neko and Inu jumped down from the tree behind Naruto.

"Uzumaki Naruto, the Hokage would like to see you in his office right away." said Inu. Naruto immediately turned around looking like a deer caught in headlights.

"Uhhh…uhhh…what?" Naruto stuttered out since he was caught red-handed with his abilities.

"Hokage-sama saw the smoke coming out of the forest behind the Hokage Monument and asked us to investigate and to bring to him who caused it. We saw you demonstrating your 'abilities' so it is only reasonable that you were the one who caused it." said Neku.

"Kyuubi, what should I do?" Naruto mentally shouted to his tenant.

"There's nothing we can do kit. You're caught red-handed. It's not like we can modify their memories or something so it's best if you come clean and tell your jiji about it." said Kyuubi, not fazed in the slightest since he already predicted this would happen. He just didn't expect it to happen sooner than later.

"But…" trying to come up with a decent excuse to hide his abilities but he came up with nothing. "Alright. Besides, I trust Hokage-jiji anyway so maybe he can help me with it." He looked at the ANBU in front of him and gave them a foxy grin. "Is jiji in his office right now?" he asked them. Inu chuckled at the boy calling the Hokage such an informal name.

"Yes Naruto, he is in his office right now. We best get going since it's a long way to the Hokage Tower from here." said Neko. Naruto grinned.

"Ok, Neko-chan. See you there then." With that, Naruto disappeared from the clearing without a sound which caused the two ANBU to drop their jaw in amazement.

Naruto silently appeared in the Hokage's Office and noticed that his jiji was currently looking out the window facing the Hokage Monument.

"Hey jiji. You called for me?" he asked the Hokage who was startled at not sensing Naruto enter his office.

"Naruto! How did you enter the office since I didn't even sense you open the door." asked the Hokage. "Besides, why are you here anyway?"

Naruto gave him a long look.

"Well, you had your two ANBU call for me while I was practicing in my clearing behind the Hokage Monument so I'm here." he deadpanned.

"You mean the smoke coming out of the forest was you?" the Hokage asked in curiosity.

Naruto nodded happily. "Yep. I was practicing with my bloodline since I discovered it 2 years ago."

"Naruto, you don't have a bloodline." said the Hokage giving Naruto a long look.

"Of course I do." He said as if insulted. To demonstrate, he waved his hand towards the Hokage that caused the Hokage Robes to turn into a pink bunny outfit. "See? That's my bloodline." He grinned at the sight of the powerful Hokage in a bunny costume.

The Hokage was about to say something when Inu and Neko appeared in the room panting. "Hokage-sama! Naruto disa…huh?"

Inu and Neko were treated to a sight that would last them till the day they die. In front of them was the Hokage wearing a pink bunny costume with a smirking Naruto in front of him. Both fell to the floor rolling in laughter.

"Oh…my…god….make…it….stop." Neko said in between bouts of laughter while Inu wasn't capable of speech as he rolled on the floor laughing his head off.

Blushing in embarrassment, Sarutobi released a bit of his Killer Intent which caused both ANBU to freeze, successfully stopping their bouts of laughter. He looked at his grinning surrogate grandson with a look that said 'do something about this or else'.

Smiling sheepishly, Naruto waved his hand again towards the Hokage to reverse the transformation, putting his Hokage Robes back to its original state which caused the leader of Konoha to sigh in relief.

"Naruto sit down. Inu, Neko, report." Demanded Sarutobi towards his now composed ANBU though his eye twitched a bit when Inu released a snort of laughter which he immediately hid behind a cough.

"Hokage-sama. As you commanded, we immediately went to the location of the smoke and discovered Naruto-san displaying abilities that baffled both me and Neko. He was creating fire out of nothing but his chakra. No seals at all. He created fireballs out of nothing and practically obliterated a tree with ease. From the burns in the clearing, I would say that it was he who caused the fire earlier that resulted in the smoke." Inu formally reported his findings.

"Also, Naruto-kun disappeared when I told him that you were in the tower waiting for him. It wasn't the Shunshin or any speed technique we knew about. He just disappeared. We immediately ran back as fast as we could to see if he really went to you as requested." finished Neko which caused the Hokage to nod.

"Good work you two. Now leave us. I want to speak to Naruto-kun alone." He commanded his personal ANBU who left without a word. He immediately put up a Privacy Barrier to make sure that they were not interrupted. He sat on his chair and looked at his surrogate grandson who was grinning at him. "So Naruto-kun, anything you want to tell me about this bloodline of yours."

Naruto nodded since he and Kyuubi already decided to come clean as they were already discovered.

"It's a long story jiji so make sure that you have a lot of time for this." said Naruto.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun. With you, I always make time." the Hokage replied with a smile causing Naruto to return it.

"Ok jiji, it all started when I ran from a mob after I pranked someone 2 years ago. I accidentally hit my head which caused me to pass out. That was when I met Kyu." Naruto started his story.


"Kyuubi. I met him when I accidentally entered my mindscape when I passed out."

"WHAT! You met the Kyuubi? Don't be fooled by him Naruto." warned the Hokage since he planned to tell Naruto about his tenant when he graduates from the Academy. This plan was obviously out of whack.

"You have nothing to worry about jiji. In fact, he is telling me to ask you if you want to talk to him since he has a lot of explaining to do."

"Wait a minute Naruto. What do you mean Kyuubi wants to talk to me? How can he do that since he is stuck inside the seal."

"I think it would be best if he explained it to you since I don't know the technicalities of it." said Naruto. Sarutobi was about to stop him but it was too late. Naruto's eyes glazed over then his usual blue were replaced with red with slit-like pupils. "Greetings Hokage." Naruto's voice was replaced by a deep baritone that indicated that Kyuubi is in control.

"K-Kyuubi….how can you control Naruto. The seal was supposed to be designed to make sure that you can't do such a thing." gasped the Hokage. Kyuubi-Naruto just rolled his eyes.

"Do relax Hokage-sama. I can't do this without Naruto's explicit permission. This is part of the deal we made when we met 2 years ago." explained Kyuubi, making himself comfortable on the chair.

"Deal? What deal?"

"After explaining to the kit what happened when I attacked the village and getting sealed inside him. We made a deal that could benefit the both of us. The deal is quite simple since there is no way for me to escape the seal since the Shinigami made sure to tie both our souls together; so if Naruto dies, I die. If I escape, we both die. Not something I really want to happen." said Kyuubi with a frown.

"So you mean to say that Naruto is currently inside his mind right now with complete control over his body?"

"Yes. Right now, he is on a very comfortable chair facing a large monitor in front of him that acts as a reflection of his eyes so that I can see the outside world through him. He is laughing at you at the moment."

Sarutobi sweatdropped at his surrogate grandson's antics. Only the boy would find it funny when he is terrified out of his wits in facing the strongest Bijuu in person. "Fine. So Naruto can just take control back if he wanted to?"

"Yep. He can but he is telling me right now to explain everything to you. Lazy brat." growled the fox which caused Naruto to laugh harder in the mindscape. "Shut up brat. Don't make me go in there and bite you."

Getting back his composure. Sarutobi relaxed since he knew that Naruto wouldn't let Kyuubi harm him in anyway. "So, what do you want to tell me?"

"First, I want to tell you what happened when I attacked Konoha. I didn't start the attack. I was forced to attack to be honest."

"I find that hard to believe Kyuubi." said Sarutobi giving the fox-possessed boy a disbelieving look.

"Then let me ask you this oh wise one. Out of all the history of Konoha, how many times did I attack on my own free will?"


"None. My first appearance in Konoha was during the battle between Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama. Trust me, that wasn't my doing. I was summoned by that damned Uchiha and controlled me with his evolved Sharingan causing me to attack the Shodai Hokage in the Valley of the End. That caused me to be sealed inside his wife, Uzumaki Mito, the very first Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune…me. Before she died, I was transferred to another Uzumaki by the name of Kushina which was the wife of the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato." this caused Naruto to become shocked at the revelation.

"Kyuubi. Are you telling me that the Yondaime Hokage sealed me inside you? And he was my dad? Why didn't you tell me?" Naruto growled, temporarily getting control of his body and blurting it out loud without him meaning to which caused the Sandaime to pale.

"Damn it kit. Shut up for a second will you. I have a reason why I didn't tell you about it at first and I will explain it properly to the Hokage, so shut up and calm down." Kyuubi growled back which surprised the Hokage since it solidified the belief that Naruto can take back the control of his body anytime he deemed it necessary.

Deciding to nip this in the bud before the two destroys the tower considering the energy Naruto was releasing because of his bout of anger.

"Naruto-kun. Please let Kyuubi finish his explanation. You will be told everything so please, let Kyuubi finish." pleaded Sarutobi, hoping to reason with his surrogate grandson.

"Fine old man but I want to be told EVERYTHING." Naruto growled which caused Sarutobi to nod. Naruto blue eyes immediately turned to red signifying that Kyuubi was back in control.

"Damn. The kit sure is angry right now. So, where was I?" asked Kyuubi which almost caused the Hokage to palm his face in annoyance.

"You were telling me that you were sealed into the Yondaime's wife." he supplied helpfully causing the Kyuubi to nod.

"Thanks. Let me see. Kushina was a great container to say the least. We have similar conversations like what me and Naruto is doing right now but it was a bit muted since the seal was quite different. Anyway, during Kushina's pregnancy, the seal was weakened since most of Kushina's power was focused on childbirth. If I remember it when I was inside, you and the Yondaime was powering the seal to keep me inside, correct?" this got a nod from Sarutobi. "When Naruto was born, you left afterwards so you didn't witness Uchiha Madara attack Kushina with the Yondaime not being able to do anything since he was using Naruto as a shield. With his power, he yanked me out of the seal that caused me to reappear outside Konoha. While I was disoriented from the release, Madara placed a powerful genjutsu on me that caused me to go on a rampage…again. I think you already know what happened afterwards, I was sealed again into Naruto. But this time, the seal was more powerful and more complex due to the Shinigami's interference. The seal tied Naruto and my soul together to form a bond. I can't do anything to Naruto without his express condition and he can use my chakra at will. However, my chakra has a negative effect on humans due to incompatibility. Using too much of my power before he is ready will cause him to go berserk."

"I see. A lot of things questions came to light with your explanation. Now tell me this 'deal' that you made with Naruto-kun."

"The deal is simple. By giving me access to the outside world through his senses, I will allow him safe control over my chakra, controlling it from the inside so he won't go berserk and limiting it to what he can handle though I doubt he would need it considering the abilities he have because of his bloodline. Anyway, the deal allows me to see, feel, hear, and smell the outside world through Naruto; and in turn, I will teach him what I know so he will become a formidable shinobi in the future."

"Interesting. Both parties benefits equally from the deal to the most of their abilities. Now tell me, from Naruto-kun's outburst earlier, why you didn't tell him about his parents?" he asked curiously, wanting to know the demon's reason on the matter.

"Simple. Naruto wasn't ready to deal with it yet. Shut up Naruto let me finish. Anyway, If I tell him about his parents 2 years ago then he will be sure to shout or blurt it out needlessly since he wasn't mentally and emotionally ready back then. From what I experienced from Kushina, I understand that the Yondaime made a lot of enemies, especially Iwa and Kumo. If they find out through their spies or rumors that the son of the Yondaime is alive then Naruto would be swamped with assassination attempts. I can easily heal his injuries but even my powers cannot protect him from death."

"I see. It is similar to my reasons for hiding things from you Naruto-kun. I created a law after the sealing, an S-class secret that results in death if not followed, that everyone is not allowed to mention that you are the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi to the younger generation to give you some chance to make friends. I know the old generation would never look at you as a normal citizen of Konoha so I made that law to ensure that the younger generation will grant you a chance to make bonds of friendship and trust. As an added insurance to ensure your safety, I withheld the information regarding your parentage to protect you from your father and mother's enemies."

The room was silent as Naruto, who was currently in his mindscape, digested the information revealed to him. He grudgingly agreed with Kyuubi and his jiji's reasoning in keeping it a secret. If his mind wasn't properly trained through the research, studies, and meditation that he experienced for the past 2 years then he was sure that he wouldn't have the necessary maturity to keep the secret for his safety. He took control of his body which was quite obvious when his eyes turned back to its shade of blue. He took in a deep breath to calm himself down. He looked at his surrogate grandfather with a smile.

"No sweat jiji. Thanks for making me understand. You and Kyuubi were right. I wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret and that would have compromised my safety. So thank you again." said Naruto in a soft voice but the Hokage was able to discern the sincerity behind the blonde's declaration.

"No problem Naruto-kun. I always have your best intention at heart despite the fact that some of my decisions have hurt you in the past. Now, please tell me how you made me the laughing stock in front of my ANBU bodyguards." He said this with a glint in his eyes that made Naruto and Kyuubi gulp.

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